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Powerball $243M
MegaMillions $415M

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Police: About 40 Hostages Inside Bangladesh Bakery

Nine Gunmen Attack
Dhaka Restaurant

U.S. Braces For Travel
Chaos as 43 Million Get
Set to Hit the Roads

Wales Upsets Belgium, 3-1

White House: Scores of
Civilians Killed by U.S.
Drones Since 2009

Is THIS Why You're Single?

  Adios Obamas!  Emily

  Daphne  Paula  Rosie 

  Rhian  Nicole  Lucy  

Attorney General Lynch to Accept Guidance of FBI in Clinton Email Inquiry

Traffic Deaths Jump 8% in
2015 to Most Since 2008

Fans Explain Why They Stopped Attending

Are We Overusing
the Tribute of Flying
Flag at Half-Staff?

Navy Seal Vet Killed Using Tesla 'Autopilot' Posted Near-Miss Video

8 Speeding Tickets in
6 Years For Man Killed
in Self-Driving Crash

Hillary Scheduled to Meet With FBI on Saturday

  Happy Birthday Canada!

  Iranian Hulk

  Queen Elizabeth

Chelsea Manning Critiques U.S. Military Reforms for Transgender Personnel

American Towns Declare
War on Patriotism

9 Old-Fashioned Girls' Names Making a Comeback

Top 5 Causes of Death
For Men, Women

Tiger Woods Won't
Play in British Open

New Apple Patent
Could Disable iPhone
Cameras Remotely

Teen Charged With
Encouraging Boyfriend's
Suicide Can Stand Trial

Charleston Church Shooting Victims Sue
FBI Over Gun Buy

Firefighter Fired Over
Facebook Post

  'Remains' of Loch Ness Monster Wash Ashore

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown
Signs 6 Gun-Control Bills,
Vetoes Five

Is Liberal Bias Driving
Readers Away From
Struggling Newspapers?

Vermont's New
GMO Law Could Spur
Change Across U.S.

Brexit Cannot be Cancelled or Delayed, Says Hollande

UK's Next Prime Minister?
> Gove Sticks Knife in Boris Again

Trump Tries to Woo
Colorado Republicans -
With 'Icon' Sarah Palin

More Staffers Leave
Donald Trump's Campaign

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Traveling Today to Meet
With Donald Trump

4 Vets Tie Up VA Suicide Hotline, Calling 5,619 Times

The Twisted Minds
of School Shooters,
and the Anguished
Man Who Studies Them

Tourist Dies While
Posing For a Photo
at Machu Picchu

Hadid Forced to Demolish
Part of Mega-Mansion

E-Sports Poised to Become
Source of Action in
Las Vegas Sports Books

Why Florida's Waterways
Are Fouled With
Smelly Green Gunk

Yankees President
Goes on Bragging While
Tickets Go Unsold

4 Insane Things That
Happen to Your Lady
Bits During Sex

  Is Kate Middleton Channeling Jackie O?

  Remember Dr. Palmer?

  Demi  Princess  Tulisa 

Dear Abby: Uncle
Posts Shirtless Photos
of 2 Small Daughters

A Serial Killer
May be Striking at
Random in Phoenix

A Man Was Bitten
by a Cat. 6 Weeks
Later, He Was Dead

Corona Brewery Accused of Draining Mexico of Water

Theater Wants $700K Fro, Aurora Shooting Victims

Mystery Thieves
Steal Man's Roof

Judge Bans 10-Year-Old
Girl From Playing Golf

The Highest-Grossing
Actors of All Time

Trump Campaign
Reportedly Vetting Chris
Christie as Running Mate

> Reports: Considering Gingrich, Christie 

BBC Outside Source 7.1

Was the First Man to
Die in a Self-Driving Car Watching Harry Potter
as His Tesla Crashed?

Tesla Driver Dies While
Car Is in Autopilot Mode

> Federal Officials Investigating 
> May 7 Crash Near Gainesville, Fla. 

'That Could Be a Mexican Plane Up There! They're Getting Ready to Attack!'

Boy's Near-Drowning
Prompts Cruise Ship's
Return to New Jersey

Where Do Things
Stand in Congress'
Battle Over Gun Control?

Apple 'in Talks to Buy
Jay Z's Music Streaming
Service Tidal'

Who Will Be Britain's
Next Prime Minister?

A Woman Leader?

Boris, Gove and
'An Act of Treachery'

Last-Minute Doubts...

  NYT Front Page  NYDN

  Scarlett  Kylie  Demi

  Silence Held to Mark
Somme Centenary

  Frat Boy Relishes His Freedom on Golf Course

What Does Google
Know About You?

Would Most Americans
Pass a Citizenship Test?

Owner of Iconic
Brooklyn Pizza Joint
Gun Down in Hit Job

> Brutal Pizza Bloodshed 

Vigilante Father's
War on Heroin

Top Baseball Prospect
Loses Eye That Was
'Crushed Like Grape'

  Watch Mike Tirico's Heartfelt Farewell to ESPN

  Kendall Jenner Buys a Second Home For $6.5M

  God Is Watching!

Marisa Tomei's Parents
and John Lennon's Son
Still Fighting Over a Tree

Adnan Syed of Serial
Podcast Has New Trial

Owner Charged After
Allegedly Dragging
Dog Behind Vehicle

New Revelations About
Hillary's Email Server

Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton Meeting Raises Eyebrows

The Overcrowded
Sidewalks of New York

Disney World Cracks Down on Fishing at Resorts

First Hotel by a U.S.
Company Opens in Cuba

Woman Asks Trump
About Replacing TSA's 'Heebeejabis' With Veterans

Al Gore's Daughter
Arrested Protesting
Natural Gas Pipeline

Breathalyzer Error
May Affect Up to 1,000
Philly DUI Cases

Kid's 'Racist' Brownie
Remark Brings Cops
to 3rd-Grade Party

VA Suicide Hotline
Workers Ripped For
Failing Veterans

U.S. Navy Report: Crews
Seized by Iran Were
'Derelict' in Their Duties

U.S. Military Ends
Ban on Transgender
Service Members

Rio Olympics Becoming Reality; Bring Cash For Souvenirs

First Triplets to
Qualify For an Olympics

Don't Eat Raw Cookie
Dough, FDA Warns

Is Hand Sanitizer Safe?

'Moose Riders' Caught on YouTube Video Charged

Girls, 12 and 7, Take
100MPH Joyride in
Grandma's Car

The Bizarre Reasons You
Can't Get a Flat Stomach

Getting a Tattoo?
Watch This First

Gov't Urges Owners
of Old Hondas to
Get Air Bags Fixed

The Busiest Airports
This July 4 Weekend

  Man Evades Police on
Go-Kart on Calif. Highway
as Crowds Cheer

  Julianne  Kate  Emily 

  Police Find $24M in Cash Hidden in Orange Buckets in Walls of Miami House

  Naked Man Takes
Plunge in Times Square

Naked Man Takes Over
Times Square, Screams
About Donald Trump

Police Hunt Man Who Shoved a Bag of Feces
Down a Woman's Pants in Manhattan Horror Attack

Body Parts Wash Up Near Olympics Volleyball Site

Police: Man Decapitated Girlfriend's Alleged Rapist

Israeli Girl Stabbed to
Death by Palestinian
Inside Her Bedroom

Fired Facebook Employee Writes Tell-All Book

NPR Always Seems to be Reporting From a Town Called Culver City. Why?

  Binky  Chase  Selena

  Tom Cruise  Butt Pads?

Michael Phelps Becomes First Male Swimmer to Qualify For Five Olympics

Why Golf Should Never
be in the Olympics

Mika's Divorce Fuels
Joe Romance Chatter

America Strikes Back

Turkish Police Raid
'ISIS Cells'

Worst Cities in America:
Miami, Detroit & Patterson

Is Facebook Using Your Location Data to Suggest 'People You May Know'?

U.S. Wants to Collect
Social Media Info on
Some Travelers

Amazon Prime Day
Is July 12

Walmart Takes Aim at Amazon With Free Shipping

Grizzly Bear Attacks,
Kills Mountain Biker

Mother Accused of Facebook Messaging Before Crash That Killed Daughter, Nieces

Grooming Down Below
'Increases STD Risk'

> Doctors Worried About 'Barbie Doll Look

Butter Is NOT Bad

Oscars Push For
More Gender and
Ethnical Diversity

Ku Klux Klan Dreams of
Rising Again 150 Years
After Founding

Walk-Off HR Caps Yankees' Miracle Comeback

Knicks Strong Favorite
to Land Joakim Noah

NHL Fans See 3 Major Transactions in 23 Minutes That Will Be Debated For Years

NYC to Iceland for $99

  NRA's Grave Mistake

  Food Fight!  Zac & Adam

  World's Cutest Dog?

  Tattooed Female
Players at Wimbledon

Lindsey Vonn Wants a Family, But Can't Get a Date

'RHONY' Recap  Gigi in LA

  Ariel  Pia  Kelly  Bella  

  Demi  Depp  Tyga  Zara

  Vicky  Ferne  Millie  

  Obama Girls Land
in Windy Madrid

  Boston Radio Host Mocks Warren at Trump Event
With Indian War Whoops

Clinton and Obama to Go
on Offense in N. Carloina

Bill Clinton and Loretta
Lynch Met Privately
at Phoenix Airport

'I Like Waterboarding a
Lot,' Says Donald Trump

Obama: Trump Proposals
Are 'Nativism or Xenophobia or Worse'

  The Bromance Continues

  3 Amigos in Ottawa

Facebook to Limit Posts
From Pages in News Feed

Miss Teen USA to Eliminate Swimsuit Competition

Carnage Haunts Orlando First Respinders

Alcohol Abuse

Police: Man Plotted
Armed Mannequin,
Bomb Attack on Officers

U.S. Military's Timetable to Lift Transgender Ban Has Some Top Brass Worried

CIA Chief Warns
Americans After
Istanbul Airport Attack

America on Edge

  Suicide Bomber

How Safe Is Your
Next Trip to Europe?

Turkey Declares
Day of Mourning

EgypAir Black Box
'Confirms Smoke'

Trudeau and Obama in
Post-Brexit Trade Talks

  WWII Jewish Escape
Tunnel Uncovered

  Dog Kills 3-Day-Old Baby

  Jen Is Suddenly Skinny

  Alanis Morissette
Nude Underwater

We're Eating Less Cereal.
Here's Kellogg's Plan

Pre-K Prom Is Now a Thing

NYC Comptroller Wants Free Sunscreen Dispensers in Public Spaces

Nation's Oldest Tree Is
Showing Signs of Decay

How Hillary Has Used Donations to the Clinton
Foundation as Her
'Personal Piggy Bank'

Clinton's Private Email
Use Said to Frustrate
Top Aide Huma Abedin

Trump Closes in on
Hillary in Latest Poll

Nate Silver: Hillary
Clinton Has 79 Percent
Chance of Winning

Trump Viewed More
Unfavorably Than Putin
in Most Countries: Study

Trump Is Awful, But I'll
Probably Vote For Him

Trump Offers Magic, Not
Answers, in Rust Belt

Team Clinton Spent $26M
on Battleground Ads in
June. Trump Spent $0.

Driver Sues Bar After
Drinking For 8 Hours,
Crashing Car

Judge Joe Brown
Banned From Practicing
Law in Tennessee

Waitress Told to Wear
Skirt For Customers Wins
Sex Discrimination Case

  Alessandra  Casey

  Rupert and Jerry  Abbey

  Tom & Taylor  Hannah

  Princess Iman  Lily   

  Minka  Marnie  Mila 

  Kim  Kourtney  Heidi

American Women
Boast the Biggest
Breasts in the World

Tesla Looking to Change
Up U.S. Gas Stations

Student Who Left
Baby to Die in Sorority
Trash Gets Life

Husband Died Shielding
Wife in California Wildfire

Is Google Trying to Replace City Buses With Uber?

This Jacket Will Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

'Satan Is My Daddy'

Why Driving Might be
Exposing You to Cancer

Sleep Expert Says
All You Need Is 6
Hours of GOOD Sleep

New York Times
Braces For Big Change

10 Hottest U.S. Cities

Fat Fathers 'Increase
Their Daughter's Risk
of Breast Cancer'

How Fighting With Your Spouse Affects Your Body

  The Big Picture

52 Places to Go in 2016

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Colts Sign Andrew Luck to Record $140 Million Deal

450-Pound 'Refrigerator' Perry Spends His Days Drinking in His Car

Yankees, StubHub
End Squabble and
Strike Ticket Deal

SU Football Schedule

  2016 NFL Schedules

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What Do YOU Fear
Most About Sex?

'Bachelorette'   'RHOC'

Grooming the Groom-To-Be The New Trend For Wedding Season

He Communicates
With His Ex on Snapchat

Do You Struggle to
Make Time For Exercise?

Expert Busts 7 Myths
That Claim to Prevent
Sagging Breasts

Boob Necklaces
Are a Thing Now

Could Having Sex Once
a Week Put the Spark
Back in Your Marriage?

How Friendships Can
Wreck a Marriage

10 Golden Rules For
a Happy Marriage

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  Orange Is the New Black Season 4 Episodes

  BBC Outside Source

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Town of Brownville Man
Vows to Keep Confederate
Flag Despite Complaint

> Local Discussion: Comments 

10th Mtn. Division Monument Unveiled in Thompson Park

Photo gallery by Aerial Imaging of NNY. (click to "like")

  Monument Unveiled

WWNY: After Two Years
of Work, Monument Unveiled

Tonight: Showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm before 7pm, then a chance of showers and thunderstorms between 7pm and 11pm, then a slight chance of showers after 11pm. Cloudy, then gradually becoming partly cloudy, with a low around 56. Southwest wind 7 to 13 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%.
Saturday: A slight chance of showers between 2pm and 3pm. Mostly sunny, with a high near 72. West wind 14 to 18 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.

N'east Radar Loop  Montague
  JCC   Clayton   Route 81  SPCA
  Sandy Creek  Alex Bay
Public Square  1000 Islands

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Riverside Businesses Ready For Tourists This Holiday Weekend

Rep. Elise M. Stefanik Says
She Is Supporting Donald Trump And Has NOT Been Asked to
Speak at Republican Convention

1240-WATN, The Hotline with Jeff Graham, July 1

49 Property Transactions
in Watertown in June

Local Realtors: Lori Gervera | Jason Smith | Scott Gerni 

Watertown Fire Dept. Begins
Fiscal Year With Fewer Captains

DA Mary Rain: DNA Evidence
Points to Oral "Nick" Hillary

Former Town Justice
Gets Probation For
Stealing From Pee Wees

  Councilman Cody Horbacz
Discusses Watertown First

2016 Recruiting Target
Taurean Thompson Picks SU

Lowville Police: Man Possessed Stolen Money Orders

Union: Watertown Arsonist
Bites, Punches Prison Officer

> 2007 Video: Carlos Rivera 

2007 Newzjunky photo. 200 block of Academy Street

11 Ways People Die in
Freak Fireworks Accidents

Sparklers Injure More People
Than Any Type of Fireworks

July 4th Weekend DWI Patrols

Syracuse Irish Pub Is No. 1
Fundraiser For National
Childhood Cancer Event

'You Never Know,'
West Carthage Officer Says
of Murder Suspect's Capture

What Happened Overnight?
Friday, July 1, Police Blotter

Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
Need a Lawyer? NNYLawyers.c

  County Court Calendar
Need an Attorney

Pulaski Business Owner
Pleads Guilty to Charges
in $1.6 Million Fraud Case

Meth Bust in Gouverneur

Man Charged With DWI in Lyme

Police: Woman Shut Door
on Boyfriend's Hand

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Where Can You Buy Fireworks?
(Search 1,000 Vendors)

Fireworks in Thompson Park Cancelled Due to Weather

Z93: Did City Officials
Make the Right Call?

> Official: | Stephens Media Group

July 4: Fireworks in Alex Bay

2016 Fireworks Schedule

Submitted photo.

  Border WRVO | WATN | Z93 | WLLG | Big FM

Obits | Events | Celebrations | Community Connections

Latest Births in NNY: Watertown | Carthage | Lowville

WX: Watertown | Lowville | Pulaski | Canton | Fort Drum

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 46 Divorces Filed in June
(Sponsored by

 43 DBAs Filed in June
(Sponsored by Small Business Development Center)

  City Council Agenda July 5

  Butler, Horbacz and Walczyk
Submit Number of Hours Worked

3-month period: Butler 238 hours, Horbacz 171, Walczyk 62.5

  City Council Considers
Sale of 423 W. Main Street

Jeff Graham Show July 1
> Official: Community Broadcasters

  Lewis County Board of
Legislators Agenda July 5

  Watertown City School District Board of Education Agenda

Update: Factory Street Project

Update: Knowltons Incident

Study Finds Fort Drum Missile
Defense Site Brings Jobs,
Hurts Endangered Bats

Shania Twain Calls For Help
in Finding Missing Woman

Last Winter Was 'Historically
Adverse' Ski Season

Police Arrest Victim's
Teen Son in Homicide

  Gouverneur Police Blotter

  Naked Pedestrian Strolls
Through Burlington, Vermont

  Potsdam Police Blotter 6/30

  FDR's Fireside Chats
Come to Life in Lyons Falls,
With an iPod Assist

  Restoration Work Completed
on Stillwater Fire Tower

  Jefferson County Board of Legislators July 5 Agenda

  2016 Athena Award

Area High School Lacrosse
Players Head to Baltimore
For Under Armour Games

USDA Is a Boon to
Business in Boonville

Swath of Upstate NY
Suffering From a Drought

Evans Mills and Town of LeRay
Takes Dispute to Court

Longtime Carthage and
Copenhagen Pastor Dies

Shift Change Helped
City Firefighters Respond
to Two Emergencies

Hoffmann Sausage Opens
First Office Outside New York

NY Has More Travel-Related
Zika Cases Than Other States

Glenn Curry Show June 30
> Official: Community Broadcasters

NYSP: Alleged Teen Murderer
Arrested in West Carthage

> WKTV: Homicide Investigation in Holland Patent 
> Local Discussion: Comments

July 4: What's Open or Closed?

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Lewis | St. Law | Alerts | Monuments | Flowers

Donald P. Brown, 80

(7/1, Carpenter-Stoodley Funeral Home, Belleville)

Robert C. Kernehan, 84

(7/1, Costello Funeral Service, Alexandria Bay)

Harland F. Campany, 89

(6/30, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

James L. O'Connor Jr., 83

(6/30, Lundy Funeral Home, Carthage)

Ivy E. Bryant, 89
Formerly of Watertown

(6/30, Reed & Benoit Funeral Home, Watertown)

John E. Gray, 82

(6/29, Cleveland Funeral Home, Watertown)

Percy L. Wagar Jr., 62

(6/29, Johnson Funeral Home, Dexter)

Ethel M. Gagniere, 97

(6/29, Reed & Benoit Funeral Home, Watertown)

Benjamin L. "Ben" Blair, 89

(6/29, Sundquist Funeral Home, Lowville)

Michael W. Corey, 64
Lyons Falls

(6/29, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

Mary F. Grenier, 91
Lyons Falls

(6/29, Trainor Funeral Home, Boonville)

William J. Welch Jr., 85
South Colton, Lowville

(6/29, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

Spring Graveside Services

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Wegmans: The $100 Voucher
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SU to Spend $9M Adding
Technology to Classrooms

17 Latest Births at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown
> Official:

City Firefighters Extinguish
Fire at 707 Franklin St.

Troopers Charge Four Motorists With Driving While Intoxicated

SU Alum Mike Tirico to Work One Last Gig For ESPN After 25 Years

Sunoco Acquires Properties
as Part of Valentine Transaction

26253 Route 11, Town of LeRay, $200,000
Howell Drive, Town of Watertown, $750,000
19221 Route 11, town of Watertown, $826,211
501 Mill St., City of Watertown, $433,506
19853 Route 12F, Town of Hounsfield, $1,181,176
23100 Route 12, town of Pamelia, $2,416,923

Manure Pit in Town of Adams
Moves Forward, Despite
Neighbors Opposition

Talk Show Host: Lighting at
New Monument Is 'Awful'

> Official: 

A Taste of Local Produce
Enters the Doors at
Carthage Area Hospital

Former Mayor Reveals
Watertown's Next Water Supt.

Why Is Elise Stefanik Skipping
the Republican Convention?

Siena Poll: Voters Give Albany
Session a Passing Grade, Barely

State Fixes 'Zombie' Properties
Telephone Hotline Dead End

FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant
Still Offline After Unexpected
Shutdown Last Week

  Canada Day 2016

  New Utica Club Sign

  Russell at Porterdale Farm

  Former Carolyn Pontiac
Property Sold For $75,000

Preparations Underway For Watertown City Golf Tournament

Summer Kids Klub at
Salmon Run Mall

CNY Was the Center of
the Wooden Roads Boom
in the US - Until They Rotted

WSTM-TV Meteorologist Fires
Back at Body Shamer

> Local Discussion: Comments

  Soda Bottle + Tubing +
Plastic Bag = Mobile Meth Lab

> Local Discussion: Comments

Fired Cop Sues Ex-Porn Star

More Than 8,000 Classic Cars
Coming to Fairgrounds For
Syracuse Nationals Show

Z93: Jay & Civic Charlie 6.29
> Official: | Stephens Media Group 

$780K in Federal Funding
for North Country Airports

Update: LeRay Urgent Care

Chevy Court Voted Favorite
Concert in Central New York

  Fatal Police Chase in
Ontario County

Red Cross Recommendations
For a Safe July 4th Weekend

Summer Tips For a Healthy Heart

State Awards $1.75M
For Watertown Based Drug
Addiction Recovery-Center

Simulator Helps Train Customs
and Border Protection Officers

  Skunk Caught in
200 Block of Mullin Street

  Banded Pigeon in Our Yard

Ritchie: "Ladies Who Lead"

All CNY Girls Lacrosse Team
Olivia Miles and Jill Girardi from Watertown High School

Accepting New Patients
Dr. Schonfield | Dr. Panjali | Dr. Ybarra | Dr. Sweet

  1868 Schooner Wreck
Found in Lake Ontario

  Watertown Nuns Treasure
Mother Teresa Letter

  Motorcyclist Flown to
Syracuse Hospital After Accident
on LeRay Street in Watertown

Alleged Target Shoplifter
Held on $20,000 Cash Bail

Former Alexandria Town
Clerk Pleads Guilty in Theft

Report: WNY State Senator
Missed 503 Votes

See Suspicious Items
Possibly Used to Make Meth?
Report It to the Police

  Copenhagen Central Audit

Watertown Holiday Schedule


Lakeview Amphitheater Tickets

  JCC Board of Trustees Agenda

A Spoonful of Conservation

Earthquake Felt Near Gouverneur

Area Residents Learn More
About Proposed Missile Site

Buffalo Sabres Say
Rochester's Blue Cross Arena
Not Fit to Host NHL Game

Advocates Say State
Needs to Obey 10-Year-Old
School Aid Court Order

Jefferson County Committee Says 'No' to Wind Farm Tax Breaks

Tensions Flare at New York
Pay-Hike Meeting

Military Meets With Public About Possible Missile Defense System

  City of Watertown Planning Board Agenda July 5
> Funeral home expansion; parking lot at 1552 State St.

Non-Stop Flights: Ogdensburg
to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale

> Official News Release from Allegiant  

Watertown DPW Crews Find
Possible Meth Making Materials

SU Calls Proposed Student High Rise 'Massive and Out of Line'

  Cuomo's Post-Session Events

Father and Son Charged in
Connection With Underage
Drinking Party in Lewis County

Tax Breaks For Summer
Day-Camp Expenses

Local Drone Operators
Pleased With New Rules

Lake Placid Village Court Dissolution Vote Today

Cuomo Launches "Zombie
Properties" Telephone Hotline

2 More Animals Test Positive
for Rabies in Jefferson County

Salmon Run Mall Opens New
Tesla Motors Charging Station

Why Heart Failure Hospitalizations Soar After July 4

Rally For Watertown City
Firefighters 1PM July 17

Watertown Airport Projects
Take Off With More on Horizon

July 7 Event in Sackets Harbor

7 Projects in Lowville Area
Receive Funds from NNYCF

Retailers Bash Bid For 10%
Workers' Comp Rate Hike

  Oswego Sheriff's Blotter

Live in Boonville? Lowville?
Gouverneur? Ogdensburg?

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 34 People Pay Fines
for DEC Violations

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Lyons Falls Woman Charged
With Stalking, Deputies Say

Lowville Woman Charged
With Shoplifting at Wal-Mart

WWNY: Watertown Fire
Department Develops New
Plan After Captain Demotions

Friday, July 1, Police Blotter

Thur., June 30, Police Blotter

Wed., June 29, Police Blotter

Tues., June 28, Police Blotter

Mon., June 27, Police Blotter

Sun., June 26, Police Blotter

  Potsdam Police Blotter 6/29

  Potsdam Police Blotter 6/28

  Potsdam Police Blotter 6/27

  Potsdam Police Blotter 6/26

STOP DWI New York App

Department of Health
Levies Fines For Violations

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Exclusive: Public Square Traffic Cam

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Black River Drive-In
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 1 - 7
- The B F G PG
- Finding Dory PG

Donald P. Brown, 80, Henderson

Robert C. Kernehan, 84, Plessis

Harland F. Campany, 89, Croghan

James L. O'Connor Jr., 83, Carthage

Ivy E. Bryant, 89, Watertown

John E. Gray, 82, Watertown

Percy L. Wagar Jr., 62, Mississippi

Benjamin L. "Ben" Blair, 89, Lowville

Mary F. Grenier, 91, Lyons Falls

Ethel M. Gagniere, 97, Watertown

Michael W. Corey, 64, Lyons Falls

Leigh "Lee" Blake, 80, Prescott, Ariz.

John H. Newsome Jr., 73, Watertown

Cecilia M. Arnold, 90, Carthage

Donald E. Benway, 65, Watertown

Clarissa A. Withrow, 95, Watertown

William J. Welch Jr., 85, Lowville

Helen M. Buican, 71, Watertown

Leslie F. Ver Schneider, 84, Castorland

Sister Yvonne Therese Cusson, 71, Watertown

Rose M. Spann, 77, Glenfield

Timothy L. Roggie, 67, Carthage

Carlton "Carlie" Exford, 74, formerly of Watertown

Henry A. "Hank" Zehr, 95, Lowville

Floyd C. Bishop Jr., 74, Philadelphia

Leon J. Godlewski, 42, Natural Bridge

Michael R. Snyder, 65, Theresa

Betty L. Eastman, 83, Belleville

Rosamond A. Van Arnam, 78, Watertown

Jane E. Marino Marrone, 89, Sackets Harbor

Donald J. Ayen Sr., 84, Redwood


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