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130+ NFL Stars Kneel
During Anthem in
Defiance of Trump

Trump Says His NFL
Comments Have 'Nothing'
to Do With Race

Trump Expands Travel
Ban to Include People
From North Korea,
Chad and Venezuela

Mass Shooting at
Church in Nashville

> 1 Dead, 7 Injured 

Gunman Reportedly
Wearing Clown Mask

Merkel Re-elected
Amid Nationalist Rise

Oprah Leads Heated
Debate on Trump For First
'60 Minutes' Segment

McCain: Trump Hasn't
Apologized For POW Crack

Jared Kushner Used
Private Email Account
For White House Matters

Cruz and Collins Announce Opposition to Republican
Health Care Bill

Weiner Sentencing...

Poll: 66% Think Trump
Doing More to Divide
Than Unite Nation

A's Catcher Bruce Maxwell Becomes First MLB Player
to Kneel During Anthem

Trump: 'Little Rocket Man'

Mass Acid Attack in London

U.S. East Coast Monitoring Hurricane Maria

Knicks Trade Carmelo
Anthony to OKC Thunder

NYT Front Page  NYDN

Today's Famous Birthdays

  Oktoberfest in Munich

Trump Calls For BOYCOTT
of NFL Teams Whose
Players Refuse to Stand
For the National Anthem

Trump Withdraws Invitation to NBA's
Golden State Warriors

Trump's Strange
Night in Alabama

Civilian Drone Crashes
into Army Helicopter
Over Staten Island

  Meghan Markle

  Harry in Toronto

  Anthony Bourdain And
Gal Pal Are Reipped

Wisc. High School Requires Girls to Send Photos of Their Homecoming Dresses Before They Can Buy Tickets

Internet Explodes...

Kylie Jenner, 20,
Expecting Child With
Boyfriend Rapper

Betsy DeVos Scraps
Obama-era College
Sexual Misconduct Rules

McCain Says No to
Graham-Cassidy Bill

Poll: Public Prefers
Obamacare to
Proposal 56% to 33%

Brexit Delayed Until 2021

Zuckerberg Will No
Longer Try to Reclassify
Facebook Stock to Fund
His Philanthropy

Massive Backlash Over
Uber Ban in London

'Madman' vs. 'Dotard'

  Alicia  Kaia and Cindy

Husbands Would
Change Six Things
About Their Wives...

Gorsuch's Views on
Abortion to be Tested

Miss Turkey Stripped of
Her Crown Over Tweet

  Pumpkin Pileup on I-75

The Disgusting Risks
of Peeing in a Pool

Woman Arrested After Posting Naked Photo of
Gal Pal on Facebook

Why Going to Bed Angry Will Prevent You From Getting a Good Night's Sleep

  Meet Kevin Hart's
Sexy Video Partner

  First Lady Melania

  Teacher Arrested

  Olivia  Christina  Emily

  Original Supermodels Return to the Catwalk

Travelers Warned About Meth-Laced Soda in Mexico

Trump Expected to Scrap His Travel Ban - And Replace It With a Country by Country System

  Harry Mania Hits Canada

Wal-Mart Tests Delivering Straight to Your Fridge

Amazon Threatens
Grubhub As It Expands
Food-Delivery Services

'Sammy the Bull' Gravano Released From Prison
After 17.5 Years

Uber Is Stripped of Its
License to Work in London

  People Are So Scared of This Halloween Display, They're Calling 911

Millennials Are Bringing
Small Boobs Back
in a Big Way

Investors Fear Driverless Cars Will Make Breathalyzers Obsolete

CVS Pharmacy to Limit
Opioid Prescriptions
to 7-Day Supply

Jerry Lewis Disinherited
Five of His Children

Janitor Chases 300 Bats
Out of High School

'Death Wish' Coffee
Recalled Because It
Can Literally Kill You

Megyn Kelly Is Ready
For Her Morning Closeup

Poll: 24% Support New
ObamaCare Repeal Bill

New Antibody Attacks
99% of HIV Strains

N. Korean Leader: Trump
Is 'Mentally Deranged'

What's a Dotard?

  NFL Stadium Half Empty

France Threatens to Quit Winter Olympics Over
Korea Safety Concerns

Trump Aides Begin
Looking for the Exits

Gatorade Punished
For Dissing Water

Halloween Sales of Candy
and Costumes Expected
to Break a Record

30 Minutes of Housework
Can Slash Your
Risk of Early Death

Shop Owner Fires Warning Shot to Get Stolen Beer Back From Thief

Trump Supersizes
Air Force One

  Halle  J-Law  Kendall

BYU Ends 6-Decade Ban
on Sale of Caffeinated
Soft Drinks

At U.N., Trump Says He
Will Sign New Executive
Order Targeting N. Korea

AI Can Spot Signs of
Alzheimer's a DECADE
Before Human Doctors

Facebook to Share
Russian-Linked Political
Ads With Investigators

Revenge Porn Site Leaves Trail of Innocent Victims

No One Cares About
the iPhone 8

  Barely a DOZEN Shoppers Line Up for iPhone 8

In 'Vietnam War,' Ken
Burns Wrestles With the Conflict's Contradictions

Little Girl Struck by Foul
Ball Is Still in the Hospital

Morning After Maria

Kardashian Employee Held at Gunpoint at LA Store

Mother Accused of
Killing Her Nanny

Trump Snubs May

Mosquitoes Carrying
Deadly Diseases Could
Invade 75% of America,
CDC Warns

World's Richest
Woman Dies at 94

Woman Convicted of
Assault Was Upset
Husband Brought Her to
Pub to Watch Him Play
Pool on Her Birthday...

Jen  Selena  Hailey  Karen

Silicon Valley Start Up to
Give People Up to $1,000
a Month in Latest Basic
Income Trial

You Will Soon Be Able to Add Booze to Your TGI Friday's Delivery Order

Taco Bell Intends
to Serve Up Booze,
Scrap Drive-Thrus

Fireball-Flavored Bagels?

The NFL Is Praying for
a Ratings Turnaround

> Is the NFL in Decline? 

Trump Is Assembling the
Most Male-Dominated Government in Decades

Danica Patrick Drove
the Lonely Road to
a Feminist Legacy

Many of the World's
Billionaires Had This
First Job in Common

MSNBC Host's Meltdown

Calgary Flames For Sale?

Death Toll Rises as Volunteers Join Frantic Search For Quake Survivors

Power Could Be Out for
MONTHS in Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans Vow to
Rebuild After Maria

Apocalyptic Wasteland

North Korea Says Trump's
U.N. Speech Sounded
Like 'Dog Barking'

Report: Manafort Offered 'Private Briefings' on
Trump Campaign to
Russian Billionaire

  Christina  Gigi  Shania

  Olivia  Nicole  Hailey

  Holly  Kylie  Casey

New Study About
Women's Sex Lives

Las Vegas Is Moving
Toward 24-Hour Pot

She's No Dummy!
12-Year-Old Is Crowned Winner of 'AGT'

Married High School Art Teacher, 25, Accused of Having Sex With 4 Students

How Many More
Near-Misses at
Yankee Stadium
Until Nets Are Extended?

Mark Zuckerberg's
Political Awakening

2017 Passport Updates:
What You Need to Know

You Never Want 'SSSS'
Code on Your Airplane Boarding Pass

Why Every Woman
Needs Five Bras

Should Following a
Woman And Asking For
Her Number be a Crime?

Why Mutual Hatred Can
Turn to Irresistible Passion

Is That a Can of
Beer in the Cockpit?

Google to Buy Part
of HTC's Smartphone Operations For $1B

U.S. Airports Are More
Popular Than Ever,
Except in New York

Why Amsterdam Is
Hiking Tourist Tax

Dominica 'in a Daze'
After Storm Leaves
Island Cut Off

Storm of the Century
Hits Puerto Rico

155 MPH Winds Make
a Direct Hit on Island

Maria Puts All of
Puerto Rico in the Dark

President Trump to
Award Medal of Honor
to Vietnam Commando
For Valor in Laos

Apple Acknowledges
Cellular Connectivity
Problem in New Watch

Snow Before Fall?

Utah Cop Wants to Apologize For Cuffing Nurse

Yankees Reduced to
Tears After Little Girl
Struck by Foul Ball

Weiner Convinced Teen
to Strip, Fondle Herself
on Skype: Feds

Boxing Legend Jack
LaMotta Dies at 95

7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Mexico City

More Than 216 Dead

Trump Keeping His Iran
Deal 'Decision' a Secret

  WH Chief of Staff's
Body Language at UN

  The Royal Library

Man Charged With
Running Over, Killing
13 Geese in Conn.

Substitute Teacher
Accused of Sex With
Teen Student

Toys R Us Closings
Expected After the
Holiday Season

10 Things Women Do
in Bed That Men HATE

See Richest, Poorest U.S. Cities and Counties Based
on New Census Data

We're at the End of
Christian America.
What Will That Mean?

Kim Jong Un Has Teen
Sex Slaves Who Feed Him Caviar, Defector Claims

Terminator 6: Linda
Hamilton Returns
After 26 Years

Jimmy Kimmel Slams
GOP's New Health
Care Bill in Scathing
Opening Monologue

  Kimmel Monologue

Hillary Clinton Slams
Trump's UN Speech

Pamela Anderson Says
She Loves Julian Assange

  Good Morning Britain

The Border Wall: 'A Lot of Land Would Be Cut Off'

Less Than 25% of Republicans in Congress Endorse Border Wall Funding

  J-Lo  Demi  Rhian

Is Your Salad Making
You FAT?

Football Can Damage
Kids' Brains - Even If They
Don't Get Concussions

Bail Disparities Across the U.S. Reflect Inequality

Strip Club Spoiling
Hard Rock's Plans in
Atlantic City, Suit Claims

Mom Left Blinded, Bald and Paralyzed by a Parasite in Her Contact Lens

Amazon Smart Glasses
'to Use Bones Instead
of Headphones'

'Netflix for Theaters'
Sending Industry
into a Frenzy

What's That Smell
in Florida? Irma

Police in Okla. City
Fatally Shoot Man Who
Was Holding a Stick

Used-Car Nightmare

Gun-Wielding FBI Agents Busted into Manafort's Home While He Was Asleep

Trump Using Campaign
Cash to Defend Himself Against Russia Probe

Trump Gives First Speech
to UN General Assembly

Trump: 'We Will Have
No Choice But to Totally
Destroy North Korea'

'Rocket Man Is on
a Suicide Mission For
Him and His Regime'

  Melania  Ivanka  Olivia

Will Hurricane Maria
Hit the U.S.?

The Last Time There Were Two Category 5 Storms in the Same Season Was 2007

Puerto Rico Imposes Rationing as Hurricane Maria Approaches

Billy Bush and His
Wife Split After
20 Years of Marriage

Rachel and Hayden Split

Melania Row Over
'Little Bit of English'

Teens Are Growing Up
Slower, Researchers Say

Teens Are Becoming Adults Later Than They Used To

Another City Does Away With Columbus Day

Apple's iOS 11 Rolls Out Today With Animoji, Shared Wi-Fi and Camera Updates

  Growing Sinkhole Threatens Florida Home

  The 'Mad Pooper'

Love Letters: He Wants
to Sleep in Bed With
His Female Friend

How Flying Seriously
Messes With Your Mind

Bill O'Reilly Denies Any Wrong Doing About Sexual Harassment Allegations
> Heated Interview With Matt Lauer 

Missing Man's Body
Likely Sat in Airport
Parking Lot For 8 Months

MGM Announces Plans For
a New Casino in Conn.

Bad Behavior Cost an Airline Passenger Almost $100,000. It's About Time

Rubbish Bins Aim to
Keep Motorways Clean

Monster Hurricane Maria Devastates Dominica - And It's Getting Stronger

'We Have Lost All'

End of an Era? Toys R Us
Files For Bankruptcy

Kohl's Opens Its Doors
to Amazon's Returns

American Workers
Can't Catch a Break
or a Pay Raise

Yes, This Hurricane Season Really Is Unusually Bad

The FBI 'Secretly
Wiretapped Manafort'

L.A. West Side Shaken
by 3.6 Magnitude Quake

Hottest Toys for 2017

Doctors Issue Sight Loss
Warning Over Nerf Guns

The iPhone X Is
Killing iPhone 8 Sales

  Demi  Gwen  Holly

  Hailey  Kourtney  Selena

  Charlotte  Lindsay  Gigi

Wal-Mart to Allow Shoppers on Food Stamps to Order Groceries Online at Some Locations

Forget Cash - How Sex and Sleep Are Key to Happiness

How to Avoid a
Wine Hangover

Why Do So Many Young Women Want to Match the Worst Behavior of Men?

Trying to Lose Weight?
Take a 2-Week Break
From Your Diet

Senate GOP Has 12 Days
to Repeal Obamacare
and No Room For Error

German WWI U-Boat
Found Off Belgian Coast

Pentagon Reporters
Frustrated by Mattis

Streaming TV Services
Won 32 Emmy Awards

MLB HR Record on
Pace to Fall This Week

Can She Get Any Nuttier?

Ex-Fox News Contributor Alleges Anchor Raped Her

Starbucks Wants
a Bite of Lunch...

A Mediterranean Low-Carb Diet Is Better For Your
Heart and Waistline Than
a Low-Fat Plan: Study

How to Stop Snoring in
Just Five Minutes a Day

Doctor Reveals the
Correct Way to Put
on Antiperspirant

An End to Stubborn Love Handles? New Skin Patch Reduces Lingering Fat by
20% in Scientific Study

Why You Should NOT
Yo-Yo Diet; Maintaining Steady Weight Is Key

Third-Hand Smoke Cripples Your Liver and Brain

Every Childhood Vaccine
May Go into a Single Jab

Apple-Shaped Women
Are at Risk of a Deadlier
Form of Breast Cancer

Thinking of a Laser
Skin Treatment?

  Welcome to the Narcan Capital of America

Women 'More Likely
to Lose Interest in
Sex Than Men'

How Women Get Bored
of Having Sex With Their Partner After Just 1 Year

Two-Thirds of American
Adults Get Their News
From Social Media

10 Types of Lovers

  The Big Picture

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24-Year-Old Gouverneur Man
Killed in Motorcycle Accident on
Route 3 in Colton, Deputies Say

WWNY: Fort Drum Veteran
Only Pittsburgh Steelers On the
Field For the National Anthem

> Local Discussion: Comments 

Former Fort Drum Soldier Stands
Up as Other NFL Players Take
Knee During National Anthem

> Steelers Stay Off the Field For Anthem 

Buffalo Bills Fans React to Team Locking Arms, Kneeling During National Anthem

Bills 26, Broncos 16

Giants Lose to Eagles on 61-Yard Field Goal as Time Expires

Update: Search For Missing
Fisherman in Lake Ontario

Hammond Man Charged With Stalking, Reckless Endangerment

Community Battles Over
Proposal to Switch to a City
Manger Form of Government

Some Bets Are Off at
New York State Casinos

Verizon Overbilled Erie County
Government by About $900,000

Paul McCartney Blazes Through Lifetime of Music, Sets Carrier
Dome on Fire (Review)

  Paul McCartney Concert

  Paul McCartney Tailgating

  Clayton Jazz Fest Recap

LSU 35, Syracuse 26

SU Football Comes Close,
But Can't Finish Upset Bid

> Take the Points or Go For 2? 

Fisherman Missing in Lake
Ontario, Deputies Say

$104 Million Lottery Ticket
Sold in Cortland County

What Happened Overnight?
Sun., Sept. 24, Police Blotter

> Need a Lawyer?
> Listen Live:

Lewis County Sheriff's
Office Weekend Blotter

NNY's Premier Churches

Bills Owners Issue Statement
on President Trump Comments

BG Cowboys Saloon at Destiny
USA Closed Until Further Notice

Potsdam Police Blotter Sept. 23

Heroin and the Loss of a Son

Today: Sunny, High Near 86
Monday: Sunny, High Near 86
Tuesday: Sunny, High Near 85

Suicide Awareness Walk

Sat., Sept. 23, Police Blotter
> Need a Lawyer?
> Listen Live:

  Homes For Sale

  Sunset in Sackets Harbor

High School Football Scores

Section's III Tops 10 Teams

Girls Soccer  Boys Soccer

High School Sports Scores

High School Sports Schedules

Phoenix Coach Upset...

Phoenix Remains Only
Scoreless Team in Section III

Gouverneur Police Blotter

13 of the Most Beautiful Small
Towns to Visit in Upstate NY

Mortgage? Auto Loan? Choose Local: WSB | NCU

23 Divorces Filed in Sept.
(Sponsored by

 20 DBAs Filed in September
(Sponsored by Small Business Development Center

  County Court Calendar
Need an Attorney

  29 Property Transactions in
City of Watertown in September

Real Estate Lawyers
? Gervera  Bridgeview  Temps

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  Sandy Creek  Armory Sq  SU
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Charles E. Peebles, 98

(9/23, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

John D. Adamczyk, 65

(9/23, Frary Funeral Home, Ogdensburg)

Luanne M. Toutant, 59
Evans Mills

(9/22, Hart & Bruce Funeral Home, Watertown)

Linda F. Barnes, 70

(9/22, Trainor Funeral Home, Boonville)

Michele L. Derosiers, 64
West Carthage
(9/22, Lundy Funeral Home, Carthage)

Edward C. Brown, 72

(9/22, Lundy Funeral Home, Carthage)

Doris M. Thomas, 45

(9/22, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

Jane M. Daub, 87

(9/22, Cummings Funeral Service, Watertown)

Murray E. "Ed" Lumley, 81

(9/22, Frary Funeral Home, Ogdensburg)

Patricia Bellinger

(9/22, Frary Funeral Home, Ogdensburg)

William Bottles

(9/22, Frary Funeral Home, Ogdensburg)

Cynthia L. Catalina, 54

(9/21, Hart & Bruce Funeral Home, Watertown)

James R. Smith, 73

(9/21, Cummings Funeral Service, Watertown)

David L. Carr, 84

(9/21, D.L. Calarco Funeral Home, Watertown)

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62-Year-Old Watertown Woman Not Wearing Helmet Dies
After Moped Accident, Police Say

> Local Discussion: Comments 
> Obituary: Sherry L. Noftsier, 62

Deputies: Man Facing 36 Counts
in Alleged Sexual Abuse Case

> Local Discussion: Comments 
> Mug Shot Photo: Roy Hillyard

Mr. Bigg's Restaurant on
Public Square to Close

> Local Discussion: Comments 

Caribbean Restaurant
'Irie Island Bar & Grill' to Open
on Public Square This Fall

CNY Has Never Had a Late
September This Warm Before.
Not Even Close

Marijuana Harvest in SLC
Could Yield 15 Arrests

Man Agrees to Pay $21K
For Lowville Fire

Lewis County Man Pleads Guilty
to Making Meth, Selling Drugs

Lowville Man Gets Six Years
in Prison For Several Crimes

Apparent Inmate Suicide
at Oneida County Jail

If Your Drinking Water Was
Suddenly Contaminated,
How Would You Know?

Why Aren't Gas Prices
Rising as Fast as They Rose
After Hurricane Harvey?

When Bugs Go to School,
What Should Parents Do?

WTNY: City Council Candidates Should NOT Be Meeting With
City Officials Behind Closed
Doors Before the Election
> Official:  | Stephens Media Group 

WATN Discussion: Ruggiero,
Olney and Henry-Wilkinson Should NOT Be Meeting With
City Officials Before Nov. 8
> Official:  1240-WATN

Two Men Accused of Manufacturing Meth After Traffic Stop in Town of Lyme, Police Say

Salmon River Scene
'Simply Awesome' Despite
Hot Temperatures

 Watertown Board of Education Agenda Sept. 26

 Carthage Board of Education
Agenda Sept. 25

 Finance & Rules Agenda
Jefferson County Legislature Sept. 26

 Health & HS Agenda
Jefferson County Legislature Sept. 26

Jeff Graham Show Sept. 22
> Official:  1240-WATN

 Jefferson County Planning
Board Agenda Sept. 26

6,000-Square-Foot Restaurant Proposed in Chaumont

WTNY: Don't Blame McWayne
For Enforcing Watertown's
'Stupid Laws' and Ordinances
> Official:  | Stephens Media Group 

Auction at Former Partridge

Ritchie: Apple Time

Seasonal Camp in Northern
Oswego County Turned to
Rubble After Large Fire

Mannsville Man Charged
With DWI in Watertown

St. Lawrence University to Host
Higher Education Night Oct. 3

  Tae Kwon Do Training
Center in Watertown

Private Investigator
Makes Progress in Fort Drum
Soldier's Mysterious Death

Sept. 16, 2007: Body Found in
Hay Field in Town of Hounsfield

JCC Holds First
'White Coat' Ceremony

Why So Many Upstate NY Students Leave College Without Degrees, Unable to Pay Off Loans

19 Best Views in Upstate NY


Black River Drive-In

Old McDonald's Farm

Thousand Islands Winery

Jefferson County Yard Sales

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Live in Lewis County? Looking to Buy a New Car?

Will Cuomo Have a Primary Challenger Next Year?

Bar Association Supports a Constitutional Convention

No Decision in Matter Involving Candidates in City Judge Race

Taxpayers Could Pick
Up Ex-State Senator's
$700K Legal Tab

Adirondacks Nearing
Peak Fall Colors

Phantom Bike Lane Barriers

Judge Astacio Has Stopped
Showing Up at Work

WWNY: North Country Library
System Unveils App

PCA Workers Have a Good
Chance of Finding New Jobs

Latest Obamacare Replacement Plan Would Cost NY $19B,
Analysis Shows

Meth Bust in Ogdensburg

NYSP: Teen Accused of
Rape on School Grounds

Jake Johnson's Firm Buys
454 State St. for $75,000

Commercial building at the corner of State and Winthrop

Watertown Board Approves
Stone Wall at Caprara
Residence on Paddock Street

> Local Discussion: Comments 

Z93: Who Was the One Person
to Vote Against the Wall?
> Official:  | Stephens Media Group 

Watertown Woman Accused
of Forcibly Stealing Medication
From Family Member

16 Latest Births at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown
> Official:

Lake Ontario's World-Class
Salmon, Trout Fishery Starts
at Salmon River Hatchery

Autistic Boy's Search For a Real Home Ends in Grisly Death
> Local Discussion: Comments

Kingston to Close Princess
Street 10AM to 5PM Saturday

8-Man Football Is a Program-Saver For High Schools With Dwindling Numbers

Cuomo Takes on National Issues

New Book About Kennedy
Dynasty Could Have Impact on
Cuomo's Political Ambitions

Niagara Falls Proposes OT Cap
For Police and Fire Chiefs

News or Noise? Article
Claims 15 Days of Darkness
Coming in November

Norfolk Fire Leaves Victims
Reeling in Shock

River Hospital Now Helps
Veterans With PTSD

Cruising JCC in Golf Carts

Watertown Woman Pleads
Guilty in Alcohol-Related Case

Where's My STAR Check?
New NY Website Lets You
Know If Check Was Mailed

Hundreds of Snakes, Birds,
Rats and Mice Removed from
Western Home (Photos)

Ice Cream Truck and Box Truck Collide in Genesee County

Watervliet Settling Lawsuit
With Victim of School Cop

Police: BOCES Instructor Had
Sex With 14-Year-Old Boy

Applications Open For Hemp Growing Pilot Program

Textalyzer Remains Under Review

Feds Revise Indictment
Against COR Executives

Company Answers Questions About Possible Wind Farm in Southern Jefferson County

New Syracuse Basketball
Walk-On Accused of Sex Crime

Rabid Bat Found in Gill Street
Home; 2 Children Being Treated

  Car Crashes into Aspen Dental
in the Town of Watertown

Adams Center Man Gets
Prison Time in Burglary Case

High School Football
State Rankings Released

Salmon Run 2017: Examples
of 'That Guy' Who Infuriates
Others on the Water

Ritchie Secures $50K to
Strengthen NNY Health Care

Autopsy: NJ Hiker Died
From Pneumonia in
Adirondack High Peaks Area

Rochester Crime Ring Read
Obituaries, Broke into Dozens
of Cars at Area Funerals

Jeff Graham Show Sept. 20
> Official:  1240-WATN

32 Upstate NY Colleges Where
You're Most Likely to Drop Out
and Default on Student Loans

What? UAlbany Football
to Play at Syracuse in 2021

Why 3 City Council Candidates
Want to Dismiss the Lawyer Handling the Fire Department
Union Contract Negotiations

> Local Discussion: Comments 

Employees: Town of Hounsfield Packaging Plant to Close
> Local Discussion: Comments 

Syracuse Child Infected
With West Nile Virus

Z93: Is City Council Really
Debating Over Where the
Arena Buys Hot Dog Rolls?
> Official:  | Stephens Media Group 

33 Jobs with the Worst Outlook
for the Future in North Country

Jeff Graham Show Sept. 19:
Councilwoman Teresa Macaluco
> Official:  1240-WATN

WTNY: Macaluso and Butler
Are on the Wrong Side of
Voters This Election Cycle
> Official:  | Stephens Media Group  

Macaluco: Alan Walts Is 'Brutal
and Relentless' to Me on WTNY
> Official:  1240-WATN

Walts: Macaluso Is Taking
Politics Too Personal
> Official:  | Stephens Media Group 

Macaluco Is ONLY City Council
Candidate Who OPPOSES
Switching to Strong-Mayor
Form of Government
> Official:  1240-WATN

City Council candidates Cliff Olney III, Lisa Ruggiero and Ryan Henry-Wilkinson all support the creation of a commission to explore changing the city's charter to switch from a city manager to a strong-mayor form of government. 

Absentee Ballots Counted:
Jennings Officially Eliminated

> Local Discussion: Comments 

Is the $13,200 City Council Salary Worth the Grief and Vicious Anonymous Online Comments?
> Official:  | Stephens Media Group  

WTNY: Macaluso and Addison Silent During Council Discussion About Arena Concession Stand
> Official:  | Stephens Media Group 

Man Celebrates 84th Birthday
With Walk With WHS Team

Cuomo Warns NYers to Ready for Federal Health-Care 'Punch'

900 Jobs Available
in Jefferson County

Economic Developers
Throw Support Behind
Plans For Agribusiness Park

GOP Chairman Optimistic
About 2018 Governor's Race

Cuomo Blasts Latest GOP
Effort to Replace Obamacare

Fall Foliage Could Be Especially
Bright in NY This Year...

Council Members Oppose Eliminating Federal Tax Deduction

WTNY: Who Is Responsible
For Inspecting City Facilities?
> Official:  | Stephens Media Group  

  Fort Drum Soldier Killed
in Car Crash Identified

> Local Discussion: Comments 

What's in the Fort Drum
Taxi Cab Contract?

City Council Urged to
Crackdown on Public Urination
in Arcade Street Alley
> Watertown City Council, 9/18/2017 Livestream

Troopers Investigate
Car-Motorcycle Crash in Clayton

Jefferson County August
Unemployment: 5.4%

(Department of Labor)

Unemployment Rates Aug. 17 Aug. 16
Jefferson 5.4 5.3
Lewis 5.3 5.5
St. Lawrence 6.5 6.3
Oswego 5.8 5.9
New York State 4.9 4.9

  Two Men Charged After
Brawl at SU Football Game

WTNY: Renters in Watertown
Are Not Second-Class Citizens
> Official:  | Stephens Media Group 

Z93: Strong-Mayor Form of Government and Dismissing
the Long Island Attorney
Are Excellent Ideas For City
> Official:  | Stephens Media Group 

Ruggiero Backs Exploring a
Change to a Strong-Mayor
Form of City Government
> Official:  1240-WATN

Ruggiero Supports Dismissal
of Long Island Attorney
Representing City in
Firefighters Negotiations
> Official:  1240-WATN

Ritchie Secures $27,000 For
Metro-Jeff Drug Task Force
to Upgrade Its Vehicle Fleet

Jeff Graham Show Sept. 18:
Council Candidate Lisa Ruggiero
> Official:  1240-WATN

Fall Seasonal Foods Made in NY

  Town of Watertown
Home For Sale: $629,500

WTNY: 'Absurd' Fence Law
in the City of Watertown
> Official:  | Stephens Media Group 

WTNY: Watertown Arena
Needs a Marketing Director and
a Box Office For Ticket Sales
> Official:  | Stephens Media Group 

WTNY: Council Needs to Make
a Decision on Eyesore in Park
> Official:  | Stephens Media Group 

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August Was Record-Breaker
For Watertown Airport

Watertown Airport
Passenger Stats
Departures 2,664 1,759 2,414 2,340 1,973 1,833
Arrivals 2,580 1,780 2,311 2,221 1,911 1,955
Totals 5,244 3,539 4,725 4,561 3,884 3,788

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21 of the Best Pumpkin
Patches in Upstate New York

Corn Mazes in Upstate NY

Strong-Mayor Form of
Government in Watertown?
What's the Next Step?
Who Will Lead the Effort For
Overdue Political Change?

Plattsburgh, Utica, Oswego and
Rome Have a Strong-Mayor Form of Government? Why Not Us???
> Official:  1240-WATN

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 27 People Pay Fines
for DEC Violations

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Trooper Joel Davis Foundation

Friday, Sept. 22, Police Blotter

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Potsdam Police Blotter Sept. 22

Potsdam Police Blotter Sept. 21

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Potsdam Police Blotter Sept. 19

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