Dear Editor:

If you haven't seen this website about Carleton Villa already, you may wish to check it out.  

The Carleton Villa, once owned by W.O. Wyckoff of Remington Typewriter, is sadly crumbling.  It has been for sale for years, but neglected for over a half century.  For the past few summers, I have camped nearby, and, in my spare time, leisurely researched (on the web) this one-time jewel at the head of the St. Lawrence.  My photos eventually were made into a slide show for my
summer host, a Carleton summer resident, who doesn't expect the Villa to be standing when he returns every spring.

Until now, I had only found very brief online bulletin board posts about it and a few realtor photos. But now I have found what I presume to be a brand new website advertising this and other similar, historically significant properties.  It is by far the most comprehensive site I have seen about the Villa; it includes both vintage and current photos.  I especially like the "pre" and "post" restoration photos (computer-generated) of the same room.

Most people I have spoken to believe the only way it could be "restored" would be to start from the foundation and replace everything else above it.  The roof is not completely intact, and there are no windows.  Floors have collapsed.  

Nevertheless, it is currently on the market and would make an interesting headline link on your page.  It may even facilitate a sale, since is read by more and more people elsewhere.

Adams Cove