Watertown Police Cite 16 Teens with Underage Drinking

April 15, 2008, 9:45 a.m.

WATERTOWN, N.Y.   Watertown police cited sixteen youths shortly after 1 a.m. Monday with underage drinking at 422 Lincoln St.

The following were charged with unlawful possession of alcohol and summoned to appear in City Court:

Brittany L. Conway, 16, of 119 W. Lynde St., Watertown

Tylor J. Lolar, 19, of 112 S. Orchard St., Apt., 301, Watertown

Cory T. Everard, 19, of 227 Charles St., Watertown

Stephen P. Gauthier, 17, of 227 Charles St., Watertown

Robert D. Ieppert, 20, of 916 Huntington St., Watertown

Timothy D. Elliott, 16, of 29350 Route 37, Evans Mills

Ky H. Sawyer, 17, of 29799 Burnup Rd., Black River

Morgan B. John, 16, of 205 Franklin St., Brownville

Jonathan T. Finn, 16, of 202 Chestnut St., Watertown

Kyle I. Harris II, 17, of 313 S. Pleasant St., Watertown

Katrina M. Reed, 19, of 119 State Place, lower apt., Watertown

Jordan M. Beck, 17, of 845 Starbuck Ave., Apt. 1806, Watertown

Corey M. Smith, 16, of 957 Kieff Dr., Watertown

Corey L.M. Peer, 18, of 515 Plum Ave., upper apt., Watertown

Jessie P. Shawcross, 17, of 550 Coffeen St., Apt. 401, Watertown

Travis A. Bauman, 19, of 531 Mundy St., Watertown

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