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Trump CEO Strategy
Council Is Said to
Disband After Exodus

> Trump Disbands Economic Councils  

Summers: CEOs Who Stay on Trump's Councils Are on the Wrong Side of History
> Campbell CEO Resigns 

Charlottesville Victim's Mother: Channel Anger
into Action

Natalee Halloway's
Dad Finds Human
Remains in Aruba

FBI Agent Injured When
Flash Grenade Detonates
at Federal Plaza in NYC

Special Counsel's
Russia Probe Loses
Top FBI Investigator

Mourners Gather For Vigil
to Honor Young Woman Killed in Aftermath of Charlottesville Protests

Why Is the U.S. Still
Fighting the Civil War?

Two Bush Presidents Condemn 'Racial Bigotry' Amid Trump Backlash

NYDN: How to Cope
With President Trump
Stress Disorder

N.C. Man in Confederate Uniform With Rifle in Emancipation Park Met
by Counter-Protesters

As Confederate Statues
Fall in U.S., Russians Are Erecting Statues For Stalin

Confederate Monument
Removed in Hollywood

Robert E. Lee Plaque Removed From Brooklyn Church

Army Helicopter With Five on Board Crashes in Hawaii

Children of Catholic
Priests Live With
Secrets and Sorrow

How to Lose Weight Without Giving Up Alcohol

How to Turn First-Time
Sex into a Success!

Shoppers Claim This
Cheap Wireless Bra Has
Changed Their Lives

Married Teacher Offered to Get Student a Heart Tattoo After Alleged Sex Romp

NY Schools to Use Vaping, Bullying Detectors

This Might Replace
Burial or Cremation

Man Shoots Himself in
Heart With Nail Gun,
Calmly Drives to ER

Why James Bond Franchise Couldn't Afford to Lose Daniel Craig, a True
Hollywood Heavyweight

Abramson: Will 2017
be Rupert Murdoch's
Summer of Despair?


Trump Takes Aim at
Amazon in New Tweet

UK's Prime Minister
Condemns Trump's
Charlottesville Response

'Deep' Subprime Car Loans Hit Crisis-Era Milestone

ESPN's New Apple TV App Lets You Watch Your Watch Four Live Sports at Once

Apple Is Investing $1B in Original Video Content

Hicks Named White House Communications Director

  The Highest-Paid
White House Employee

  Moped Gang Carry Out Daylight Raid on Jeweler

Baltimore Takes Down
Confederate Statues
in Middle of Night

> Video of Statues Being Removed 

  Late-Night TV Hosts:
'The President Is
Completely Unhinged'

Kimmel: 'Total Disaster' Trump 'Needs to Go'

  Vandals Spray Paint
'F*** Law' on the
Lincoln Memorial

  The Statues That
Divide America

  Tens of Thousands of Fans Attend Vigil at Graceland on the 40th Anniversary of The King's Death

End of the Checkout Line:
The Looming Crisis
for American Cashiers

Should Movies Do More
to Portray Safe Sex?

Fire Breaks Out in CN Tower's Broadcasting Antenna

Rudy Giuliani Rushed to
the Hospital After Falling

Trump Boasts He Owns the Largest Winery in the U.S. But Here Are the Facts

Republicans Rebuke Trump

  Systems Line Up
in the Tropics

  'Botched' Hair Removal

  Emily  Doutzen  Sienna

Lionel Richie May Boycott Kenney Center Honors Because of 'Controversies'

NYT Front Page  NYDN

Today's Famous Birthdays

Yankees 5, Mets 4

Yanks Survive Another
Shaky 9th from Chapman

Red Sox 10, Cardinals 4

Gary Sanchez a Different
Player Since Lunch
With A-Rod and J-Lo

Aaron Judge Ties an Ignominious MLB Record

Vacation From Hell: Celeb Trainer Jillian Michaels Recounts Yacht Trip

Ex-Netflix Exec May Have Just Revolutionized Going to the Movies

Applebee's Gives Up On
Millennials After Failed
Rebranding Effort

Taylor Swift Groping
Case Win a Triumph
For All Women

> Men Must Wake Up to the Problem 

Daniel Craig Can't Wait to Play 'James Bond' Again

McDonald's Is Beating
Starbucks to the Punch
With Its Pumpkin Spice
Latte This Year

Warrant Issued For Man Accused of Having Sex
With Chain Link Fence

Brexit: UK Position Paper Opposes Irish Border Posts

Melania Trump Inches
Toward Spotlight

Trump Again Blames All Sides for Virginia Violence in Bizarre, Chaotic News Conference at Trump Tower

President Trump Defends
Charlottesville Response:
'I Like to Know the Facts'

'I Didn't Wait Long'

  Video: Trump

  Photo of Chief of Staff
by Former WWNY Reporter

Trump: 'We'll See What Happens' With Bannon

Racial Politics Haunt
GOP in Trump Era

Swiss Hotel: Jewish
Guests Must Shower
Before Using Pool

  Dead Rodent Baked into Woman's Chick-fil-A Bun, Lawsuit Alleges

Walmart Lectures Trump

The Confederate-Era
Statue Issue Is
Just Beginning

Man Confronted Over Swastika Flag: 'This Is
Nazi F---ing America'

FBI Agents Went
Undercover in Florida's
Capital for the 'Biggest Investigation in Years'

Trump Is Trying to Reverse Obama's Legacy Through Legal Battles

Trump Officials Strip
Splashy Branding
From Trump Tower

Sierra Leone Floods:
'More Than 1,500 Missing'

Falling Tree Kills 12

Dow Closes Up 5

Modern Life Is
Giving Us Arthritis

  Professor Wrongly
Labeled as Racist

  Middle School PE
Teacher Arrested For
Sex With Student

  New Movie: Maze

Time to Scrap Iconic Phone Boxes Throughout UK?

Why TV Newswomen
Look Like They're Going
to a Cocktail Party

Amazon's Insta Pickup Points Could Be Ideal Grabbing Meds

New Russian Jet Could Be Faster, Launch Missile Farther Than U.S. F-22

2nd Cosby Lawyer Quits

Teen Left Paralyzed After Back Flip at Summer Camp

Federal Prosecutors
Pursue Information
on Trump Opponents

Trump Pressured to
Dump Nationalist Wing

Bannon's Job in Jeopardy?

Trump Tweets Cartoon of Train Hitting CNN Reporter

Political Divisions
Escalate Between Red
States and Blue Cities

Flower Shop Discourages Order From Racists

On the Internet, Everyone Knows 'You're Racist'

GOP Stands by Trump

Sheriff to Seek Criminal Charges Against Protesters Who Toppled Confederate Statue

As a Family Watches Charlottesville, It Reflects on Sacrificies

Thousands to Gather
on 40th Anniversary of
Elvis Presley's Death

> Graceland to Charge $29 Entry Fee 

Banning Transgender
Troops Could Cost U.S.
$960 Million, Report Says

Ric Flair Update

Vaginas Absolutely Need Sex Or They'll Waste Away

The Summer of Love,
50 Years Later

NFL Team Offering
Free Tattoos For Fans

Amazon's Instant Pickup
Will Have Your Order
Ready in Two Minutes

Spirit Halloween to Hire
30K For Seasonal Stores

Ryanair Wants to Limit Passengers to 2 Drinks
Before a Flight

> Drunk Air Passenger Arrests Up 50% 

Uber Agrees to 20 Years of Privacy Audits After FTC Says It 'Failed Customers'

Why Lightning Is Zapping FEWER Americans

Netflix Plans to Spend $7 Billion on Content in 2018

Why Netflix Could
Win the Streaming
War Against Disney

Why Is the Taylor Swift
Case Significant?

My Coach Bullied
Me With Benching,
And Now He'll Pay

  Gay Server Denied Tip
For 'Not Loving Jesus'

> Waitress Stiffed Because of Tattoo 

British Columbia to End Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunt

Woman Accused of Setting Boyfriend on Fire and Dousing Flames With Urine Dies of Overdose

Chicago Offering $22M
to Woman Paralyzed at
O'Hare Airport; Attorney
Seeks $150 Million

NYC Cab Driver Dead
For 18 Hours in Car
Before Wife Finds Him

  Officers Choke, Wrestle Uber Driver in Disturbing Airport Arrest

  Gator Found in
Atlantic City Motel Pool

  Kylie  Olivia  Hailey

  Grey Jude!  Stassi

Courtroom Sketch Artist
in Taylor Swift Trial
Defends His Work

Retro Cocktails Are Back
in Fashion as Millennials Crave Nostalgic Tipples

Ryan Reynolds
'Heartbroken' Over
Death of Stunt Rider

NY's Cheetos Pop-Up Has
a 1,000-Person Wait List

Sports Hype of Platelet-Rich Plasma 'Powerful Marketing Tool' But Distorts the Science

  Fire Dept., Good
Samaritans Rescue
Woman From Burning Car

Love Letters: An
Underwhelming Birthday

12 Years After Katrina, Officials Can't Get It Right

Guam: Kim Jong Un Waiting For U.S. Next Move
> North Korea Leader Holds Off on Threat 

'Foolish Yankees'

Hate Groups Undeterred
by Rebuke From Trump

  Mannequins in N.C.
Dept. Store Appear
to Give Nazi Salutes

  N.C. Protesters Topple Confederate Statue

  Fallon Blasts Trump on Charlottesville: 'Shameful'

Obama Charlottesville
Tweet One of the
Most Liked Ever

Holocaust Memorial in
Boston Vandalized Again

Murdoch 'Has Repeatedly Urged Trump to Fire Bannon'

  The Mooch Gets Grilled
by Stephen Colbert

Trump Campaign Emails
Show Aide's Repeated
Efforts to Set Up
Russia Meetings

Tiger Woods Had a Cocktail of Drugs in His System at Time of His Arrest

Bill Gates Makes
$4.6 Billion DONATION

ESPN Criticized For
Fantasy Football Auction

Taylor Swift Vows to
Donate to Sexual Abuse
Victims After She Wins
Her Assault Case

Teen Sent to Internet
Addiction Camp Dies
Within 48 Hours

How a Daily Glass of Wine Helps Protect the Heart...

A Beer a Day Could Keep Heart Disease Away

7 Genius Smartphone
Photo Hacks

Bodybuilder Mom Dies
From Too Much Protein
Before Competition

  Instagram Banned
Me For Being 'Too Sexy'

Central Fla. Schools
Cancel All Outdoor
Activities For Solar Eclipse

Teacher Who Slept
With Student Ordered
to Pay Him $1 Million

Man Arrested in Plot to
Bomb Oklahoma Bank

'Hundreds' Dead in
Sierra Leone Flooding
and Mudslides

Are Sports Bras
Acceptable Gym Attire?

Drinking Moscow Mules
Out of Copper Mugs
Unlikely to Kill You,
Officials Say

IRS Penalizes More
Earners For Mistakes,
Underpayment in
Estimated Tax Filings

Eagles Announce
New Tour Dates After
Glen Frey's Death

This Is the Blue-Collar
Student Debt-Trap

Jim Calhoun Says He's
Considering Return
to Coaching

Expert Reveals 8 Surprising Things That Can Crush a Woman's Sex Drive

'85 Percent of What
You Do Is What You Eat'

Handful of Almonds a Day Boosts 'Good' Cholesterol That Protects Against Heart Disease

Study: 1 in 5 Americans
Find Workplace Hostile
or Threatening

No More IOUs, These Apps
Let You Pay Your Friends

How More Americans
Are Getting a Perfect
Credit Score

How to Make Your Boss
Add $76K to Your 401(k)

10 Best U.S. Companies
to Work For

Rubio May Have Been Target of Assassination Plot

de Blasio For President?

  Land of the Living Dead

'Love Bombing' Is
the Newest Dangerous
Dating Trend

AirDropping Penis Pics
Is the Latest Horrifying
Subway Trend

Marshawn Lynch Sits During National Anthem at Raiders Preseason Game

Is It Wrong to Let My Child Play on My Smartphone?

Sorry, But Here's the Truth - Your Child Is Amazing

The Last Jedi: Can Rey
Save Luke Skywalker
From His Own Darkness

Suicide Prevention:
What to Do If You Think Someone Needs Help

Grumpy, Tired and No
Longer Interested in You? Your Husband May Have
Hit the Manopause

You've Been Making
Scrambled Eggs All Wrong

A Gynecologist's
Guide to Sex

Bald Men Are Seen as
LESS Handsome, Powerful
and Successful Than
Their Peers, Study Says

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Mel B's Former Nanny
Claims Singer Filmed

  Katy and Orlando

  A-Rod and J-Lo  Lori

  Kendall and Blake

  Nina  Liz  January  Sara

  BBC Outside Source

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Powerball Jackpot: $430 Million

'Summer Heat' Could Finally
Descend on Upstate NY - Briefly

How the Eclipse Will
Affect Upstate NY Weather

Cuomo Signs Backyard
Surveillance Bill

State Fair Concert Guide

  Moose Encounter in ADK

Report: New York Is 3rd
Worst State to Grow Old

What Happened Overnight?
Wed., Aug. 16, Police Blotter

Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
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Taking Uber to the State Fair?

What Will the Solar Eclipse
Look Like in Upstate New York?

Ambulance Company Bills
Man $300 For Blood Pressure
Check After Crash

  Angler's Tale: 'How I Caught
a State Record, 36-Pound Sheepshead on Oneida Lake'

Jeff Graham Show Aug. 16
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Oswego County Plans
Aerial Mosquito Spraying

Cuomo: Insurers Cannot Deny Coverage Based on Gender Identity

NY Suspends Nurse Who
Stole Drugs From Nursing
Home, Doctor's Wallet

Rome City Councilman Pleads Guilty to Stealing Over $19,000 in Unemployment Benefits

Former Creed Singer Scott Stapp Discusses His Upcoming
Performance in Watertown

Is LOCAL History Taught in Jefferson County Schools?

Attention City Leaders:
We're SICK of Hearing
About Thompson Park Pool,
Firefighters' Contract

> | Stephens Media Group 

Group Speaks Out Against Wind Project at Info Meeting in Clayton

Apartment Building Owner
Concerned About Arsenal
Street Bridge Work

2 More Breweries Are
On Tap in Watertown

Guns N' Roses Concert Tonight

  Fan Hits Luke Bryan in Face
With Bra at Syracuse Show

  The Milky Bun, a New Ice
Cream and Donut Treat, to
Debut at the NY State Fair

 34 Divorces Filed in August
(Sponsored by

 20 DBAs Filed in August
(Sponsored by Small Business Development Center

28 Property Transactions in
City of Watertown in August

Real Estate Lawyers
? Gervera  Bridgeview

NY Approves Double-Digit Health Insurance Rate Hikes for 2018
> Local Discussion: Comments

Oswego Mayor Proposes
Slight Tax Increase, City
Hall Cuts in 2018 Budget

More Pressure on Dems
in State Senate to Unite

Man Injured After Pickup Strikes Bicycle on West Main Street

Potsdam Police Blotter Aug. 15

Live at Five Show Aug. 15
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Farmers' Almanac Calls For
Cold, Snowy Winter for Northeast

> Local Discussion: Comments

Woman Falls Asleep While
Fishing, Accidentally Drives
Wheelchair into Seneca River

  Local Heroes Honored
by Sheriff Colleen O'Neill

> Local Discussion: Comments

  Man Catches State-Record Fish
> Local Discussion: Comments

9 People Displaced After Fire
Destroys SLC Apt. Building

Devoted Husband of
Joyce Mitchell: 'I Want
Her Home With Me'

5 Upstate NY Cities Rank Among Worst Places to Retire in U.S.

Graham: City Firefighters
Are NOT Victims, They Make
2 to 3 Times More Money Than
the Average City Resident
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Hotline: Ruggiero Appears to
be a Lock for City Council With
the Four Other Candidates
Fighting For the Other Seat
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Graham: If You're Running For
City Council Then You Should
Attend All City Council Meetings
> Graham criticizes Ryan Henry Wilkinson for absence 
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Graham: Shadow Government
Will NEVER Allow a Strong
Mayor Form of City Government

> Official: Community Broadcasters

Traffic Alert: Nash Blvd. Near
Black River Gate on Fort Drum

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Clara May Munn, 80

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Mary A. McIntyre-Peters, 61

(8/15, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

Betty I. Frazier, 86

(8/15, North Country Cremation Service)

Francis W. Pierce, 91

(8/15, Lundy Funeral Home, Carthage)

Bernard J. Peters, 93
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George P. Hasner, 70
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Linda J. Thompson, 65
Beaver Falls

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  SUNY Potsdam Breaks Ground
on $6M Child Care Center

Cuomo: Lower Flags Wednesday
in Honor of Sgt. Roshain Brooks

Defense Lawyers Try to End Warrantless Smartphone
Searches at Canadian Border

Tusk: Cuomo Will Get 3rd Term,
But He Won't Cruise to Victory

Cuomo: Expand Hate Crime
Law After Charlottesville

Cuomo Signs Legislation
to Crack Down on
Unscrupulous Pet Dealers

Judge Sets 'Likely' Re-trial
Date For Sheldon Silver

DiNapoli: DMV Must Do More to Crack Down on Unregistered
Auto Repair Shops

Watertown City Council
Discusses Signs and Splash
Park, But No Solutions Found

> Local Discussion: Comments

Jennings Wants Thompson
Park Pool Filled

WTNY: Why Is Jennings
Flip-Flopping on Pool Just
Weeks Before Primary Election?
> Official:  |  Stephens Media Group

WTNY: Stephens Media Group Steps Up to Host City Council
Debate Sept. 6 at IACA
> Official:  |  Stephens Media Group

WWNY: Heated Emails
Exchanged in Impasse Between
Watertown Firefighters, City

> Local Discussion: Comments 

Work to Begin Wednesday on
Washington Street's 'Diet'

> Official DPW News Release 

Ritchie Delivers $350,000
to Help Protect Fort Drum

Popular Adirondack Trail Being Closed For 10-Day Repair Work

Grocery Delivery Service Begins

Cuomo: New Laws Help
Fight Hate Crime

Doctor Saves Woman Overdosing on Flight; Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Buffalo

'Broadband For All'?

Lake Ontario Situation Impacting Finger Lakes Boating Scene

Greig Man Charged With
Unlawfully Growing Marijuana

  NYSP: Can You ID This Truck?

  Potsdam Police
Investigating Burglary

Watertown Man Accused
of Assaulting Another

Man Going to Prison in
Connection With Police Chase

Cyclones Look For Early Tests as Football Season Is Set to Begin

  Which High School Has
the Best Football Helmet?

Do the Buffalo Bills Know
What They're Doing?

Seaway Traffic For July 2017

  New I-690 On-Ramp
Approved For State Fair Traffic

  Former Top NY Trooper During 'Bucky' Phillips Search Dies

For Sale Signs May Go Up
On Massena's Old GM Land

Man Dies After Collapsing
While Chopping Wood at
Campsite in Fine, DEC Says

NY Helps Pay For Heroin
Overdose Reversal Antidote

Griffo: Getting Funding
For Lowville's Water
Woes Will Be Tough

The Poorest Places in Each
of New York's 62 Counties

> Jefferson County Ranked in Top 5

Engine Trouble Stalls
Horne Ferry in Cape Vincent

  Man Spells Out "We The
People" in Teabags on the
Syracuse Federal Building Steps

Cuomo Announces New Events
and Activities at State Fair

Fishing, Hunting License
Holders Get in Free to
NYS Fair on Aug. 27

Assemblyman Retiring, SLC
Republican Considers Run

Activists Try to Ban Confederate Flag From Delaware County Fair

Push For New State Laws
to Combat Heroin Epidemic

Cuomo OKs Tougher
Penalties For Bomb Threats

City Council Debate Sept. 6 at Italian-American Civic Assoc.

NY Investigates 2 Legionnaires' Cases at Syracuse Nursing Home

Deputies: Castorland Woman
Burned Victim's Clothes on Lawn

What HS Football Players Hate
Most About Start of Practice

Solar Eclipse 2017

Cottage Destroyed by Fire

  Fire on Wellesley Island

Woman Scammed Out of
$718,000 on 'Millionaire'
Dating Web Site

Additional Students Named to JCC President's & Dean's Lists

Woman Arrested After Fight
on State Street, Police Say

Potsdam Police Blotter Aug. 13

State Sen. DeFrancisco
Defends Trump Comments

Couple Arrested For Sexual
Acts With Dog After Child Endangerment Charge

Remembering the Past Key at
West Martinsburg Cemetery

Rainy Season Challenges
Wineries as Tourism Dips

Cuomo Considers Charging Drivers More to Enter Manhattan

Lowville Food Pantry Gets
Help With Building Rehab

Sun., Aug. 13, Police Blotter

NYSP Update: Route 37 Accident

McCreadie Charges to
First-Career North/South
100 Victory in Kentucky

Watertown Man Charged
With Felony DWI

Watertown Woman Pulled
Another's Hair During
Trespassing Incident, Police Say

Remembering Trooper Davis by Playing the Game He Loved Most

New York State Fair Planner

Can New York's Rural Schools Survive Growing Poverty and Population Loss?

Over $30,000 in Grants to
Support Community Projects

Watertown-Fort Drum Added
to List of Nation's Affordable
Housing Markets

Make America Rock Again

CNY Court Security Officers
Undergo Training in Wake
of Reporter's Handcuffing

Remember Bomb Shelters?

WNY Television Station Sues 'Reading Rainbow' Host

Got Antiques? American Pickers Returning to New York State

Help Document the Summer
of High Water on Lake Ontario
and St. Lawrence River

Lakeshore Communities Deal
With Reduced Outflows

Upstate NY Town Eyes
Downtown Water Park

Healthy Babies, Healthy Moms

Court Suspends NY Ban
on Energy Marketing to
Low-Income Customers

Section III Players, Coaches
Talk Football on Media Day

10 Drive-In Movie Theaters

Woman With Rare Disease
Plans Walk/Roll to Fund a Cure

Group Spreads the
Love in Lewis County

14 Latest Births at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown
> Official:

Visually Impaired Man Wants Medicare to Pay For Smart Glasses

Medical Marijuana Chewables,
Lotions Proposed in NY

Traffic Alert: Outer Arsenal St.

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Hancock Airport to Get
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  There Are 40 Children Missing Right Now in Upstate New York

How much did the city offer???
Graham: Are Watertown City
Officials 'Lying' to Taxpayers
About Golf Course Deal?
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Rabies Vaccine Bait Program
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WTNY: Can Ruggiero and Olney
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Sat., Aug. 19: Men of Desire

Sat., Sept. 15: Scotty McCreery

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Black River Drive-In
Movie Theater

Aug. 14 - 17
-- The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature  PG
-- Valerian & the City of a Thousand Planets PG-13

Francis W. Potter, 54, Carthage

Clara May Munn, 80, Boonville

Constance E. Anderson, 70, Watertown

Mary A. McIntyre-Peters, 61, Croghan

Betty I. Frazier, 86, Calcium

George P. Hasner, 70, Three Mile Bay

Francis W. Pierce, 91, Antwerp

Bernard J. Peters, 93, Glenfield

Ernest E. Kohnert, 103, Glenfield

Linda J. Thompson, 65, Beaver Falls

Milford L. Patchin, 74, Dexter

Rosemary E. Houghton, 89, Carthage

Damien L. Humphrey, 24, Watertown

Mary Markusson, 95, Bonita Springs, FL

Carol Sprowls, 57, Ogdensburg

Wilbert "Al" Brossoit, 82, Ogdensburg

Arlene T. Dana, 87, North Rose

Margaret A. Thesier, 54, Carthage

Elizabeth A. Simmons, 66, Lowville

Frances R. Buneo, 91, Port Leyden

Carmen Scudera Jr., 68, formerly of Watertown

Harold McMahon, 93, Sackets Harbor

David W. Montague, 67, Henderson

Norman H. Wagner, 80, Clayton

Olga M. Taylor Sennett, 91, Watertown

Mary E. Dowe, 94, Watertown

Carolyn J. Stanford, 83, Watertown

Charlotte M. Brown, 66, Adams

David Stitt, 77, Rome

Richard J. "R.J." Pound, 21, Pittsford

Donald J. "Moe" Hunt, 86, Watertown

Janet E. Kemp, 63, formerly of Carthage

Howard C. Martin, 71, Carthage

C. Richard Amo, 78, Cape Vincent

Gregory G. Reynolds, 47, LaFargeville

Patrick J. Mulvaney, 58, Deferiet

Louis E. Martin, 90, Watertown

Elizabeth F. Barnhart, 90, Carthage

Jeanette M. Craig, 81, Watertown

Mary R. Bulger, 83, Watertown

Catherine J. Parker, 92, Watertown

Ethel "Tommy" Ryder, 96, Chaumont

Olivia Hope Harrington-Come, Watertown

Timothy J. Mooney, 37, Watertown

Linda L. Bedore, 69, Watertown

Theresa M. Sherbino, 58, Plessis


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