Waller Exits Congressional Race; 
Endorses Matt Doheny

March 17, 2014

News Release

 – J
amie Waller today officially announced that he is exiting the race for the 21st Congressional District.  

"After much soul searching, I have concluded that the time is not right for me to run for this seat. I will, however, continue to find ways to continue my service and commitment to my community, the Adirondacks and the North Country," Waller said.

Waller also announced he is throwing his support behind Matt Doheny.

"Matt has the strongest work ethic, the proven experience and the record to be a great representative for all of us," Waller said. "As a true fellow resident of the North Country, I know Matt shares my values and understands the truly dynamic needs of all communities within the 21st," Waller continued.

Waller also cited his disappointment with candidate Elise Stefanik and her campaign.

"As I encountered her face to face, Elise has shown to be a thoughtful woman of great intellect, yet fails to be truthful. That she has gone to the airwaves and outright lied about being the ‘only conservative’ in the race, is the reason I believe she has acted in a way that is unbecoming of a Representative of the 21st Congressional District of New York or any other district for that matter." he asserted.

Waller, a Conservative-Republican, worked on the 2012 Presidential Campaign of Rick Santorum.

"As a Christian, as a Marine, and as an American it is my duty to uphold and defend this Nation against all enemies foreign and domestic and it is for this reason that the People of the Adirondacks and of the North Country, of New York and of these United States---deserve better than this. Matt Doheny is a true leader, he is a conservative and a great student of our Constitution and thus is worthy of our support," Waller concluded.

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