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Update Your iPhone Now!

Apple iPhones Could Be
Hacked With One Tap

Inside Facebook's
Political-Media Machine

2 Catholic Nuns Murdered
in Their Mississippi Home

Crossbow Used in
Canada Triple Murder

U.S. Fires Warning
Shot at Iranian Vessel
After Close Encounter

  'This Is the Saddest
Photo I Have Ever Taken'

  Woman Tosses Bugs
in NYC Subway Car

Rio Police Charge
Ryan Lochte With Filing
a False Robbery Report

Teens Who Say No
to Social Media...

  Ex-Boyfriend of the Day

  Kendall  Kylie  Kourt

  Cindy  Suki  Mollie

  Mick's Baby Aboard...

Rush Limbaugh Loses
It Over Donald Trump's Immigration Flip-Flop

Migration in Britain

How the Super-Rich
Are Making Their
Homes 'Invisible'

Hillary Clinton Says
Trump Is 'Taking Hate
Groups Mainstream'

Trump: 'Watergate
All Over Again'

Clinton Leads Trump
by 10 in National Poll

The Conspiracy Election?

Hillary Clinton Lashes Out:
'There's a Lot of Smoke
and There's No Fire!'

GOP Changes in Store
After Election Day...

> NBC: Where Will the GOP Go After 2016? 

NY Giants' JPP Gets Big
Win in Privacy Lawsuit
Against ESPN

EpiPen Maker Lowers
Price After Uproar

Amazon Launches
Car Browsing Tool

Block Politics From
Your Facebook Feed

Fans Say Acoustics
at Vikings Stadium
Uncomfortably Loud

French Burkini Bans Are Actually Good For Business
> Ban Faces Legal Challenge as Tensions Mount 

Sarkozy Calls Burkinis
a 'Provocation' That Supports Radical Islam

French Mother 'Horrified'
by Order to Remove
Headscarf on Beach

Death Toll in Italy
Earthquake Rises to 247

> Aftershocks Hamper Quake Rescuers 

Girl, 10, Pulled From
Rubble After 17 Hours
Trapped Upside Down

Chicago Leads U.S.
in Murders, Lacks
Detectives to Solve Them

Julian Assange Claims
He Is About to Release
'Significant' and
'Unexpected' Material
from Clinton Campaign

These Drunk Bros Messed With the Wrong UFC
Fighter at Vegas Nightclub

Want to Own a Newspaper? A Vermont Contest Has Trouble Finding Takers

Mom Arrested For Leaving Her Kids, Ages 8 and 9, Alone At Home For 45 Minutes

Leaving a Child at Home Alone ISN'T Always Unsafe - It's Just Socially Unacceptable, Study Claims

Biden: Expect Guantanamo Prison to Close Before
Obama Leaves Office

  Lady in Red  Jessica

  Kate  Taylor  Emily

Have You Lost Your
Libido? Doctors Reveal
How to Spice Things Up

Domino's Gets New Zealand Drove Delivery Approval

Self-Driving Taxis
Roll Out in Singapore

Bags Fly Free Policy Could Cost Southwestern Airlines in Unexpected Way

Southwest Pilots Take
to Picket Lines

The Ultimate Guide
to Budgeting For
Your Dream Vacation

Scientists Wake
Comatose Patient
Using Only Ultrasound

10 Least Livable
Cities in the World

Incredible Things You
Can Do With Vaseline

Here's the First Trailer
for the Casey Affleck
Film that Critics Are
Calling 'a Masterpiece'

'I Feel Like I'm Running
Up Against a Wall When
It Comes to Dating'

Stolen Patriots Helmet Returned to Restaurant
With Apology

Bad Weather Takes
Toll on French Wine

"I Have No Intentions of Stopping"
Ottawa Surrogate Delivers 5th Baby to Foreign Parents

BBC Outside Source 8.25

Trump Calls Clinton
a 'Bigot' in Latest
Appeal to Black Voters

Trump May Have Found
the Perfect Attack to Use Against Hillary Clinton

Amped-up Heroin Blamed
in 75+ Deaths in 2 States

Hope Solo Suspended
Six Months for
'Cowards' Remark

Now EIGHT More Cancers Linked to Being Overweight

Tired of Seeing Annoying
Ads on Facebook?
Here's How to Fix It

He's 66, But Bruce
Springsteen Just
Played Nearly 4 Hours

  Man's LEGO Movie Marriage Proposal Will Leave You in (Plastic) Pieces

  Fan Falls into Yankees
Dugout During Game

  Submerged Utility
Worker's Photo Goes Viral

  NYT Front Page  NYDN

  Gaz  Emily  Kim  Lea 

  Kendall  Leann  Devin 

  Maria  Hailey  Charlotte 

  'RHONYC' Recap   J-Lo

'RHONYC' Reunion Preview

Meet the Man Allegedly
Having an Affair With
Larry King's Wife

Amazon May Be Planning 'Click and Collect' Grocery

Tim Cook Just Made More Than $100M in One Day

8 Tornadoes Carved
Through Indiana

Hospitals Won't Bill
Victims of Orlando
Nightclub Terror Attack

'Stranger Danger'

No U.S. Burkinki Bans,
But Work Yet to Do

Scientists Discover
Earth-Like Planet Orbiting
Star Closest to Our Sun

Keep Getting Agonizing
Tummy Aches?
It Could be STRESS

A Quarter of Americans
Have No Religious Ties

Tropical Wave May
Strengthen, Continue
on Path Toward Florida

Thousands Flow Through
Reno For Burning Man

Truck Driver Playing Pokemon Go Kills Pedestrian

Prince's Paisley Park to
Open For Public Tours

Woman Dies After
Delaware Zip Line Fall

Michelin Isn't
Reinventing the Wheel,
It's Reinventing the
Rubber Supply Chain

  Man Carries Dead
Wife's Body for 12km

  Suspected Migrants
Found in English Channel

After Partner Dies
on Trail, Woman
Survives Month Alone

New Details How 'Swinger' Army General's Double Life Cost Him His Career

Hillary Accuses Media
of 'Cherry Picking'

USA Today: Close Down
Clinton Foundation

Vietnam Woman 'Cuts Off Limbs For Insurance Payout'

Deputy Shoots, Kills
Shotgun-Wielding Man

  Bono and Bill Gates

Clinton Is Making Her
Trust Problem Worse...

NYT: Democrats Have 60% Chance of Retaking Senate

Parents Largely in the
Dark About What Their
Children Do Online...

Tech-Addicted Children
Don't Notice Strangers Replace Parents

TSA Lines at O'Hare and Midway Airports Down
to 10 Minutes or Less

Japan Slams North Korea
Test Missile Launch as 'Unforgivable, Reckless'

Ryan Lochte Sued
by Former Agent

  The Wild Party in
the Hamptons Guarded
by a Fleet of Drones

  Woman Killed, 5 Hurt in Crash Outside Fla. School

  Princess Kate

  Man With Rifle
Holds Hitler Sign at
University of Texas

  Mother of the Day

5 Dead, 16 Wounded
in Chicago Shootings

Traffic Deaths in the
U.S. Worst in 50 Years

The Inside Story of the Quick Rise and Quicker Fall of DraftKings and FanDuel

Chicago Rose Is Crowned Rose of Tralee 2016
> Chicago's Maggie McEldowney Crowned 

Rose of Tralee: The Flower Has Grown, But Traditional Roots Remain Firm

Northern Ireland Arrest

Flying to LaGuardia?

5 School Lunch Tips

Leslie Jones'
Website Hacked

Couples Who Watch
Porn Double the Risk
of Divorce Says Study

Prosecutor: Man Told Toddler to Put Up Fists
and Fight Before Punching Him to Death

Walmart Offering Online Curbside Grocery Services at No Charge

The Simple Tricks That
Will STOP Your Muscles
Aching After Exercise

New Revelations Show
a Nation For Sale
Under Hillary Clinton

Trump Intensifies Attacks
on Clinton Foundation

Bill Clinton Took $17.6M From For-Profit College

New Docs Show Clinton Foundation Donors Sought Access to State Department

EpiPen Maker Also
Hiked Prices on a Slew
of Other Medications

Woman Wins $10.7M
Jackpot at Wynn Las
Vegas After Placing a $3
Bet on the Penny Slots

  Car Plows into
Pedestrians in SF

  Armed Police Order
Muslim Woman to Remove Her Burkini on Nice Beach

  Woman Losses 350
Pounds After Embarrassing Moment at Disney Park

The VERY Effective Ways
to Make Sex Last Longer

Eddie Vedder Halts
Wrigley Field Concert
to Kick Out Unruly Fan

David Ortiz Skeptical of Ted Williams' Legendary Shot

Tim Cook at 5 Years: More Profits, Less Innovation

Amazon May Launch
Echo-Only Music Service

  'Flying Bum' Crashes
on Second Test Flight

  'Hey, ISIS, You Suck!'
Billboard in Phoenix

  Vandals Cause
'Significant' Damage
to Florida High School

Kate Goselin Talks Regrets

This Is How Much
It Really Costs to
Own a Dog Per Year

Canada's Mounties
Allow Women in
Uniform to Wear Hijabs

Russian Hackers 'Targeted New York Times'

Limiting Access For
News Photographers a 'Worrisome' Trend

After a Rough Summer,
Pa. Trump Fans Why
He Is Still Their Guy

Trial Begins For Woman
Charged For Giving Water
to Pigs Sent to Slaughter

Under Armour Sparks Outrage After Dropping Its Sponsorship of Hunter...

Teachers on Reddit Detail Stories of Ridiculous Experience With Parents

Berkeley's Soda Tax Appears to Cut Consumption of Sugary Drinks

California School Allows Teachers To Have Guns

Couple: Someone
Killed Our Dog Over
Hillary Clinton Sign

Consumer Reports: Tips
For Avoiding Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

What to Eat to Prevent
a Bad Performance
in the Bedroom

Drill Free Cavity Treatment Takes The Pain Out of
Going To The Dentist

Man On Mission to
Clean Every Gravestone
at Cape Cod Cemetery

Man Becomes Stuck Between 2 Buildings For Hours; Tried To Impress Woman By Attempting To Jump From One Rooftop To Another

Ryan Lochte Has a
History of Lying

Olympics Was a
Hit on Social Media,
Less So For NBC TV

Usain Showed Me
His Lightning Bolt

  Usain Parties in London

  Rio 2016 Was a Scandal

The Government Is Buying $20M in Surplus Cheese

Long Commute Could
Hurt Your Health,
Add to Your Waistline

Smiling Gator Takes Stroll Through Neighborhood

Sandusky Appeal Could
Lead To New Trial Or His Release From Prison

Coulter: ’Trump Has Created The Party I Always Thought Republicans Were’

New $25K/Month Luxury Condos In LA Come With Rolls Royce Chauffeur, Team Of Butlers

Racy Mariah Carey Ad
At Airport Draws Groans
From Some Travelers

All-Female Nude Shakespeare Performance in NYC Park...

Daughter Was on Phone With Dad When He Was Fatally Struck by Lightning

Vince Foster Files Vanish From National Archives

Andrea Tantaros Sues
Fox News, Ailes, Shine
For Sexual Harassment

'Fox News Operates Like
a Sex-Fueled, Playboy Mansion-Like Cult'

Bill O'Reilly Allegedly...

Terror in Virginia

Images Show
Zika's Destruction
of Babies' Brains

U.S. Soldier Killed in
Afghanistan Fighting,
Pentagon Says

Uber Finds New
Rival in Apple...

Courteney Cox Regrets Cosmetic Procedures

Say YES to Carbs?

Teacher's No Homework
Policy Thrills the Internet

Paris Tourism Hit
by Militant Attacks,
Flooding and Strikes

Private Lives Are
Exposed as WikiLeaks
Spills Its Secrets

Death by Bagpipe: Man's Lung Illness Linked to
Mold in Instrument

Would You Leave a
Child as Young as 12
Home Alone For the Day?

Facebook's New App For
Teens Is 'Always Public
and Viewable by Everyone'

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Top 10 U.S. Cities
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Sex After a Baby?

Vacations May Be BAD
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Why Porn Is the Death
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  The Most Popular Album Every Year Since 1956

The Greatest Movie Lines
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'Stranger Things':
How Netflix's Retro
Hit Resurrects the 80s

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Ponderosa Restaurant in
Watertown CLOSING Sept. 5

'Way Too Much Competition';
'Not Going to be the Last One'

> Glenn Curry Show on 1240-WATN

Discussion: 115+ Comments 

'Here's Your Chance Golden Coral'

Tonight: A slight chance of showers between 11pm and midnight, then a chance of showers and thunderstorms after midnight. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 68. Southwest wind 6 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 40%.

WWNY: SMC Nurses' Deal
Likely in the Works...

Residents Concerned About
NY Air Brake Cleanup Site

  Reviews and Map of Every
Food Stand at the State Fair

  Photos: Day 1 at State Fair

Expanded Midway Gets Off
to Rocky Start at State Fair

Stefanik 'Honored' to Have Her Good Friend Speaker Paul Ryan Visit Her in Saratoga

"Media Through the Ages" on
Display at Historical Society

Glenn Curry Show Aug. 25
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Big Law Firm Putting Its Name
- in Big Letters - on Prominent Downtown Syracuse Building

Graham: I Expect Macaluso to Vote AGAINST Rental Inspections
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Graham: Graffiti Has NOT Been Removed From Jefferson Street
> Official: Community Broadcasters

NY Spent Over $80K in July to Investigate Sexual Harassment Cases in State Assembly

Former Lt. Gov. Duffy Calls For
Upstate Lawmakers to Unite

Judge: Ex-Assembly Speaker
Silver Can Remain Free For Now

No, the New Rental Inspection
Law Will Not Solve Syracuse's
Lead Paint Problem

What Happened Overnight?
Thurs., Aug. 25, Police Blotter

Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
Need a Lawyer? NNYLawyers.c

Former Ogdensburg Police
Detective Charged With
Producing Child Pornography

Watertown Man Punched Woman's Face 4 Times, Police Say

  State Fair Opening Ceremony
> CNY Is the Place to be for the Next Week

  Photos: Gearing Up For
High School Fall Sports

Fall Sports Schedules...

  Watertown vs. Gouverneur

  Live: Syracuse University

N'east Radar Loop  Montague

  JCC   Clayton   Route 81  SPCA
  Sandy Creek  Alex Bay
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Latest Births in NNY: Watertown | Carthage | Lowville

WX: Watertown | Lowville | Pulaski | Canton | Fort Drum

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NY Must Approve FitzPatrick
Nuke Sale Or Pay Owner $38M

Onondaga County Proposes
$10K Buyout For Employees
Who Retiree by End of 2016

22 Latest Births at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown
> Official:

10 Latest Births at Lewis
County General Hospital

> Official:

Woman Charged With Stealing
Bike From Kid With Brain Cancer

Money For Charity Sitting
in State Coffers

In River District's Three-Way
Republican Primary,
a Rematch and a New Face

Watertown Man Reported
Missing by Family Found
in Tompkins County

Day 1 at State Fair: $3 General Admission, Kesha at Chevy Court
> Where to Cool Off, Sit Down and Rest 

State Fair Opens with First Makeover in More than a Century
> Editorial: Makeover Makes For a Better Visitor Experience 

State Fair Music Schedule

State Fair Opening Day Schedule

New York State Fair: Your Guide to Rides, Food and Music

IHOP at Destiny USA Closes

Upstate NY's Best Burgers

Fort Drum Thrift Store Reopens

Camp in Lewis County
Destroyed by Fire

Back to School: Students
Need Meningitis Shots

Transgender Bathroom
Debate Heats Up in Buffalo

Cyclist Flown to Syracuse After Accident on I-81 in Pamelia

SLC Approves DA to Hire
Outside Attorney For Appeals

Lead Investigator on Phillips
Murder Named Potsdam's
Interim Chief of Police

Case Against Noonan, Accused Killer, Goes to Grand Jury

Jeff Graham Show Aug. 25
> Official: Community Broadcasters

  Robotic Milkers? It's New
Dairy Farm Technology

  Bravo Fest 2016 Preview

  County Court Calendar
Need an Attorney

  Oswego Sheriff's Blotter

  Potsdam Police Blotter 8/24

  Wellesley Island Bike Ride

Political Leaders Encourage Fort Drum, Military Posts to 'Be Ready'

29 Property Transactions
in Watertown in August

Local Realtor: Lori Gervera

 41 Divorces Filed in August
(Sponsored by

 35 DBAs Filed in August
(Sponsored by Small Business Development Center)

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Frank D. LaVancha, 65
West Carthage

(8/25, Bezanilla-McGraw Funeral Home)

Timothy R. O'Brien, 78

(8/25, D.L. Calarco Funeral Home, Watertown)

Sharon A. Smith, 69

(8/25, Frederick Bros. Funeral Home, Theresa)

Jackie L. Ashley, 50
Evans Mills

(8/25, Bruce Funeral Home, Black River)

Reginald G. Oliver, 80

(8/25, Reed & Benoit Funeral Home, Watertown)

Carol S. Pollock, 72

(8/24, Carpenter-Stoodley Funeral Home)

Charlotte M. Zehr, 96

(8/24, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

Rosemary E. Crosby, 91

(8/23, Frederick Bros. Funeral Home, Theresa)

James M. Raymond, 63

(8/23, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

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Cuomo Signs Ethics Bill,
With Few Cheers

Utica Will Still Reap Benefits
of Solar Project Moved to
St. Lawrence County

SUNY Binghamton Offering
'Stop White People' Course; Controversy Ensues

Police: Man Steals Woman's Car
at Knifepoint at Destiny USA

  2016 Butter Sculpture

  Only 1 Howard Johnson's Left

  Moving In Day at SU

New York Cracking Down on
Underage Drinking as College
Students Begin Fall Classes

What's New at the State Fair

State Fair's Top Attractions

Firefighters Battle Grass
Fire Off Interstate 81

Graham: City Manager Addison
Wants Fire Chief Herman 'Gone'
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Graham: 'F--- the Police'
Graffiti on Jefferson Street
Needs to be Removed

"If that were on Paddock Street, it wouldn't be there."
> Official: Community Broadcasters
  Photo of Graffiti

Finley Tells 1240-WATN He
Won't Support Winner of
Assembly Republican Primary
> Official: Community Broadcasters

NYSP: 20-Year-Old Harrisville
Man Charged With DWI After
Crashing His Car Twice

WPD: Six Motorists Charged
With Unlicensed Operation

Deputies: New Bremen
Woman Facing Drug Charge

Oswego Mosquitoes Test
Positive For West Nile Virus

Ritchie Announces $70,000
in Funding For In-School
Drug Prevention Efforts...

Wellesley Island Residents
Vote to Fund New Fire Station

Round Island's First
Responder: Doc Withington

Former Alexandria Town Clerk Sentenced in $26K Theft

Sligar Hired to Help Sort Out Watertown Fire Dept. Staffing

  WWNY: Saying Farwell to
'Mr. St. Lawrence County'

John Friot: The Untold Stories

Oswego Eliminates Planning
and Zoning Department

Buffalo Sabres Announce
'Dynamic' Ticket Pricing

  How NY's Agriculture Products Rank Among Other States

  Watch: SU Soccer Player
Shows Off Header Skills

  South Jeff Girls Soccer

  Syracuse University's
Promenade Fully Opens

  Couple Converts Pickup
Truck into Radio Flyer Wagon

Lewis County Hospital Gala

Fort Drum Pediatrician
LTC (Ret.) Diane Jones Joins
Carthage Family Health Center

New York Considering Home Delivery of Medical Marijuana
> Changes Recommended

NY Adds Machetes to List of "Dangerous or Deadly" Weapons

SUNY Canton Expands
Pet-Friendly Housing

North Star Health Alliance to Host Open House at River Hospital

Happy Birthday to a
Famous Massena Native

Ride Honors Legacy of Trooper
Who Died Helping Someone

Arbitrator: State Placed
Employee on Leave and
'Forgot About Him'

Gov. Cuomo Wants the
Government to Pay Union
Workers Higher Wages

Wendy Long Responds to
Criticism of Her Remarks
About Syracuse's North Side

SLC Man Dies When Pickup
Truck Overturns in Field

Companies Ask Regulators
to Approve Sale of
FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant

Oswego Approves 2017 Budget,
Cuts 16 Firefighter Positions

> Despite Pleas From a Passionate Crowd...
> City Council Votes 7-0 to Cut Positions

Businesses Eager to See
Factory Street Project Finished

Teachers' Union Backs Russell

State Fair Officials Say
Safety Comes First

What Items Are Barred From Fair?

Approval Delayed For
Denmark Wind Farm

'Making a Murderer' Defense Lawyer to Speak Sept. 9 at SU

Deputies Identify Victim
of Train Incident in Pamelia:
Staff Sgt. Joshua D. Thomas, 35

  Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Jefferson Community College

Library Building at JCC
Has New Name, Purpose

Fort Drum School Liaison
Offers Advice For Smooth
Back-to-School Transition

Great Lakes Are Very Warm:
Does That Mean More Snow
for Upstate NY This Winter?

Canadian, U.S. Mayors
Scramble to Stop Diversion
of Water From Great Lakes

Scam Artists Fake Tax
Department Phone Number

Temporary Permits Issued to Fantasy Sports Web Sites
> NFL Season Starts in 3 Weeks 

  Thousand Islands Football

New VIP Pass at State Fair Midway Lets You Skip Long Lines

The 12 Foods You Must Eat
at the New York State Fair

Greig Store Damaged by Fire

Health Insurance Premiums
to Go Up in New York State

Lake Placid Shows How a Host
City Can Thrive Post-Games

DeJulio's Army-Navy to Close

Tree Cutting For Snowmobile
Trail Halted, Again

Watertown Officials Hope to Get State Funding For Bridge Repairs

Former Romney Campaign Aide Starts NYS Political Website
> Official: Empire Report 

Upstate College Students
Greeted With: 'Welcome Back...
and Keep Your Showers Short'

  Tragically Hip Live Stream
at Clayton Country Club

> Millions Watch Live on CBC

  TIERS' New Headquarters

  Aerial Tour: A Yacht,
2 Castles and a Lighthouse

Homes for Sale   Apartments!

NY Toughens Penalty For Attacking Process Servers, Utility Workers, Subway Cleaners

Wanted North Country
Man Called Armed and
Dangerous by State Police...

> Official NYSP News Release

Consultant Hired For Proposed
Meat Processing Plant

> Meat Plant Still a Possibility 

Councilman Cody Horbacz
Still on the Fence About
Rental Property Inspections...

> Local Discussion: Comments 

JCC Center for Community
Studies Surveys DPAO
Summer Concert Series

Stage Notes Donates $5,000
to WPBS Endowment Fund

Samaritan Medical Center:
Nurses Won't Be Allowed
to Work For 11 Days

> Official: SMC News Release

19 Things You Should Never
Say to an Upstate New Yorker

Consensus Group Aims to
Produce 'Roadmap' to Syracuse
Metro Government by Mid-Fall

Graham: City Doesn't Need a
Third Public Pool, There Are
Plenty of Pools on South Side

> Official: 

  Watch: Aug. 15 Watertown
City Council Meeting

"Government Interference" in Private Lives Or
Making Watertown Landlords "More Accountable"?
Watertown's Latest Effort
to Fix Blight: Mandatory
Rental Inspections

> Local Discussion: Comments

North Country Troopers Assisting Troops Event in Clayton

Gov. Cuomo Signs Bill
Strengthening Boating
While Intoxicated Penalties

> Prior DWI Now a Factor in Sentencing  
> Bill Named After Syracuse Woman Signed into Law

Voter Registration Deadline
Nears For Sept. 13 Primary

" was the most common single source of shopping information, but word of mouth was also widely used."
(Source: page 13 of
Fort Drum market study)

Northern Credit Union to
Close Factory Street Branch
For 2 Weeks Due Road Project

Vaccination Requirements
Change for NY's Young Adults

Express Admissions at JCC


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 34 People Pay Fines
for DEC Violations

(Sponsored by

St. Lawrence County Improves
DWI Conviction Record

Potsdam Police Chief Retires

Police Officer Exam Nov. 19

Gov. Cuomo Confirms SLC DA
Mary Rain Is Under Investigation

> Local Discussion: Comments 

Watertown Police Department
Announces Promotions

Thurs., Aug. 25, Police Blotter

Wed., Aug. 24, Police Blotter

Tues., Aug. 23, Police Blotter

Monday, Aug. 22, Police Blotter

Sunday, Aug. 21, Police Blotter

Sat., Aug. 20, Police Blotter

  Potsdam Police Blotter 8/24

  Potsdam Police Blotter 8/23

  Potsdam Police Blotter 8/22

  Potsdam Police Blotter 8/21

  Potsdam Police Blotter 8/20

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Primary Source of Local News?
#1 Television 43.1%
#2 Internet  35.1%
#3 Radio  8.1%
#4 Newspaper 7.6%
#5 Word of Mouth  6.0%

Department of Health
Levies Fines For Violations

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Exclusive: Public Square Traffic Cam

Source:  Live at Five
Square  State  Bay  Tug Hi

Black River Drive-In
Friday - Thursday Aug. 19 -25
- KUBO: and the Two Strings  PG

- Ghostbusters 2016 PG-13

Frank D. LaVancha, 65, West Carthage

• Timothy R. O'Brien, 78, Watertown

• Sharon A. Smith, 69, Watertown

• Jackie L. Ashley, 50, Evans Mills

• Reginald G. Oliver, 80, Watertown

• Carol S. Pollock, 72, Adams

• Charlotte M. Zehr, 96, Lowville

• Michael J. Charlebois, 50, Adams Center

• Rosemary E. Crosby, 91, Watertown

• James M. Raymond, 63, Lowville

• Douglas Morrow, 86, formerly of LaFargeville

• Barbara Lee Getman, 39, Watertown

• Robert J. LeJeune, 62, Philadelphia

• Shelley J. Ford, 39, Watertown

• Gordon Gingerich, 94, Lowville

• Tue Wind, 37, Lowville

• Ruth J. Williams, 79, Adams, Lorraine

• Thomas L.P. Gorman II, 36, formerly of Watertown

• Ferne C. Switzer, 79, LaFargeville

• Katherine A. Busler, 82, Theresa

• James C. LaJoie, 63, Watertown

• Anna E. Rounds, 79, West Carthage

• Laurna S. Laisdell, 80, Adams

• Randy Nichols Sr., 60, Adams

• William D. Bickom, 82, LaFargeville

• Robert G. Nevills, 70, Copenhagen

• Raymond H. Kennison, 89, Lowville

• Jason M. Swancott, 54, Oriskany Falls


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