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Northeast to be Hit by 'Coldest Temperatures in a Decade' as Forecasters Warn of 'Life Threatening' Conditions

Revealed: Two 15-Year-Old Schoolgirls Shot Dead in Murder-Suicide at School Were in a Relationship

Regulating Sex: Uncharted Waters in the Suburbs

  NYT Front Page  NYDN

Bill Murray Hurls Fans'
Phones Off Rooftop

Pope, Patriarch
Meet in Cuba Nearly
1,000 Years After Split

As Senator, Rubio Pays Speechwriter, But Rarely Speaks in Senate

Don't Let Your Teenager
Be the Next Kik Victim

Commercial Test For Zika Virus Could Be Available Within Weeks

The Coldest
Valentine's Day Ever?

> Polar Vortex to Spread Frigid Air 

Woman Killed When
Manhole Strikes Car
in Boston Tunnel

Ohio Police Kill
Restaurant Attacker

'I Thought I Was
a Good Mom'

Clooney Gets Snippy
at Refugees Question

Barry Manilow
'Doing Well' After Surgery

Schumer Wants Feds
to Add to a Zika Czar

Assad Vows to
Retake All of Syria

Poll Shows Tight Nevada Primary For Democrats

Woodstock 2019?

Teen Who Killed
His Entire Family
Could be Released

Angry Sanders Hits Back
at Hillary And Accuses
Her of a 'Low Blow'

> Clinton and Sanders Tangle 
> Clinton on Health Care

George W. Bush to
Finally Campaign For Jeb

Ted Cruz Pulls Ad
Featuring Porn Star

Setting the Date to 1 January 1970 Will Brick
Your iPhone, iPod, iTouch

Towson Coach Given Probation in Secret Locker Room Video Scandal

Man Vows to Keep
Potato-Only Diet for a Year

Ever Ride Uber? Company
May Owe You Money

After 30 Years, Missing Man Remembers Who He Is

Puppy's Collar Obliterates Part of Owner's Home

The Downside of Being
a Woman on Jeopardy!

At 81, Florence Henderson Has Multiple 'Friends
With Benefits'

  Nina Agdal

AT&T Set to Test
Speedy '5G'

  'American Idol' Recap

Even If Sanders Wins the Popular Vote, Clinton Could Still Get the Nomination

Tense Negotiations Lead
to Final Surrender...

Eating This ONE Food Will Slash Diabetes, Heart
Disease & Obesity Risk

Polar Vortex Returns!

Ford to Launch 4 --
Count 'Em -- 4 New SUVs

Breakthrough: Gravitational Waves Predicted by Einstein Are Detected

The Adult Diaper Market
Is About to Take Off

Nearly 50 Ga. Correctional Officers Arrested
For Drug Trafficking

Teen's Movie Video
Makes You Really Think
About Cyberbullying

Do Your Teens Use Vault Apps to Hide Photos, Videos and Text Messages?

How DO Some People
Stay Slim Without Trying?

Star Wars Prosecuted
Over Harrison Ford Injury

Wave Hits Couple Walking on Beach, Only One Survives

Driverless Cars
Will Prevent 95% of All
Traffic Collisions BUT...

Kasich Has Been Billed as Moderate Candidate, But His Record Is Anything But

The Rise of Donald Trump Is a Terrifying Moment in American Politics
> GOP Asks: Can Trump and Cruz Be Stopped? 

Warning: The Dirty Tricks
Are About to Start

Fargo Police Officer
Mortally Wounded
After Standoff

Man Allegedly Decapitates Grandparents at Day Care

Lunch Lady Gets Prison
Time For Raping Teen Boy

> Mother of 4 Accused of Sexually Assaulting Boy

Hugh Hefner's Son, 24,
Says Playboy Is Going
Down the Toilet

  Lucy  Lily  Abbey  

  Penelope's 'Ugly Feet'

  House of Cards
Season 4 Trailer

  Boston Snowboarding

Cliven Bundy Arrested
> FBI Surrounds Remaining Protesters 

This Test Will Tell If
You're Headed For Divorce

The Insane Amount of
Money People Spend
on Valentine's Day

How Your Electric
Toothbrush Can
DESTROY Your Teeth

How to Win ANY
Argument Using Science

First Couple to Marry After Meeting on Snapchat

How 2 Men Got Banned
From Hunting in 44 States

Tiger Dies at Calif. Zoo

Backpackers Escape
Living Nightmare
on Remote Beach

Woman Falls 60 Feet,
Lands in a Lucky Spot

After 28 Years, Secret
Service Posts Warning:
No Guns in White House

Suns Player Shoves, Chokes Teammate on Bench

Storm-Battered Royal
Caribbean Cruise Ship
Arrives Back in N.J.

> Cruise From Hell 

Traumatized Passengers Finally Reach Dry Land

Planned Parenthood Targets Kasich in Online Ads
> Kasich Gets Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood 

Zuckerberg Chides
Facebook Board Member
Over 'Deeply Upsetting'
India Comments

> Andreessen Apologizes 

BBC to Use Face-Scanning Technology to Shed Light on Viewers' Tastes

Cancer Patients Put at
Risk by Old Equipment

  Kylie  Emily  Kelly  Blake

  Hailey  Kourt  Katie 

Universal Orlando
Increases Ticket Prices
to $105 - For One Day

The Hidden Health
Conditions Millions of
Women Suffer But No One
Wants to Talk About...

Baby Born With Her BRAIN Growing Through the Back of Her Head Defies Doctors to Survive

Scientists May Have Discovered Ripples in Space Time Predicted by Einstein's Theory of Relativity

Fantasy Sports Companies Defend Embattled Industry

Congress Likely to
Give Final OK to Local
Internet Tax Ban

Bloomberg 'Itching'
to Run For President

> What Is Bloomberg Thinking

'You're Next': Trump
Descends on S. Carolina

President Trump May Be What the World Needs Now

Only 6 Republican
Candidates Remain...

> What Went Wrong For Christie

New Guidelines to Drink Less Alcohol Will 'Make No Difference' to the Amount We Consume...

Justice Dept. Sues
Ferguson, Missouri

U.S. Senate Approves Sanctions Against N. Korea
> Here's Why Sanctions Won't Work 

Woman, 22, Found Dead in Her Car in a Walmart Parking Lot May Have Been Lying There For MONTHS

OKC Thunder Assistant
Coach's Wife Dies
After Car Accident

CDC Confirms Link Between Zika and Birth Defects

Study Finds Dementia
Rates Falling Steadily

52 Places to Go in 2016:
Aarhus, Denmark

Former Escort Shares a Filthy Request the Louisville Men's Basketball Program Allegedly Had For Her

Carly Fiorina Suspends
GOP Presidential Bid

Christie Suspends Campaign

Why Didn't Women
Vote For Hillary?

Democracy Won in NH

  The Titanic II

JK Rowling to Release
New Harry Potter
Book (Sort of) in July

Russia Urges March 1
Ceasefire in Syria

Turkey Denounces U.S.
Support for Syrian Kurds

Atlanta Airport Installs
Pods For Nursing Moms

Amazon Wrote a Zombie Apocalypse Clause into
Its Terms of Service...

Burger King to Debut
Two Types of Hot Dogs

Zika Could Be Even Worse For Babies Than We Thought

Why More Americans Are Giving Up Their Passports

Guns, Drugs and
Car Crashes: Why
Americans Die Younger

More Drivers Falling
Behind on Their
Car Payments

Six Surprising Signs
of Heart Disease You
Should NEVER Ignore

Want to Lose Weight and Lower Your Cholesterol?
Eat Walnuts

'Lean in 15' Diet Plan

The Rise of the
Webcam Workout

5 Valentine's Day
Hacks That Can Save
You Serious Cash

18 Valentine's Day
Gifts Under $5

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Syracuse 85, Fla. State 72

Boeheim After 7th Win in
8 Games: 'A Lot of People Gave Up on This Team'

Bettors Waged a Record
$132 Million on SB50
in the State of Nevada

Super Bowl 51 Favorites?
Denver NOT in Top 6

Can This Man Save
U.S. Soccer?

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I Might be Dating
Someone Who Used to
Hook Up With My Friend

How to Stick to a Healthy Eating Plan in 4 Easy Steps

Do You Know Gym Jargon?

How the 'Perfect' Male
Body Has Changed
Over 150 Years

The 15 Things ALL
Singles Need to Know to
Find Long-Lasting Love

Thinking of Sexting?

Risk of Divorce Drops With Every Year of Marriage

Is 28 Minutes All the Time You Need to Exercise?

Can This Drip Take
Years Off Your Face?

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  Pros & Cons: Valentine's

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Wind Chill Values as Low as -35

The Snow Kept Falling Friday

  Photos and Videos of Storm

Gov. Cuomo Urges Caution

Wind Chill Warning

Travel Advisory: Jefferson County

Today: A slight chance of snow showers. Mostly cloudy and cold, with a high near -6. Wind chill values as low as -35. Northwest wind around 16 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.
Tonight: A slight chance of snow showers before 9pm. Partly cloudy, with a low around -17. Wind chill values as low as -35. North wind 8 to 14 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.

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Snow on Public Square

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Sandy Cook, a Fixture of Massena Radio For 40 Years,

Carthage Woman Admits
Cheating Fort Drum's PX
Out of More Than $133,000

  High School Sports Scores

How Watertown's Airport
Keeps Up With Heavy Snow

Potsdam Village Administrator Resigns, Criticizes Board

Police: Woman Fatally Shot
by Syracuse Cop When She
Refused to Drop Shotgun

New Reporting Procedures For Small Boats Beginning in 2016

NYSP: 92 DWI Arrests
Over Super Bowl Weekend

What Happened Overnight?
Friday, Feb. 12, Police Blotter

ive Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
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Flu Is Here; NY State Orders
Unvaccinated Health Care
Workers to Don Masks

NY Faces Power Shortage,
But Not Enough to Save
FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant  Add Events

State Announces
Solution to Orleans
Salt Water Contamination

  Potsdam Police Blotter Feb. 11

Oswego Sheriff's Dept. Blotter

  City Council Agenda

Jeff Graham Show Feb. 12
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Glenn Curry Show Feb. 11
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Watertown Looks to
Expand Trail Through City

Driving With Snow on Your Car?
NY Lawmakers Propose Fines

Have You Noticed the
Increasing Number of Vacant
Homes in Watertown?

22 Latest Births at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown
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  12 Property Transactions
in Watertown in February

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Audrey D. Kieff, 95
Cape Vincent

(2/12, Cleveland Funeral Home, Cape Vincent)

Ruth Spies Jones, 97
Sebring, Florida

(2/12, Frederick Bros. Funeral Home, Theresa)

Evelyn B. Overton, 91

(2/12, Sundquist Funeral Home, Lowville)

Kayden L. Foote, 3

(2/12, D.L. Calarco Funeral Home, Watertown)

Maddison Martin
(2/12, Reed & Benoit Funeral Home, Watertown)

Lyndon C. Haas, 67
(2/12, T.R. Jetty Funeral Home, Clayton)

James A. Bates, 70
Formerly of Three Mile Bay

Susan A. Sovie, 46
Sackets Harbor

(2/10, Reed & Benoit Funeral Home, Watertown)

Michael G. Loftus, 62

(2/10, Reed & Benoit Funeral Home, Watertown)

Tommie L. Wilson, 75

(2/10, Cummings Funeral Service, Watertown)

Diana L. Shanley, 61

(2/10, Cummings Funeral Service, Clayton)

David G. Adams, 65

(2/10, Hart & Bruce Funeral Home, Watertown)

Monuments in Watertown?
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Listen to Show #4,
Echoes of Ireland 2016,
With Host Sean Hennessey

> Barley Juice is coming to Watertown March 12
> 31st Annual North Country Goes Green Irish Festival

> Official:    Send a Request

  114 Court St. Sold: $12,000

  SMC Acquires Another
Woodruff Street Property

Russell: Board of Regents
Vital to Quality Education

  Teacher Salaries in NY:
Look Up, Compare Any District

Jeff Graham Show Feb. 11
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Z93: City's Increasing Use of
Hiring Consultants and Lawyers

> Official: | Stephens Media Group 

State Lawmakers Want
to End Tampon Tax

Should NY Have to Pay More
to Provide Lawyers to Poor
People Accused of Crimes?

North Country Leads State in
Sales Tax Revenue Decline

Watertown's Arena Could
Open in a Month After
$10 MILLION Renovation

Plans For Arsenal Street
Bridge Unveiled

Arsenal Street Bridge Is 'Deteriorating From Years of Salt'

Steve Szatanek, Man Who Killed Teen at Brennan Beach, Tells
Judge: I Didn't Do it (Video)

Will New York's Education
Commissioner Just be a Rubber Stamp For Special Interest?

Should Upstate NY Use
Pennsylvania's Mode of
Business and Tax Regulations?

WWNY: Carthage's Metro Paper
to Close at End of Month

> Local Discussion: Comments 

Fort Drum Boosted North
Country's Economy by
$1.6 Billion Last Year

> Listen Live: WRVO Public Media

Pulaski Man Arrested on Sex
Abuse Charges, Troopers Say

> Accused of Sexually Abusing Mentally Challenged Man 

  Syracuse AutoExpo

Man Dies After Being Hit by Car While Crossing Erie Boulevard

Curry: Why Does God
Take Someone Like
Sue Sovie at a Young Age?

Report: Fort Drum Soldiers
Going to Southern Afghanistan

> Army Grunts, Advisers to Deploy Soon

Congress Moves to
Confront Military Child
Abuse With Talia's Law

Skunk Located on Gill Street
Tests Positive For Rabies

Graham: City Manager Form
of Government Needs to Go

State Sen. Ritchie Says
Investing in Food Research
Will Help Farmers' Bottom Line

Senator to Cuomo: Offer IDs
For Undocumented Immigrants

National Grid Mistake
Cost Buffalo $1 Million

Mahoney: Syracuse Could Go
Bankrupt Without Metro Help

Court Merger Creates
Backlog of 6,000 Cases

Malone Man Charged
With Forcible Touching

How Much Does Your Job Pay
in Albany, Buffalo, CNY, NYC?

Fort Drum Releases 2015
Economic Impact Statement

WPBS Announces New
Multi-Part Series About
the Founding of Watertown

Map: A Foot of Snow Possible
With 35 MPH Gusts

Watertown Police Face
New Challenges...

Is NY State Selling Your
Lost Wedding Ring on eBay?

Cuomo Opposes Key Bank's
Plan to Buy First Niagara

Clare Town Justice Resigns

 City of Watertown
President's Day Schedule

Cuomo Tries to Build Support
For $15 Minimum Wage

Cold Snap Should Help
'Free' Ice Fishing Weekend

Lethal Heroin Batch Has Killed
23 in Buffalo Over Past 2 Weeks

  SLC Sheriff's Office Blotter

New Book: Forks in the Road -
by John T. Sullivan Jr.

Russell: 'New York Needs
a Fairer Tax Code'

  Gouverneur Police Warn of Phony Money

33 Homes Broken into Around
Three Mile Bay, Troopers Say

Bill Lets Terminal Patients
Get Aid in Dying

3 Dogs Rescued After Falling
Through Ice into Indian River

> Local Discussion: Comments

Arsenal Street Bridge to be
Replaced, Businesses Worried

> Local Discussion: Comments

Army: 1 in 3 Dining Facilities Will Close Or Shrink Within 3 Years

Ritchie Unveils "Planting
Seeds" Initiative

MeTV Coming to North Country

Frontenac Crystal Springs
Offers Orleans Residents
Temporary Water Solution

  Massey's Furniture Presents Checks to Schools Following
Bucks For Books Initiative

Glenn Curry Show Feb. 8:
City Councilman Cody Horbacz

> Official: Community Broadcasters

Graham: Butler Should Be Paid
More & Have Greater Authority

Rabies Clinic Feb. 23
at Salvation Army

  March 12 Concert in Watertown

Miss Ireland 2016
Contestants Being Sought

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Today: A slight chance of snow showers. Mostly cloudy and cold, with a high near -6. Wind chill values as low as -35. Northwest wind around 16 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.
Tonight: A slight chance of snow showers before 9pm. Partly cloudy, with a low around -17. Wind chill values as low as -35. North wind 8 to 14 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.

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 62 People Pay Fines
for DEC Violations

(Sponsored by

Border Arrests Down in Upstate New York, And at Mexican Border

Two Watertown Men
Charged in City Burglary

Sentencing Delayed For Woman Who Stole From Pee Wees

Do You Know a Watertown
Resident 65+ Who Needs
a Smoke Detector?

Friday, Feb. 12, Police Blotter

Thur., Feb. 11, Police Blotter

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Mon., Feb. 8, Police Blotter

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  Potsdam Police Feb. 11

  Potsdam Police Feb. 10

  Potsdam Police Feb. 9

  Potsdam Police Feb. 8

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Exclusive: Public Square Traffic Cam

Source:  Live at Five
Square  State  Bay  Tug Hi

Audrey D. Kieff, 95, Cape Vincent

Evelyn B. Overton, 91, Martinsburg

Ruth Spies Jones, 97, Sebring, Fla.

Kayden L. Foote, 3, Watertown

Maddison Martin

Lyndon C. Haas, 67, Chaumont

James A. Bates, 70, formerly of Three Mile Bay

Michael G. Loftus, 62, Watertown

Susan A. Sovie, 46, Sackets Harbor

Tommie L. Wilson, 75, Watertown

Diana L. Shanley, 61, Lowville

Donald J. Rainville, 87, Plattsburgh

David G. Adams, 65, Watertown

Erik J. Eacker, 40, Gouverneur

Rev. James O. Carr, 80, Waverly

Theodore Lehnert, 80, Sackets Harbor

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Janet K. Bradley, 70, Forestport

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John F. Morin, 82, formerly of Watertown

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Chiquita L. Benway-Gebo, 62, Watertown

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