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State of Emergency
Declared in Baltimore

> Looting, Stores Torched 
Rioters Target Stores, Beat Photographer
> Mayor Calls Rioters 'Thugs' 

Powerful Images

15 Police Officers Injured

5 Journalists Beaten
and Robbed by Rioters

Shopkeeper Dragged
Out of Store by Rioters

CVS Store Destroyed


Baltimore Sun  WashPost

$194 Billion! Apple's
Cash Pile Hits Record

Six Shot, Two Killed as
Gangbangers Open Fire
at Wake in Brooklyn

'DWTS' Sends Home
High-Scoring Celeb

Meet the Prisoner Who
Murdered Killer Cannibal
Jeffrey Dahmer

Colorado Theater
Gunman 'Was Sane'

The Medical Condition
That Can Turn a Woman's
Sex Life to AGONY

Could YOU Save Your Loved One From Death If They Collapsed in Front of You?

Sea Lion Drags Man
into Water in San Diego

This Just In! Rocker
Dave Navarro, 47, Is
Dating Fox News Anchor
Andrea Tantaros, 36

Don Imus Show Leaving
Fox Business Network

NBC News Chief Wants
Brian Williams Back On
the Air ASAP: Source

ESPN Sues Verizon
Over Stripped-Down
'Custom TV' Plan

Being Bullied Is 'Worse Than Child Neglect or Abuse'

Migraines? Cold Hands? You May Have 'Sticky' Blood

  World's Sexiest Woman

Angels Trade Josh Hamilton

  Salma Hayek  Mariah

  NYT Front Page  NYDN

  Best Photos of the Day

  The Daily Quiz

China Overtakes
France in Vineyards

Earthquake Death Toll
Could Hit 10,000

4,000+ Confirmed Dead

Drone Footage Reveals
Extent of Damage

Before and After Photos

Number of Americans
Missing in Nepal: 101

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Performs Brain Surgery on a Teen Wounded in Nepal Tragedy

Apple Earnings Surge
on iPhone Sales

Baltimore Police Say
Gangs 'Teaming Up'
to Take Out Officers

5 Billion People 'Have No
Access to Safe Surgery'

Hope Fades for 4 Lost at
Sea After Storm Blasts
Alabama Regatta

Updating Facebook
to Say 'I'm Safe'

Two Bombs, Then
Milk and Cookies

Scientists ID Brain Cells
That Control Hunger

Loretta Lynch Sworn In
as US Attorney General

'Clinton Cash' Author:
Foundation Donors
Got Favors

The IUD Capital of
the U.S. Is Colorado

Russia Jails 3 Women
Over Twerking Video at
World War II Memorial

Postal Service Trucks Average 10 Miles Per Gallon

One-Way Street Can Actually Be More Dangerous

Study: 14% of Kids Under
One Using Mobile Devices
At Least An Hour a Day

Romenesko AM Report

Reporter Refuses to
Apologize for Texting
During National Anthem:
'It's 2015'

Peter Hamby Leaving
CNN for Snapchat

Turning Point in
Afghanistan After
Woman's Brutal Killing?

The After-Work
Email Quandary

At 145, Vladmir Lenin
Is Looking Great

Judge: Taking Girl to Pink Concert Not Bad Parenting

New Rubik's Cube
Record: 5.25 Seconds

Are Your a Doctor?
No, I Do Surgery

Flammable Liquid Thrown
into Orlando Business

Fla. Man Accused
of Killing 2 Gets 'Stand
Your Ground' Hearing

Nik Wallenda Discusses
Upcoming Walk on
Orlando Eye

New App Connects To Traffic Signals,
Gives Drivers Cues On How Long
Before Lights Change

School Removes Chairs From Classrooms,
Gives Students 'Standing Desks' To Combat
Poor Health; Teacher Say Kids Calmer,
More Attentive, Sleep Better At Night

Sharpton to Come To Baltimore
To Plan 2-Day March To DC

31 Adults, 4 Juveniles Arrested In
Freddie Gray Protests; 6 Officers Injured; 2
Members Of Media Inadvertently Detained

Cell Phone Video Shows
7-Eleven Being Looted

FDA Considers New Treatment
For Double-Chins

One-Time 900-Pound Man Comes
To Boston For Life-Changing Surgery

Is Macy's Deceiving Customers
With Fake Rubies?

Dog Recovering After Eating 3 Wristwatches

Woman Who Turns 100 Says Secret
To Long Life Is Never Getting Angry

'Radio Shopping Show’ May Be The
Best Kept Secret To Get Good Deals

Skateboarder Tries To Punch Man
Who Asked Him To Watch His Foul Mouth
At Airport, Gets Taken Down Instead

Bruce Jenner Olympic Collectables Triple
 In Value, Demand Soars After Interview

Man Caught On Video Using
Possible Pepper Spray On Dogs

3 Dead In Molotov Cocktail
Attack On CA Tire Shop

Parents Upset Over Use Of Confederate Flag
In Promotion Of ‘Romeo & Juliet’ School Play

Unconscious Man Who Left Car
Running In Garage Saved By Carbon
Monoxide Detector — Inside Neighbor's Home

Suspect Injured Following Officer-Involved
Shooting At Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport

Franken: 'No Easy Answers'
In Stopping Terror Recruitment

Study: Almost Half Of U.S. Parents
Don’t Have Will, Living Trust

Cops Capture Coyote In Lower Manhattan

Some Smoothies Can Help Manage Stress

Illegal Tricks Of The Rogue Car Dealing Trade

Researchers Say Ultrasound Could Play
A Role In The Fight Against Alzheimer’s

Study Says Women Experience Far More
Stress Than Men In Daily Commutes

4 Children Found Locked In
Basement Of Philadelphia Home

New PA Home Goods Store Charges Men
Full Price, Gives Women 24% Discount On
Everything As Response To Wage Gap

Congressman Wants Answers In Vet Suicides

Experts Warn New iPhone Threat Means
Users Should Be More Careful With Wi-Fi

Cops: 18-Year-Old Stabs
9-Year-Old Boy To Death

Devout Christian Horrified Over
Randomly-Generated License Plate
Given By DMV Ending In 666

High Court Likely on Verge
of Gay Marriage Ruling

> Supreme Court Could Legalize Gay Marriage 

James Holmes Trial Set
to Start Nearly 3 Years
After Theater Massacre

> Was He Insane? 

ISIS's Sophisticated Recruiting Campaign Poses Persistent Threat in U.S.

Mistakes People Make
When Selling a Home

How Your Beloved Dog Could Give You a Killer Disease

Detox Your Kitchen
and GLOW With Health

Kate Is 4 Days Overdue

Texas Man's Face Tattoo of Baby Son Annoys His Pals

Report: Brian Williams
Being Pressured to Resign

Teacher Dies in Crash With Pair on Way to Prom

Corinthian Colleges Shuts Remaining 28 Campuses
> Classes End for 16,000 Overnight 

Sen. Schumer Says
E-Cigarette Makers Are
Marketing to Children

Late Start on Solid
Foods Could Boost
Babies' Cancer Risk

Lost Sisters Survive 2 Weeks on Girl Scouts Cookies

Yogurt May Not Be
Great For You After All

Obama, Strong Zingers
Fly at 'Nerd Prom'

'Dick Cheney Is the Worst President of MY Lifetime'

  Michelle Obama Unveils New Curly Hairstyle at Correspondents' Dinner

  Maria Menounos

36,000 Baseball Fans
Penned in Baltimore
Stadium as Freddie Gray
Protests Turn Violent

Bruce Jenner:
'I'm a Woman'

> The Interview 

Brian Williams Lied
a 'Half-Dozen' Times

Starbucks Free Drinks Over: Computer Glitch Fixed

The Summer Glow Diet

Twin Tumor Found
in Woman's Head

Amazon Up 14%,
Bezos Makes $4.6B

Police Chief: 'If Someone
Harmed Freddie Gray,
We Will Prosecute'

Mystery Colo. Highway
Shooting Points to
Possible Serial Attacker

Angelina Jolie Rips
World Powers on
Syria's Refugee Crisis

John Hinckley Jr.
Wants to Start a Band

  Hero Honored

  Armenia Remembers
'Genocide Campaign'

> Harrowing Images

Mama June and Pumpkin
Come Out as Bisexual

Low Fuel Prices Spark
Americans to Drive More

GM CEO Mary Barra
Paid $16.16M in 2014

Harley Recalls Nearly
46,000 Motorcycles

School Bully Does It Again
> Greece, NY Bus Monitor Reacts

  Meet the Ex-Cheerleader Who Stole Gronk's Heart

Statue of Liberty

Gov. Christie's Wife Has
Left Her Wall Street Job

NCAA Puts Oklahoma State Football on Probation

Report: Former SUNY Oswego Prof. Weinstein Family Paid Ransom to Al-Qaeda

Your Watch Is in the Mail!
> How Set Up the Apple Watch in 16 Steps 
> How to Use Your Apple Watch 
> The 9 Best Apps for Apple Watch 

Diet Pepsi Will No Longer Contain Aspartame

What Could McDonald's
Do to Fix Its Business?

Watching 'Grey's Anatomy'
Is Pointless Now

Google Is Sorry...

  Auschwitz Survivor Hugs and Kisses 93-Year-Old
SS Guard on Trial

Few Vets Getting Care
Through $10 Billion
VA Program

SeaWorld to Build Tallest Roller Coaster in Orlando

America's Gay Corporate Warrior Wants to Bring Full Equality to Red States

School Bans All Drinks
Except for Water

Burger King Customer
Arrested After Citing Movie

How Amazon Honored
Its First Customer

College Women Love
Their IUDs: Study

Live-Stream Your Life
> Official: Meerkat 

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> Bills to Play in Primetime Twice in 2015  
> Sully Breaks Down the Bills Schedule 

New York Giants Schedule

SU Hoops:
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Orange Fizz | D-O | Polls | ESPN | Katz | Nunes
Rivals.com | SU Athletics | Schedule | Roster

Man Men  | Mr. Selfridge | Better Call Saul 

Michelle Keegan

Super-Skinny Sarah

'Going to Advertising Heaven'
> Does Movie Reference Predict Show's Future? 
> A Surprising Announcement Shakes Things Up 
> Children of All Ages 
> NYT Recap: This Isn't a Beginning 

  Watch Mad Men
Episode 711: Time & Life

Diary of a 'Mad Man'

He Never Compliments Me

Eat. Nourish. Glow.
> Sam Smith Loses 14 Pounds in 14 Days 

How to Beat Diabetes

The Six Foods You Should Add to Your Diet NOW to Help Prevent Heart Attack, Cancer and Stroke

Why Men MUST Seek
Help If Their Love
Life's Falling Flat

> Cancer Ops Don't Have to Ruin Your Sex Life 

Not in the Mood for Sex?
Suffering Joint Pain?
You Could Be on the

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Hate Crime Investigated
at SUNY Potsdam

Lyme vs. Copenhagen


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What Happened Overnight?
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High School Sports Scores

Push Is On to Close LLC Loophole

 Here and Now in New York

2 NNY People Safe
After Nepal Earthquake

Watertown Native:
'I Thought I Was Going
to Die' in Nepal Earthquake

Local Doctor Is Relieved
Friends Survived in Nepal

Watertown Elks Help
Starbuck Backpack Program

Jury Seated in Breanna
Simpson Murder Case

SUNY Potsdam Faculty-Member Targeted With Hate Crime Note

Mercy Flight Central to
Locate at Griffis Airport

 Potsdam Police Blotter

County Court Calendar
Need an Attorney

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Lewis | St. Law | Alerts | Monuments | Flowers

Grace "Gay" Atkinson Wright, 86
(4/27, Cleveland Funeral Home, Watertown)

Stanley R. Typhair, 80
(4/27, Reed & Benoit Funeral Home, Watertown)

Melvin A. Beckstead, 76
(4/27, Frederick Bros. Funeral Home, Theresa)

Connie M. Pohoreskey, 85
(4/27, Trainor Funeral Home, Boonville)

Annette M. Kitts, 74
(4/27, Adirondack Funeral Home, Harrisville)

Reginald V. Chilton, 76
DeKalb Junction

Jeanne M. Converse, 82
(4/26, Reed & Benoit Funeral Home, Watertown)

Viola B. Newton, 90
(4/26, Piddock Funeral Home, Adams)

Monuments in Watertown?
Conveniently located outside Brookside Cemetery.

The memorial Mass for Mary Parry will be 10 a.m. Monday, April 27, at St. Patrick's Church with Rev. Donald Robinson officiating. Arrangements are with D.L. Calarco Funeral Home.

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State Senate Shelves
Plan to Allow Cities to
Set Local Minimum Wage

Gov. Cuomo Signals He'll Likely
Seek a Third Term in 2018

Ron Perlman to Move Film
Production Company to CNY

Jeff Graham Show April 27

  Dash-Cam Captures
Big Wreck on Thruway

SU Football Puts Fort Drum
Military Personnel Through
NFL-Style Combine

3 Charged With Assaulting
Sunmount Client

No Chronic Wasting Disease
Found During Big Game Season

Man Charged With DWI in
6-Year-Old Girl's Death Was
Her Father, Police Say

2 Men Arrested for Felony
Possession of Marijuana After
Traffic Stop on Route 37

NY State Launches Program to Provide Immigrants Free English Training Via Mobile Phones

No Syracuse-Area Companies
in New Round of Start-Up
NY Businesses

Rep. Elise Stefanik to Address
Paul Smith's College Graduates

N.Y. Post: How America's
Youngest Congresswoman,
Elise Stefanik, Conquered
the Mean Girls at School

  Swan Bay Resort Construction

DEC Announces Seasonal
Employment Opportunities

Gouvernuer Man Sold Opiate,
Troopers Allege

NYSP: Woman Accused
of Selling Cocaine

NYSP: Gouvernur Man
Arrested for Drug Sales

Oswego Sheriff's Dept. Blotter

Ritchie: Waging War on
Synthetic Drugs in N.Y. State

Clayton Opera House
Volunteer Signup and Training

Dicker: Democrats Ready to Oust Dean Skelos If He's Indicted

Lovett: Schneiderman Eyes
Running for Governor in
2018 If Cuomo Quits

New York State Going
Dark to Save Birds

State Pols Warm to Uber, Lyft

City Council to Discuss
Proposed Budget Thursday

WWNY: Correction & Apology

Crowds Gathered 150 Years
Ago as Lincoln's Funeral Train
Passed Through Syracuse

Antique Boat Museum
Announces 2015 Schedule

  Aerial View of Ship
Approaching T.I. Bridge

  Take a Soldier Fishing Day

5 Graduate from Jefferson County Sheriff's Office's Basic Course for Corrections Officers

Former Onondaga County
Sheriff Kevin Walsh In Hospital

Man Killed in Hit-and-run Was Father of 2, Working to Get GED

Post-Polio Syndrome

The Shadow of Polio

Hundreds Attend Taste of
the Town Event in Watertown

Taste of the Town Winners

More Than a Quarter of Adults
in Jefferson and St. Lawrence
Counties Are Smokers

Businesses Start Hiring
Summer Help

As Always, Syracuse Basketball Coach Jim Boeheim Is Butt of
Jokes at Annual 'Basket Ball'

Sat., April 25, Police Blotter
Live Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
Need a Lawyer? NNYLawyers.c

Drunk Driver Crashes,
Kills Child Passenger in
Cortland County, Deputies Say

SU 9, North Carolina 8

SU Women's Lacrosse Team
Knocks Off Duke to Advance
to ACC Tournament Final

River Generates $22K Per Day
at Watertown Hydro Plant

Man Accused of Robbing
Watertown Savings Bank
Sentenced to Prison

Students Opt Out of
Common Core Math Test

An Oswego Native's Search
for Birth Parents Takes Off
on Social Media

Dr. Kristin Esterberg
Inaugurated as President
of SUNY Potsdam

Syracuse Football to Host
Fort Drum Combine at
Ensley Athletic Center

Black River Ambulance
Squad Receives Over
$100,000 in Federal Funds

NNYWeekend.com  Add Events

Jefferson County Planning
Board Agenda April 28

Farmers Take Steps to
Avoid Crop Diseases

 Jefferson County Legislature Finance and Rules Agenda

 Jefferson County Legislature Health & Human Services Agenda

Jefferson County Sheriff's
Office Promotes Safe Prom
and Graduation Season

18 Latest Births at Samaritan
Medical Center in Watertown

> Official: SamaritanHealth.com

Massey's Furniture Barn
Promotes Bucks for Books

Official: MasseysFurnitureBarn.com 

City Council Work Session
6:30PM Thursday April 30

31 People Pay Fines
for DEC Violations

(Sponsored by NNYLawyers.com)


9 Latest Property Sales
in Watertown in April

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Lewis County Sheriff's Blotter:
Port Leyden Man Facing Charge After Domestic Incident

> Two Lewis County Men Arrested After Altercation

Glenfield Woman Extricated
From Vehicle After Crash

The Price of Fighting the Drug
War in the North Country

Police Agencies Struggle to Keep With Drug Problem
> Sheriff O'Neill Adds New Detective to Drug Task Force

Gouverneur Police Blotter

Man Saved from Ledge Above
Black River in Watertown

Firefighters, Police Rescue Man

SLC Man Facing Charges
With Domestic Incident

SLC Man Charged With
Aggravated DWI in Waddington

Mon., April 27, Police Blotter

Sun., April 26, Police Blotter

Sat., April 25, Police Blotter

Friday, April 24, Police Blotter

Thurs., April 23, Police Blotter

STOP DWI New York App

 Potsdam Police April 26

 Potsdam Police April 25

Restaurant Inspections
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Grace "Gay" Atkinson Wright, 86, Watertown

• Jeanne M. Converse, 82, Watertown

• Melvin A. Beckstead, 76, Theresa

Stanley R. Typhair, 80, Watertown

Connie M. Pohoreskey, 85, Boonville

Reginald V. Chilton, 76, DeKalb Junction

Annette M. Kitts, 74, Harrisville

Viola B. Newton, 90, Adams

Arnold F. Muncy, 85, Lowville

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