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Powerball $478M
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 PGA Championship Leaderboard  Live

Hillary Clinton Set For
Speech of Her Life

  Live Stream of DNC

Politico  The Hill  Drudge

HuffPost  Philly  WaPo

Hillary's First Big Speech

Some Republicans Flee
Trump, Back Clinton

Congressman: It'd be Military's 'Responsibility'
to Disobey Donald Trump

Bezos' Net Worth Jumps
$2.6 Billion in One Day

UK to Look at Alcohol
Sales at Airports...

Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Chandra Levy Murder Suspect

5 U.S. Troops Wounded in Combat With ISIS in Afghanistan

Google Parent Alphabet
Soars on Earnings Beat

PGA Championship

Jimmy Walker Leads Field

Beach Bag Ban in Cannes

Obama: I Don't Eat Exactly Seven Almonds Every Night

Canadian Shopkeepers Baffled by Spate of
'Extremely Weird'
Mannequin Thefts

How to Spot If Your
Tummy Is Too Big

Fake Tan May Give
You Wrinkles

Police: Driver Glued to
GPS, Put Car on Wires

Thieves Targeting
Chicago Restaurants
For 'Yellow Gold'

MTV Launches Channel Focusing on 90s Nostalgia 

Corporate Lawyers
Argue Over Whether
Colbert Can Be Colbert

Facebook Revenue Soars

Facebook's Dominance
in Journalism...

NY Times Swings to a Q2 Loss Amid Ad Decline

iTunes Users Targeted
in Email Phishing Scam

  Leo and Nina

Clinton at Risk of
Being Upstaged

Could Trump's Russia Comments be a Felony?

Bernie Sanders Quits
the Democratic Party

Conservatives Decry
Bradley Cooper's
DNC Appearance

  Samantha Bee

'Sesame Street' Axes One, Two, Three Favorite Human Characters

10 Mistakes You're
Making at the Airport

ISIS Is Losing Its State
And Shifting Its Message

Pope Francis, 79, Falls
Over During Mass...

Fiat Chrysler Ending
Car Production in U.S.

Swedish Model:
Julian Edelman Fathered
My Unborn Baby

  Kate Hudson  Nicole

  Michelle Dockery

Mila Bought Her Own Wedding Ring for $90

Powerball Jackpot Grows
to Whopping $478 Million

Jackpot Analysis

'T--s Up, Hair Back'
Sums Up Ex-Fox News
Head Roger Ailes Era of
American Journalism

Every Parent's
Nightmare, Comes True

Why Robocalls Are
Worse Than Annoying

  Mysterious Lights Streaking Across Sky Create Social Media Firestorm

BBC Outside Source 7.28

'The American Dream
Is Something No Wall
Can Ever Contain'

> Speech Soothes a Convention, Boosts Clinton 
> 'America Is Already Great
> CNN: Obama Passes the Baton  
> NPR: Read the Text of the Speech 

Obama: 'We'll Carry
Clinton to Victory'

Obama: Hillary More
Qualified Than Me & Bill

As Obama Speaks, Chaos
and Arrests Outside DNC

Obama Jokes About
How His Appearance Has Changed Since 2008

How High School
Made Hillary Clinton a Presidential Contender

SNL Roasts DNC

Attack Dog Biden

Tim Kaine Mocks Trump

Trump Blasts DNC Speakers

Melania's Secret Service Code Name Is...

We Won't Quit Bern-stock

Sanders Supporters
Vs. DNC Organizers

Girl, 7, Dies After Elephant Hurls a Rock at Her Head While She Was Having
Her Picture Taken...

1 Dead, 8 Injured After
Car Slams into Los Angeles Bible Study Group

Coast Guard: 4 Missing Boaters Found

Merkel: Refugees Who Attack Us Mock Germany

Germany Calls on Mosques to Prevent Extremism

Facebook Is Pushing
More People to an App
They Didn't Choose

Mark Zuckerberg
Is About to Reach
Another Level of Rich

Facebook Stock Soars

Sitting 8 Hours a Day?

Using a Wireless Keyboard?

He's a Skydiver Working With a Net - But No Parachute

Naloxone Eases Pain of
Heroin Epidemic, But Not
Without Consequences

Taco Bell Is Testing
Cheetos Burritos

  NYT Front Page  NYDN

  'RHONYC' Recap  WWHL

  Charlotte  Karina  Harry

  Kendall  Jasmin  Megan

  Cristiano  James  Jared 

  'I Hated My Butt!'  Fergie

  Warren Sapp Bitten
by Shark in Florida

She Lost Half Her Weight by Tracking Her Movements on Her Apple Watch

Babies on Planes: Stop Saying Sorry - Shame Is Part of Parenting

Jennifer Garner Asked
If She's Pregnant...

What Women Need
in a Medical Checkup:
Test Less, Talk More

For 'Bourne' Damon
Trained to the Point
of Exhaustion

Heat Wave to Deteriorate Across Northeastern US

Native American Teen Faces a Year in Prison For Possessing One Gram of Weed

Man Commits Suicide
During Chase in Houston

Boy Gets Head Stuck
in Kiosk at Museum of Natural History in NYC

Police in Mass. to Protest Over Black Lives Matter Banner at City Hall

'Water Angel' Saves
Hikers in Hot Weather

Women at Bar Detail
Aggressive Action by
Sabres' Evander Kane

Boy Playing 'Pokemon Go' Robbed of Shoes in Fla.

It's Clinton's Show,
But Trump Does His
Best to Steal It

Hillary's Brand Survives
a Generational Shift

Trump: 'I Hope' Russia Is Able to Get Clinton's Emails
> Trump Urges Russia to Hack Clinton's Email 

Russia, If You're Listening...

Trump Tells NBC News
Reporter to 'Be Quiet'

Trump: Obama 'Most Ignorant President' Ever

Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged in July Meeting

  2 Faces of Terror

France Priest Killers
'Pledged Allegiance
to ISIS' in Video

443 Victims in 18 Attacks Over 2 Years in Europe

It's the School's Fault
I Had Sex With Teen,
Teacher Says

Reagan Shooter John
Hinckley Jr. to be Set Free

Reagan's Daughter Says...

35 Years After Attempted Assassination...

Charges DROPPED Against the 3 Remaining Officers
in Freddie Gray Case

> Trump Rips Baltimore Prosecutor

1 in 6 Cars on the Road Is Recalled But Not Fixed

Dunkin' Donuts Will Start Selling Cold Brewed Iced Coffee Nationwide...

Confessor. Feminist. Adult. What the Hell Happened to Howard Stern?

Apple's Services
Is Worth $23 Billion

No Parole For Mom Who
Put Baby in Hot Oven

The World May be at War - But It's Not a Religious
War, Says Pope Francis

  New Video Outside
Normandy Church

Explosion Near Migration Office in Germany

'Merkel Is RUINING
Our Country'

Gang of Muslims Storm Nudist Pool in Germany Yelling 'Allahu Akbar'

Best Snapchats Ever?

Miserable With My Husband

Why Tinder Is Making

  Lily and Stella  Lucy

  Demi Rose  Lily Becker

  Lindsey Vonn  Megan

  Man Beats Turtle to
Death With Hammer and Claims Self-Defense

Making a Murderer's
Steven Avery Pens Letter Slamming Ex-Attorneys

Erin Heatherton's
Neighbors Hate Her

After 3 Months With No Winner, Powerball Jackpot Hits $422 Million

Blood, Gore and Nudity: Why Graphic Content Shows Up in Your Newsfeed

Apple's Best Day in 2 Years

Wisconsin Police
Officer Had On-Duty
Sex Nearly 100 Times

How Texting Can
Give You Arthritis

The Atlanta Olympic Park Bombing, 20 Years On: Have We Learned the Lessons?

Who Will Replace DWS?

An Atheist President?

What Is the TPP?

'Bernie Or Bust'?

Mother of Pulse Nightclub Shooting Vicitm, Survivor to Speak at DNC

Obama Says He's
Worried About Trump's
Knowledge of Issues

Could a President Clinton Create a 'Critical Mass' of Female World Leaders?

  Hillary Makes History,
But Bill Appears on Front Pages Across America

Abramson: Bill's Speech
Made Hillary Human Again

4 Takes on Bill Clinton's
'Love Letter'

Clinton Makes History

'I May Become the
First Woman President,
But One of You Is Next!'

Marching, Sitting, Burning Protests Continue to Roil DNC in Philadelphia

The Stars Align to
Take Down Trump

Bill O'Reilly: Slaves
Who Built White House
Were 'Well-Fed'

'The Devil Wears Walmart'

Republicans Take Jabs at DNC From Boxing Gym

'Hillary Clinton Isn't Afraid to Say Black Lives Matter'

Not One DNC Speaker Has
Mentioned Terrorism Yet

Obama Accuses Putin
of Helping Trump
With DNC Email Hack

Julian Assange:
'A Lot More Material'
Coming to U.S. Elections

Trump Supports $10/Hour Federal Minimum Wage

Bernie Supporters
Stage a WALKOUT...

The 15 Things You
Should Never Say in Bed

Tesla Parts Ways With
Key Autopilot Supplier

> Inside Tesla's Gigantic Gigafactory 

2 South Carolina Soldiers Defending Woman at Bar, Suspect Charged

Rising Seas to Swamp U.S. Military Bases by 2050

Could an Optician Help Diagnose Dementia?

It Hasn't Been This Hot
in NYC in Nearly 15 Years

Police Add Ice Cream
Truck as Outreach Tool

Tell-Tale Sign of Alzheimer's: Personality Changes

Dances With Wolves Actor Chief David Bald Eagle Dies at 97

Ice Bucket Challenge Funds Lead to Gene Discovery

As Opioid Epidemic Surges, Medical Schools Must
Change to Keep Pace

A Shot Could Save This
Heroin Addict. Can She
Stay Clean to Get It?

Extramarital Affair,
Misuse of Resources Cost
Army General His Post

Pregnant 'Cosby' Star's
Husband Files For Divorce

Do You Know the Risks
of Vaginal Births?

Is Exercise Damaging
Your Breasts?

Woman Overcomes 25-Year Battle With Migraines...

What Really Happens
in the Fantasy Suite...

Rodgers Family at War

  'Bachelorette': JoJo
Explains Luke's Exit

  Slim Kim  Hailey  Pippa

  Irina & Bradley  Calvin

  Jennifer  Lindsay  Mila

  How Celebs Have
Erased Tattoos About
Lovers They've Lost

Worried You've Got
Bad Breath?

How to Watch the
Olympics If You've
Cut the Cord

  Woman Finds ATM Theft Suspect in Her Backyard

Black Women Take
Over Top Spots For
Dems' Convention

  Sanders in Tears

Cartoon Controversy
Over Koran Scene

Teacher Who Can't Speak Spanish Sues After Failing to Get Spanish Teaching Job

Fewer Younger People
Buying Homes, But Why?

Boy Found Dead in Water After Wandering Away
From Summer Camp

  How a Brutal Device Was Brought in to Australia's Youth Jails

Lindsay Lohan's Dad Says She Is Expecting a Child

Tourist Proposes Marriage After Being Stabbed in Daytona Beach

Priest Killer's Electronic
Tag Raises Questions

6 Best Cars to
Help Teen Drivers

Chris Evert: Menopause Contributed to the End
of My 18-Year Marriage

  World's Tallest Dog?

  4Sale: Flintstone House

Ever Get the Feeling the Technology Industry Is Trolling You?

Switzerland, Land of
Peace, Sees Gun Sales
Soar After Terror Attacks

What Is a Heat Dome?

Amazon Testing Delivery
by Drones in Britain

  Dogs Rescued From Boiling Hot Tar Roof in NJ

Pickup Trucks Don't
Suck Anymore

You Can Shop and Drink
at These Stores

What Do Campaigns
Know About You? A Lot

What Is WikiLeaks?

Dutch Men Confirmed
as the World's Tallest

Now Even Watching
Television Can Kill You

Tattoo Inks 'Could
Increase the Risk of
Developing Cancer'

The 50-20-30 Rule

Girls Gang Up on Boys
in New Cyberbullying
Craze Called 'Roasting'

Alcohol Causes 7 Types
of Cancer - At Least

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Yankees Flub Chance to Climb Up in AL East With Frustrating Loss

8 Scenarios For
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I Feeling Like the Worst Human After Breaking Up With My Girlfriend

  J-Lo and Cristiano

  Jinger Duggar Engaged

  Irina and Bradley  Kim

  Lucy  Gigi  Lily  Camila

My Boyfriend Is
Pressuring Me into
Wearing Skimpy Outfits

How to Divorce
a Toxic Friend

Get Fit in 15 Minutes

Calorie Counting Is Key

Menopause Mood Swings
Could Be Sign of Dementia

The Five Signs Your Relationship Is Built to Last

  BBC Outside Source

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Does Your Mayor Deserve a Raise?
'Salary Creep' Is the Latest
Trend in Municipal Politics

Pistol Permit 'Fast Track' Process Adopted in Niagara County

Chamber of Commerce Moving
Back to Coffeen Street Location

> Local Discussion: Commnents

The WorkPlace: Jefferson County Jobless Rate Hits 25 Year Low
> Local Discussion: Commnents

Glenn Curry Show July 28
> Official: Community Broadcasters

City of Watertown Planning
Board Agenda for August 2

> COR Development's Plans for Mercy Site
> Parking lot proposed for Brook Drive

DEC Confiscates Illegal
Lobsters From Price Chopper

New Stores at Destiny USA

It's So Hot in New York That Manure Is Bursting into Flames

Tonight: A slight chance of showers between 8pm and 9pm. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 65. Light and variable wind becoming northeast around 5 mph after midnight. 

Friday: Partly sunny, high near 83. North wind 9 to 14 mph.

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Obits | Events | Celebrations | Community Connections

Latest Births in NNY: Watertown | Carthage | Lowville

WX: Watertown | Lowville | Pulaski | Canton | Fort Drum

7 Arrested in Crack Cocaine Bust
> Mug Shots of Defendants | Local Discussion 

Great American Irish Festival

2 North Country Properties Nominated For National
Registers of Historic Places

Jefferson County Board of
Legislators August Agenda

Woman Seeks Donations
to Walk Without Crutches

Henderson Harbor Resident
to Receive State Boating
Educator of the Year Award

North Country Troopers Assisting Troops Event: Laughing 4 a Cause

SU's Roberson Wants to Prove He's More Than a Rebounder

Couple Allegedly Vacates
Property Leaving Living
and Dead Animals Behind

Madrid Fire District Receives
$135K in Federal Funds

Syracuse Fire Department
Adding 16 New Firefighters

NY's Historic Bailout of
Nuclear Plants Explained

Feds Give Poor Quality
Scores to Most CNY Hospitals

Addicted Inmates Get
Shot at Recovery

Buffalo Bills Reportedly
Interested in QB Nick Foles

  1987 Oswego Harborfest

Jeff Graham Show July 28
> Official: Community Broadcasters

NNY News Habits Are Changing... Go Digital and FREE.

Route 3, town of Pamelia, at about 5:45 p.m. July 27

What Happened Overnight?
Thurs., July 28, Police Blotter

Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
Need a Lawyer? NNYLawyers.c

Morristown Man Leads
Troopers on Brief Pursuit

14 Latest Births at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown
> Official:

Z93: Why Is Graham Criticizing John Moore For Asking Stefanik Questions at News Conference?
> Official: | Stephens Media Group

Watertown Police Keep
Close Eye on Neighborhood
After State Street Fracas

> Local Discussion: Comments

  Video of State Street
Incident Posted on Facebook

** Warning: language   Over 78,000 views

'Drugs and Prostitutes'

What Are Upstate New York's
Biggest Churches?

  Bear in Old Forge  More Pix

Fallen Fort Drum Soldier's Mom Introduces Obama at Convention

School Property Taxes:
10 Highest, 10 Lowest in NNY

Super DIRTcar Series
Gets Week Off to Early Start

Army, Air Force Team Up For
Live Fire Exercise at Fort Drum

I-690 Repairs to Cause Traffic Delays Through Syracuse

Schumer Says If He's Majority Leader, Trade Policy Will Change

  Potsdam Police Blotter 7/27

Glenn Curry Show July 27
> Official: Community Broadcasters

37 Property Transactions
in Watertown in July

Local Realtors: Lori Gervera | Jason Smith | Scott Gerni 

  4SALE: Vance Shore Cottage

 19 Divorces Filed in July
(Sponsored by

 40 DBAs Filed in July
(Sponsored by Small Business Development Center)

'More Cowbell' Producer Dies;
Worked With Blue Oyster Cult

50 Highest Paying Jobs in NY
That Require Bachelor's Degree

Upstate Trout Streams Hurting From Low Water Conditions

Farm Mystery: How Did
a 1,400-Pound Horse
Disappear Without a Trace?

Woman, Police Department Spar on Facebook Over Traffic Stop, Misconduct Allegations

  New Homes: Sackets Harbor

  County Court Calendar
Need an Attorney

  Oswego Sheriff's Blotter

  North Country Beauty

N'east Radar Loop  Montague

  JCC   Clayton   Route 81  SPCA
  Sandy Creek  Alex Bay
Public Square  1000 Islands

7 New Rides at NY State Fair

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Esther F. Downs, 94
Formerly of Adams Center

(7/28, Piddock Funeral Home, Adams)

Dorothy D. Gamble, 73
Henderson Harbor

(7/28, Carpenter-Stoodley Funeral Home)

Robert D. Graveline Sr., 74

(7/27, Cummings Funeral Service, Watertown)

Edward J. Duffer, 76

(7/27, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

Robert E. Doney, 80

(7/27, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

Carl Christman, 94

(7/27, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

William G. Davis, 49

(7/26, Frederick Bros. Funeral Home, Theresa)

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9-Year-Old Girl Who Died in Boat Collision a Devoted Gymnast

NYSP: 13-Year-Old DeKalb
Boy Dies After UTV Accident

Youths Accused of Vandalizing Colton Public Library

  Oswego Harborfest

  KKK Recruitment Fliers

NY AG Schneiderman: Trump
Has Ruined Lives Everywhere

Graham: City Councilman
Is Hosting a Relationship
'Commitment' Celebration

> Official: 

Hotline: This Isn't the First Time Stefanik Has Walked Away From Questions by the Media
> Official: 
> WNYT Aug. 2014: Stefanik Walks Off Camera 

Stefanik, at Campaign Event,
WALKS AWAY from Question

> Local Discussion: Comments 

Is Tyler Lydon the 9th Best
College Basketball Player?

Alexandria Bay Hospital
Helps Veterans With PTSD

Wed., July 27, Police Blotter
Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
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Shopping For a New RV?

Road Closure: Woodruff Street

Astronomy Event August 6

Jeff Graham Show July 27
> Official: Community Broadcasters

City of Watertown Files
Action to Prevent Arbitration
of Fire Captain Demotions

New Law Lets Minors Wear
Pink to Hunt in NY State

> Is It Sexist? Local Comments 

2 Women Charged With
Disorderly Conduct in
200 Block of William Street

WPD: 65-Year-Old Man Damaged Vehicle With Metal Cane

Watertown Pair Accused
of Shoplifting at K-Mart

Deputies: Woodville Man
Charged With DWI in Ellisburg

Man Accused of Threatening
Someone With a Screwdriver
During a Domestic Incident

Carthage Moved to
Class C For Boys Lacrosse

Boonville-Oneida County Fair
Kicks Off 128th Year

Ritchie Secures Funds For Oswego County Fire Departments

Roth Industries Gets
NYPA Hydropower Deal

Cuomo, Sanders Speak to
NY Delegates at DNC

Hearing Set to Focus
on START-UP New York

  Potsdam Schools Audit

  Froggy 97 Interview: Country Music Singer Danny Shirley

  Former House Speaker
John Boehner in Clayton

Women's PTSD Program Returns to River Hospital in Alex Bay

Nuclear Regulatory Commission: FitzPatrick Had a Safe Year

Police Warn Brides, Grooms
to Guard Their Gift Boxes

Thompson Park Zoo
Seeking an Animal Curator

Zoo Issues Corrective Action Plan After USDA Inspection

Businesses Cope While Progress Is Made on Factory Street Project
> Local Discussion: Comments 

The People Left Behind: When Addiction Takes a Loved One

Graham: 7 Heroin Overdose
Deaths in the Month of July?

Glenn Curry Show July 26
> Official: Community Broadcasters

NY Prisons Database

Where Are New York's
Most Notorious Prisoners?

NYSP: Sunmount Staffer Struck
in Eye With Kitchen Utensil

Accepting New Patients
Dr. Schonfield | Dr. Panjali | Dr. Ybarra | Dr. Sweet

National Grid Power Outage Map

Cuomo: All State Beaches in Jefferson County to Stay Open
Until 8PM For Next 2 Days

Cuomo: Largest Midway
in Great NYS Fair History

WPD: 12 People Arrested
After Riot Outside Tavern
Early Sunday Morning

Cops: 53-Year-Old Naked Man Masturbated in His Vehicle in Parking Lot at LL Bean Store

4 Teens Rescued After Search
of Woods in Lewis County

Fort Drum Bans Food
Service Styrofoa

Free Hepatitis C Testing Offered

Fort Drum 'Night Out'

Carthage Family Health
Center Welcomes New
Primary Care Provider

DA: No Charges Against Cop
Whose Baby Died After Being
Left in Car For 8-Plus Hours

> Local Discussion: Comments

Liquor Authority Investigating Celebrity Bartender Event

Ontario to Sell Alcohol Online, Deliver It Via the Mail

Why Are Female Politicians
Asked 'Who Are You Dating?'

USDA Found Rotten Fencing,
Lynx Club Injury at
Thompson Park Zoo

Reported July 22 on Newzjunky: Documents
> Local Discussion: Comments

Medical Clinic on Fort
Drum Named in Honor of
Spc. Matthew C. Bowe

> Local Discussion: Comments

County Attorney For SLC Accepts Service of Justice Award

  $56K Take-5 Winner

Report Finds Watertown
Vacant Homes Are Empty
Long Before Foreclosure

Local Political Watchers
Offer Thoughts on DNC

Did Cuomo Change His Mind About Wanting to Close Indian Point?

Ritchie Announces Major Steps Forward in Plan to Transform Vacant Psych Center Lands to
Boost North Country Economy

Why Is Syracuse Football
Making Changes to the
Fort Drum Schedule?

'Upskirting': May Be Legal in
Georgia, But It's a Felony in NY

del Lago Casino to Make Big Jobs Announcement Next Week

KeyCorp on Track to Close
First Niagara Deal Aug. 1

Yogurt Plant's Closing Prompts Questions on Cuomo's Economic Growth Plans

Fort Drum Man Sentenced
to 50 Years For Sexual
Exploitation of Child

Testimony Wraps Up in Ichiban Eviction Trial in City Court

  Agricultural and Farmland
Protection Board Agenda Aug. 3

  SLC Sheriff's Office Blotter

Local Residents Named to
Dean's List at LeMoyne College

Local Residents Named
to Dean's List at SLU

Deputies Investigating Armed Robbery at Karts & More in LeRay
> Local Discussion: Comments 

Antwerp Man Facing Charges
After Brief Pursuit

Rochester Man Charged With
Felony DWI in Henderson

Tax Dollars For Pet Projects

DA William Fitzpatrick Tests
Cutting-Edge DNA in Potsdam Murder of 12-Year-Old Boy

Judge to Decide Oral "Nick"
Hillary DNA After Hearing

Glenfield Woman Charged With Disorderly Conduct in Lowville

Judge Tosses NY's New Rules
Against Energy Marketers...

'Tampon Tax' Eliminated in NY

A Homeowner's Nightmare

Hillary's Big Upstate NY Donors

What's the Most Beautiful
Place in Upstate New York?

Heroin Epidemic in Watertown

Russell: Funding For PIVOT Fills Important Gap in Recovery
Efforts For North Country

Pivot Celebrates $1.75M Grant to Help Addicts

Cuomo Directs Actions to Help Curtail State's Energy Usage
During High Temperatures

JCC Clambake August 12

Gov. Cuomo Signs Legislation Expanding 'Move Over' Law to Include Volunteer Firefighters
and Ambulance Workers

  Lady Antebellum Tickets

Watertown Teen Charged
With Strangulation

Deputies: Woman Possessed
Drugs at County Jail

Program Offers Low-Income Seniors Free Food at Farm Stands

Kids From Jefferson County
Enjoy Sheriff's Summer Camp

Ritchie: $179 Million in Road
and Bridge Improvements

Gronk Spotted at Turning Stone

  Watch: Lewis County Fair

Living History Lesson
at Civil War Discovery Day
in Sackets Harbor

Clinton Correctional Facility
Lifts Lockdown Put in Place
After 'Coup Against the Guards'

EpiPen Prices Skyrocket

USDA Inspection of
Thompson Park Zoo

  Watch an Aerial Video
of a Parade in Lowville

  Thousand Islands Boat Tour

Glenn Curry Show July 22
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Great American Irish
Festival Ready to Party

Watertown Savings to
Build New Bank in Clayton

10 Latest Births at LCGH
> Official:

Group Says New Drug
May Be to Blame For
3 Local Overdose Deaths

Cuomo Signs 'Peter Falk's Law'

FAA Releases Investigation
into Allegiant Airlines

Will CNY Nuclear Plants
Get Subsidies?

Lewis Board of Legislators to
Meet in Executive Session

Public Health Offers Free
Residential Radon Test Kits

Watertown Urban Mission
Collecting School Supplies

  Kiss Tribute Band Aug. 13

SUNY Canton Offers
Extended Hours During
Admissions Drop-In Days


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 34 People Pay Fines
for DEC Violations

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Glenfield Woman Charged
With DWI in Lowville

Canton Names New Police Chief

SLC Undersheriff Retires

Watertown Police Department
Announces Promotions

See Suspicious Items
Possibly Used to Make Meth?
Report It to the Police

Fort Drum Soldier Sentenced
For Child Sex Crimes

Wed., July 27, Police Blotter

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Sat., July 23, Police Blotter

Fri., July 22, Police Blotter

  Potsdam Police Blotter 7/26

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  Potsdam Police Blotter 7/23

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#5 Word of Mouth  6.0%

Department of Health
Levies Fines For Violations

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Black River Drive-In
Friday - Thursday July 22 - 28
- Star Trek Beyond PG-13
- Central Intelligence PG-13

Esther F. Downs, 94, Adams Center

Dorothy D. Gamble, 73, Henderson Harbor

Robert D. Graveline Sr., 74, Watertown

Edward J. Duffer, 76, Croghan

Robert E. Doney, 80, Glenfield

Carl Christman, 94, Lowville

William G. Davis, 49, Gouverneur

Orley W. Biccum Sr., 91, Watertown

Charles J. Brown, 81, Watertown

Eleanor R. Burrows, 81, Watertown

Alba K. Roggie, 97, Croghan

Orville "Tom" Tucker, 77, New Smyrna Beach, Fla.

Richard "Dick" Revelle, 83, Chaumont

Shirley E. McConnell, 91, Rodman

Harold J. Dorrity Jr., 74, Lyons Falls

Margaret A. Brotherton, 75, Carthage

Faith Hope LaBarge, 29, Watertown

Frederick J. Weller, 85, Plessis

John L. McPhilmy, 76, Boonville

Marilyn L. Thackston, 88, Watertown

Edward G. Luther, 83, Virginia Beach, VA

John F. Hooper, 71, Wellesley Island

George E. Ashbocker, 89, LaFargeville

Albert Shatraw, 49, Copenhagen

Virginia Purcell, 86, Clayton

Shirley A. Benson, 76, Harrisville

Arline G. Grower, 92, Boonville

Sarah M. Smith, 31, Rome

Annette L. Monti, 69, Watertown

Michael A. Croneiser, 57, Boonville

Vernon J. Charlton Sr., 78, Watertown

Carolyn S. Sutherland, 72, Watertown

Daniel Carrasquillo, 25, formerly of Redwood

Luz Aimar Hernandez Lucas, Smithville

Angelina C. Marconi, 80, Watertown

James J. Bertrand, 83, Evans Mills

John Restino, 71, Endwell


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