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Trump Wants 15%
Corporate Tax Rate

Countdown to Shutdown

UK Students Told Not to Obsess Over Finding a Job

Albertson's Is Considering Purchasing Whole Foods

Canada Is Experimenting
With Giving 4,000 People
Free Money Until 2020

Le Pen 'Steps Aside'
As Party Leader

Report: Gregg Allman
Enters Hospice Care

Autopsy: Erin Moran
Likely Died of Cancer

  Aaron Hernandez Funeral

Former President Bush
Still Under Observation
at Houston Hospital

40 to 60 Teens Swarm
Oakland Subway Train,
Rob Weekend Riders

The New Status Symbol:
It's Not What You Spend,
It's How Hard You Work

More Millennials
Living With Parents

8 Tips to Stay Slender Without Worrying

North Korea Could Mark
Military Birthday With
Nuke, Missile Test

Obama: 'What's Been Going on While I've Been Gone?'

Obama Returns
to Spotlight, Talks
Up His 'Next Job'

Sheryl Sandberg:
'I Felt Like a Ghost'
After Husband's Death

  This Is the 'Flying Car' Backed by Google's

Megyn Kelly Set For
June NBC Debut

'Fox & Friends' Anchor to
be State Spokeswoman

Yahoo Ecexs Including
Mayer Are Out in Verizon's
New Oath Leadership Team

Removal of Four New
Orleans Confederate
Monuments Begins
Amid Death Threats

As Executions Loom,
Supreme Court Splits
on Mental Health Claims

iHeartRadio Parent
Warns It May Not
Survive Another Year

$20 Billion Debt; 850 Radio Stations

Russia Is Sending
Weapons to Taliban, Top
U.S. General Confirms

  The Mother of All
Bomb Craters

France Makes a Clear Call For Change - But What Way?
> Hollande Urges France to Reject Le Pen 
> Macron Basks in First-Round Victory 

  Thieves Crash Car
into Louis Vuitton Store
on Magnificent Mile

> WGN: BMW Rammed into Store

Jury Gets Case 12 Years
After Mass Murder

College Student Killed
During Hammer Throw
at Track Meet

The Best Way to Scoop
Ice Cream Revealed

In Southern Indiana, 'Happy Days' Star's Death Is as Mysterious as Her Life

Frozen Hash Browns
Recalled For Possible
Golf Ball Contamination

  Mother Hopes Photo of Dying Son Will Deter Others From Doing Fentanyl

  John Oliver Show:
Ivanka & Jared Kushner

Arkansas Set For Rare
Double Execution

The Democrats Delivered One Thing in the Past 100 Days: Disappointment

Beyond Sexual Harassment, Lesser Known Scandals Cost the Murdochs a $14B Deal

The Death of
Definitive TV Endings

Inside the Place Where
Uber Tries to Make
Nice With Its Drivers

  Aaron's 'Prison Lover'?

  Kim  Lucy  Emily  Salma

  Kourtney  J-Lo  Cindy

Mel B's Nanny Claims She Was 'Seduced' into Seven Years of Threesomes

Astronaut Peggy Whitson Breaks New Space Record

Love Letters: I Don't
Think I Love Her

April the Giraffe Live
Streaming to Return

Verizon Pushing Fios
Speeds Near a Gigabit

The Electric Car Revolution Now Faces Its Biggest Test

Disney, the Gap and
Pepsi Urged to Quit U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Defense Secretary Mattis Arrives in Afghanistan

100 Days: 'It's a Different Kind of Presidency'

A Bumpy 100 Days For
Trump? Just Wait For
the 1,361 to Follow

100 Days: How Trump
Compares With Last
Five Presidents

Sean Hannity Is Forced
to Deny He Sexually
Harassed a Former
Fox News Contributor

Trump 'Refuses to Fire Gaffe-Prone Press Secretary Sean Spicer Because He  Gets Good Ratings'

Trump Raises
Rhetoric Against Iran

Trump Eyeing Second
Supreme Court Seat

Trump's Hollywood Walk
of Fame Star Defaced

No Female Musicians
in the Top 10 For the
First Time in 33 Years

Get Fit in 15 Minutes

Health Dept.: Starbucks'
New Unicorn Frappuccino
Has 59 Grams of Sugar

  France's Next First Lady?

Macron and Le Pen
in 'French Run-Off'

French Election Updates

France 24 Live  SKY  BBC

Europe's Future Uncertain

North Korea Says
It's Ready to Strike
U.S. Aircraft Carrier

  Firefighter Captures
Moment Girl Falls From Moving Bus in Arkansas

Trump Push For Border
Wall Threatens to Cause Government Shutdown

Kasich Says Cultural Erosion Helped Trump Rise

Melania & Ivanka Have
a 'Frosty' Relationship

This Is Why Bloomberg
Didn't Run For President

Flying Cars Become Reality

Report: Uber Tracked
Users Even After
They Deleted App

Tram Troubles
Frustrate Passengers
at Orlando Airport

Boy, 12, Trying to Drive Across Australia 'Crashed'
Car Before He Was Pulled
Over After 800 Miles

Gigi  J-Lo  Imogen  Alex 

Affleck  Becks  Orlando 

NYT Front Page  NYDN

Today's Famous Birthdays

Mississippi, Alabama Celebrate Confederate Memorial Day

Why We Love Chili

Erin Moran, Joanie on
'Happy Days', Dies at 56

Henry Winkler and Ron
Howard Lead Tributes...

Parents' Smartphone
Use 'Harms Family Life'

  Kate Is NOT Amused!

Pope Describes Some
Europe Refugee Camps as 'Concentration Camps'

> Jews Outraged at Comparison 

In House of Murdoch,
Sons Set About an
Elaborate Overhaul

Trump Makes 12th
Consecutive Weekend Visit to One of His Properties

Amid a Glut of Milk,
Wisconsin Farmers Say
Canada Not to Blame

Aurora Photographers
Find New Night Sky Lights
and Call Them Steve

Uber's CEO Plays With Fire

A New Era of Monopolies

Is It Time to Break
Up Google?

Could This CEO be a
Millennial Bernie Madoff?

Richard Simmons Leaves Hospital, Thanks Doctors

'Roger Ailes Did
Sexually Harass Me'

How Two Yankees
Cast-Offs Quietly Became
Yankees Godsends

Alleged Drunken Driver Charged After Couple Is Struck, Killed on Long Island

Please, God, Stop
Chelsea Clinton From
Whatever She Is Doing

Frito-Lay Recalls Various Chips For Possible Salmonella Contamination

Who's Who in France's
Wild Presidential Election

North Korea 'Detains American Citizen'

Bill O'Reilly Returns With
New Podcast Monday

Twitter Reacts to Don
Cherry's Frightening Suit

Abortion in Ireland:
Committee Votes For
Constitutional Change

William, Harry & Kate Launch London Marathon

White Wine Could
Ruin Your Skin

Kylie  Ashley  Hailey  Demi

Charlotte  Ariel  Kimberly

Revenge of the Nerds

Domino's Sparks Chaos

Sanford: Emerging Plan
to Unshackle States on Health Care 'Make Sense'

More Fox News Staffers to Join Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

  Dramatic Footage of
Somali Pirates Trying
to Hijack a Cargo Ship

Runaway Teacher and
Student Spent 10 Days
at California Commune

I'll Give You the Biggest
Tax Cut Ever, Promises President Trump

> Details Coming Wednesday 

Global Protests Call
For Climate Action
in Rebuke of Trump

American Airlines Investigating Alleged
Flight Incident

> Flight Attendant 'Hit Mother With Stroller

Should Airlines Be Allowed to Overbook Flights and Bump Passengers?

Are Your Headphones
Spying on You?

> Bose: 'We Don't Wiretap Your Communications'
> Bose Sued For Logging Listening Habits 

A Day Without Power

Surgeon General Replaced by Trump Administration

Michigan Man Guilty of
Leaving Car Idling in
Driveway, Fine: $128

Man Dies After Riding
Disney World's Thunder Mountain Railroad

Mom Uses Social Media
to Identify Stroller
Thief at Disney World

Starbucks' Unicorn Drink
Is Pushing Adults to the Edge of Insanity

Plus-Sized Menswear

France's Identity Crisis

Canada Could Be Called On For Troops in Case of War With North Korea

Russian Planes Patrol
U.S. West Coast

Gay Men in Russia Are
Being Lured into Weeks
of Government Torture

Russian MP Incensed
After Son Jailed in U.S.

Aaron Hernandez May
Have Committed Murder
to Cover Up Secret

Alex Jones Explains in Custody Testimony Why He Smokes Weed Once a Year

Woman Bumped From
Flight Misses $10,000
Galapagos Cruise

Fla. Fire Grows Fast to 4,800 Acres, Threatens Homes

Subway Closed
Restaurants For
First Time in 2016

Man Arrested For Lighting Denny's Customer on Fire

La La, Carmelo Anthony
Putting Son First

  Victorian-Era Sex Toy Generates Excitement at Ireland Auction

  Prostitution Charges

  3 Police Officers Shot

Boy Crushed to Death by
Large TV in Freak Accident

Babies of ISIS Languish
in Limbo, Prison

Tucker Carlson's First
Guest: Caitlyn Jenner

  Bill O'Reilly Sighting

Emails Show O'Reilly
Lawyers' Last-Ditch
Effort to Save His Job

Teacher Filled Cialis
Prescription Before
Kidnapping Teen Girl

Why Trump Is Racing Against the Clock in NAFTA

Trump Signs Orders Dismantling Tax Rules

Trump Insists He's Accomplished 'a Lot'
in His First 100 Days

> Trump Scoffs at 'Ridiculous Standard'

U.S. Commandos Kill
'ISIS Plotter' in Syria

Jeff Sessions 'Reminded' Hawaii Is a State

Sessions Takes a Step
Toward Enforcing Threat
to Strip Funding From Sanctuary Cities

NYT Editor Apologizes
to Trump: 'I'm an Idiot'

How Trump Blew Up
the Conservative Media

FCC Clears Way For
Big TV Mergers

Google Is a Monopoly - And It's Crushing the Internet

  Queen Elizabeth Spends
91st Birthday at the Track

> No Prize For Queen's Horse 

  William and Kate Reveal Life Behind Palace Doors
> Will and Kate Surprise Radio DJ 

Earth May Experience
Blackouts From Massive
Solar Flares

Trump Makes a French Election Prediction

Rashida Jones on Porn:
'It's Not This Dark,
Taboo Thing Anymore'

Finger Lickin' Good? Rob Lowe Is New KFC Colonel

What Happens When
You Leave Your
Dog Home Alone?

Drones Used For First
Time in Major Search
of Grand Canyon

Recycling Is In Trouble,
And It Might Be Your Fault

Stocks Close Lower

Exxon Won't Get
Drilling Waiver For
Russia, Mnuchin Says

Oil Falls Below $50

United Misses Senate Deadline For Info About Passenger Incident

After Three-Month
Vacation, Obama to
Return to Public Eye

152 Years Ago...

Death Row Inmate Slashes Officer at San Quentin

2nd Doctor, Wife
Charged in Female
Genital Mutilation Case

Trump Launches
Investigation into
Steel Dumping

Trump Welcomes Freed
U.S.-Egypt Prisoner

Hernandez Left Three Handwritten Notes
Before Killing Himself

How Chaffetz Could
Get Rich on K Street

Toronto Child Abuse
Dragnet Snares 104 Men

Orlando District Fire Chief Under Fire Over YouTube Video Promoting Product

Man Worried About
Zombies Breaks into
Home, Police Say

U.S. Parents Win Right
to Name Baby Allah

High Heels at Work Debate

What Would Happen
If You Didn't Shower
For a Year?

Shadow of Terror Attacks
Hangs Over France as
Polls Prepare to Open

Banquet Recalls Chicken Nugget Meals Due to Salmonella Concerns

Carmelo Anthony's
Alleged Pregnant
Mistress Revealed

Diet Drinks Triple Your
Risk of Stroke & Dementia

How Your Bad Breath, Low Sex Drive and Headaches Could be a Sign Of...

Children Are Not Safe
to Cross the Street
'Until They Are 14'

Does Being Skinny
Make You Sad?

Millennials Differ From
Other Generations in
Almost Every Regard

> Why Life Is So Much Tougher For Millennials 

New High: Support For
Legal Marijuana Grows

New Evidence of Harm
From Epilepsy Drug

GOP Under Pressure as
Tax Reform Deadline Slips

Could Therapy Save
Your Relationship?

Men Say Paying Escorts
For Sex Is a 'Necessity'

What Do Men REALLY
Want in a Woman?

Is Yo-Yo Dieting Bad
For Your Health?

  The Big Picture

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Russell Westbrook Goes Off on Reporter in Argument

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  New Mom Irina Shayk

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How to Get a Summer
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Married Couples
Reveal the Reasons
They Never Have Sex

Only Work Out When

  BBC Outside Source

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WPBS All-Star Auction

Oswego to St. Lawrence River: Officials 'Wait and See'
as Lake Ontario Rises

Solar Power Developer
Seeks Local Land

Graham: Who Is Suddenly One
of the Richest People in Town?

> Official: Community Broadcasters

Last $1 Lottery Ticket Will
Be No More by November

> Mega Millions Will Increase From $1 to $2
> Local Discussion: Comments

State Police: Man Charged
in $30,000 Theft From Fort
Drum Firefighters' Union

> Local Discussion: Comments

Watertown Budget Calls
For 4.5% Tax Rate Increase

Graham: Chalk Up a Win
For Jennings and His Rental
Inspections Crusade

> Official: Community Broadcasters

Addison Proposes Closing Library Thursday Evenings, Sundays

New Thompson Park Pool???
New city facility to be used six weeks a year?

City Council's Goal:
Rental Inspections LAW

City of Watertown's Proposed
Budget Released to Taxpayers

Graham: Where's the Outage
Over Pay Raises For Council?

> Official: Community Broadcasters

FCC Will Grant Critical Waiver Allowing For Westelcom to Maintain Broadband Services
For the North Country

Ritchie: Senate Passes Measures
to Crack Down on Drug Abuse

Pulaski Man Charged With Rape

Watertown Police No Longer
Needed at School Crosswalks

'Major Event' Coming to
Carrier Dome: What Will It Be?

Pre-Owned Cars, Trucks, SUVs

Graham: Text Me Some Photos
From the Anne Richter Soirée 

> Official: Community Broadcasters

WTNY: Big Changes Coming Next Week to WWNY's 6PM Newscast
> Official: | Stephens Media Group

Report: Conroy Under
Consideration to be Next
General Manager of Sabres

  Spring Thaw at Arena

$5 Million Scratch-Off
Ticket Sold at Sunoco on
Factory Street in Watertown

> Who Is the Winner? Local Discussion 

WTNY: Don't Blow the $5 Million!
> Official: | Stephens Media Group

WWNY: Old Hotel Donated
to River Hospital

Live at Five Show April 24
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Pay Your State Taxes by App

High School Girls Lacrosse Poll

LeMoyne Women's Lacrosse
Ranked #1 in Division II

Jim Boeheim Is an
Investor in Virtual Sports
Broadcasting Technology

Is Buddy Boeheim a Syracuse Basketball Recruiting Target?

Putting Babies in Boxes
to Prevent Infant Deaths
Catching On in New York State

Carthage Hospital's Non-Clinical, Executive Teams Relocate
Offsite to West Carthage

Jeff Graham Show April 24
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Nearly 100 People Attend
Stefanik Chat in Johnstown

Stefanik Waiting to See
Proposed Republican Health
Care Bill Before Commenting

Lawmakers Debate Alcoholic Beverages in Movie Theaters
> State Lawmakers Face Budget Hangover 

Katko: I'm Not Running
For Attorney General

Siena Poll: 23% Disapprove
of State Budget

Siena Poll: Cuomo Has 54%
Favorability Rating

New SUNY Chancellor Named

Poll: Free SUNY Tuition
Gets High Marks

How Unsafe Sleep Conditions
Killed 31 Onondaga County
Infants Over Last 7 Years

15 Latest Births at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown
> Official:

WPD: Man Grabbed Steering
Wheel Causing Vehicle to
Hit Road Sign Near Bridge

What Happened Overnight?
Mon., April 24, Police Blotter

Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
Need a Lawyer? NNYLawyers.c

Woman Accused of Shoplifting
at Dollar General in Watertown

WTNY: 'Bizarre' People at the Academy Street Playground
> Official: | Stephens Media Group

SUNY Canton Opens Center
For Diversities and Inclusion

SU Men's Lacrosse Still No. 1

Cuomo Directs State Help
for Lake Ontario Flooding

Hundreds of NY Volunteer
Fire Departments to Host Open
Houses, Demonstrations

Oswego Sheriff's Office Blotter

  County Court Calendar
Need an Attorney
?  Temps

  Hancock Airport  JCC  Radar

Z93's Jay Donovan & Civic 4.24
> Official: | Stephens Media Group

High School Sports Schedules

Girls Lax  Boys Lax  Baseball

 29 Divorces Filed in April
(Sponsored by

  30 Property Transactions in
City of Watertown in April

? Gervera  Bridgeview

  House For Sale: $454,900

 34 DBAs Filed in April
(Sponsored by Small Business Development Center

 Jefferson County Planning
Board Agenda April 25

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Mohawks to Break Ground on
$15.5M Administration Building

Kitty Hoynes St. Baldrick's
Fundraiser Raises the Most
in the United States Again

National Dems Aiming to Help
Turn NY State Senate to the Left

Katko Considering Run
For NYS Attorney General

Lifetime's Tale of Joyce Mitchell
a Crime of Missed Opportunity

Potsdam Police Blotter:
Man, 22, Charged With DWI, Speeding 64 MPH in 30-MPH Zone

Sun., April 23, Police Blotter

12 Motorists Charged With DWI

NY Health Care Providers to
Push For Supervised Drug Sites

Church Holds Mass For
Those Who Need to Heal

  Kring Point State Park

  Adirondacks From Above

CoreLife Eatery Plans to Open
20 to 30 Restaurants in Next Year

Woman Delivers Baby Girl
on NY State Thruway With
Help of Troopers, Husband

  WWNY: Meet the First Female Fire Chief in St. Lawrence County

Stefanik Hosts Coffee Talk
Monday in Fulton County

Fort Drum Spouse Finds
Passion in Endurance Rucks

Syracuse Police: Man Hits
Officers With Van, Drives
Off With 3 Children

Fishermen, First Responders
Save Syracuse Student From Drowning in Upstate NY River

Beach Disappears, Bank Erodes
as Lake Ontario Keeps Rising

Is Consolidation Really
the Solution to Reduce High
Property Taxes in NY State?

  Gun Show: The 'Passion
and History' Behind Firearms

Clayton Man Charged With
Felony DWI, Deputies Say

WPD: Fort Drum Man Urinated
on Sidewalk on Franklin Street

Man Accused of Exposing
His Penis at City Playground

Depauville Woman Accused of Stealing $8 From Charity Candy Bar Box at Watertown DPW

WPD: Syracuse Man Stole
TV Wall Mount From Hotel

Man Accused of Possessing
Heroin in 27 Aluminum Foil
Packages, Police Say

No. 1 Syracuse Men's Lax Holds
Off Upset Bid by Binghamton

Watertown's Olivia Miles Beats
the Final Horn to Give UConn
a 15-14 Win Over Villanova

  Anne Richter's Blast
From the Past: Fred Angel

Watertown Urban Missions
Holds 9th Annual Auction

Dozens March For Science
on Earth Day in Watertown

Some Blame Plan 2014
For Flooding, Supporters
on River Say Not the Case

College Student Killed, 5 More
Injured in Upstate NY Crash

Syracuse Traffic Stop Turns into Chase, Ends on Onondaga Nation

Man Stabbed in Syracuse After Confronting Woman About Damaged Tire, Police Say

N'east Radar Loop  Montague
  JCC   Clayton   Route 81  Adams
  Sandy Creek  Armory Sq  SU
Public Square  1000 Islands

Uber Tax WON'T Go to
Local Governments...

> Local Discussion: Comments 

18 Best Public Golf Courses
in Upstate New York

Are North Country Corrections Officers Offended by Lifetime
Movie About Joyce Mitchell?
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Rising Lake Ontario Waters
Could Result in Evacuations
of Shoreline Residents

AG: 104 Auto Dealerships
Across New York State Sold
Vehicles With Safety Defects

> AG: Serious Safety Problems 

Cuomo Issues 154 Budget
Line Item Vetoes

Alligator Seized in Lewis
County Finds New Home
at Animal Adventure Park

Upstate NY Dairy Boom Leaves Farmers, Residents at Odds
Over How to Handle Manure

Groups Rally in Peanut Park
to Oppose Republican Health
Care Replacement Proposal

Bumpars Sentenced to  18 Years
in Connection With Stabbing

Cuomo Doesn't Allow
Media in For Syracuse Speech
to Rural Democrats

Gillibrand to Rural Dems:
Trump Is Right That
'The System Is Rigged'

State Police to Host Open House
Celebrating 100 Years

Video of Puppy Abuse
Reignites Push For Harsh
Penalties by Animal Advocates

Carthage Specialty Paper Maintenance Workers to
Stay on During Shutdown

Viggo Mortensen Calls Argentina President 'Neoliberal Braggart'

Emails Confirm City Council
Knew About Jennings' Goal to Inspecting Rental Properties

Road Bowling Tournament
6PM April 26 in Black River

CNY Bowler Sets World
Record by Bowling 300 Game
in 86.9 Seconds

Prosecutor: Man Forcibly
Touched Woman in SU Dorm,
Second Woman on Campus

 Watertown Board of
Education Agenda April 25

Lawmakers Charged With
Planning For State Fair Say
Gondola Was Not Their Priority

Buffalo Bills 2017 Schedule
> 8 Schedule Observations 

CNY Couple Sues Old Forge
Resort For $1M Over Bed Bugs

DEC Announces New
Features to Mobile App

After Military, Fort Drum Veterans Face Workplace Stigmas

April Showers Bring...
Higher Water Levels

71% Increase in Opioid Deaths

Local Farmer Hopes
Hemp Will Grow Profits

Who Will be the Next Player to
Wear No. 22 For SU Lacrosse?

NY Will Allow 'Thousands'
With Criminal Convictions
to Seal Records

Should New York State Ban
Single-Use Plastic Bags?

  Jefferson County Deputies:
Can You Identify This Man?

Attorney General Warns of Gift Card Scam Targeting Seniors

Walczyk Stands His Ground
on "Despicable" Tweet About
"Scheme" by Jennings to Push
His Rental Inspections Agenda

Graham: Here's What Troubles
Me About Jennings and Walczyk

790-WTNY: Jennings Is Bound
and Determined to Get Inside Homes of Watertown Renters

> Official: | Stephens Media Group

City Council War of Words

Walczyk Accuses Jennings
of Not Playing Fair on His
Rental Inspections Proposal

Local Discussion: Comments

NY's Property-Tax Cap Just
Got Stronger. Here's How.

13 Best Upstate Places to Elope

JRC Moving Workshop

Shopping For a New RV?

132 Murderers Recently
Released From NY Prisons

Cuomo Announces $760,000
to Extend Black River Trail
into the City of Watertown

Need New Furniture? Couch? Mattress? Recliner?

Voters to Decide If Watertown
Board of Education Terms
Should Be Shorter

Death Knell? Newspaper
Raising Monthly Subscription
From $45 to $60

City Council Budget Sessions

  1000 Islands From Above

SU Offering New Student Ticket Model to Boost Attendance

12 Latest Births at Lewis County General Hospital in Lowville
> Official:

SUNY Canton Commencement Speaker Announced

41st Annual North Country
Home Show in Watertown

Empire State College at Canton
to Hold Information Session

Red Cross to Distribute Free
Smoke Alarms on My 6

21 Tiniest NY Towns With
Populations Less Than 250

9 of the towns are in the north country

  Horizon Aerial Media Services

10 Latest Births at
Carthage Area Hospital

> Official: 

DEC: Opening of Spring
Turkey Season Is May 1

Do You Qualify For New York's
Free Tuition Program?

SUNY Canton to Host Excelsior Scholarship Info Sessions

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Burn Ban in Effect Across New
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Jefferson County Suffered
Second-Worst Population
Decline in America in 2016

> Local Discussion: Comments

JCC's New President Selected,
But We Have to Wait a Month

JCC Announces Finalists For College Presidency

Race Against Poverty May 6
in Downtown Watertown

Live in Boonville? Lowville?
Gouverneur? Ogdensburg?

Looking to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle?

Accepting New Dental Patients

Watertown Dental Health | Dr. Schonfield | Long Falls Dental

Upstate NY 2017 Comic Cons

Summer 2017 Concerts

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Black River Drive-In
Movie Theater

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, April 28 to 30
-- Lego Batman Movie, Rated PG
-- Kong: Skull Island, Rated PG-13

Francis C. Bell, 82, Harrisville

• Jay A. Walter, 78, Sackets Harbor

• Susan A. Kirch, 62, Glen Park

• Dawn M. Paul, 46, Watertown

• Mitchell J. Cornish, 58, Boonville

• Barbara J. Clearo, 68, Watertown

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• Charlotte G. Accordino, Sauguoit

Patrick F. Wallace, 67, Lowville

• Nancy M. Seaman, 83, Russell

• Larry J. Shultz, 73, formerly of Adams Center

• Ronald A. Whittier, 58, Watertown

• Judy A. Gotham, 70, Watertown

• Virginia A. Malbouf-Kempney, 73, formerly of Carthage

• Jane W. Hunt, 84, Watertown

• Gary L. Brach, 58, Boonville

• Helena M. Potoski, 93, Watertown

• Julia P. Jenack, 69, formerly of Harrisville

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• Patrick G. Bond, 54, Adams Center

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• Barbara Shukwit, 75, Boonville


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