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 Noon 10/1: SU vs. Notre Dame (-13)

 1PM 10/2: Bills vs. Patriots (-4)

 Beatles: Eight Days a Week - Touring Years

Obama Nominates
Ambassador to Cuba

New Record: Over
83 Million Watched
Trump vs. Clinton

Overnight Ratings In...

  Princess Kate  Lucy

First 'Three Person Baby'
Born Using New Method

Trump Is Far From Finished

Is America in Shambles?

Morgan: Trump Will Be More Direct, More Brutal, More Effective in Next Debate

Falling Debris Kills FDNY Battalion Chief When Suspected Drug Den Explodes in Bronx; 12 Hurt

Chemical Weapon Wasn't Used on U.S. Troops in Iraq

ISIS Poses 'Sustained' Threat to U.S. For Years to Come Despite Loss of Territory

  France's Migrant Crisis

Tiger Woods Told to
Get Out of Group Photo

Elon Musk Outlines
Mars Colony Vision

Details Emerge on Jose Fernandez's Last Night

Official: Bag of 4
Fernandez Signed
Baseballs Washes Ashore

Sheriff Defends
Breastfeeding Mom
For Exposing Nipple

Playboy to Feature Muslim Woman Wearing Hijab for the First Time in History

  Gisele & Tom in Italy

  Arnold in Munich

  Emily  Gleb  Gere  Liam

  Daisy Duke at 62

Las Vegas Pool Parties...

Red Sox Set For a
Clinching Party at
Yankee Stadium

On Its 18th Birthday,
Google Is More
Indispensable Than Ever

NYC Bombing Suspect 'Too Injured to See Lawyer'

Bodies of Unclaimed
Veterans Languish at
Chicago-Area VA Hospital

Lester Holt Emerges From Debate Bruised & Partisan

  Motorist Uses Cardboard Trump Head in HOV Lane

  Hillary's Mid-Debate Shimmy Was Something

Carr: Being Hillary Clinton Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

Biden Slams Trump

Did Donald Trump's
Interruptions Backfire?

Trump Vows to 'Hit Her
Harder' in Next Debate

Trump's Abdication of Personal Responsibility

Trump Doubles Down
on Insults of Former
Miss Universe

Trump Lambastes Holt

Giuliani Says Hillary's 'Too Stupid to be President'
After Lewinsky Scandal

Consumers the Most
Confident Since 2007

Is It Really Possible
to Contour Your Nails?

What Would You Pay
For an Empty Room?

Two of TV's Funniest Shows Are All About Death

  This Is the First
Adidas Shoe Made Almost
Entirely by Robots

Air Force Colonel Accused
of Rape Kills Self

Grandpa Sues Grandson,
13, Over Crash That
Killed Grandma

Mom's Brutally Honest
Tardy Note For Teen
Daughter Goes Viral

YouTube Go Is a New App
For Offline Viewing...

Virtual Reality Coaster Coming to SeaWorld

Monmouth County Court Has a Soft Spot For Bruce Springsyeen

Debate of the Century
Lives Up to Its Billing

> Fierce Battle Over Taxes, Race, Terror 
> Trump and Clinton Get Vicious in First Debate 
> Candidates Clash in Tense First Debate 
> Sparks Fly in Clinton-Trump Duel 
> Six Key Moments of the First Debate 
> All the Blows as They Landed 
> Clinton Got Interrupted How Many Times? 
> Did Trump Come Off as Sexist
> Clinton Shows Strength Over Trump 
> Clinton Set the Trap and Trump Walked In 
> Clinton Weaponized Trump's Words 
> Elizabeth Warren Trashes Trump's Performance
> 'All-Talk Clinton' Slams 'Trumped-up' Tax Plan  
Big Names in Attendance

Hillary Goes Low:
Clinton Brands Trump
a Racist AND a Sexist

> Clinton Gets Under Trump's Skin 
> Trump Says He Held Back...
> The Role of Gender in the Debate

Clinton Stays Calm While Trump Loses His Cool
During Chaotic Night

'That Was Nuts'

Trump Deserves to be
Taken Seriously After
Surviving Round One

'Was That on Purpose?':
Trump Claims He Got a
Bad Debate Microphone

Trump's Debate
Incompetence a Slap in
the Face to His Supporters

> Trump Starts Out Subdued, Then His Cool... 


Howard Dean Asks
If Trump's Sniffling
Was Due to COCAINE

  The Rival Families

  Watch the Debate

Trump: I Would
'Absolutely Support'
Clinton as President

Snap Polls  Drudge Poll

Trump Blew It. But Will
Voters Take Any Notice?

Trump Boasts He Paid
NO Federal Income
Tax in the Past

'I Prepared to be
President,' Clinton Tells
Trump in Debate Zinger

'Big, Befuddled Grump'

Schieffer: Debate Didn't
Sway Many Voters

Klein: 'An Unprepared Man Repeatedly Shouting Over a Highly Prepared Woman'

Rosie O'Donnell Calls
Trump an 'Orange Anus'

New Yorkers Drink & Vent

How Trump Won Over a
Bar Full of Undecideds
and Democrats

Lester Holt Shows
He Doesn't Know the
Meaning of Impartial

> Lester Holt: The Third Debater 
> Lester Holt Stays Out of the Way 
> Holt Works to Keep Control of Debate 
> Heslam: Moderately Boring 

Journalist Caught on Camera Telling Woman,
'Thanks a Lot, B---h'

Electoral College: Debate Didn't Move the Needle

Jill Stein Escorted From Debate; Protesters Arrested

Online Trackers Follow
Our Digital Shadow
by 'Fingerprinting'
Browsers, Devices

Introducing the
Motorized Ridealong
Suitcase - For Adults

Problem With Your
Hybrid? Burn More Gas,
Ford Tells Owner

Grocery Prices Plunging

NFL Games  Odds

Falcons 45, Saints 32

NYT Front Page  NYDN

BBC Outside Source 9.27

Could Cancer Pill be
the Cure For Baldness?

Can Deodorants

New Trial Over Talc,
Cancer Link

How Having a Miserable
Husband (Or Wife) Is
Bad For Your Health

My Girlfriend Has
Self-Esteem Issues

Modern Family Will Feature Transgender Child

Katy Perry: I Will Use
My Body as 'Click Bait'

Marlins Outfielder Dee Gordon Hits Home Run and Rounds Bases in Tears
> Mourning Marlins Get Emotional Win Over Mets

Tempers Flare as Yankees Avoid Sweep, Beat Blue Jays

  The King of Golf

Arnold Palmer's Impact: Grand Slam, Endorsements, TV, Private Jets

Naomi and Liev Separate After 11 Years of Marriage

How Brady Is Spending the Deflategate Suspension? Nude Sunbathing

Royal Visit to B.C. Rainforest Met with Torrent of Rain, and Cheers
> Grand Chief Snubs Ceremony 

  The Lady in Red  Emily

  Charlotte and Scott

  Princess Kate  Aniston

  Lucy  Jennifer  Miranda

  Kourtney  Beckham   

  Chloe  Jasmin  Cara

  Ryder Cup WAGs  Ben

  'RHOC' Recap  Helena

Male Models' Secrets
to Looking Good Naked

Mrs. Clooney Has
Worn $44,000 Worth
of Clothes in 14 Days

Rob Tweets Kylie's Phone Number in Rage...

Vegas Clubs in $1M
Bidding War to Host
Kendall Jenner's Birthday

Go Easy on Housework Ladies, It Gives You Back and Neck Pain Four Years Earlier Than Men

It's Time to Kill
the 9-to-5 Workday

Do YOU Have Flabby Legs?

Why Having a 'Spare Tire'
Is Dangerous...

Eat to Beat Diabetes

Mall Shooting Suspect
Ate With Stepfather
Before Attack

> Police: Suspect Confessed, Shot 5 in 1 Minute 

Hospital Tried to Commit Suspected Mall Shooter
Last Year...

> Stepdad: 'Mental Health Issues'

2 Bomb Attacks
in Germany

'Surprising' Activity on Jupiter's Moon Europa

More 'Creepy Clowns'
Spotted in Florida

Push to Keep "Gypsy Cops" With Questionable Pasts Off the Streets

How Being Alone May
be the Key to Rest

More Pa. Babies Are Born Addicted to Opioids

Spiced Rum Trend

Snowden Movie 'Preposterous,' Says Former NSA Deputy Director

There's Only One
Newspaper in California
That Has Endorsed Trump

Disney Eyes Twitter

Obama 'Deeply Concerned' About Aleppo

Official: One-Third
of Calls to VA Suicide
Hotline Rollover

Murders Up 10.8% in
Biggest Percentage
Increase Since 1971

Washington Monument Shut Indefinitely For Repairs

Tiger Woods Emailed
Hillary Clinton During
Cheating Scandal

Do You Have a
Normal Sex Drive?

44 People Hurt
After 2 Buses Collide
in Lincoln Tunnel

Home Depot Pulls Scary Peeper Creeper From Stores

Saudi Women Petition to
End Male Guardianship

Male Models
'Suffer Pay Gap'

Nobody Is Beating These Streaking Red Sox

Dealing With
Unrequited Love

  These Moms Love
to Strut Their Stuff
at School Drop-Off

  'Hi, I'm Tom Hanks'

  David Letterman

  Michelle  Vogue  Emma

  Nina  Taylor  Vogue

  Katharine  Kendall  Zilda

  Photos: Inside the
World's Bedrooms

  They Dreamed of Sheep (Farming): Peek Inside
an Alabama Dairy

  Creepy Mickey Mouse Arrested for Shoplifting

After New York Attack,
Congress Wants TSA to
Secure Amtrak, Buses

Naked Mike Rowe
Pulls Shotgun on Drone
Filming His Bedroom

These Cities Have the Fastest Growing Economies

U2 at 40: How Four North Dublin Lads Went on to Become the Biggest Rock and Roll Band in the World
> From Teenage Dreams in a Kitchen Jam to... 
> 'Drummer Seeks Musician' Note Started It All
> I Was There 40 Years Ago...

CNN: Trump, Clinton
Deadlocked in CO, PA

Clinton, Trump in
Dead Heat in Polls
Ahead of First Debate

> How AP Rates the Road to 270 

See Anything Remarkable About This Photo?

  Daring Duchess!

Is Your Child's Violent
Behavior Normal?

Disney Vacation Horror

Boater Missing 7 Days
Found Drifting on Raft

Despite Vows, Dunkin'
Can't Quit Styrofoam

UK Supermarket
Beer Sales Overtake
Pubs For First Time

How a Monthly Date Night Could Save Your Marriage

How to Menopause
Proof Your Smile

Generation No Sex: Why
the Internet Is a Passion Killer for the Young

New 'Order a Daddy' App Lets Women Browse
Sperm Donors as Easily
as Shopping Online

Is There a Quick Fix For the Deep Bags Under My Eyes?

Body Fat Linked to
Bacteria in Feces

433K People Die
Every Year Because
They Sat For Too Long

How Two $1.69 Bottles of OJ Cost Dollar General $277,000

California Enacts Law Requiring IMDB to Remove Actor Ages on Request

Jane Pauley to Take Over
as Host of Sunday Morning as Charles Osgood Steps Down After 22 Years

Schumer: Emergency
Alerts Need to be as
Smart as Our Phones

Hollywood Tries to ID
A-Lister Accused of
Raping Corey Haim

Rolling Stone Sells 49% Share of Magazine to Singapore Entrepreneur

Snapchat Launches
Sunglasses With Camera

The Devastating Toll
Divorce Can Take
on Your Health...

Kid Alert: McDonald's to Test Breakfast Happy Meal

  Jackson Hole Cam

More Child Suicides Are Linked to ADD Than Depression, Study Says

Tattoo Taboo: Employers
Are 'Missing Out' on Talent

Feeding Babies Peanuts & Eggs May Reduce Allergies

The 5 Best, Worst Car
Brands in the U.S.

Gun Nut? I Take It as
a Term of Endearment

AAA: People Waste
Money on Premium Gas

Around the World,
Elevated Expressways
Are Coming Down

The Tell-Tale Signs YOU
Could be an Alcoholic

  Gun Nation

Is Going to a Top Tier
College Worth It?

FBI Director: Cover Your Webcam With Tape

New Hair Loss Treatment Inspired By Sports Injury Remedies

  The Big Picture

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Arnold Palmer, 'The 'King'
of Golf, Dies at 87

> How Arnold Palmer Made Golf Cool 
> How Palmer Invented the Arnold Palmer Drink 
> 'The Simpsons Know All': Spooky Reference

Arnie's $700M Empire

Is SU Basketball the Most Underrated Team Each Year?

2017 MLB Schedule

SU Basketball Schedule

SU Football Schedule

SU Hoops:
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'RHONJ' Recap

  J-Law  Miranda  Hailey

  Isn't It Ironic?

Pippa's Speedy Family Meals

10 Things You Need to
Know About Vaginas

How to Cut YOUR Chances
of Getting Cancer

What YOU Need to Know
to Get Through a Divorce

Don't Drunk Text Your Ex

  50 Shades Darker Trailer

  BBC Outside Source

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State Errs in Sending Lower Property Tax Credit Checks

The Debate Aftermath in NNY

Oct. 14 Is the Last Day
to Register to Vote...

Better Late Than Normal:
Coast Guard Veteran Honored

SAT Scores Down in NY State
For Fourth Year in a Row

New York Is the 7th
Best State For Teachers

Two Animals Test Positive For Rabies in Jefferson County

  Ritchie Cuts Ribbon on New Playground at Belleville-Henderson

Some State Legislators,
But Not Many, Make the
Case for a Pay Raise

Heastie: Pay Raise Should
be Considered On Its Own

New State Law Prohibits
Telecom, Utility Providers
from Charging the Dead

Report: NY Energy Plan
to Raise Utility Bills

Ogdensburg, Champion
Added to List of Fiscally
Stressed Municipalities

Graham: City Manager
Can Do Whatever She Wants
> Official: 1240-WATN | Community Broadcasters

Francis: Council NOT Doing a
Good Job Supervising Addison
> Official: 1240-WATN | Community Broadcasters Remains
Tops in Market Share

Oswego County Subway Franchisee Arrested For Tax Fraud

How Many Planes Have
Crashed in NY State With
Deadly Consequences?

Is Preet Bharara Is Destined
For Political Office?

COR's Money Flowed to
Cuomo's Campaign Fund

Prosecutor: Percoco Was
'Struggling to Pay His Bills'

Oswego Drops Plan to Do
Aerial Mosquito Spraying

What Is Killing Us? Top Causes of Death (Check Your County)

Upstate NY Mayor Accused of Paying Daughter's College Loans With Public Money

Sackets Harbor Man Has
'Awesome' Debate Experience

North Country Voters Weigh
In On Presidential Debate

  Debate-Watching Party

  4Sale: 5 Bedrooms,
3 Bathrooms on 7-Acre Lot

Z93: Presidential Debate
Reaction by Jay & Civic Charlie
> Official: | Stephens Media Group

Black Moon 2016

What Happened Overnight?
Tues., Sept. 27, Police Blotter

Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
Need a Lawyer? NNYLawyers.c

Watertown Police Blotter

Potsdam Police Blotter 9/26

3 People Cited After
Traffic Stop in Lowville

Should New York's Move
Over Law Be Changed?

Syracuse Hospital Has Lowest
Death Rate in New York
For Heart Valve Operations

When Will Upstate Get Uber?

UAlbany Student From
Queens Found Dead in Woods

Dedication of David G. Gregor Building at JCC

Ichiban Restaurant Opens in
New Spot on Arsenal Street

ACC Basketball Breakdown

Community Sessions for
Six Town Community Fund
to be Held Next Week

Christmas Creeping into Stores

Hillary Trial: Lingering Questions

Parents Sue School District After
12-Year-Old Daughter's Suicide

NY Hunting Seasons For
Turkeys, Pheasants Open Oct. 1

Clinton Leads Trump by
24 Points in New York State

NYP: Gov. Cuomo's Dodgy
Answer to Corruption

Cuomo's Approval Rating
Inches Down to 40%

Will Cuomo Return $337,500 in Political Donations to COR?

Cuomo: New Gift Card
Regulations Help Protect
New York Consumers

Report: Spike in Concussion Diagnoses Between 2010 & 2015

9 CNY Bars That Put an
Emphasis on Mixed Drinks

Glenn Curry Show Sept. 26
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Super DIRT Car Series Makes
Final Stop Before Heading to Oswego (Weekend Results)

Lake Effect Season Kicking in
For Upstate NY (Rain, For Now)

First Frost of the Season

Where Are the Fall Colors?

SU Negotiating For New Naming Rights Deal on Carrier Dome

Utica College's Football Team
Is Creating a Buzz on Campus

Watertown Fire Department
Plan Still in Limbo

Hillary Verdict to be Announced Wednesday Morning

Oswego Sheriff's Blotter

  County Court Calendar
Need an Attorney

 19 Divorces Filed in Sept.
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 23 DBAs Filed in September
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Amy Jo Ferrance, 48

(9/25, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

Valerie M. Kuntz, 52

(9/25, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

Samantha L. Turner, 22
Evans Mills

(9/25, Hart & Bruce Funeral Home, Watertown)

Mary E. Brinkley, 93
Black River

(9/25, Bruce Funeral Home, Black River)

Marguerite N. Ott, 89
Alexandria Bay

(9/25, Costello Funeral Service, Alexandria Bay)

Thelma R. Seaver, 73

(9/25, Piddock Funeral Home, Adams)

Wayne P. Susice, 54
Formerly of Carthage

(9/25, Lundy Funeral Home, Carthage)

Kevin L. Cook, 56
West Carthage

(9/24, Lundy Funeral Home, Carthage)

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COR Criminal Charges Raise
Concern Over Project's Future

Binghamton Hockey Team
Moving to Belleville, Ontario

> Senators Deal Chipped in Stone 

High School Sports Scores

Section III Morning Recap

Girls Soccer Scores  Boys Soccer

Pet Cemetery: New Yorkers Can
Now Be Buried With Their Pets

Claire Wakefield Named Antique Boat Museum Curator

DEC Forest Ranger Helps Escort Watertown Hunter Out of Woods in the Town of Pamelia

How DA Fitzpatrick Took Control
of St. Lawrence County Murder Trial From Troubled Mary Rain

  Salmon River Fishing

Town of Pitcairn Still Wants to State to Pay For Water Woes

Jefferson County to Buy More Than 1,000 New Emergency Radios

NY State Paying Medicaid
For Dead People

Dairy Queen Looks to Add Up
to 100 Upstate NY Locations

Too Many Visitors?
Adirondack High Peaks
Become Victim of Success

Ritchie Announces Free Rides
For Senior Health Fair

Why NY's Roads Ranked 45th in Nation, Despite Big Spending

Woman Injured in ATV Accident
in Timberview Lodge Parking Lot

Red Cross Announces 2016
Real Heroes Award Recipients

Don't Count on a
Winter Like Last Year's

Jeff Graham Show Sept. 26
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Z93: Fire Dept. Stalemate
> Official: | Stephens Media Group

Parents Sue High School
After Daughter Sexually
Assaulted in Classroom

27-Year-Old Man Dies in
ATV Accident in Lewis County

Troopers Charge 7 With DWI

WPD: Fort Drum Man Charged
With Aggravated DWI After
Leaving Scene of Accident

Watertown Lyric Theater
Announces Auditions...

  Builder Ups the Ante in the
War Against Trump Sign Thefts

'NY Now' Assesses Damage to Cuomo, Upstate Projects

Fred Dicker Leaves NY Post
After Nearly 34 Years

State Democrats Want to Drive Andrew Cuomo Out of Office

Lovett: Cuomo Should
Have Seen Warning Signs
Prior to Bribery Probe

> Cuomo Attending Debate 

Cuomo Wants More Ethics
Reforms in Exchange For
State Pol Pay Raises

Cuomo's Pledge to Clean Up
Albany Unfulfilled

State Party Removes Cuomo
Foe from DNC

In New York, Everyone
Needs a Lobbyist

  Rochester's Garbage Ball

Potsdam Police Blotter Sept. 24

Lowville Girl Celebrates Birthday by "Paying It Forward"

  Kidney Walk in Clayton

Giant Pumpkins Bring
a Crowd to Gouverneur

  Oktoberfest in Cape Vincent

Common Feature of I-81
Project Would Expand Lanes, Interchange North of Viaduct

New High School in Oswego
County Preparing Students
For Careers in Engineering

Are You Swimming in Polluted Water? New Test May Give Answer

High School Sports Schedules

High School Sports Scores

Pre-Owned Vehicles? Check Out the New Listings

Cuomo Condemns Corruption
Case; Vows Reforms

> Cuomo Says He Had 'No Idea
> Cuomo Says He Will 'Learn From' Crisis 
> Cuomo: 'We Are Not Slowing Down, We Are Speeding Up'

  Super DIRT Week Unloads
500+ Trucks of Dirt on
Oswego Speedway

  What You Can Learn
From the 9 Charged With
Bribes, Bid Rigging and Lies

Is Hillary Guilty or Not Guilty?

Remember Aaron Woolf?

Albany Refuses to Pay
For Man's SUV Swallowed by Sinkhole on City Street

Utica College Says Its
Lower Tuition Is Paying Off

Carthage Lost Its Champion
> Local Discussion: Comments 
> Kevin L. Cook, 56, West Carthage 

New Opioid Treatment
Clinic Opens in Watertown

Winter 2016-17 Concerts

Jefferson County Planning Board Agenda Sept. 27

North Country Woman Featured in Hillary Clinton TV Ad

DEC Announces Start of Small
Game Hunting Seasons

DEC Announces Start of
Early Bow Seasons for Deer

Assemblywoman Russell:
I Am Sick of Albany Corruption

The Five Charges COR
Executives Face, Broken Down

> As Probe Continues, Cuomo to Visit WNY 
Warned Not to Lie, 2 COR Executives Did, Feds Say

Gouverneur Police Blotter

23 Property Transactions
in Watertown in September

Local Realtor: Lori Gervera

12 Latest Births at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown
> Official:

  Watertown Board of
Education Agenda, Sept. 27

Watertown Lawmakers May
Be Open to Brewery Project

More Help Available For North Country Heroin Addicts
> Local Discussion: Comments 

When Do Clocks Fall Back?

Stefanik Apologizes...

Accepting New Patients
Dr. Schonfield | Dr. Panjali | Dr. Sweet

  River PTZ Cam

Passport Day October 15

Is It Too Early For a Flu Shot?

Watertown's Demise: Blame the People Who Advocated for Tax Deals for Developers to Build Apartments Outside the City
> 1240-WATN

Packed House Airs Views on
Proposed Rental Inspection Law

Z93: Why Is Macaluso
in Support of 'Intrusive'
Rental Inspections Law?

> Official: | Stephens Media Group

Open House: New Family
Health Center in Adams

Chasing the Dragon: Heroin
Addiction in the North Country

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12 Latest Births at
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Discovering Watertown
Premiere Party Nov. 3

  Live: Syracuse University

WHS  General Brown 

Indian River   IHC  Carthage

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Troops and Troopers Enjoy
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  140 Photos: Troopers Assisting Troops Fishing Tournament

Gouverneur Police Blotter

Police Officer Exam Nov. 19

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Exclusive: Public Square Traffic Cam

Source:  Live at Five
Square  State  Bay  Tug Hi

Black River Drive-In
Friday - Sunday  Sept. 30 - Oct. 2
- Storks PG

Valerie M. Kuntz, 52, Lowville

Amy Jo Ferrance, 48, Greig

Marguerite N. Ott, 89, Alexandria Bay

Samantha L. Turner, 22, Evans Mills

Mary E. Brinkley, 93, Black River

Thelma R. Seaver, 73, Adams

Wayne P. Susice, 54, formerly of Carthage

Kevin L. Cook, 56, West Carthage

Betty J. Truesdell, 88, Alexandria Bay

Joseph M. Babcock, 82, Dexter

Paulette E. Illingsworth, 65, Carthage

Frank M. Bruyns, 94, formerly of Evans Mills

Ned J. Klock Jr., 83, Three Mile Bay

Doris I. Briggs, 84, formerly of Adams

Donald R. Bach Sr., 89, Lowville

Leona E. Eassa, 92, Watertown

John P. Heinrich, 95, Croghan

John D. Spicer, 62, formerly of Natural Bridge

Alfreda D. Morgan, 77, Natural Bridge

Roger E. Shambo, 80, Copenhagen

Margaret A. Burdick, 93, Carthage

David E. Warren, 63, West Carthage

Gilbert J. Baker, 85, Natural Bridge

Glenn D. Hudon, 80, Alexandria Bay

Lois M. Galloway, 89, Watertown

Anna G. Gill, 78, Watertown


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