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Mexico WILL Let Me Build My Wall, Trump Boasts
After Surprise Summit
With President

> Hillary Derides Trump's Mexico Trip 
> Trump: I Didn't Discuss Who Would Pay for Wall

Trump in Mexico Calls
For End to 'Disaster'
of Illegal Immigration

Children's Services
Launches Weiner Probe

Will Amazon Kill FedEx?

Why You Should
NEVER Eat After 7PM

Alzheimer's Disease: The
6 Foods You Should Eat to Reduce Risk of Condition

  Tom Brady's New Haircut

Brazil's President Rouseff Removed From Office

U.S. Teen Pregnancy
Rate Drops to Record
Low Due to 'Increased Contraceptive Use'

Nearly a Fifth of Parents Regret Baby's Name

Maine Governor: I Don't
Have 'Mental Illness'

What Song Would You
Choose For Your Funeral?

> Tip: Make Pre-Arrangements 

Oregon High School Coach and Players Face Charges For 'Aggressive' Hazing

Trump Chilled by Cold
Election Day Reality

JetBlue Flight Touches
Down in Havana

State of Emergency in
Fla. as Depression Nears

Security Warning For
UK Churches After
French Priest Murdered

Veterans Charity Exposed
by CNN Shuts Down

  Harry  Bieber  Izabel  

  Jessica  Gemma  Ferne

I Haven't Had Sex With My Wife For 8 Years And I'm Becoming Obsessed

Poll: Clinton Just as
Unpopular as Trump
With Voters

Researchers Assess How Autism Traits Could Be Passed Genetically

Florida State Player's
Incredible Gesture Will
Bring You to Tears

> Local Discussion: Comments

High School Football Participation Rates Falling As Concussion Rates Rise

3 Dead, 9 Injured in Long Island Expressway Crash

Weiner Bragged
About Using His Kid
as a 'Chick Magnet'

MLB Scouts Brutally
Honest About Tim Tebow

> Yankees Can't Get Enough of Tebow 

BBC Outside Source 8.31

  NYT Front Page  NYDN

  Hope Solo Lashes Out After Contract Terminated

Emergency Landing
at Shannon Airport;
16 in Hospital

Hawaii Braces For
Hurricane Madeline

McCain Appears to Hold Off GOP Primary Challengers

Marco Rubio, Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Win Primary Races

Woman Sets Herself
on Fire in Chicago
Congressman's Office

Craig Sager Will Have
Third Bone Marrow
Transplant in 3 Years

Mother Says It's Her Duty
to Ensure Her Teenage
Son Is a Good Lover...

Will YOUR Relationship
Last For Life?

I'm Worried About
My Marriage

  Nick Viall Is Named
the Next Bachelor
in Surprise Pick

  Hailey  Kim  Chloe  

  Amber in London

  My 18th Birthday Boob
Job Was 'Best $8,000'
I've Ever Spent

Selena Gomez Cancels
Tour Due to Health Issues

Chris Brown Arrested
on Charge of Assault
With a Deadly Weapon

FBI Building Fresh
Case For Access to
Electronic Devices

Amazon Is Offering Free Restaurant Delivery in Houston-Area

Dating Isn't Only an
Industry, It's a Gold Mine

Abercrombie & Fitch
Sales Drop as Brand
Faces Identity Crisis

Dropbox Hack Leads to
Dumping of 68M User
Passwords on Internet

Angela Corey Lost
Her Primary, and the
Internet Is Celebrating

JetBlue Launches
Historic U.S.-Cuba Flight

Can a Canadian Prime Minister Be an Action Hero? Marvel Comics Thinks So

U.S. Just Welcomed Its 10,000th Syrian Refugee. Time to Extend the Goalpost?

Students and Teachers
Sing Praises of
Year-Round Learning

Orlando Nightclub 911
Calls Paint Picture of Frustration, Angst

President Obama
Commutes Sentences
of 111 Federal Inmates

'Blue Alert' Bill, Signed
With Fanfare, Stalled in Justice Department

FBI to Release Report on Hillary Clinton Email

Apple Owes Ireland
$14.5 Billion in Taxes,
EU Commission Says

Sears Selling Paint Again

AP Documents:
72 Mass Graves in
Territory Freed of ISIS

Maine Governor
Considers Resigning

Massachusetts Could
Swap Time Zones For
Later Winter Sunsets

Mike Tyson 'Stole' an Ice Cream Bar at US Open

Rich Democrats Surge Past GOP in Political Spending

Is Trump Gaining
on Hillary Clinton?

WaPo: 'Trump Revealed'

Hillary Clinton Piles Up Research in Bid to Needle Trump at First Debate

  Palin Gashes Face Open

NBC: Democrats Are On Track to Take Back Senate

Former Models For Trump's Agency Say They Violated Immigration Rules and Worked Illegally

Topless Marianne
Remark Stirs French Row

Woman Killed Husband in Hospital Bed, Police Say

Weather System
Expected to Strike
Florida as Tropical Storm

St. Paul's Sexual Assault Survivor: 'I Want Everyone to Know That I'm Not Afraid Or Ashamed Anymore'
> 'He Knew What He Was Doing

California Closes Legal Loophole After Stanford Sexual Assault

Why You Should NEVER
Order Chicken at Subway...

Why Some People
Are Stealing Medications
From Their Pets

Top Party School in U.S.?

Is 2016 the Year
of Celebrity Deaths?

Las Vegas NHL Team
Trademarks 3 Nicknames

  Lucy  Zara  Derek  Ben

  NYC Wi-Fi Kiosks
Have Become Living
Rooms For Vagrants

  The Heroes of Route 17

  'Somber' Anthony Weiner

  Anthony Weiner Sighting

Gene Wilder Dies at 83
> Died From Complications of Alzheimer's 

Obituary: Gene Wilder

NY Times Obituary

Family: He Kept His Alzheimer's a Secret to Protect Children Who Knew Him as Willy Wonka

  Elizabeth Hurley at 51

  Halsey  Kim  Miranda

  'RHOC' Recap  Britney

Sanchez Wins AL Player of the Week Again, Has Yanks Back in Wild Card Race

Yankees Bats Wake Up Too Late to Help Michael Pineda in 8-5 Loss to Royals

Amazon Introduces
30-Hour Work Week For Some Employees...

Why Do Americans Keep
Thinking Their Airports
Are Under Attack?

Rubio Won't Commit to
Serving a Full Six-Year
Senate Term

Unseal USA-Gymnastics
Sex-Abuse Records: Judge

Stasi: Finally! What
Took Huma So Long to
Kick Weiner to the Curb?

Colbert: Weiner
Making My Job Easier

Expert: Southwest Airlines Engine Failure 'Nearly Catastrophic'

Kaepernick Should 'Find a Country That Works Better For Him,' Says Trump

Tony Stewart Calls Colin Kaepernick an 'Idiot'

Trump's Popularity
With African-American
Voters Polling at Zero

August Most Violent Month in Chicago in Nearly 20 Years

Why Gentle C-Sections Are the Latest Birthing Craze

E-Cigarettes Are 'as Bad
for the Heart as Tobacco'

Sandy Hook School
Welcomes Students For
First Time Since Massacre

Thousand of Migrants Rescued Off Libya

Passenger Tries to Open
Alaska Airlines Door
In-Flight; Plane Diverted

2 Men Stabbed in Head by Screwdriver-Wielding Man on San Fran Subway

Sleep Apnea's CPAP
Machine Doesn't Cut
Heart Risks, Study Says

Andrea Tantaros Is an 'Opportunist, Not a Victim' Fox News Claims...

New iPhone Expected at Apple Event on Sept. 7

  Field of the Dead

Taylor Swift Is Released From Jury Duty in Nashville After Revealing...

Could the Paleo Diet Save
You From a Heart Attack?

New Trump Ad Paints a Stark Portrait of America
If Clinton Elected

NFL Is Putting Tracking Sensors Inside Its Footballs For First Time

Humiliated Huma Finally Dumps Sexting Weiner

No More Weiner!

'Essentially Separated'
For About a Year...

Anthony Weiner Sexted Busty Brunette While Son Was in Bed With Him...
Weiner Deletes His Twitter Account

Hillary Clinton Unveils
Mental Health Plan

Trump Slump in NASCAR Country Deepens GOP
Fears of Defeat

German Plan Would Force Mothers to Name Lovers in Paternity Cases

Female Tourists Should
NOT Wear Skirts in India,
Says Tourism Minister

UN Pays Tens of Millions
to Assad Regime Under
Syria Aid Program

Mom Says Son Survived
NYC Streets Only to be
Killed on Cornell Campus

Mylan to Offer Generic
EpiPen For 50% Less

FBI Detects Breaches
Against Two State
Voter Systems

Gun Ownership in
U.S. Skyrockets

Gas Prices Rising Ahead
of Labor Day Weekend

  Zuckerberg Meets With Pope Francis at Vatican

Car Hacking Is the Future - And Sooner Or Later You'll Be Hit

Elderly Man Using Walker in Canada Begs For Access to Washroom, But Gas Station Refuses

'Swinger General' Slipped Past Security Screeners

Meet the Man Siphoning Money From Donald Trump

The Cool Kids in the
Media Hate Trump

Turkey Moves Further into Syria Despite U.S. Rebuke
> U.S. Warns Over Turkish Actions in Syria 

Fight For Syria's Aleppo
Exposes Limits of
Russian Air Power

Ice Road Truckers Star
Killed in Plane Crash

Mass Evacuation at
LAX Caused by ZORRO!

Want to Get Fit? Have Sex

Freezing Your Butt
Off - Literally!

Courteney Cox Is Right.
None of Us Can Run
From Ageing

Men Admit to Their
Secret Body Hang-ups

How to Know If Your Relationship Is DOOMED

Areas With More Men Have HIGHER Rates of Marriage

Man Who Had Vasectomy Finds Out Wife Is Pregnant

I Think I Need to
be With More Women

Feds: Postal Worker
Stashed Nearly 50,000 Pieces of Undelivered Mail in Her Calif. Apartment

  Night Out in Newcastle

  Deer Collides With
Triathlon Competitor

Hurricane Gaston

> Tropical Depression Sets Sights on Florida 

Maine-Endwell Wins
Little League World Series

Colin Kaepernick:
'I Will Continue to Sit'

Rex Ryan Comments
on Colin Kaepernick...

Drone Pilots Are Lining Up
to Get Licensed by the U.S.

> Landmark Day For Drone Flights 

How to Get Your
Drone License (And
Legally Make Money)

More Doctors Asked About Delaying Or Refusing Childhood Vaccines...

The Best Deals For Amazon 'Kitchen Deals Day'

2 Winners in Digital Media: Google and Facebook

Trump to Give 'Major
Speech' on Immigration

Lightning Strike
Kills More Than 300
Reindeer in Norway

Attack on Brussels' Criminology Institute
'Probably Arson'

4 People Stabbed at
Notting Hill Carnival

Paris Attacks Inspire Huge Influx of Police Recruits

2 United Airlines Pilots
Arrested at Glasgow Airport For Being 'Too Drunk' to Fly to New Jersey

How I Beat My Insomnia - With a Cure From the 1930s

New Yorkers These Days
Aren't Having Much Sex

It's 'Digital Heroin':
How Screens Turn Kids
into Psychotic Junkies

  Burkini Britain

  The Real Bob Ross

Bridal Beauty Countdown

No Love For the Obamas!

Box Office: 'Don't Breathe' Shocks with $26.1M
in Weekend's Top Spot

WWE Star Mr. Fuji
Passes Away at 82

Family of Five Found
Dead in Ireland

NASA Team Ends 12-Month Mars Simulation

Yankees Look to Refinance $1B Debt From New Stadium

Mediterranean Diet
'Better Than Statins'

Could Six Meals a Day Keep Heart Disease at Bay?

  Police Pepper Spray
84-Year-Old Woman

  North Korea's Kim Jong Un Worshipped by Nearly
150,000 Teenagers

Disney World, Universal,
Sea World Provide Free Insect Repellant as Zika Scare Rises in Florida

Australian Man 'Put Acid
in Sex Club Lubricant'

Barbecued Rare Burgers
'Pose Food Poisoning Risk'

The U.S. 'Could Give
Control of the Internet's Addressing System to
the United Nations' After Pledging It Never Would

John Lennon's Killer
Denied Parole, Will Get Another Hearing in 2 Years

Pope Francis Pledges to
Visit Quake Devastation

'Failed Church Bomber' Caught by Congregation

Germany Expects 'Up to 300,000' Migrants this Year

Mariah Carey's Sister
Charged With Prostitution
in Upstate New York

App For Dads-to-be

Charles Osgood's Last
"Sunday Morning"
Telecast Will Air Sept. 25

'Drunkorexia' Is a Growing Problem For Young People

Steven Avery's Lawyer
Says He Was Framed

Visitor Misbehavior
Abounds as U.S. Parks
Agency Turns 100

  Wingsuit Pilot
Broadcasts His Own
Death on Facebook Live

SEAL Team 6 and a
Man Left For Dead: A
Grainy Picture of Valor

Meet the Mom Cult
That Speaks a Secret
Language and Wears
$2,500 Baby Carriers

Students Using
App to Cheat

Hickey Kills Teenager

Genital Disorders
in Boys Soaring

Northern Ireland:
The Truth Or a
Version of the Truth?

The Last, Sweet Days
of the Irish Alps in
Upstate New York

U.S. Is Getting Ready
to Make Truck and Bus
Drivers Slow Down

Scientists Say WOMEN
Are Just as Obsessed
With Breasts as Men Are

Beat a Headache
in 2 Minutes

Why Fad Diets

Inside Facebook's
Political-Media Machine

Parents Largely in the
Dark About What Their
Children Do Online...

Tech-Addicted Children
Don't Notice Strangers Replace Parents

Northern Ireland Arrest

Need a Tutor?

  The Big Picture

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5 School Lunch Tips

  Jennifer Lopez Is
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Binge-Drinking on Your
Birthday Can Trigger
Dangerous Alcohol Habits

Have You Lost Your
Libido? Doctors Reveal
How to Spice Things Up

The VERY Effective Ways
to Make Sex Last Longer

What to Eat to Prevent
a Bad Performance
in the Bedroom

  BBC Outside Source

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Prosecutors: Let Us
Use DNA in Hillary Case

No Disaster Declaration
for Jefferson County - Yet

Red Cross Aids Six After Ceiling Collapse at Mullin Street Home

More Than 3,000 NY State
and Local Pensions Top $100K

Destiny USA Featured in
Wall Street Journal

Peter Ostrum: Gene Wilder's
Death Is 'Like Losing a Parent'

Gas Prices on the Rise...

What Happened Overnight?
Wed., Aug. 31, Police Blotter

Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
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Day 7 at NYS Fair 2016

  Carnies at the State Fair

Polls: What Do YOU Think
of the State Fair Changes?

Graham: We Don't a Rental Inspections Law to Know Who
Owns Properties in Watertown

New York to Allow Home
Delivery of Medical Marijuana

Princeton Review Praises SLU
For Alumni, Study Abroad

Two More Destiny USA
Businesses Close

  Potsdam Police Blotter 8/30

  Oswego Sheriff's Blotter

Glenn Curry Show Aug. 30
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  County Court Calendar
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Stephen K. FitzGerald, 68

(8/31, Cummings Funeral Service, Watertown)

Sandra L. Hartz, 71

(8/31, D.L. Calarco Funeral Home, Watertown)

David Lustick, 53
Nashua, NH

Carolyn J. Peters, 75

(8/31, Johnson Funeral Home, Dexter)

Eugene Marks, 87
Formerly of Lowville

(8/30, Sundquist Funeral Home, Lowville)

Allen F. Wormwood, 76

(8/30, Reed & Benoit Funeral Home, Watertown)

William J. Hoselton, 66

(8/30, Johnson Funeral Home, Dexter)

Roger A. McConnell, 76
Formerly of Theresa

(8/29, Frederick Bros. Funeral Home, Theresa)

Kermit Klingbail, 84
West Leyden

(8/30, Trainor Funeral Home, Boonville)

Edward J. Pfendler Jr., 52

(8/30, Trainor Funeral Home, Boonville)

Clifford A. Dyke, 90
Black River

(8/29, Bruce Funeral Home, Black River)

Russell J. Monica

(8/29, Frederick Bros. Funeral Home, Theresa)

Carolyn M. Rivett, 69

(8/29, Carpenter-Stoodley Funeral Home)

Jeanette P. Ash, 70

(8/29, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

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High School Soccer Scores

Photos: WHS vs. Lowville

Fall Sports Schedules...

WHS  General Brown 

Indian River   IHC  Carthage

  Russell in Oxbow

3-Time War Veteran Says
Darien Lake Discriminated
Against Him For Prosthetic Leg

SMC RNs Vote on New Contract

Carthage Specialty Says It Could Leave Unless It Gets a Better Deal

Carthage Company Owes
West Carthage $340K,
Could Move Out of the Area

Tuesday's Attendance Up More
Than 20,000 Compared to 2015

M&T Bank Hails Hometown
Ties on 160th Anniversary

Brasher Crime Spree
Puzzles Residents

Gouverneur Police Ask For
Help Finding Missing Purse

NY's Comptroller: No Agenda
Behind Critical Cuomo Audits

Is Mike Derrick More
Pro-Hillary or Anti-Trump?

Wikipedia Says Peter Ostrum
Inherited Chocolate Factory
After Gene Wilder's Death

Jobs Report Finds Most
of Upstate Still Lagging
in Recession Recovery

Community Broadcasters
Promotes Lance Hale...

Massena Bicyclist Dies
Following Crash...

10-Year-Old Boy Accused of
Engaging in Sexual Activity
With Victim Under the Age of 11

SUNY Canton Dorm Has 100 Cats

  See the Weapons Confiscated
by TSA at Hancock Airport

Person Dies After Jumping Off
St. Joseph's Hospital Parking
Garage on Monday Afternoon

NY Court: Same-Sex Partners
May Seek Parental Rights

NYS Dept. of Health Expands
Medical Marijuana Program

Graham: City Manager's
Hiring of Sligar Was 'Sneaky'

> Official:

Hockey Association Hopes
For Great Year on New Ice

Want to Save Cash on EpiPens?
Head to Canada

Murder Suspect: I'm Framed
by Elaborate Government
Conspiracy. Judge: Prove It

Syracuse University Drops to
No. 8 Party School in Rankings

How Syracuse University
Is Tackling Drop in Racial
Diversity Among Students

Developer Who Saved Majestic Syracuse Hotel Looks Toward Hotel Niagara

City Council Surprised by
Former Water Chief's New Role

For New Teachers,
Monday Was a School Day

5-Year-Old Recovering
From Dog Attack

Underwater Explorers Looking
For Crashed World War II
Bomber in Lake Ontario

Paul Ryan Stopped by Hotel
Syracuse Monday Night
(And So Did Brian Wilson)

North Country Public Radio:
Nearly Half of Adirondack Tourists Could Be People of Color

Students Back to the Books,
First Day of Classes at JCC

Bridge Officials, Border Cities
Demand More Canadian Staffing
to Ease Traffic Backups

American Red Cross Aids
Eight After Adams Center Fire

State Fair Music Schedule

SLU Ranks #20 on Princeton
Review's 'Reefer Madness' List

Would Longer Shipping Season Make Sense For Seaway?

Former Morristown
Councilman Charged Again

Police: Oswego County
Band Teacher Sold School's Instruments to Pawn Shops

Gov. Cuomo Sparks Anger After Killing Threatened Shark

Savory Downtown Menu

State Fair Dairy Winners

North Country Wins...

State Police Continuing
to Investigate 2014 Death
of Massena Woman

Thruway Exit 36 Project
Completed 3 Months Early

  NYSP: Can You ID Him?

Syracuse Fire Department
Swaps Costly EpiPens For
Syringes, Saves $10,000

Carthage Area Hospital
to Transition Ownership
of Carthage Community
Dental to McCue Dental

Graham Predicts Just 2,500
Votes Needed to Win Republican Primary in River District

> Official:

Billy Fuccillo to Open
Italian Restaurant in Adams

Cooler Weather This Week

Attica's Secrets Remain, 45 Years After Bloodiest Prison Riot

Cuomo Announces $74 Million
to Help to Support Nutritional
and Health Services For
Older New Yorkers

Millions of Tax Dollars
Going Toward Lawmakers'
Travel Expenses

City of Watertown
Labor Day Weekend Schedule

34 Property Transactions
in Watertown in August

Local Realtor: Lori Gervera

 40 DBAs Filed in August
(Sponsored by Small Business Development Center)

  Bravo Fest 2016 Preview

  Russell at State Fair

  Russell in Norwood

26-Year-Old Croghan Man
Charged With Sex Abuse

Lewis County Man Facing Charges After Crashing into Utility Pole

Lowville Police: Man Obstructed Traffic During Dispute With Woman

Watertown Woman Charged
With Resisting Arrest

Chaumont Woman Charged With Aggravated DWI in Hounsfield

Deputies Charge Calcium
Man With Harassment

MeTV North Country
to Launch This Thursday

Pre-Owned Vehicles? Check Out the New Listings

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Endorses Stefanik in NY-21

North Country Public Radio:
Are Black Visitors Really Welcome in the Adirondacks?

Authorities Say Embezzlement at Nonprofits Not All That Uncommon

  Iconic Bowling Alley's
Days Could Be Numbered

Trump Is Dems' New Weapon
in Battle for Control NY Senate

Uber Targets College Students
For Help in Pushing Lawmakers
to Allow Upstate NY Expansions

Schumer Calls For Creation
of Firefighter Cancer Tracker

  What Animals on the Farm
Cost in Upstate New York

  2 Water Skiers, 1 Boat

Community Members Raise
Awareness of Drug Addiction
in Jefferson County

Exelon Purchase of FitzPatrick Will Save Its Jobs, But How Many?

Town of Rodman Family Loses Home and Business to Fire

  Video of Fire Scene  NNY Fire

  Items Being Collected
For Displaced Family

Viking Ship Reaches Oswego
After Tumultuous Journey

  Classic Rock and Classic Cars
in Alexandria Bay

  Russell Visits Canal Corp's
Maintenance Facility in CNY

Ithaca College Student
Fatally Stabbed on Cornell
University Campus...

Utica Hospital Nurses
Drop Strike Threat

Explaining the Confusion
Over the Start-Up NY Report

WWNY: Man With Gun Walks
into Pearl Street Business...

Sunday, Aug. 28, Police Blotter
Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
Need a Lawyer? NNYLawyers.c

WPD: Fort Drum Man Charged
With DWI on William Street

Watertown Hockey Association
Open House Aug. 29 and 30

  House4Sale: Swan Road

  House4Sale: Ball Avenue

Andrew White Picks SU

A Nutritionist Visits the State
Fair And Doesn't Hate It

  14,000 Square Feet of
Victorian Luxury in Watertown,
Built For a Governor's Daughter

NNY's Premier Churches

NYS Fair Attendance Saturday
Jumped 17,000 Over Last Year

  Heavy Fair Attendance + Amphitheater Concert =

Utica College Welcomes Largest Freshman Class After Lowering Tuition & Fees to Under $20,000

  Coach Dino Babers Throws
Out First Pitch at Chiefs Game

Collecting From Corrupt Pols Who Avoid Repaying Money Stolen From Taxpayers Not So Simple

Two Teens Accused of Entering Vehicles at Autumn Ridge Apartment Complex

911 Audio: Autumn Ridge

Lowville American Legion Raising Money For Funeral Rain Gear

NCPR: Stefanik Refusing to
Speak to Media About Her
Support For Donald Trump

> Local Discussion: Comments 

Update: Man in 'Serious
Condition' After Amish Buggy
Struck Near Heuvelton

Brunch Bill Signing Coming
'Shortly,' Cuomo Official Says

> Local Discussion: Comments

  Cyclone Booster Club
Soccer Tournament

  Harrisville Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday in Style

  Watch: Ride For the Ta Ta's

  2 Cars in the River

Watertown Woman Accused of Cutting Man's Arm With Knife

Committee on Open
Government Rebuts Cuomo
Admin Over FOIL Denials

 45 Divorces Filed in August
(Sponsored by

  Rock Island Lighthouse

Fewest Bills Passed in Albany
in Four Years This Session

Upstate Economy Shows
Uneven Gains

Saratoga Defies Negative Trends Hitting Horse Racing World

$200,000 Funny Cide Stakes

Tony Stewart to Appeal
Insurance Ruling in
Kevin Ward Jr. Case

> Local Discussion: Comments

  Kicking Off the Soccer Season

  Bank Robbery Suspect

WWNY: Judge Tosses DNA
Evidence in Hillary Case

> Local Discussion: Comments

Several Arrested at Georgia Line Concert at Darien Lake

Senior Citizens' Day Aug. 29 & 30

  After 33 Years, a Diploma

Northern Credit Union to Reopen Factory Street Branch to Walk-Up Traffic For Next 2 Weeks

Upstate Employment Lags
Behind Rest of NY: DiNapoli

School House Proposed For Hayes Road in Town of Champion

Small Italian Restaurant
Proposed For Dexter

Little Tree Air Freshner Company Sues Non-Profit For Making
Tree Shaped Ornaments

  Gouverneur Police Blotter

Ponderosa Restaurant in
Watertown CLOSING Sept. 5

'Way Too Much Competition';
'Not Going to be the Last One'

> Glenn Curry Show on 1240-WATN

Discussion: 190+ Comments 

  Reviews and Map of Every
Food Stand at the State Fair

Stefanik 'Honored' to Have Her Good Friend Speaker Paul Ryan Visit Her in Saratoga

22 Latest Births at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown
> Official:

10 Latest Births at Lewis
County General Hospital

> Official:

In River District's Three-Way
Republican Primary,
a Rematch and a New Face

Back to School: Students
Need Meningitis Shots

Shopping For a New RV?

Accepting New Patients
Dr. Schonfield | Dr. Panjali | Dr. Ybarra | Dr. Sweet

Lewis County Hospital Gala

'Making a Murderer' Defense Lawyer to Speak Sept. 9 at SU

What's New at the State Fair

State Fair's Top Attractions

New VIP Pass at State Fair Midway Lets You Skip Long Lines

The 12 Foods You Must Eat
at the New York State Fair

19 Things You Should Never
Say to an Upstate New Yorker

North Country Troopers Assisting Troops Event in Clayton

" was the most common single source of shopping information, but word of mouth was also widely used."
(Source: page 13 of
Fort Drum market study)


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 34 People Pay Fines
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Potsdam Police Chief Retires

Police Officer Exam Nov. 19

Gov. Cuomo Confirms SLC DA
Mary Rain Is Under Investigation

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Watertown Police Department
Announces Promotions

Tuesday, Aug. 30, Police Blotter

Monday, Aug. 29, Police Blotter

Sunday, Aug. 28, Police Blotter

Saturday, Aug. 27, Police Blotter

Friday, Aug. 26, Police Blotter

Thurs., Aug. 25, Police Blotter

  Potsdam Police Blotter 8/29

  Potsdam Police Blotter 8/28

  Potsdam Police Blotter 8/27

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#1 Television 43.1%
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#3 Radio  8.1%
#4 Newspaper 7.6%
#5 Word of Mouth  6.0%

Department of Health
Levies Fines For Violations

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Black River Drive-In
Friday - Thursday Aug. 26 - Sept. 1
- Pete's Dragon PG

- KUBO: and the Two Strings PG

Stephen K. FitzGerald, 68, Mannsville

Sandra L. Hartz, 71, Watertown

David Lustick, 53, Nashua, NH

Carolyn J. Peters, 75, Chaumont

Eugene Marks, 87, formerly of Lowville

William J. Hoselton, 66, Dexter

Roger A. McConnell, 76, Theresa

Allen F. Wormwood, 76, Glenfield

Edward J. Pfendler Jr., 52, Boonville

Kermit Klingbail, 84, West Leyden

Clifford A. Dyke, 90, Black River

Jeanette P. Ash, 70, Lowville

Russell J. Monica, Theresa

Carolyn M. Rivett, 69, Belleville

Carl R. Benware, 87
Carmel L. Kamide, 89

George L. Merz Jr., 87, Dexter

Gordon E. Fahey, 65, Port Leyden

Donna M. Cross, 71, Black River

Colleen M. Lasek, 49, Brownville

Barbara Feick Norton, 81, Williamsburg, VA

Frank D. LaVancha, 65, West Carthage

Timothy R. O'Brien, 78, Watertown

Sharon A. Smith, 69, Watertown

Jackie L. Ashley, 50, Evans Mills

Reginald G. Oliver, 80, Watertown

Carol S. Pollock, 72, Adams

Charlotte M. Zehr, 96, Lowville

Michael J. Charlebois, 50, Adams Center

Rosemary E. Crosby, 91, Watertown

James M. Raymond, 63, Lowville


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