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New York State has great variety of big game hunting opportunities. Along with this are many regulations and occasional changes that hunters need to be aware of. Hunters can always call their local environmental conservation police officer with questions or call into the Watertown Headquarters Office weekdays at (315) 785-2231. Many of the basic questions about big game hunting are answered on a DEC web page at 8305.html called "Deer and Bear Hunting Regulations".

Chris Foster, formerly of Watertown, arrowed this 8 point on Nov. 29 on family property in Cato.

Hunter Foley of the town of Brownville shot this nice six point on the day before Thanksgiving in the town of Orleans.

Shot by Mark Disotell in the town of Leray with his old dirty 30 !!!

David Williamson of Constableville, shot this 8 pt buck during deer season on the Plummer Road just outside of town. Took four shots to stop him and was quite a fight for life. 

Chris Rinard, Brownville, shot this 10 point mule deer from 294 yards in South Dakota on Nov 21.  The deer was stalked for half a mile in the open.

Laramie Johnston, Clayton, shot this 15 point whitetail from 75 yards in South Dakota on Nov 18.  It's his best whitetail to date.

Doug Badour, Clayton, shot this 8 point buck from 50 yards in South Dakota on Nov 18. 

Tony Pickel
, Lowville, has been hunting for two years. He has never had  any luck but on the morning of Dec. 1 he shot a 180-pound, 8-point in the town of Watson.

Chelsea VanTassel shot her first buck, an 8 point, while hunting in Theresa with her dad.

Levi Wainright, 18, Gouverneur, shot this 7-point, 175-pound on Nov. 28 while hunting with his father and grandfather.

Alec Rowsam shot this 8 pt buck on December 7 with his Remington 30-06 on his Grandpa Rowsam's land in Martinsburg.  Dressed out, this buck was 205 lbs.  Alec had been hunting almost daily in Martinsburg and in Belfort with no luck until this guy showed up.

Dave Thorne of Forestport harvested this 8pt during the 2014 Missouri season.

Jamie Bray, Sackets Harbor, nice night of predator hunting in Oswego County on Dec. 6.

Grant Gardner, 13, with his first deer.  Made an incredible 30 yard shot with his Mathews on this 4pt while hunting in Champion with his dad and cousin Andy Jr.

Tom Bush with his 9 point.

Ben Wakefield, Lowville, got this 8 point out of his uncles pumpkin patch Nov. 22.

11-point shot in Calcium on Dec. 3 by Barney Cox.

Jason Byers, 12, took this 5pt on the second day of Pennsylvania Gun Season, with his new .308 rifle.

Anna Garrison got this 9pt on Nov. 29 in Lewis County. A great first buck. 

Jordan Curtis, 15, of Degrasse, got these two does on Nov. 28 at his grandfather's property on Pillar Point.  He was hunting with his father and grandfather. 

Ryan Sprowl, 16, Lowville- shot this nice spike horn while hunting with Max Egan and his family on Nov. 28.

Jaycee Reff, who recently moved to eastern Tennessee from Adams Center N.Y., shot his first buck ever, a nice Tennessee 7 point. Taken from his own tree stand with one great shot on dad's property.

Jerrid Zimmerman, Rodman, shot this monster buck Friday, Nov. 28, in Watertown.

Matt Moran took this 180lb, 8-point at 11:45 a.m. Nov. 28 in LaFargeville with a .270.

Carson Daly enjoyed a great 15th birthday tagging this nice buck.

David Smith, of West Leyden, shot this 10pt buck in Oneida County on Nov. 15 while hunting with his father Paul Smith. The buck dressed out at 196lbs.

Morgan Timerman, 15, LaFargeville, shot his first deer on Thanksgiving morning on the family farm near Orleans Corners. This 6 point was shot with a Remington pump .30-06 circa 1958.

Nicole Zimmer, from Rossie, with her first muley buck, 8 point mule deer, shot in Raynesford, Montana.

Dom Bango 8 pt 164 # greenwood buck nov 8.

John Karelus, Turin, shot this 9-point on Nov. 12 at the family camp. It dressed out at 197 lbs.

Kenny Cote, Watertown, shot this 10-point on Nov. 26 in the town of Orleans. He dressed out at 192 pounds.

Josh Marolf, Lowville, shot this 9-point on Nov. 24 in the town of Denmark. It weighed in at 140 pounds. 

Jason DesJardins, Glen Park, got these pair of doe on Nov. 25.

Lester Myers Jr. got this nice 4-point, 150-pound deer in his backyard in  Natural Bridge.

Hunter Landis, 14, Sackets Harbor, shot his first deer on Nov. 25 on a friend's land with 7mm-08 that his grandpa gave to him for his birthday.

Paul Hilts, Dexter, shot this 8-point buck on Nov. 22 while hunting in the town of Brownville.

Nathan Ives shot this 10-point buck on Nov. 27 on the Ives Farm in Theresa. 

Matt Gillespie, pictured with his son, Gage, shot this 6-point buck on Nov. 22. After being shot, the deer toppled down in the gorge across from their home in the town of Harrisburg.

Mark Brow Sr., LaFargeville, harvested this 8-point on Nov. 26. It's been a long season not seeing but only a few small deer. Three doe bleets, two buck grunts, he walks out of the wood at 50 yards. Boom.

Julie Covey took this 7-point on Nov. 27 in the Limerick cedars. 





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