Doheny Formally Files Paperwork to Challenge Rep. Bill Owens

by Timothy W. Scee II

Special to N
Published September 21,

WATERTOWN, N.Y.  —  Matthew A. Doheny, R-Watertown, formally announced his candidacy for the 23rd Congressional District seat Thursday and plans to focus his campaign on “growing the economy” by lowering taxes for business owners and encouraging job growth in the private sector. 

“We’ve learned from Obama and Owens that right now we’ve been promised that we’re going to have greater economic growth, which will lead to jobs- we don’t have it,” Doheny said. “If you look at national unemployment and if you look at the weak economy, whether its the north country or all over the country, we’re going in the wrong direction.”

Doheny accused Representative William L. Owens, D-Plattsburgh, whom he lost an election against for the same seat last November, of supporting “anti-growth policies,” pointing to the congressman’s support of the Affordable Health Care for America act in 2010 and his support for using leftover funds from the Troubled Asset Relief Program to reduce the deficit and job creation. 

“The federal government doesn’t create jobs other than the few that it should have,” Doheny said. “It has to get out of the way and make sure private enterprise can grow.”

Doheny, who spoke out against the Affordable Health Care for America act last year in the campaign, maintains his opinion that President Obama’s plan is “patently unconstitutional.”

“In terms of the one core question, ‘Does the United States government have the power to tell you to do something that you otherwise wouldn’t have to do just sitting in your own living room doing it?,” Doheny said. “We’ve never had that before-ever.”

The Republican candidate said if elected, he would work with other representatives to bring a stop to the Affordable Health Care for America act before all of its key components are fully enacted in 2014.

Doheny said his background in business and law would offer Congress a candidate who could foster economic growth and create jobs. 

“It’s going to be about growth, it’s going to be about creating economic development and I know how to do that. I’m a business guy,” he said. “At the end of the day you want entrepreneurs to go ahead and commit capital and by committing capital, you have more people, places and things going on. That will actually need more people to run those things and that is how jobs are created.

Doheny said he will be focusing on campaign coordination until campaign season is in full swing next summer and fall. 

“Behind the scenes, we have been and will continue to work to be the Republican, Conservative and Independence party nominee in 2012,” Doheny said. “As we get further along we’ll certainly roll out a more comprehensive plan coupled with events and the traditional campaign things.”

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