E-mail your comments: newzjunky@gmail.com 

I recently moved to Denver in April '08. I am glad to say I love Newzjunky now more than ever. I was a frequent reader in Watertown, but when I got here I didn't have much of any other way to keep in contact with the busy schedule I have, and the hour difference doesn't make it any easier since when I'm out of work, you all are sleeping. I just wanna let you know, keep up the good work, and stay doing what you do. We all love you.

-Jordan Hines, Denver, Colorado

I check newzjunky about 4 times a day. Love the site! It's the best hometown and national news site on the Internet. I live in Fort Pierce, Fla. but really miss Watertown a lot. I visit there a few times per year. Keep up the good work. 

-Tim A., South Beach, Allen's Diner, Fort Pierce, Fla.

I moved out of NNY about ten years ago and I learned about Newzjunky in 2000. Having lived in the Watertown area for thirty-eight years, I was very glad to have found a site that gave me ALL of the information I needed from back home. My current best friend, who has never been to New York has Newzjunky as a Homepage and often asks me if I "heard about..." something she read on Newzjunky. We are addicted and surf for updates several times a day. Thanks very much!!

-Steven J., Costal Maine

I simply want to thank you for creating this great site. I haven't seen a more comprehensive web site to date and use yours several times daily. I especially appreciate your making available politicians' information who directly affect this area. Most people undoubtedly don't take the time to look at the actual voting records of these folks and have no idea how their votes jibe with our desires.

-Don P., Adams Center

In our retirement, my wife and I are fortunate to be able to travel. In fact, we were recently in China for three weeks and were able to stay updated with the local news from home by visiting Newzjunky.com while on the Yangtze. Since our internet availability is often limited, we always visit Newzjunky first. You should be PROUD and keep up the good work.

-Rick W.

Take a look at newzjunky.com -- a brilliant collaboration of online content in one, easy to peruse package.


I have been using newz junky for years for all my news and information. It is always up to date and I would not use anything else. I'm hooked on this site! As the other writer said "I wake up to it and end my day with it." Keep up the great job!

-Lisa, Watertown, N.Y.

I still love Newzjunky and look forward every day to checking all the latest news and events !! It is much superior than other local sites.....accurate, non sensationalistic reporting and it's Free !!! Love it and keep up the good work !!! 

-Rhonda, Tennessee

I own property on Wellesley Island and having been looking at your site everyday for at least five years. It always has breaking news before anyone else!

-Ted W., Bradenton, Fla.

Just have to tell you I love your site. I have sent the link to all my family in Westchester, Conn., Georgia, Fla., and La. They love to have a look at what we are doing up here. Thank you for your wonderful site.

-Daryl A. Diekman

Left Watertown in 1995 for Arizona. I still check Newzjunky everyday...thank you!

-Dan Burkhard, Sun City West, Arizona

I grew up in Belfort in  Lewis County and recently moved to Charlotte, N.C., and track the local news thru Newzjunky. Keep up the good work!!!!!

-Andy Nortz, Charlotte, N.C.

I was born and raised on Tug Hill near Barnes Corners. I departed that part of the country to serve my country and get out of the snow (Blizzard of '77). I have only been back to visit. My niece told me about Newzjunky a couple of years ago. I think it's great. Keep up the good work.

-Lewis G., Altus, Oklahoma

Newzjunky is our way of keeping in touch with the north country especially Jefferson and Lewis Counties, while we "snowbird" it in Ormond Beach, Florida. I was asked by the WDT when I suspended my home delivery of the Times if I wanted to try WDT online and I informed them that I did not as I knew Newzjunky was already three steps ahead. Thanks again for the site!

-Larry and Noreen, Ormond Beach, Fla.

Once again as we winter away from Watertown, we find checking into NewsJunky daily a privilege. Our thanks to each of those who contribute the photos and news items which keep us abreast of the local and area happenings.

-Carol and Dan H.

This is Russ Hoffman. I am from Carthage, and now living in Darmstadt, Germany. I've been here now for 33 years and have been checking out Newzjunky for over two years. Its nice to know that so many people check this site out, as much as I do. (At least 5 times a day). I just want to say... keep up the good work and many thanks to Steve Weed, for all his videos and pictures.

-Russ Hoffman, Darmstadt, Germany

We are snow birds living in Florida. Our summer home is at Yellow Lake, N.Y. I love the fact that I can read all the local news each morning. I check the weather and news several times a day. Thank you for this service.

-Tony & Toots, Lake City, Fla.

Hi, my name is Stacie Bears Prince. I'm a Carthage native. I now live in Falmouth Kentucky, with my two girls. I get on newzjunky everyday. I love newzjunky so much. This is the only way I can stay in touch with what is going on in the north county. To everybody in the north county, Merry Christmas and Happy Year. Plus to all of the troops in Iraq, be safe and come back to your family. (With my boyfriend in Iraq I pray everyday for all of the troops to come back).

-Stacie, Falmouth, Ky.

It is great to be able to check NNY news, weather, and everything else on Newzjunky. I was born in Deferiet—attended Carthage Central—and have been living in Washington STATE for over 30 years.

-Sandy, Oak Harbor, Wa.

We now live in Holiday, Florida, but always keep up with the news through Newzjunky. we miss all of our friends in the Watertown and north country area and of course our families from Plattsburgh to Watertown to Cortland to Binghamton. I love to see the picture of the square every day. Keep up the great work!

-Tom and Mary in Holiday, Florida

My sister who lives in Louisville, Kentucky, is a new fan of Newzjunky. She just retired at 81 and is bored. I told her how to get on Newzjunky. She is so excited and sometimes knows more then I do about local news. Thanks for a great place to get the news first.

-Nancy in Philadelphia, N.Y.

We were told about Newzjunky.com when we were home in November and it's a constant now. My husband grew up in the backside of Castorland and myself in West Martinsburg, but we now live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. So Newzjunky keeps us up on what's going on back home. Keep up the great work!

-Sue in Virginia Beach, Va.

It's that time a year again, the transplants of Florida are seeing the New York license plates slowing traffic down here in the land of sun and short sleeve shirts. Most don't know yet that they are only a mouse click from the news of the great white north. Newzjunky is great. Thanks and keep up the good work.

-Paul Desormo , Bushnell, Fla.

Yes, I am addicted to Newzjunky. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is get on Newzjunky. I also get the Adams Journal mailed to me. I don't know when Newzjunky started, but I was stationed at Pine Camp in 1943 with the 5th Armored Division. I spend my summers in Rays Bay, Henderson, and winters in Casa Grande, Arizona. So keep up the good work.

-Andy C. in Casa Grande, Arizona

I have been reading Newzjunky since my sister Eileen told me about the web site. Great to see what’s been happening back home in the frigid north country. I check NJ at least twice a day to catch up on what’s going on. Great site and one of my favorites. Keep up the great work.

-Robert H. Foy Jr. in Texas

We've lived in Florida for more than 30 years, but have very much enjoyed reading Newzjunky each day to read the obits (unfortunately, too many we know are listed), local weather, news and sports. It's always great "going home" if not for just a few minutes. Keep up the good work.

-Pierre and Sandra, Bradenton, Florida

I ived in Carthage since the age of 9 when my father retired from the Coast Guard. I have been back and forth since 1990 and currently reside in Athens, New York, where my husband is an Army station commander for the Hudson recruiting office here. I have traveled in Europe and the States and have been able to keep up with my hometown news thru Newzjunky. I check it several times a day and find it better than the Watertown Times.

-Tanya, Athens, New York

I was born and raised in the Watertown area and lived there most of my life, I now live outside of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I enjoy looking at Newzjunky daily and keeping up on all the local news and national news also.

-Kelly LaClair Kirland, North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

I am a former 10th Mountain Division and N.Y. National Guard recruiter for Jefferson County. I still visit and read stories on Newzjunky everyday! Currently in Iraq. Keep up the good work.

-Master Sgt. Russell Bledsoe, Iraq

I am an avid Newzjunky reader. This is a great site. Keep up the great work.

-Lisa in Croghan, N.Y.

I read Newzjunky at least twice a day. I enjoy the Syracuse Orange and Yankees coverage. I like everything that cover on Newzjunky. I don't read any newspapers. Keep up the excellent work.

-Joel F. in Virginia Beach, Va.

I think Newzjunky is the best thing. I was told of this site by my friend Yvonne and i go on every night. We are snowbirds from Redwood. keep up the good work. 

-Helen in Lakeland, Fla.

I am originally from Sackets Harbor and I love reading the stories from upstate still. I am living in the New York city area now, but lived in Sackets for 18 years. I love seeing the stories of the old home town and watching the sports videos. They are great!!! Keep up the great work and i will be checking in at least once a day.

-Jack S. in Peekskill, N.Y.

I wrote last year when I was in Switzerland, but now I am writing from Islamabad, Pakistan. I am still reading Newzjunky no matter where I go. Many thanks again for your site! Keep up the good work.

-Jon in Pakistan

I am from Saranac Lake. My parents are buried there. I am living in Florida for a few years.  I tried to find newspapers in the Adirondacks to keep me updated on news and information.  You definitely do the best and read Newzjunky daily. I wish there were more media outlets in the Adirondacks that would list more information about their areas. Keep up the good work.  

-Jim, Florida


I check daily Newzjunky daily for news. It's better than the other local media. I also check out northcountrynow.com for the St. Lawrence county news since we have family and friends living there also. Keep up the good work!

-Patty, Oolethaw, Tenn.   

As an avid Newzjunky reader, I know you are a major source of news and information for the North Country. Keep it up.

-Anonymous, Greig, N.Y.

I don't look at anything else on the web except newzjunky. I am moving soon and I am so upset because there is no local news Internet source where I am going... WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??? Thank you for being here.....

-Nicole, Watertown, N.Y.

I am a fan of this website. I check Google for world and national news and Newzjunky for local.

-Karl, Potsdam, N.Y.

I am currently in a car driving between Phoenix and Los Angeles in the desert current outside temperature 112 degrees and got all caught up on the local newz using my blackberry.   Thanks for keeping me up to date. 

-Dan, Watertown, N.Y.

I was born and raised in Carthage, and this site is great.  I now live in Coral Springs, Fla., and I sometimes find out what’s going on up there before my mom who still lives there! Keep up the great work.

-John Baillargeon, Coral Springs, Fla.

Just a note to let you folks how much I appreciate Newzjunky the last few months.  My husband passed away suddenly in February in Wickenburg, Ariz., and I find it a comfort to be able to check the news back in Watertown.

-Maggie Thomas, Arizona

I was born in Watertown, raised in West Carthage, left to go to college in Albany and then to Europe during WWII.  We now live in Stuart, Fla., where a local story about my singing of the national anthem at a N.Y. Mets baseball exhibition game was featured on Newzjunky.com.

I am now flooded with messages from former students, friends and family members.  Newzjunky is a great source of news, especially good news, about the people we knew and grew up with.  Keep up the good work.  

-Harley and Carole Norton Dingman

Thanks for setting up this site.  I grew up on the North Side of Watertown in the 50s and 60s, and left to join the military during the Vietnam era.  I didn’t have the sense to get out for over 25 years, traveled the world and settled in Beavercreek, Ohio.  Newzjunky helps me keep in touch with the North Country in spite of the distance.

-Rob Horth, Beavercreek, Ohio

I was recently referred to newzjunky by a friend that lives in Upstate N.Y.  I was born and raised in Massena and moved to Southern Calif. in 1965, but have flown and driven back many times throughout all these years.  I still love Northern N.Y.  I still have cousins and many friends living in God's Country.  The life style back there is so much better than living in this concrete jungle, in Southern Calif.  I follow up on the weather report about 4 times a week for several up state zip codes.  I sincerely appreciate finding about this site, because my heart will always be back there.  I sure that I will become another NEWZ JUNKIE,  Thanks again.

-J. Greenwood,  Redondo Beach, Calif 

I'm originally from Theresa and am currently stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany, and Iraq.  I log on to Newzjunky every day to see what's new in the area.  You guys do a great job!  Thanks for helping us keep in touch with what's going on back in the north country.

-SPC Matthew J. Gilbert, Weisbaden, Germany

I am from Watertown and have been living in Weisbaden, Germany, for the last two years.  My husband, Drew, was stationed at Fort Drum before we were transferred to Germany.  I love Newzjunky!  It's a great way to keep in touch with what's going on in my hometown.

-Kristin J. Sniffen (Bresett), Weisbaden, Germany

I have been living in Darmstadt, Germany for the last 32 Years.  I come from a big family, and they still in Carthage.  My brother Jerry told me about Newzjunky about a year ago and I check the local and worldwide news at least 2 to 3 times a day.  I miss home a lot and Newzjunky makes me feel as if I'm still there.  Keep up the good work.  I don't know how to thank you all for putting all the info on one homepage.

-Russell Hoffman, Darmstadt, Germany

About 20 years ago there was a billboard, facing south on I-81 advertising fashion/clothing at the Mall.  It went something like: New York, Paris, Miami, L.A., Watertown ... the latest fashions at the Salmon Run Mall.   It was a joke to think Watertown, New York, would be compared to clothing design capitals in the world market.  

Newzjunky.com on the other hand is in a class of news leaders in an international venue.

Local, state, national and world events... Newzjunky covers everything.

Living in SW Florida seems a planet away from north country. It's good to have a site where we can monitor goings-on in an area I spent much of 35 years.

Thank you for the service you provide to folks around the world who have an interest in Northern New York activities.

I will continue to check Newzjunky.com periodically for happenings from home.

-P. Ferguson, Naples, Fla.

I love your web site and check it at least 10 times a day.  I no longer need the WDT and cancelled my subscription over a year ago.  You do a nice job.  Keep up the good work.

-Rick B., Watertown, N.Y.

For years my home was the north country, but being retired I am constantly traveling around. Newzjunky is the perfect way to keep up on the news. 

-Marie, Port Richey, Fla.

I moved from Watertown in 1992 to Florida, where I still live.  Although I hate Florida, I don't know if I'll ever move back to N.Y.  This doesn't mean I won't read Watertown area news on your website.  It's just great!!  Thanks for the good work!

-Keith McCarthy, Dade City, Fla.

It's great to keep up with the Watertown and north country news. Thank you, Newzjunky!.    

-Tony Perritano, New Port Richey, Fla.

I love Newzjunky.com.   Although I left Watertown and Sackets a long time ago, I still call it home.  My first job was at Ann's Stand, and now I see Benny's Steak house is gone this year.  Time marches on.  The site helps me feel connected to the family I still have there.  Thank you.     

-Katherine, Salisbury, Md.

I grew up in Henderson Harbor. I'm now a North Carolina resident. My parents still live in the area. Newzjunky is the best form of media for staying informed on matters "back home." Thanks for staying up-to-date on your news and happenings. It's been fun seeing the pictures of the snow and sharing them with the southern folks...maybe more fun not having to deal with it! Goodbye from a northerner at heart!

-Cindy Greene, Taylorsville, N.C.

I go on Newzjunky every day, sometimes twice a day, to see what is going on at home.  I live in Punta Gorda, Fla., now but grew up in Natural Bridge, and miss the north country very much.  Not the winters though!!!!  My sister is the one who told me about your website and I am so happy she did.

-Mary Alice Delhoney, Punta Gorda, Fla.

I read Newzjunky at least twice a day.  I am a former resident of Adams, and it is great to be able to read everything that's going on in the north country.  I just called my relatives in Adams Center, to comment on the weather, and also about news that I saw before they did.  Forget the Watertown Daily Times.  Keep up the good work.

-Janet R., Bunnell, Florida

As a longtime newspaper subscriber, I am insulted the WDT would expect me to pay TWICE to read the exact same information on a computer screen. Every online newspaper I have come across is free or requires a simple registration.  What makes the Times believe they are above the Syracuse Post-Standard, Oswego Palladium, Rochester Democrat-Chronicle, Albany Times Union, and on and on? Keep up the good work NEWZJUNKY!

-Jeff in Sandy Creek

I just recently heard of Newzjunky and love it very much.  I check it at least twice a day. I was born and raised in Watertown and moved away in 1985. I have been living in Prospect Heights., Illinois, for 15 yrs. and plan on moving to a suburb of Tamp, Fla., this year.  I get to go back home about every two years.  Miss Watertown but love the variety of a bigger city.

-Edith Corbett Washer, Illinois

I grew up and lived in the north country until I was 25, between Philadelphia and Lowville.  I now live in the Va. Beach area of Virginia and go to Newzjunky daily to see what is going on back home.  Thank you for that!!  Northern New York will ALWAYS be 'home' to me and you keep it
current for me.

-Steve G., Virginia Beach, Va.

I was raised in Evans Mills.  I've moved around quite a bit and am now in California.  My father sent me the link to your site and I love it because it keeps me in the loop and I especially love the video clips.  Your site is really easy to navigate and I love the webcam of the Public Square also. Keep up the great work!!

-Summer Dempsey, Oxnard, Calif.

I was born and raised in Watertown and the majority of my family still lives in New York.  As a military family we have moved all over and when we settled here in Florida we thought we would try to get the Watertown Daily Times, and I was so shocked at the cost.  Then I heard about Newzjunky. My family and relatives who don't live in New York all use this site.  It is very informative and current. Couldn't ask so a better news site and ...WOW....it's free.....Kudos!!!

-Cindy S., Tampa, Fla.

Newzjunky is a great service for us snowbirds. I used to read the TI Sun, never did like the Watertown paper, too far right for me and biased reporting. I liked the USA today......(For the colors, I think, but anyway...) Mary and I moved down to NC in 1998 to live on the ocean and to be near my son Patrick and our grandkids during the winter and go back to the Bay in the summer to be near my daughter and our grandchildren there and do some pickin' and grinin' with with my daughter and some great local players at the Top of the Bay and cruise the St. Lawrence in my old Lyman. Keep up the great work.

-Pat and Mary, Emerald Isle, N.C.

I grew up in Watertown and had no consistent way to keep up with news from “home”. Most of the people I grew up with have moved, but there remains tremendous interest in Upstate N.Y. and Watertown in particular. I recently found your site while reading about the storms hitting Mexico, Pulaski, and Oswego.  We live in Toccoa, Georgia, and truly appreciate the tremendous effort put forth by you to publish relevant, accurate information. Thanks again.

-Jerry Bevens, Toccoa, Ga.

I have lived in Jefferson County all my life.  In October of 2006, I relocated to Tequesta, Florida.  I am thankful for Newzjunky.  I have enjoyed following what's going on at home, and the pictures of all the snow was great this winter. Thanks to all.

-Kathy House, Tequesta, Florida

I was recently turned on to Newzjunky.com.  I grew up in Watertown, but haven't lived there for 40+ years.  Since learning of Newzjunky, I check out the news daily.  It's a great site.  Sometimes I hear the news before my sister and brothers living in Watertown!

-Amy Marton, Costa Mesa, California

I am a resident of northern New York and have been all my life.  thank you for making Newzjunky available through the internet.  Our son lives in Spain with his wife and son and he stays in touch with what's happening here through Newzjunky.com.  He is aware of the goings-on in our community almost as soon as we are.  Thank you for making the world a little bit smaller for us!

-LouAnn Roggie, Lowville

Love your website! I am from Adams.  It is nice to keep up with the news from home. I also like showing my friends here in Washington state what real snow storms are...

-Mitch Peebles, Kent, Washington

We spend winters in Florida and I love your site so I can keep up with all the news.  Keep up the good work!!!             

-Carol, Lakeland, Fla.

Hello to all my family in Upstate NY.....I am a new fan of Newzjunky.  I am currently living in Fremont, Ohio.....from Philadelphia.....Hello to all the Indian River alumni 94'.....Thanks for keeping the site current as its nice to stay up with the events taking place back home!!!! 

-Julie, Freemont, Ohio

Tank You, Thank You, Thank You for Newzjunky.com.  I live in New Vienna, Ohio, now.   I am originally from Martinsburg.    I read Newzjunky 2 or 3 times a day.  It is so nice to be able to read about the north country . It is really great to know what is going on back home.  I hope Newzjunky sticks around for a long time to come.

-C. Lanning, New Vienna, Ohio

Just a note to let you know I canceled my online subscription to the Watertown Daily Times and use "Newzjunky" as my Jefferson County news source.  As a former native of Adams, N.Y., it is nice to have a FREE source to keep up with news of the area.  Thanks for all your efforts!

Do kids still shovel snow up there to earn money, and what is the going rate of pay?  Your current weather reminds me of the Blizzard of 1977 when all the kids in the neighborhood were out shoveling to earn gas money for their snowmobiles!  Just curious, and could make a good
history - comparison story . . .

-Nancy Ring Kendrick, Port Orange, Fla.

I grew up in Alex Bay, but have lived in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., for the past eleven years.  I really enjoyed the pictures and video of the Blizzard of '77.  I was six and remember it clearly!   I just want to let all you know that we got 1.6 inches of snow on Tuesday night.  It was enough to shut down my school system (along with many others) and delay us this morning. I can't imagine what 88 inches of snow would do here!!  Keep up the good work!

-Cyndy, Fairfax, Virginia

We are natives of Alex Bay, but have lived in Utica/Whitesboro, Bellville,Michigan, Edina, Minn. and Syracuse... but now in Jacksonville, Fla. 

We love that Newzjunky keeps us up-date about "Up-Home".  As it is said,  "You can take the person away from the 1000 Islands, but you can never take the 1000 Islands out of that person!"   Newzjunky, thank you and continue the outstanding reporting!!

-John A. & Beverly Keeler, Jacksonville, Fla.

I love Newzjunky.com!  I am living in Colorado now and enjoy hearing about what is going on back home.

-Linda, Colorado

I really enjoy keeping up with the news of Watertown and the north country via Newzjunky.  I grew up in Black River (1951 to 1973) and now live in Dallas, Texas.  

-Bob Chisholm, Dallas, Texas

I moved to Gainesville, Missouri, a few years ago.  I've been able to keep up on what's going on in Watertown because of Newzjunky and the news they publish.  Thank you.

-Steve Helmer, Gainesville, Missouri

I am a former Croghan resident working for the U.S. State Department at our Embassies overseas and visit Newzjunky every day to keep in touch with the news from home. My wife and I have 3 children who have lived all over the world but their dream would be to live in Lewis County.

Thanks for keeping us in touch wherever we are in the world.

-Wilbur & Chiqui, San Salvador, El Salvador

Great website! Keep up the good work. I just found out about Newzjunky yesterday. My Watertown Daily Times won't be renewed. I lived in Watertown for years on Hancock St. and Black River Rd.
My husband and I moved to Crossville, Tenn., three years ago. We like the weather, cheap taxes and cheap utilities, but my heart is still in Watertown.

-Bill and Cindy (Corbett) Jones, Crossville, Tennessee

I am a former resident of New York and enjoy Newzjunky.com every day.  When I sign onto to my computer each day, I check my e-mail and then the local news on Newzjunky.  It is a very well run news site and has the other news sites beat by a long shot.  I live in Virginia now and we do not get much snow like you got today on Route 81.   Thanks again for this site.

-Jim Spencer, Virgina

We just returned from a 2 1/2 week vacation to Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand.  With the availability of a computer, we were able to stay up-to-date on the happenings of Northern New York half-way around the world. Isn't technology great? And so is Newzjunky!

-Dick & Nancy, Sackets Harbor, N.Y.

We appreciate this great site.  We spend six months in Henderson Harbor and are between Rochester and Florida the rest of the year.  We actually would spend more time in Henderson if the cottage was winterized.  Keep up the good work!

-Joan D., Henderson Harbor, N.Y.

Happy New Year to all my best friends on the Sand Flats of Watertown!!! I miss you all. Come down to Vegas & bring some (REAL) food!!!

-Scott, Las Vegas, Nevada

My husband and I both grew up in Watertown and now live in Penn.  We still have family in Watertown and I enjoy all the news from our hometown on newzjunky. Thanks for being there.

-Kay and Robert, Lancaster, Pa.

We're from Mexico, N.Y.  We are trying to sell our home up north and move close to Knoxville, Tenn., where our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren live.  While we're down here in Knoxville, we check Newzjunky every day to see what is happening up north.  We love the weather down here, but miss our friends up north.  But, with Newzjunky we are able to keep track of everything and everyone.  Newzjunky is great and we are telling everyone about it. Keep up the good work!

-Merrylyn & Donnie, snowbirds from Mexico, N.Y.

I visit Newzjunky everyday as it is a way for me to stay in touch with my beloved home.

-Rick Perry, Key West, Florida

Hello to all our Lewis County friends and relatives. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

-Al-Nina Schneeberger,  Bradenton, Florida

Merry Christmas to our sons and their families on Cedar St. and Bonney Rd.  We have been visiting Newzjunky ever since it began.  It's a fantastic website and very informative.  We like the Public Square webcam.  It's great.  We lived in Glen Park for over 30 years before moving to Fl. in 1999.  We come up for a few weeks in the summer in our motor home to see our family and grandchildren and also enjoy Art's Jug, Sboro's, Alteri bread, Croghan bologna, Jean's Beans, and Jefferson Bulk Milk Cheese.  We miss Burrville cider, too.  We don't miss the weather.  It's 80 here today.  Great job Newzjunky!  Thanks.

-Donna and Jon Richards, Merritt Island, Fla.

Merry Christmas to the Woodward and Mitchell families in the Watertown area.

-Diana, Omaha, Nebraska

Merry Christmas to all our family and friends in the Watertown area.

-The Reilly Family, Lawton, Oklahoma

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my family and friends in the North Country! Newzjunky keeps me informed on all that's happening in Watertown and the world!  May you all have a Blessed Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

-Kehl and Sharon, Woodstock, Georgia

Hello to all our friends and relatives in the north country. It's so great to read Newzjunky every day.  We check it at least twice a day.  Keep up the good work.

-Ronald and Joanne, Sebastian, Fla.

Thanks Newzjunky. My wife and I read this site every day. We also enjoy hotline and live at five when it's on. We also enjoy the cameras of J. J. Stocker.  Happy Holidays!

-Barb and Bob, Zephyrhills, Fla.

Merry Christmas to all our family and friends in Watertown.  I read Newzjunky every day.  I especially like the Public Square web cam so I can check the weather.  It's balmy here tonight.

-Marry Ellen Clark Holm, Merritt Island, Fla.

Merry Christmas to family and friends in Northern New York!

-Gary and Cecilia Belch, Lynchburg, Virginia

To all the newz junkies in Watertown and Upstate New York...Merry Christmas from all the Watertown expats living in Southern California...By the way, It's sunny and 75 degrees!  

-Steve Behm, Burbank, Ca.  "Beamer"

Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family spread out across the country. and a special Merry Christmas to Newzjunky for keeping us all connected.

-The Duffanys, Watertown Center

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2007 from wonderful Adana, Turkey.  It's great to sign in each day and read up on Watertown and the Thousands Islands area.  I miss my family and friends in Clayton.  In closing, I must ask... where's your snow?  I wish you all a white and joyous and safe Christmas season! 

-Thomas F. LaClair, Incirlik Air Base, Turkey

I check into your site the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night!  You are up-to-date and I love it!  You are the best!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2007.

-Florence Goodheart, Lowville

We lived in Chaumont for 15 years before retiring to South Carolina. Thank you for keeping us updated on all Northern New York news.  I often learn the news before I hear it down here.  You keep us updated on national news as well as local and regional news, and the weather.  

Aside from friends the one thing we miss the most are the men and women of the 10th. Mountain Division and all personnel at Fort Drum.  The nearest base to us is Parris Island and/or Ft. Bragg, N.C., so we never see anyone in uniform and they are greatly missed, but never far from our thoughts and prayers.  Thank you, again for keeping us in touch with the "North Country".

-Bill & Jeanne Comfort, Westminster, S.C.

Merry Christmas Newzjunky and have a great 2007!  You do a great  job getting out the news of the north country. I was born in Watertown, lived there for 50 years, and now live Florida.       

-Robert  Pugliese, Saint Cloud, Fla.

I really enjoy Newzjunky.com!  I was born in the town of Pamelia.  I lived in the area and in Watertown until moving in 1985 to New Port Richey, Fla.  I also miss Alteri's bread.  Italian bread down here is not the same. When I go to visit my son I always go to Friendly's  for a hot fudge Sunday. I have to have a good hamburger while I'm there. Of course, we have to go Arts Jug. My Mother worked for them about 20 years.  I check your site every day.  I like reading the obituaries.  So many of my friends, class mates, teachers and co-workers have passed on. My son is a Watertown policeman, but I sometimes tell him the news before he hears it.  Keep up the good work and thank you.

-Fran, New Port Richey, Fla.

I too wanted to send a huge thank you for the great reporting everyone does for newzjunky. I read it every day. I been in Georgia near on to 40 years, but still love catching up with my hometown.  Thank you so much. And Merry Christmas to you all, and a terrific New Year ahead.

-Mary and Buddy, Covington, Ga.

A quick note to say how much I enjoy Newzjunky.  I am a Carthage graduate living in the Midwest.  I am on your site daily.  I enjoy the national and local news.  The links are nice too.  I enjoy staying in touch with the North Country.

-J. Reed, Koontz Lake, Indiana

I am from Dublin, Ga.  I was turned on to Newzjunky by my mother who lives in the Villages, Fla.  I, as well as many people outside of Watertown, hear of the local Watertown news before the people in Watertown do.  I love the site and am very grateful to be able to stay in touch with my old hometown.  Thanks again!!!

-Shelly, Dublin, Georgia

What a privilege it is to have Newzjunky available to us.  We check in daily for news of home and friends while away from Watertown.  Thanks to each who participates in keeping this site up and running!

-Carol and Dan H., Webster, Fla.

We, natives of Watertown , are now in Florida for a few months.  Don't know what I would do without your keeping us informed of what's happening back home. Happy Holidays to all and thanks for all the good reporting!!!

-Marge, Punta Gorda, Fla.

We are Snow Birds in Dade City, Fla.  Our hometown is  "Watertown New York" and we just love reading Newzjunky!  We look forward to reading it and keeping in touch with our hometown news. We have one son who lives in Oklahoma, and a daughter in Florida, and they also rely on Newzjunky!  We all appreciate it so much.

-Donna & Harry, Dade City, Fla.

We like staying in touch with the North Country, and look forward to our return for the summer.  I would like to thank all our friends and customers that visit our Kettle Corn tent at the  Watertown Farmers Market. See you all in May!

-S& D Rutigliano, Eustis, Fla.

My wife and I enjoy reading Newzjunky every day. We moved from Cape Vincent (I am originally from Beaver Falls) to a small town in Tennessee.  We enjoy keeping up with the news in Northern New York.

-Bob, Delano, Tennessee

I just have to tell you how terrific this site is.  I come here daily now that I found you.  Please, keep up the good work.  I especially enjoyed the video of the Christmas parade.   

-Marge, Theresa, N.Y.

I am from Dexter and have been in South Carolina for over 8 years.  I was just told about Newzjunky and think it is great to be able to read hometown news and keep up on the local news every day.  Keep up the good work!

-Carolyn Simpsonville, South Carolina

My husband and I have been in Beaufort, South Carolina, for 8 years now.  We came her from Dexter.  Newzjunky is a great way to keep up with things in the north.

-Ray and Betty, Beaufort, South Carolina

Originally from Clayton, I enjoy Newzjunky regularly.  Congratulations on great web site!

-Darryl Hayward, Omaha, Nebraska

I am a snow bird in Florida for the winter and check Newzjunky every day to keep current on Northern New York news.  Great job!

-M. Maxon, Florida

I also no longer pay for the WDT online during the winter months. It was too expensive.  Why is the WDT the only newspaper that charges?  I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

I now I get every thing I am looking for and more for free from Newzjunky.  I know about local obituaries and news before my sister who still lives in Watertown.  Keep up the good work!

-Marilyn, The Villages, Florida

l live in Croghan, N.Y.  I arrived in Wilmington, N.C., last night to visit my son, Kevin, for a few days. The first thing I did in the early morning of my first day here was to click on Newzjunky.  Kevin has
it in his favorites.  I do the same when I am home.  What a site, with everything anyone could want for news and entertainment!

-Liz Jones, Croghan

I was raised near Barnes Corners at the 7x9 corner.  The U.S. Army landed me in Hinesville, Georgia 30 years ago.  I still do love and miss my friends and family in the "north country"!  Newzjunky is wonderful! 

-Randy Clark, Georgia

Steve Weed Productions (SWP) would like to thank Newzjunky and all the viewers from all 50 US states and 39 countries especially those serving in Afghanistan and Iraq for making this hometown "Video Only" site possible to come to life.

-Steve Weed, Watertown, N.Y. USA

I just want to take a moment to thank you.  Newzjunky is top notch for all of the local, regional and world news all in one place.  It can't be beat.  You all do a superb job!  I especially like the 24.7 internet radio links that your fabulous site provides.

-Margaret, Oxford, Massachusetts

I am from Alexandria Bay, and I go to school in Brooklyn, so it helps to have a site like this to know what's going on.

-Garrett, Brooklyn

I am currently in Afghanistan and I use Newzjunky to stay up with what's going on back home.

-Aubrey Russell, Afghanistan

With Newjunky, a person doesn't need any other local news web site.


Husband and I are from Cape Vincent, and the U.S. Army just stationed us here in Hawaii, and we keep up with news at home everyday from Newzjunky.com.  THANK YOU for keeping us in touch with everything that is going on at home!

-Tony and Holley Phillips, Hawaii

I think that was one of the loveliest presentations you have had and would like to see more along this line.  I "read" NJ every morning as I do not subscribe to our local newspaper. Thank you.

-Jane, Watertown

I am from Watertown, and being here at Canton State has me far away from the local news, but not with Newzjunky.  It's all here for me too see, thanks!

-Mike, Canton State

I am from Dexter and I check Newzjunky every day to keep up on local news. I am at Alfred State College so I am a good distance away from Dexter.  Newzjunky is a great way to keep up with all the hometown news.  This news site is great!

-Andy, SUNY Alfred

I am from good ol' Dexter, and I'm a student at the University at Albany.  Checking newzjunky 20 times a day keeps me sane so far away from my friends and family!!!  

-Danyelle, University at Albany

I am from Watertown, and Frankly, Newzjunky is the only place I get my news.  It's the best way to keep in touch with Northern New York events, and as soon as something happens, you guys are covering it.  Everyone I know checks Newzjunky.

-Dave Bova, SUNY Potsdam

I am from Alexandria Bay and while I'm at school in Ithaca at Cornell  University I keep in touch with what's going on in the North Country  through Newzjunky.  My whole family is addicted to Newzjunky!

-Nicole, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.

I work, live and go to college in New Hampshire and check Newzjunky from Franklin Pierce College, soon to be Franklin Pierce University.

-Andie, Ridge, New Hampshire

I was born in Canton, N.Y., and lived in Watertown.  I now live in Gris Fiord, Nunavut, with my beautiful wife and 4 kids.  NewzJunky, THANK YOU FOR BEING SO INFORMATIVE AND UP TO DATE!!!  I would not imagine not knowing what was going on where all my friends and mother lived. THANK YOU!

-Christopher Smith, Gris Fiord, Nunavut

Just want to tell you that I love Newzjunky !!! I am from upstate N.Y. ( and now live in Jackson, Tenn.)  I check the news back home every day. I often know the news before my mother does, who lives in Evans Mills !!! Keep up the good work !

-Rhonda, Jackson, Tennessee

Newzjunky keeps me up-to-date with local news, sports scores, and everything else Northern New York that I am missing!

-Joshua Aubertine, Nagoya, Japan

I love Newzjunky!!!  It keeps me updated on things back home while I'm away at college in the Sunshine State.  My family & friends are still live there, and I can get up to date information on what's going on before I fly back to visit. Newzjunky is the best, and NOTHING can replace it.

-Rebecca Cooper, St. Augustine, Florida, Flagler College

My family told me about Newzjunky and I now read it every day.  I left Watertown 26 years ago when I joined the USAF and have missed home since.  I’m now living in Oklahoma City and am thankful that I’m able to visit this site to keep up on the local current events. I was home the end of August and beginning of September for my parents' 50th anniversary and even went online to look at Newzjunky rather than pick up the local paper.  Thanks for all the info and the taste of home from so far away.

-Joe Comet, Oklahoma City

Man, it is so great to be able to see what is going on in Watertown with this web site.   I have lived in Barstow, Calif., for the past 43 years, but still have family there that we come back and visit.  Newzjunky lets me stay on top of the news from Watertown and the events going on there.  Keep up the great work.

-Walt LaMora, Barstow, California

I was raised in Watertown and now reside in Tazewell, Virginia.   I read Newzjunky every day.  It is good to be able to read news of what is going on in Watertown.  This site keeps me updated of all the new stores and restaurants that are been built. Keep up the good work on making this one of the successful news sites around the globe.

--Darleen and Gary, Tazewell, Va.

We would like to say thank you for what you do! We are currently in Pittsburgh, Pa., with our daughter Lindsey, who had  a double lung transplant last month, and we have been able to keep up with what's going on "back home" while we are here!  We don't feel as out of touch with everything up there as we might have if not for Newzjunky!   We can't wait to come home to the north country, but rest assured, Newzjunky will still be on our favorites list once we're home, as it has been almost since it's inception.  You guys ROCK,,, THANKS!

-Tammy and Jim Frost, Carthage

Great site! My wife and I are originally from Brantingham and Turin, and we enjoy catching up on the local NNY news when we log onto newzjunky. Although we still hear all the NNY rumors from family and friends, we get our NNY news from newzjunky.  Keep up the great work!

-Ryan and Tracey Bush, Fairbanks, Alaska

I was born in Carthage, raised in Natural Bridge and am a 1982 graduate of Carthage Central. I moved away from the North County in 1989 and have now lived in North Carolina for 12 years. Thank you for giving me a way to keep up with the news at home.

-Carol Smith Upadhyaya, Robbins, North Carolina

Newzjunky keeps us former Northern New Yorkers (raised in Watertown) now living in the Mid-Hudson Valley current with all that is happening at “home”.  Keep up the great work! It’s a wonderfully informative site!

-Vicky, Kingston, N.Y.

I was born and raised in Carthage. My husband and I moved to Tennessee 15 years ago.  I check Newzjunky every day from work to find out what is going on.  I work in Alabama with several people from Carthage and it is great to be able to talk about home and what we read on Newzjunky.  Keep up the good work!

-Kim (Sayer) Hurst, Summertown, Tennessee

We are so fortunate  to have Newzjunky in the Watertown area!!!  Without newzjunky, we would never have current news which is up-to-date daily.

-J. Miller, Watertown

Born in Lowville, raised in Croghan, married a Swiss man and now keeping updated with NNY news while living in Alsace, France!

-Heidi (Schamback) Lehmann, Alsace, France

I was born and raised in Watertown, and after 32 years, my husband and I moved to Smyrna, Tennessee (outside of Nashville).  I check Newzjunky every day to keep updated on what is going on "back home".  Thank you for a wonderful, current newz site!!!

-Betty-Jean & Shawn Maclachlan, Smyrna, Tennessee

My husband and I are both from Carthage.  My brother, who still lives there, turned me on to Newzjunky.  We now can see what is going on in our hometown. It's a wonderful news site and full of all sorts of information. Thank you, Newzjunky!!!

-Ron, Tina, Jake, Shane and Taylor Guyette, Summerville, S.C.

I have lived in South Portland, Maine, going on five years.  I lived in Watertown for 35 years. My family still lives in Watertown.  On a daily basis, NJ keeps me informed so much better than any local newspaper could, not to mention the price! Thank You.

-Frank, South Portland, Maine

Having started reading NJ while living in Sackets Harbor, I just had to keep up with the news after I moved to Maine.  A friend gave me one of the NJ coffee mugs, so I can have my morning coffee while reading the news just as I did while living there.   Thank you for keeping the site updated so quickly!

-Tara, Scarborough, Maine

There is a newz junkie in Bangkok, Thailand...

-Dave, Bangkok

Love your news site!  No subscription required.  I used to read the times online until I found Newzjunky.  I no longer read the times online because of the membership fees.   I read your site multiple times a day to keep up with the NNY news.  

-Tammy, Summerville, South Carolina

This site is the greatest!!  I lived in Watertown for 33 years, now I reside in Florida and I can still feel like I'm at home with Newzjunky.  Thanks for having this available for us.

-Midge, Florida

I was raised in Watertown. I moved to Biloxi Mississippi two years ago. My brother who still in Watertown told me about Newzjunky. It help me to stay up to date on Watertown. Thank you Newzjunky!

-Lori, Biloxi, Mississippi

We have lived in Wickenburg, Arizona, for 12 years now and do appreciate Newzjunky.  We moved here from Highland Ave., Watertown.

-Lyle and Maggie, Wickensburg, Arizona

I love this website. I was born and raised in Adams Center, and now live in Herkimer, N.Y.  This site keeps me up to date with what's happening where I used to live.  My sister told me about this site.  I check it three to four times a day.  Keep up the great work!

-John, Herkimer, N.Y.

My husband and I now live in Valparaiso, Indiana, and keep up with our hometown news via Newzjunky.  It is the ONLY place to read all the Jefferson County news.  Thanks! 

-Lynn and Tom, Valparaiso, Indiana

I was born and raised in Watertown on Black River Rd.  I now live in Valparaiso, Indiana, just outside of Chicago.  I read Newzjunky all the time, especially if I get home sick.  Keep up the good work and Thank You!!!!! 

-Lori, Valparaiso, Indiana

I am so glad that I can keep tabs on what is going on in my home of northern New York. I am a military wife whose husband is stationed in Fort Irwin, California. I look forward to coming home each day and seeing a little bit of home. Thank you so much for such a great news site.  Keep up the great work!!

-Nancy Rivera, Fort Irwin, California

Having moved around over the years in the military, it was hard to keep up on events in the North Country, where I grew up.  Other news sites only let you see tid-bits of a story and then require a fee to see the complete story.  Not Newzjunky!   You folks offer the whole story and seem to always be there when the newz breaks.  Thanks.  Keep up the good work.

-Troy, U.S. Coast Guard, Michigan

I lived in Northern New York all my life until a year ago. It is great to be able to still keep up with the news from home.

-Joe Coleman, Charlotte, N.C.

I am a newz junkie!!!!!! I read your site at least 4 times a day and I cannot get enough. It is my home page at work and I even have it on my cell phone as well.  I don't get to Watertown very often at all, but if you have an extra one kicking around I would love a coffee mug or a hat.

-Matt, Norwood, N.Y,

This is a great place to find out what’s going on back home no matter were I am in the world. I grew up in Brownville. Joined the Navy in 1988. I don't get to come home very much, but now I can keep up with all that’s going on in Snowtown, U.S.A. Thank you and keep up the great work.

-Todd, Goose Creek, South Carolina

I was told about Newzjunky by a good friend of mine, and now I read it EVERYDAY.  I was born in Watertown, and I use Newzjunky to keep up to date on my hometown.  Thank you for being a free site.

-Scott Schall, Washington D.C.

It is great to see the number of people who continue to want the news about Watertown, New York even after they have left for a number of years.  Without Newzjunky, we wouldn't be able to get such great coverage for our hometown. So, we thank the Newzjunky Team for a great job!

-Frances, Lakeland, Florida

I was born in Watertown NY, my sister told me about this Newzjunky, I read it every day, Now I can see what's going on in my old home town. It's great to read all the news.  And thanks for being a FREE news site!

-Fran, Olympia, Washington

I spent the last 17 years in Copenhagen and just moved here to Anderson, Alabama, in April of this year.  I'm still reading Newzjunky every day.  It is still one of the best sites for news I have found on the internet!

-Patty, Andersen, Alabama

I grew up in Carthage and lived and worked in Watertown.  We moved to Utah in 1982 and for the last 15 years have been in Salt Lake City,  but I still enjoy reading about what’s happening ‘back home’!

-Gayle, Salt Lake City

Newzjunky is my home page and primary source for local, state, national, international and Hollywood newz.  I guess you could say I am "addicted" to this wonderful news service because it is continually updated, accurate and gives people direct access documents and press releases in their original form.  It has been amazing to actually read press releases before the other media filters it or puts their spin on it.  I also enjoy the ability to see photos of breaking news as it happens.   Keep up the great work and thanks for my free coffee mug.  My co-workers are jealous.

-Marilyn, Watertown

We would like to compliment you on the wonderful job you are doing with your web site. My wife and I were raised in Lewis County and although we are now in New Jersey, we still have our house in Lowville. Being that we only get home a couple of times a month, less in the winter, it is hard to keep up with the news from the area. 

We read Newzjunky every day to find out the news and happenings in the North Country. 

Being that you update even on weekends is great! The TV station sites do not do that and they also are slow on "Breaking News". You are right on top of it all. Thank you for keeping us and everyone else up to speed, and to everyone who e-mails news tips to Newzjunky as they happen.

-Dianne and Harold, Clementon, New Jersey

I worked for the city of Watertown for over twenty years, I retired in 1984 & moved to Florida, I find newzjunky a great site to keep up with my home town news. I am real happy to see the growth & the large dept. stores taking a interest in the area. It is a great city & I still miss it, but the winters just got to long. The area can be proud to have newzjunky spreading the news for a growing area.

-Richard G., Lakeland Florida

I live in Melbourne, Florida, but I am originally from Felts Mills.  My grandparents owned an operated Wilson's Restaurant, (Bert & Wilbur Wilson) up until 1976, and my dad owned Bob's Barbershop outside gate 2 of Fort Drum for several years, (Bob Lester).  I constantly read Newzjunky, to keep up on what's going on up there. I truly miss my friends and family, but honestly can say I don't miss the winters. Thank you for the great website!

-Susan Lester, Melbourne, Florida

I am a newz junkie in Omaha, Nebraska.  I am headed back to NNY today to spend the 4th with my family.  I cant' wait to get back to eat at Jreck Subs and Art's Jug.  See you all soon.

--Jennifer Saunders, Omaha, Nebraska

Excellent site!  I am from Carthage and now live in Hawaii.  I am  in the Navy with the Submarine Fleet Pacific.  This news site keeps me updated on all the newz in Jefferson County.

-Chief Charles Johnson, Hawaii

I grew up in Watertown and moved to Michigan in 1999. I read Newzjunky almost everyday. I love to see all the new pictures and how my home town is growing! I try to visit at least once a year to see friends and family, and to get a Jreck sub!

-Sunday F. in Michigan

Love your website!!! My Husband and I live In Wingdale NY. We plan on moving up to Jefferson County in the near future. Your site keeps us up to date.  Keep up the great work. We are Newz Junkies.

-Milt & Judy, Wingdale, N.Y.

Just want to say Great Job!!!  My wife and I live In New Hampshire. We moved here 5 years ago after living in Turin. Your site keeps us up to date. Keep up the great work. We are Newz Junkies.

-Bruce & Charlene, Hinsdale, New Hampshire

Thank you for giving me the newz from home! It is the way I keep up with everything going on in my hometown.

-Missy, Albemarle, North Carolina

Wonderful job! Not only the latest news on local happenings, but excellent national and world stories.  All the newz that's fit to visualize! 

-Marty & Jayne, Clearwater, Florida

My son in Carthage turned me on to Newzjunky several months ago when he mentioned a fire near his home and pictures you carried in your publication. I have not missed a day checking in since then.  

Imagine my surprise when I came across an article about a deer attacking a lady and her dog in the North Country....you even documented attacks we have had right here in Carbondale on the Southern Illinois University campus...Wow!  And, hey, we had been told it just does not happen anyplace... but here!!! 

-Joyce, Carbondale, Illinois

I love Newzjunky. I am formerly from Watertown and I live in the Twin Tiers. I would be lost without Newzjunky. It keeps me in touch with everything that happens in Watertown and surrounding areas. Thank you for being there for people like me.

-Stacey, Savona, N.Y.

Working away from home as I do, I appreciate any little piece of the hometown I come across. 
I thoroughly enjoy the video clips from WWNY-TV 7 and now Steve Weed Productions.

Along with all the audio clips you post from the local Mance Radio Mall, I can keep up with what's going on. They all are a good compliment to the newzjunky site.

I don't miss a day without clicking on Newzjunky.com. 


I was born and raised in Watertown. I moved to Indiana in 2004 and my son told me about Newzjunky. I read it at least 3 times a day to keep up on the news in my home town. Your site is awesome and very informative. Keep up the good work!

-Lori, North Vernon, Indiana

My husband and I are natives of Watertown.  We moved to Kentucky last July, but we read Newzjunky everyday just to keep in touch with what is going on at home. Your site is awesome.

-S. Turner, Florence, Kentucky

I have Newzjunky set as my home page at work, and at home.  My boss, my coworker, my husband and my self all check Newzjunky several times a day.  In my eyes, it's the number one website. Thank You!!!

-Jackie, Beaver Falls, New York

Newzjunky is the fastest way to get breaking news information out to the public.  Newzjunky is my homepage and I check it a dozen times a day for breaking news.

-Jan, Theresa, New York

I canceled my expensive newspaper subscription and now depend on Newzjunky for the latest local, state and national news.  It's amazing.  I check the site morning, day and night.  Keep up the good work.   I also use the free classifieds web site.  Thank you!

-Brenda F., Sackets Harbor, New York

I check Newzjunky about 15 times a day.  It's the best web site in NNY.

-Bruce, Adams Center, New York

My Mom and Dad live on Chase Lake and I used to live in Pulaski.  I moved to Pensacola, Florida a couple years ago, but still like to see what's going on in the North Country.  Your website is awesome! Thank you for providing a wonderful service.

-Donald Grimes, Pensacola, Florida

We came down to Florida after Thanksgiving and will be returning to Chaumont at the end of April...Several times a day my husband and myself check Newzjunky.com.   It made us feel so in touch with home.  Thank you!

-The Ecklers, Chaumont and Bradenton, Fla.

I enjoy your professional and entertaining north country news website!

-Peter, Sharpsburg, Georgia

I just returned home after a month visit to Florida.  Every morning I went to the library to get the hometown news from NEWZJUNKY.  I got the news faster than some people in Watertown with their stale newspaper.  We are always in touch no matter where we travel.

-Chuck, Watertown

I would just like to thank you for airing both City Council and County Legislature Meetings on your web site NEWZJUNKY. Thank you for being civic minded enough for giving us with online access the ability to be able to view these since a most of us are unable to attend these meetings. 

I know you are doing this on your time and again KUDOS to you, your site, and your persistence to keep us in the north country informed. 

I have seen NJ grow and developed over the years into something that IMHO is better then all local media period. If you even get the ability to have your own news staff with reporters, the local media just might as well close up shop...........LOL. Again thanks for all you hard work and please be humbled by what you have accomplished so far.

-David V., longtime newz junkie

I would like to thank you for your up to date information regarding Northern New York and for including other areas of NY State via newspapers online.
I frequently visited "Newzjunky" while living in N.Y.  Now that we've moved to South Carolina, I visit throughout the day.  Keep up the excellent reporting.  God Bless You.

-Jeanne C., South Carolina

It's refreshing to see the north country has many alternatives for news now.  I would never pay to read the newspaper online.  Thank you for providing this wonderful service and I look forward to seeing many new additions.  I check your site 4 to 6 times a day.

-Terry, Copenhagen

Everybody that I know uses Newzjunky for their local news. I have an uncle in Binghamton who canceled his subscription to the Watertown Times because you had all the news for free that he was paying for.


Aloha, my brother Matt said to visit you all's web site.  Does the Mercy Hospital still exist? Before Vietnam era duty, late 69-74, I did Volunteer Fire Department TMB ambulance runs in1968 & through fall of 69 to Mercy and Good Samaritan Hospitals.

-Erin, Maui, Hawaii

As north country new comers, we are using your web site for all our news and information needs.  Thanks for the help.

-Aleks & Deb of Aviano, Italy

I read Newzjunky every morning with my coffee, and every night before I go to bed. I no longer buy the newspaper, I have newzjunky who is always current on the news and whatever is happening in town. Keep up the good work Newzjunky, you are so much better than the local newspaper.

-Kathy, Watertown

My wife and I keep up with news of the North Country from Okinawa, Japan by checking your site.  Thanks for the great service.

-Ken And Alice Spink, Torii Station, Okinawa, Japan

We enjoy reading Newzjunky every day. We lived in Lowville for 50 years and now live in Florida year round the past 9 years.

-Schneebergers, Bradenton, Florida

I came across Newzjunky by chance several months back and have been a faithful reader since.  Just a suggestion - if you have more stories on the 10th Mountain Division currently in Afghanistan - please include!  Thanks for everything!  

-Sharon, Vancouver, Washington

I am 18-years-old and read Newzjunky 3 or more times a day. It is my homepage, and I can't get enough of it.  Thanks for everything you do.   It keeps me aware of what is going on .. not just around me, but all around the world.

-Dawn, Watertown

Thank you Newzjunky. I moved from the Watertown area to Florida. I return home once a year for vacation and was delighted to hear about your site! i love viewing the pictures you have...those pictures take me home every time. Please keep up the great work. We really, really need you to keep the nation informed of home!!

-Penny Baker Smith, Tampa, Florida

A huge thank you to all who work at putting Newzjunky together.  I live in Florida, do really appreciate it.

-Marge, Florida

I got rid of the Watertown times and now get all my news on Newzjunky.  It is much cheaper and you don't have papers that pile up. And you get the news faster than waiting for the paper. You have a great news site.  

 -Kathy, Copenhagen, N.Y.

My wife reads the Watertown Times, I read Newzjunky. She asked what the difference was. I told her "what you're reading today, I read yesterday. What I read today, you'll read tomorrow!"  'Nuff said.  

-Harrisville, N.Y.

As life long residents of Jefferson County, we moved to Olivia, North Carolina four years ago.  Through newzjunky, we can keep up with what is gong on in the north country.   We miss our friends and relatives, but with newzjunky it makes still feel close. Thanks again, Newzjunky!!!

-Tom and Elaine Bovee, Olivia, North Carolina

Newzjunky is great at getting breaking news stories posted first and fast....GREAT SITE!

-Michael D.

I am a snowbird, here in Myrtle Beach, SC, originally from Clayton, NY. I check the newzjunky, every day!

-Phyllis Ball, South Carolina

Since your web site first came up I have been reading it at least daily and sometimes more often.  I still subscribe to the Watertown Times, but seldom read it.  My wife does, but generally when she comments on a subject, I am already ahead of her and have the answer.  You have a tremendous effect on the local community, thank you.

- William M.

I like Newzjunky a lot.  I don't read enough like I should, but Newzjunky is sure making me a reader lately.  Keep up the good work!

- Joe L., Fort Drum

Thanks for your great site! I am a huge newz junkie  fan and check your website 3 or 4 times a day.  It is great being able to keep in touch with not only what is going on in the area, but I am able to link to sites and check out my old stomping grounds in New Jersey and Florida! I notice you do not have much on the local fishing, I do check out the ice fishing site, and snowmobiling. I have a lodge in Altmar and have a website that updates what is going on the river and the trails. It would be great if you would link me up! Thanks for the great site!

-Harry Powers

Terrific site!  Easily the best site for all things NNY and beyond.  Keep up the great work!


I stumbled upon this website after my sister had mentioned something about newzjunky to me- I was paying for an online subscription to both the WDT and Classmates.com, but felt it was a waste of money. 

I have been looking for a way to stay connected with the NNY snd WHS events. I'm glad to see someone take interest enough to provide this site. Hopefully, as the word spreads, this site will grow and become a conduit for many other curious NNY natives.


I have to laugh every time I see Newzjunky post a picture with the caption 'Amish on Arsenal St.'

Having lived in Lancaster, Pa. for 20 years, I deal with driving around the buggies every day.  You can always tell the tourists, because they sit behind the buggies with cameras in hand.  Maybe you can attract some tourists and onlookers up your way.  Keep up the great work!!!

-Olivia L., Lancaster, Pa., (T.I. Class of '79)

I moved to North Carolina 11 years ago.  It's great to see all the news about Watertown.  I remember the old town lots of year ago when everything was centered on the Square.  It was great back them.  Keep up the good work.  It is very enjoyable to visit Newzjunky every day.

-Mike Oddi, Winston Salem, North Carolina

Wow!  I moved to Star Lake, N.Y. about a year and a half ago and didn't know much about St. Lawrence, Lewis or Jefferson County.  

This site tells it all.  It's my start page and ending page. 

With all the other comments I have read, I tend to agree it's the best around.  

I also love the Watertown FREE classified ads as I am always looking for something for myself or others and come spring I am sure I will be selling also. Happy New Year to all and keep up the fantastic work.

- David White, Star Lake, N.Y.

Thank you for all Newzjunky offers to the community. I check it constantly throughout the day.


I love this site.  It's much faster than calling my aunt to find out what's going on up there. I can find out all of the news everyday.  This is much better than any newspaper and no ink on your fingers. Keep up the good work and thank you.

I have been living in Texas since 1971 and to be very honest I love the warm weather and lack of snow.  And as a final note- Derryl, if you read this , I still remember learning to do the foxtrot with you at Dee's.

-John Eldridge, Midlothian, Texas

Put me on the list of those who are glad to have news from back home.  I grew up in Carthage, and have been living in Syria for the past 18 years.  Tried the WDT, but refused to pay.

-Barbara, Syria

Keep up the good work.  Newzjunky is the best local web site - HANDS DOWN!

-Carolyn, Watertown, N.Y.

I had to laugh when I saw the Watertown Times was asking for my personal credit card number to read their news.  NO THANK YOU!!!!   What a joke.   Some things in Watertown never seem to change.  Keep up the good work, Newzjunky!  I'm sure your readership will continue to grow as more and more people stop reading the newspaper.  As someone who works in the internet and journalism fields, there are sites like Newzjunky popping up all over the country.  Newzjunky provides an important public service and the creators should be commended

-Ben, Sunnyvale, California

We love NEWZJUNKY.  We  hit it at least 5 times a day for weather updates alone. Trying to get my boss to post our place of work. I feel we are missing out by not being here.

-Stacey, Carthage, N.Y.

My husband and I are originally from Watertown and Dexter.  We love Newzjunky and keeping up on what's happening.  Great site!

-Bob and Darcy, Saugerties, N.Y.

I was born and raised in Watertown, N.Y. Currently, I am living in Germany because my husband is in the Air Force.  I get on Newzjunky almost every day to find out what's happening around Watertown, etc.  It's a great local news source because you don't have to pay for it!

-Amanda F., Germany

Formerly from West Carthage, I have always wanted to keep in touch with the events of the north country.  Since the Watertown Times charges for an online subscription (and I refuse to pay when I can read many reputable papers for free) it is great to be able catch up on the north country without paying.  Maybe they will realize they have competition and get with the program. 

Many thanks for site and for permitting me to keep in touch with my roots.

-Jon Beaulieu (Boulio), Geneva, Switzerland

Thanks to newzjunky for keeping me informed while working in Iraq.  It allows me to keep up with what's going on In Watertown and the surrounding areas.  I liked to say hi too my wife Naomi and daughter Heather and Keith and Michelle that live in Adams.  Happy holidays from Iraq.

-Tobi Montgomery, Iraq

Thanks for the fantastic site.  I've left Watertown in 1969 to join the US Air Force.  I ended up living in San Antonio, Texas for the past 20 years.  I'll always keep the connection with Watertown as home.  I check NewzJunky on a daily basis.

-Dave Edwards, San Antonio, Texas

What a joy it is to go to Newzjunky daily to see what's going on in Watertown. Even though I don't get back as often as I'd like, visiting the site is the next best thing to being there. I love the news, the links, the web cam of the Square and especially the photo gallery. 

I'd love to see more pictures of the city--more scenic than just what new stores are going up. For example, I love seeing the shots of downtown Watertown posted last week. My father (Frank Augustine) and his Rotary friends planted the big "Christmas" tree on the square several years ago and it's lovely to see how it has grown and how it's decorated this year. Also, any chance for a
one-line caption under the photos to tell you what you're looking at? I've downloaded many of your photos to my computer and they're now a growing part of my screen saver slide show.

I wish you had a place on your website for a reminiscences section. I'm sure there are lots of people with wonderful stories to tell about the people who used to live there and how things were like "back then." I've got one I'd love to share about Mrs. Mider, the fourth grade teacher at
John C. Thompson elementary school from the 50's.

Thanks again for a great web site. I know you can't be all things to all viewers, but you come close. And it's free!

-Jane Simpson, North Carolina

I love reading about Watertown and other small town life.  I graduated from Watertown High School in 1959 and didn't come home for 45 years.  I visited this summer in August for a week and met with five of my old friends.  It was great.  I read Newzjunky every day and find the article on the Amish moving into the area very interesting and positive.  I think a special lane will have to be arranged for horse-drawn carriages.  Thanks for all the good stuff.

-Mary Margaret, Amesbury, MA

I am from Watertown and now reside in Atlanta GA.  I check Newzjunky periodically throughout the day, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!  I love that when I speak to family and friends back home I already know what big story they are going to talk about it!  Keep up the newzzzzzz.

-Jess, Atlanta, Georgia

I grew up in Carthage, NY and Newzjunky is my way of keeping up with the news and sports.  Even though Plattsburgh is only  160 miles away, the Adirondacks seem to be a barrier for the news from that region.  Plattsburgh is more interested in Vermont news than other parts of its own state.  We seldom hear sports scores from the Watertown area.  The only sad part is that in the 70s Carthage was a Basketball powerhouse and for the last few years their program seems very weak for the size of the pool they have to choose from.  None of the Clinton county schools are anywhere near the size of Carthage (enrollment). 

-Mark Schwartz, Plattsburgh

I'm checking your site from Dexter, N.Y.   I think your site is better than the newspaper, by the time you get the paper it's all old news by then.

-Kit, Dexter, N.Y.

My friend Donna told me about your site and I am hooked.  I always went to the Post-Standard web site, but now I check Newzjunky first.  I really enjoy your site!

-Diana, Surfside, Florida

I enjoy reading the news from Watertown.  My daughter and her family live there and this way I can keep up with the 'Happenings'!  The photo cam in the Square is particularly nice, snow is very rare here and so pretty to look at... how about Christmas lights around town? 

-Shari Farrell, Crestview, Florida

My family and I really appreciate being able to keep up on local news which we miss (that sometimes involves us indirectly).  Luckily, we have Newzjunky. 

-Lynne Murray, Palm Bay, Florida

Hey I am reading your news from Daytona Beach, Florida. I moved here almost 2 years ago, but I love to hear about the north country.  I love the newzjunky.  Thank you.

-Yvonne Widrick, Daytona Beach, Florida

Visiting Ottawa for the weekend and catching up on the newz....thanks so much.


Thanks for keeping us informed about the North Country.  You are doing a great job.  It is colder in Watertown than here in Alaska.  Hi to Doug and Sharon Reed in Punta Gorda.  Hope to see you next summer in Fishers Landing.

-Jim Barkley, Seward, Alaska

I am a native of Lowville, although many years ago.  I left there with my family when I was 13 years old, but have always and ever considered it to be my home.  My cousin in Lowville told me about Newzjunky, and I now have it as my opening page on the internet.  I like keeping up with what's happening and, at my age, of course, watch the obits.  This is a very informative web site, keep up the good reporting.

-Linda, Granger, Indiana

Keep up the good reporting of the local news,,, as I am from Watertown,,,  and now live in Orlando, Florida....it's a lot better then the news stations and paper we used to get when living there....keep up the good work...thanks.

-Dale, Orlando, Florida

I am from Watertown and I go to college at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida. I read
Newzjunky multiple times a day, and I normally know what is going on before my friends that are in
Watertown! Thanks for this site!!

-Jessica Lawton, Lakeland, Florida

I now live in Greensboro, North Carolina and check Newzjunky daily for news of the North Country.  Thanks for providing such a great service for free!

-Kelly, Greensboro, North Carolina

We moved to West Salem, Ohio two years ago.  Newzjunky helps me keep up on north country news at no expense.  Why should I pay the Watertown Times when you have all I need and more for free.  We lived in Calcium for 35 years and Newzjunky helps me stay in touch especially on the lonesome days.

-Vicki Thayer, West Salem, Ohio

Hi.  We just love your web site!  The Watertown Times wants us to pay for the paper they shovel online and your news is "Free".  Thanks.

-Mike and Joanne, Hinckley, Bradenton, Florida

Just found you on the internet. Just a note to say hi and let you know that my wife, sons and I were formerly of Watertown and had lived there for 14 years, in fact my eldest was born there. We live in the south east of England. But have fond memories of Watertown and still have friends there. Please pass on our best wishes and have a Merry X-mas and Happy New Year.

-Jim, Jackie, James, Shaun Fischer in UK

Hello.  I lived in Watertown for 8 years and just moved to Greenville, South Carolina.  I still check up daily on the local news.  Newzjunky is a great web site.

-Peaches, Greenville, South Carolina

Hi.  My wife and I are from Sackets Harbor.  We keep up on the news from home by checking Newzjunky.com from Xichang, Sichuan Province, People's Republic of China.

-James (Ted) and Ernestine Hogancamp, People's Republic of China

My wife and I moved from Watertown in 2002.  We live in Cuba, NY which is 15 miles from the PA border.  We are in the western southern tier and work in Olean.

I check Newzjunky all day long for the news and to see what type of weather you are getting.  We reside at Black Lake during the summer months and visit friends and family in Watertown often.

-Rick Eustis, Cuba, NY

I left Watertown 35 years ago to move to Rochester.  Newzjunky allows me to keep up with what is going back "home".  Thank you and keep up the good work.

-Bobby in Rochester, NY

My wife and I live near Myrtle Beach, SC.  Every summer is spent at our cottage on Sandy Pond.  During the five months we are there we get the local news from the Syracuse Post-Standard and the local airwaves media.  Paying for the last page of the WDT, which is about all the paper is worth, surely is a waste of our resources.  Your site is fabulous and is read on a daily basis.

-Dan Briggs, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I check the obits and weather each morning.  This is where your interests go when you reach my age....who's not around anymore and reaffirming my decision to move south.

-Joe Lofink, North Carolina

Your Newzjunky site is awesome.  I can't believe it is so up to the minute.  We've lived in Ohio for 36 years and like to keep up on what's going on back in our hometown.  Your site is one of those priceless treasures for which we are so thankful.  Keep up the good work. Your readers appear to be wonderful people who have moved away and, like us, keep the home-fires burning in our hearts for our roots in Jefferson County.  I nurture my nostalgia  by collecting and typing histories,
articles, etc. for my website which can be located by typing "Shirley Farone" on a Google search.  It's all about Jefferson County, N. Y.

-Shirley Farone, Ashland, Ohio

I am a Watertown native living in Windsor, NY (near Binghamton). Newzjunky is my first choice for up-to-the-minute news........plus it keeps me in touch with my hometown.

-Ben, Windsor, NY

I live in Gouverneur, NY. Having lived most of my life in Jefferson County, it is a real treat to be able to read Jefferson County News on your site since the Watertown Daily Times only delivers the St. Lawrence County edition of their paper to Gouverneur which contains hardly ANY Jefferson Co., news. Thanks for a great site!!

-Anne in Gouverneur, NY

We check Newzjunky from, West Stockbridge, MA.  I fave family in and around Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties and like to keep up with the news in the area. Thanks Newzjunky.

-Larry, West Stockbridge, MA

I lived in and around Watertown for 37 years before moving Florida. I still have friends in Watertown, and one of them sent me your website. It is great. Best site to check for news and everything going on up there. Don't miss the shoveling though.  You don't have to shovel heat.  Graduate of the '73 class from Watertown High!

-Debbie Garrison, Tallahassee, Florida

Hi, we are from Combined Locks Wisconsin.  Originally from the Watertown NY area.  We check this every day.  Great way to keep in touch with the Good Ole North Country!!!!!!

-The Reinkes, Combined Locks, Wisconsin

Checking in from Ogdensburg, NY.  There is more up-to-date information here than other sources.  Still a little light on St. Lawrence County information though.

-Chuck, Ogdensburg, NY

I live in Dexter, N.Y.  I have found Newzjunky to be my best source of weather and news.

-Anonymous, Dexter, NY

I started reading Newzjunky last year and read it daily.  I live in Groton, Connecticut and have family in Clayton.  I will be moving up that way sometime next year, so reading Newzjunky is helping me learn the area. Thanks for the great information that you pass on to all readers.

-Linda Lowe in Groton, CT

I live 74 miles south of Watertown.  Newzjunky is an awesome web page!

-Bryan P., Syracuse

I'm in Palm Bay, Florida.  It's good to get news from Watertown after leaving  two years ago. I lived in Watertown for 83 years!!!  Keep up the good work!

-Polly in Palm Bay, Florida

We love Newzjunky.com.   It keeps up up to date on North Country news when we are wintering in Ellenton, Fla.  The local paper here puts the Watertown Times to shame - 4 or 5 sections every day except Sunday where there are 9.  All for 35 cents a day and $1 on Sunday.  When we get back to Potsdam this summer, we may not start up the Times and just depend on your excellent site.

-Gil and Ann in Ellenton, Florida

Hello, I am just thanking you for having this web site, so I can see what is going on up there. Thanks for this excellent news web site.

-Amanda, Lehigh Acres, Fort Myers, Florida

I just want to say that Newzjunky is a great site. It makes it easier for me to see what is going on at home while I am overseas. I lived in Watertown before I joined the military and I like to see how H2O town is expanding and what is going on there, or just in the North Country in general. Thank you Newzjunky for keeping me in touch with what is going on in the North Country and making me feel closer to home.

-Jennifer Wood, United States Navy, Sicily, Italy

We live in Harrisville and come down to Florida in the winter. We used to get the WDT on the computer but not anymore. Newzjunky is GREAT!  Keep up the good work. We sure enjoy reading it many times a day, because we have to know what is going on up North.

-Ellen & Hugh, Florida

What a great job you are all doing on your website!!!! I am a Watertown native living in Ft Myers, FL.  I get ALL of my news from NEWZJUNKY.com. You are the only place I have found that not only reports all the current news from the North Country, but also lets me find treasures of articles and photos to reminisce about days of old. I can't thank you enough for providing this service without cutting corners!!! I truly appreciate everyone's hard work and effort.

-Dan Gravelle, Fort Myers, Florida

I would just like to start off by saying Newzjunky is great website.   check it several times a day.  I lived in Carthage most of my life and still have relatives there and it is real nice to just turn on the computer and check to see what's going on in the north country..      

-Jeff Marcum, Honokaa, Hawaii

Thank you Newzjunky for all your news, web cams and links to the north country.  I lived in Watertown for 27 years before i moved away 16 years ago.  I miss my family and friends there, but continue to keep in touch through them and through this website.  Hi to all my friends from Watertown High Class of 80 and JCC Class of 82.  So miss being up there in the snow now that I live in Georgia, but I guess i have to suffer.  Thank you Newzjunky again....you will never know how much you have touched me.

-A. Chapman, Columbus, Georgia

Thanks so much for NewzJunky! Even though I now live in St. Paul, Minnesota, because of your great website, I often know what's going on in NNY before my mother - who's lived in Watertown all her life! It's particularly great to see the pictures of the snow (which makes me realize how "tropical" it is by comparison here). Keep up the good work!

-Douglas Shambo, St. Paul, Minnesota

I just want to start off by saying that my father has got me hooked on Newzjunky (fish line, hook and sinker). Ever since I moved out of upstate NY, I have always been curious of what happening back home.  I was born in Fort Meade Maryland and raised in Carthage since I was 2.   I left Carthage when I was 22 and miss all the things that take place.  When I get on the computer the first place I visit is Newzjunky.  It's like a addiction, information I need daily.  I want to thank my Pops Mr. R. Moore from Carthage for being such a great father and role model.  I'll see you during the holidays.  Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry New Year.

-Robert Moore, Hooksett, New Hampshire

Let me start off by saying that your site is unbelievable! Newzjunky is how I stay up to date with all the north country news! You do a wonderful job keeping people on top of anything and everything that goes on. I can’t say thank you enough for your site.  I have been a loyal newzjunky. I have your site set as my homepage and I can’t help checking it out every time I sit down in front of my computer. Luckily I have Newzjunky, because I doubt the Watertown Times delivers to Rochester!

-Todd Nestor, Rochester, N.Y.

I'm a college student in Oswego, NY, so I'm not too far away from my roots in Northern NY (Lowville), but not a lot of the NNY news travels our way.  I use newzjunky multiple times a day to keep up to date with what's going on back home and around the world.  You probably don't know, but your site had better coverage of the downfall of mayor Gosek in Oswego than most other sites, so I use it for Oswego news sometimes too! You have a wonderful, useful, easy-to-navigate site that I enjoy using.  Thanks so much!  Keep up the good work!

-Kimberly A. Rebeor, Oswego, N.Y.

Thanks so much for Newzjunky. We winter in Golden Valley, Arizona and are able to get all the news from home and New York state.  We even get to hear the local police/fire scanner.

 -Bob & Eunie, Brownville, NY.

Great job!  I lived in Watertown for over 50 years & now live in Florida & I check your site often to get the news from my hometown.  Keep up the good work & thank you.

-Richard Gebo Sr., Lakeland, Florida

Love your site. Check it every day for north country news. Would like to see Jefferson County real estate transactions once a week. Did you ever wonder why you can read the New York Times and the Syracuse Post Standard online for free and the Watertown Times wants to charge $79, last time I noticed? I guess it must be the depth and overall quality of the Watertown Times.

-Fred Jackson, Clayton and Florida

Hello from St. Petersburg Florida.  I want to thank you for  a great site.  I'm on your site at least five times each and everyday.  Not only is  it a great way to keep up with all of the local news, but the world and national as well.  I live in Florida for 8 months out of the year and I don't miss the cold or the Times one bit.  We have a great paper here with a web site that looks just like the paper and its free.  Imagine that... Also the Sunday paper is only $1.00 and not only better, but larger.  

With all of the links your site offers, I just can't believe that something this amazing was created in good old Watertown, New York.   I often call up friends there and relate something I just read on your site and have went from, "How did you know that?"...,  to "Let me guess, Newzjunky."

- Frank "Butch' Lamica, St. Petersburg, Florida

We canceled our subscription and now get the latest NNY news from Newzjunky!  We depend on your site for the latest obituaries.  Keep up the good work.

- Henry, Lakeland, Florida

I lived in Dexter for years.... now I'm in Texas. It seems a lot of bizarre things occur in Jefferson County over the years...  Your site is great...I really enjoy it... Keep up the good work.

- P.M., Houston, Texas

We love Newzjunky. We have been Fishers Landing residents for over 40 years and are now in Punta Gorda, Florida for the winter months. Thanks for keeping us informed about all the North Country news. We miss everyone, but we don't miss the weather for sure!!

- Doug and Sharon Reed, Punta Gorda, Florida

Moved from Carthage to Cambridge, Maryland in September.  I check Newzjunky 4 to 5 times a day, just to keep up with everything that's going on back home.  Can't say I love Newzjunky to loudly, because my brother works for Channel 7.

-Catherine Cole-Morrissette, Maryland

I check Newzjunky 2 to 3 times a day to keep in touch with the north country.  I'm a displaced Claytonian living in Mardela Springs, Maryland.  I love Newzjunky.

-Jerry, Maryland

I have lived in Maine for the past six years and Newzjunky.com has been my # 1 method of keeping up to date on all of my friends and family in Watertown and the surrounding area.  Thanks Very Much Newzjunky!!!

-Steve, Raymond Pond, Maine

To all who have written the WDT, on any comments regarding news content, or just suggesting ideas and or upgrades on their web site, and have not received a response, do not even think anything else could be possible.

I was an employee of the WDT., from 1961 thru.1978, in the Advertising Dept. under the staff of the Publisher John B. Johnson Sr.  along with Louis Saiff, General Manager and Advertising Manager, Henry Thompson "1961".

The newspaper in "61" was located on Arcade St., Prior to "61" and ensuing years until 1975. The transition from moving to a new location from Arcade St. in 1972 to the present facility on Washington St. could never have succeeded without all the expertise of veteran employees, familiar with the letter press, to help forward the "OLD" Technology, to "NEW", Technology"  Offset Printing" that the WDT has been using with a few updates since the 1990.

Getting back to "New Technology" and Responses from the WDT.. Somewhere up in the  hollowed walls of the editorial rooms, or the present Publishers' office of John B. Johnson Jr.,...My wish is this....Like the movie  "MOBY DICK" . Ahab, the Captain, got scarred from a mythical white whale....He had a reputable record of seamanship, however, his downfall was...His fixation with the White Whale, at the expense of his crew, and ultimately with himself.

The Watertown Daily Times will always be with me in my heart....But ...Like someone dear in a family that has passed away,... In time...Memories fade, and sad to say....A great institution of the North Country, "May Also."

-Dick Norfolk, Orlando, Florida

I have been living in Virginia (the Shenandoah Valley) for about 11 years. I was very pleased to learn of your website, I get all the news from newzjunkies..What a treat.

-Marty Norris, Woodstock, Virginia

I was born in Adams and lived in Watertown before leaving for service in USN. I emailed WDT sometime back and told them they could learn a lot about online newspapers from Pilotonline.com (Norfolk, Va). Never received a reply. When I found out they had an online  version I emailed congratulations but recently found out they want to charge. I emailed the WDT Managing Editor "I was pleased to see WDT updating to an online paper and sent you congratulations. Now, I must rescind that as WDT now chooses to charge, whereas other papers do not. It's no wonder more people use Newzjunky and other online sites to get news of NNY."  I received a reply, " OK. Good Luck."

I live in Copper Hill, Va. about 25 miles from Roanoke and check Newzjunky several times a day. Thanks for providing such coverage.

-Stanley Burdick, Virginia

I'm a native of Utica and have also lived in Binghamton. i now live in Cookeville Tennessee. i used to work for Whitaker Trucking in Deposit New York, and they had a terminal in Watertown just down from Longway's Truck Stop, so I have made many trips to the north country.  It's great to check on the comings and goings of everyone and everything in the Watertown area.  any "Whitaker people" can contact me at richierich320@yahoo.com .  Keep up the good work and a big thanks to everyone at newzjunky. 

-Rich Peenstra, Cookeville, Tennessee

I just want to let you know that I'm obsessed with your website and i check it several times a day (it's my homepage). It's probably the best put together news sites that I have ever seen! I'm very thankful that this area has the independent news source that is your website.

-Eric, Sackets Harbor, N.Y.

Keep up the great work, Newzjunky….you guys are updating all of us who have moved away but still like to know what is going on “back home”.

-Mark, Phoenix, Arizona

I am a GE employee that lives in Copenhagen.  I travel around the world and can always count on Newzjunky for the news from home.  The Times won't give you the time of day.  I am presently in Shanghai, China getting my hometown sports scores and news.  Keep up the good work.

-David, Shanghai, China


Your web site is my first stop when I turn the computer on each morning.  What a great service you provide!  I've been watching the site grow over the last few years, and really like the way you have done the layout.  There are more links on your site than any web site I've ever seen!  I love the Public Square camera.  I have so many wonderful memories of Watertown.  It was a very special place in the 50s & 60s.  Growing up, I had no idea how lucky I was.  Like a lot of kids, I could not wait to move away.  Now, I treasure every visit.  Made the 40th reunion last summer.  Drove by all my old houses. Where else can you can go and see a stone porch in your old neighborhood that looks just like it did 50 years ago?

Ted Sutton, Los Angeles, California

We enjoy reading Newzjunky daily.  We moved to Green Valley, Arizona after living and working in Watertown for 62 years.  We miss the people,  not the winters. Thank you, Newzjunky!

-Jack and Mary Jo, Green Valley, Arizona

I view the newzjunky website almost every day to catch up on Northern NY news. Born in Watertown and lived there more than 30 years, I miss Watertown and the north country. I miss the great Italian food and pizza. I would just like to say "HI" to everyone and to my family who still lives there. Thanks for the great website!

-Kris Bibey, Kent, OH

We moved down here to the Sunny South a couple years ago, a little community called Carolina Shores, NC, just north of Myrtle Beach SC.  What a great place.   We enjoy looking at the Newzjunky, just to keep tabs on people, places and the WEATHER.  We miss our families and friends, however the change was good for both of us. 

-Petries in, Carolina Shores, North Carolina

I was born and raised in Watertown. My relatives own Benny's Steak House and Tommy's Pizza.  My father came from the Flats of Watertown.  It's so good to get the news from newzjunky, it brings back a lot of memories of Watertown.  Now I live in Massachusetts and believe me I miss the north country.  Thanks again for the terrific job you have done to keep us updated on the news from the north country.

-Nick, Holyoke, Massachusetts

Great site. I really enjoy it.  I check in several times a day.  I never buy the paper any more. Everything I want to read is here on NJ.  Keep up the good work. 

-fan, Black River, New York

Just reading up on Watertown news after a business trip to Hong Kong & south China.  Gas prices are cheaper over here than in Watertown!  Thanks for the news service.

-Vince, Hong Kong

We love the Newzjunky website!  It is fantastic.  A friend of ours told us about it and we are so glad that we listened to her and checked it out.  It is far better than the WDT.  We just canceled our subscription to the newspaper.  For 1 it's too expensive, and 2 Newzjunky gives more news and it is far greater for reading than the newspaper ever thinks of being.  Thanks for doing such a great job on the website and keep up the great work!  We will keep checking out the Newzjunky website.  We had the WDT delivered on and off for yrs. but they're not as good as they try to say they are.  You are though!

-Jeff and Cindy, Watertown, N.Y.

I was a life long resident of Watertown. I lived what people call the FLATS, just before the bridge on Arsenal St. I moved from Watertown to Southern California, after meeting my new husband on the internet playing spades on POGO. I would have never thought I would move from Watertown. It's a very nice place to live, and the people are friendly, and I never had a problem speaking with people. They all speak ENGLISH. 

Here in California, no matter where you go, you hear SPANISH everywhere! Who would have thought that one day I needed to know SPANISH? Not me ! I have a lot of friends in Watertown, my BEST FRIEND Tammy, I really do miss a lot. She was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to. And then there were my card playing friends. Needless to say, I don't have time to play cards here. I'm too busy. California is a very busy RUSHED placed. If you like FAST pace, you need to come to California. The Traffic is outrageous though. Some freeways we just call "Parking Lots", if you know what I mean. 

I miss Alteri's bread and rolls. And I miss the "NEWS" cast on Channel 7. There wasn't a day, I went without watching them, the 6:00 and 11:00 news. The one thing I don't miss is the SNOW, COLD, ICE, SLEET, my water pipes freezing up, and the below 0 weather..and the humidity. I'll be coming to Watertown on Sept 7th for a death in the family. One of my oldest brothers died on July 31st from Cancer. I'm sure a lot of people in Watertown knew him. Doug DeRouchie. He's sadly missed by all of his family, and his LIFE LONG COMPANION, Al Capeto. May you REST IN PEACE DOUG. We'll all be seeing you again ! Miranda, if you are reading this, I love you honey, and I'll be there soon.

-Terri (Misercola) Riggle, Long Beach, California

I am really really homesick for Watertown & Burrville where I grew up by the Cider Mill some 50 years ago. I live in Virginia just outside of DC now. I relocated here for work, have been here for 8 years now. You have brightened my life. I can now log on & see everything going on. I log on at least twice a day as do my children who live in England, Alaska, PA & VA.

-Rebecca Churchill, Woodbridge, VA

We are a part of a group of teachers from the Northern New York area who are teaching English in Jochiwon, Korea (South Korea). We have been here for 3 weeks now and we will be returning to Watertown and the surrounding areas on August 20th. We have been teaching English to Korean teachers. We wanted to thank NewzJunky for keeping us connected to home. We have been able to share a piece of our home with our students.

-Barbara Seifried, Katie Lane, Gretal Fowler, Greg Lapinski in South Korea

When I first clicked on Newzjunky, I was amazed by the variety of local information available.  I feel like I am at home every time I check the site (I visit about five times each day).  Best of all, it's free.  No credit cards or passwords needed.  Keep up the good work, Newzjunky.

-Janelle, Anaheim, California

I lived in Watertown for 26 years. I moved to Plattsburgh and have lived here for 22 years. Watertown and Plattsburgh are similar in many ways. Plattsburgh, though is a short drive to Burlington, VT and Montreal, QC. I still have relatives in Watertown and read Newzjunky every day!

-Vincent O'Driscoll, Plattsburgh, N.Y.

I was born and raised in Watertown and spent 30+ years in Rochester, NY. I returned home for two years and was the co-president of Preservation Watertown. I have since relocated to Savannah, Ga. and log onto Newzjunky for the latest news in H2O town. I hope to return each May to spend summers in the beautiful north country. No place I'd rather be in summer. Thanks for doing a wonderful job educating the ex-patriots. We all return home sometime in our lives.

-Derryl Rankin Johnston, Savannah, Georgia

I am originally from Watertown NY. I lived in Watertown for 48 yrs. I am now living in Southern California. I moved to California after meeting my NOW husband on the internet. A great guy I must say.  We  met in July of 1999, and got married in Vegas in Oct of 99. The weather here is a lot different then Watertown, there's NO humidity, but, it does get HOT here. I was a little upset when I found out the price of the Watertown News Paper to be delivered to California. So, I sure am glad that someone told me about NEWJUNKY. I get on this site everyday just about, and read what's happening in my HOME TOWN. I only wish my youngest daughter would change her mind, and come back to California. But, she does know I LOVE and MISS her very much. She'll be 19 on Aug 4th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIRANDA. I'll see you soon, I'm coming for a visit

-Terri (Misercola) Riggle, California

Being an Alexandria Bay native of 45 years, I moved to the Fayetteville, NC area over 7 years ago. I do miss friends and family left behind and the clean clear water of the St. Lawrence River. I love getting on the computer first thing in the morning and reading newzjunky. There is so much information there.  I used to get the T.I Sun (via snail mail) but not anymore. I can find all the news I want here and get all the gossip via telephone. Keep up the great work.

I would like to hear from anyone who remembers the same student from Alexandria Central class of 1971 or 1972 even though I did not graduate.

-Jackie, Raeford, North Carolina

I know you are saying where to hell is Pahrump, Nevada. Pahrump is located 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas. I was born on a farm in the Town of Champion in 1935. I attended school in a one room School in Champion NY. I graduated from West Carthage High School in 1952. I really enjoyed my childhood in Northern NY, but went in the military in 1954, married a lady from Colorado and lived there for 30 years before moving to Nevada.  My wife and I just returned from Upstate and really enjoyed my visit. My Dad was a lot of history of Upstate NY. He was in the 1st graduating class for New York State Cheddar Cheese makers at St Lawrence University. He and my mother also owned the Hotel at Lake Bonaparte in the 1920's. He was a charter member of the order of Masons in Copenhagen. Keep up the good work as I enjoy your website very much.

-Dave Peck, Pahrump, Nevada

Found your site, great job.  I was born in Massena and lived there till 1965 – Alvern Avenue.  My father was chief engineer at WMSA in the 40’s and 50’s, and then went on to found “Massena Electronics Engineering.”  Parents were active at Sacred Heart Parish and went to school there when the nuns still ruled!  NNY gave me a true appreciation and love for “real winters” the way they used to be.

-Bill Tarkulich, Lexington, Massachusetts

I am a long time resident of Watertown, but presently living in Chappaqua NY with a friend. I make it a point to get the news from home on NewzJunky every day....Keeps me informed as to what is happening there..   Nice that you are here to do the job.

-Sue, Chappaqua, New York

I love Newzjunky!  We were born in Watertown and lived in surrounding communities for 36 years and most of my husband's are still there.  Even though I moved to Kingsport, Tennessee 7 yrs ago, I still like the hometown area news and information that you provide. We visited a couple weeks ago and it has changed a lot since we were there in 1999.  Keep up the good work Newzjunky.

-Ted and Robin, Kingsport, Tennessee

Michele and I check Newzjunky everyday. Some memories of the North Country are better than anything in Nevada. A year ago we were worrying about snow. Now we worry about melting from the heat. We have gone from a memory we give up to a living hell we cannot escape. Thanks Newzunky for keeping us cool.

-Dr. Jerry and Michele Naradzay, Nevada

My wife and I were born and raised in NNY (Clayton & Potsdam) read newzjunky.com on a daily basis, This is the only way we read up what is happening in NNY. Your website is very helpful to us.

-Henry & Katie LaClair, Papillion, Nebraska

My wife is from Binghamton so she likes to visit here for some local stuff.  
I like the way you cover a little bit of everything.

-Bob and Diane, Phoenix, Arizona

We lived in Carthage and Natural Bridge and now live in Shelby NC. I love looking at your site.  Keep up the good work.

-Charles & Sandy Goldthrite, Shelby, North Carolina

I was born and raised in Watertown but haven't lived there in 20 years.  I still have a lot of family there and try to visit at least once or twice a year.  Just got back from a nice summer visit and I do truly miss the area.  I check Newzjunky every morning!  Thanks for keeping me posted on all the going-ons in my hometown.

-Dan in Princeton, NJ

Newzjunky is keeping me informed of what's going on at home.   I love you Anna .

-SFC Meza in South America

This is the best way for me to see what's still going on in Watertown. Live there for 35 years and now is Florida for 30. Still miss Upstate New York. Keep up the good work, it's really a great way for us to see what and who are happening in Watertown. Thanks again.

-Margaret, St. Petersburg, Florida

I check Newzjunky 3 or 4 times a day.  It was nice to see news from St. Lawrence County.  You are doing a great job.

-Ron Gardner, Kingston, Illinois

Gotta love Newzjunky !!!  Was made aware of it nearly at it's inception and since have turned both family and friends far and wide (even local Watertonians) onto it.  It's the bomb!!!  We all love it and are thankful for it. There's nothing like having a HOME link at your fingertips.  Makes us feel connected.  Thanks!  Now then, when's that next mayoral election??  LOL

-Martha Cook Howard, Portland Oregon

I love newzjunky, it beats paying to read the Watertown Daily Times, your news is up to date. I grew up and lived in Northern NY. Now live in Ohio. I check it twice a day. Keep up the good work.

-Lisa, Ohio

I check in often at Newzjunky.com.  It's been a great source to keep up with old friends and see what is happening around the North Country.  The Best Web Site I have come across.

-Tim Joynt, Toledo, Ohio

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading newzjunky here in Arvada, Colorado. 

- Betty Peck, Arvada, Colorado

I wanted to thank you for the good job of keeping us informed about the north country. I lived in Watertown for over fifty years  & now living in Florida.

It is great to check back and see what's going on in my old home town. I have seen great changes in the past few years.

-Richard Gebo, Lakeland, Florida

I just wanted to say to keep up the good work at Newzjunky! I check the site at least 3 times a day. We are a military family originally from Gouverneur and Newzjunky keeps me updated on all the local news from our hometown area. Thanks!

-Rebecca Hansen, Alaska

I kept my eye on NewzJunky when I lived in the North Country, because it had breaking news before anyone else.  Now I keep my eye on NewzJunky because I get a little homesick from time to time, and this is like being there to experience the events.  Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!

-Rachel, Boston, MA

I just discovered your website about a month ago and I agree with others that your website is much better than the WDT for getting all the news of the NORTH COUNTRY.  I lived in Carthage and Philadelphia, NY all my life, until 1999 when I retired from Fort Drum after 31 years of civilian service.  I still have a lot of relatives in the north country.  First thing every morning, I check the hometown news from your web site.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

-Anne Burr, Paris, Tennessee

It's good to see someone understands what the internet is all about.  The WDT wants $80 bucks to look at their web site to which I say, "No way!".  Keep up the good work, Newzjunky.  I look forward to checking your site each morning and evening.

-Jim, W. Melbourne, Florida

I really appreciate your putting your site on line as it keeps me up on the latest news from my old home town.  I just got back from visiting Watertown and was there for the fireworks at the park and the fire at Black Clawson company. Being a retired firefighter from there I was real interested in that fire.  Keep up the good work.

-Bob Deline, Ormond Beach, Florida

Even after 32 years away, I always want to know what is going on in Watertown .  Thanks Newzjunky for allowing me to keep up with hometown news.  You always seem to get it first….and best.

-Lee Van Brocklin, Ames, Iowa

I love the newzjunky website!! Being from the Watertown area, we still want to know the happenings out that way.. thanks so much for doing a GREAT job on the site.  Keep up the good work!

-Jennifer, New Hampshire

Thanks newzjunky for keeping me informed.  I work in international development and newzjunky has kept me in touch with the news from Upstate where I have landed.  I am now in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia listening to the Border on the web and catching up on hometown news through newzjunky.  Keep up the good work.

-Barbara, Addis, Ethiopia

I read Newzjunky every day to keep up with my hometown of 36 years, Watertown NY.

-William Parks, Cairns, Australia

I read Newzjunky every day to keep up to date on everything going on in the north country.  I just returned to Omaha after spending a week in Clayton and Alex Bay.  The fireworks at the Bay are still as beautiful as they were 12 years ago.

-Jennifer (Woodward) Saunders and Family, Omaha, Nebraska

While visiting my daughter and son in law in Kansas, I keep track of things back in NNY via Newzjunky.

-Roy Randall, Pulaski, NY

We check Newzjunky everyday to keep up on what's going on in NNY.

-Ron, Diane and Cindy Kines, Statesville, N.C.

It is great to keep tabs on the north country, being born and raised there, I find myself wondering what's up often, with this site I can keep informed.  My mom also still lives there, so when she rambles on about something happening in Watertown, I can turn to this site to figure out what she said... keep up the great job.

-The Gill Family, Yardley, Pa., former town councilman in Town of Watertown

Newzjunky.com is a great site!  I moved back to California this past December and I stay up to date on the news back home in NNY by checking Newzjunky every night!   You keep me up dated on everything going on in NNY.  Thanks for the great pictures and stories.

Spending the last ten years in Philadelphia, NY I consider NNY as my home!  Newzjunky keeps me up to date on what's making the news in Jefferson County.   Before I left the North Country, I was a professional firefighter at Fort Drum Fire Department.  This site keeps me connected to the stories that affect my Brother Firefighters at Fort Drum Fire Department, my friends at Watertown City Fire and my Volunteer Brothers at Philadelphia Fire Department.  Even though I'm 3000 miles away Newzjunky makes me feel like I'm back home!  I hope ALL my Brother Firefighters out in Jefferson County are all doing well!  Take care guys!

-Kevin Tonn, Sacramento City Fire Dept. Sacramento, California

Newzjunky.com, I am able to read up on Northern New York events from my deployed site here at Manas Air Base in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.  I was born raised in Clayton, New York and love spending my vacations in the Clayton and Watertown areas.  I first learned of Newzjunky.com about four years ago and have used it from my military locations in Qatar, United Kingdom, Florida, and of course Manas Air Base.  I think it’s a perfect site for world, national and local news.  It’s my desktop favorite.

I’m Senior Master Sergeant Thomas LaClair with the USAF’s 376 Air Expeditionary Wing, 376 Logistics Readiness Squadron.

-Thomas F. LaCalir, SMSgt, USAF, Manas Air Base, Kyrgyzstan

I am in Wagewan, South Korea for the next 11 months.  My wife and I have been reading newzjunky for several years now.  We refuse to buy a local news paper because we can get it all on line.  We used you site for three years in Belgium and I am now using it in Korea.  My wife back home relies on your site as well for breaking news.  Keep up the outstanding service, it is a blessing.

-Paris L. Campbell, Korea

Newzjunky.com keeps me in touch with all that is going on back home while I am here in Tikrit, Iraq for a year. 

I have been able to keep in touch with all the changes and things going on in Northern New York. It is better than picking up the local newspaper and always updated. I first found Newzjunky.com when I was in Afghanistan several years ago and have gone to it ever since. 

Keep up the greatest web site in Northern New York.

-Dennis Cass, with the 42ND Inf Div, Tikrit, Iraq

Newzjunky is an important part of my day that helps me keep in "Touch" with H20town.  I've been apart of Newzjunky almost since it began. Thanks.        

-Jim Whitbeck in Sicamous, British Columbia, Canada

We moved here to Virginia 4 years ago and just became aware of Newzjunky 4 or 5 months ago.  The first thing I do every morning when I get up is to check the local weather, then Newzjunky to keep abreast of the Watertown area news. You are doing a great job and hope you keep it up.

-Ken and Marcia Bowers, Virginia

I grew up in Watertown and was a paperboy for the Watertown Daily Times.  Too bad I can't even look at more than one sentence of a news article online without having to pay them money.....until my wonderful father told me about your site.  Thanks for keeping this Connecticut resident informed.

-Paul Trimper, Connecticut

I am now a full time resident of Bradenton, Florida Leaving Watertown and the Watertown Daily Times behind.   I read Newzjunky many times each day as I would never pay for the paper online. Keep up the good work.

-Jean Lloyd   Bradenton, Florida

Thank you for Newzjunky.com. My sister told me you were online and it has been great to get frequent updates from the north country.   I grew up in Evans Mills and went in the service in 1963 and this is the 1st time I have been able to see things from the home area.  Thanks and keep up the good work for those of us away, but our hearts are still a part of the north country. 

-Bob Shawcross, Yukon, Oklahoma

Was so glad someone told me about your web site. Was born and raised in Watertown but left in the 70's and have have lived in Texas ever since. Still have family in Watertown so they keep me up to date on a lot of things about Watertown . I check Newzjunky.com every morning and catch up all the back home news. Thanks and keep up the great job!!!

-Sylvia Glover, Porter, Texas

We moved from Watertown and now live in Florida. We keep in touch with what is going on in the north country through Newzjunky. We are so glad you people are doing such a great thing. 

About the fire at the Black Clawson site, oh well, now more parking or will someone put something there besides a bar. Or will it make more parking for the Speak Easy or Shooties??

-Joe and Tosha Soluri, Florida

I left Watertown in the 1960's, but enjoy newzjunky very much.  Brings back lots of memories and I still recognize many names and places.  Your coverage of national news is very well done, too.

-Judy, Greenville, South Carolina

Thanks for the great site, you guys rock!  We moved in 1997 to Fort Worth, Texas. And it’s good to look back at the north country, check prices, what’s happening, etc.  Gas here is 30 cents or more a gallon cheaper, and cost per kilowatt on electricity is only 6 cents, vs. 14 when I left in ’97, who knows what it is now!  I use my snow shovel to pick up grass clippings, it hasn’t seen anything frozen in 8 years.  The scenery in NNY is so nice, but that doesn’t pay for food or rent – the economy here is sooo much better and cost of living is so much cheaper.  Plus, there’s no state income tax – an automatic 10% raise!  Thanks again for all your hard work!

-George C. Fassett, Sr. , Fort Worth, Texas

My husband and I moved from NNY to Tempe Az in 1996. I check in with Newzjunky every morning to see whats going on back home. I just love your website and it is so great to see the pictures from back there. My husband and I are both graduates of Lowville Central and we lived in Martinsburg while growing up. His  name is Mike Souva and I used to be Rose Grandjean. We love it here in Tempe and if anyone back there needs a place to stay if out this way then give us a call. Your site is the best. Thanks for all the news and pictures.

-Rose and Miks Souva, Tempe, Arizona

I live year around in Florida and was so happy to hear about your site over a year ago. I check it 2 -3 times a day.  As a longtime Adams resident, I love keeping up with the "Obits" in the area. I wish all the north country funeral homes would use it. Great to get your news fast.

-Phyllis Matteson, Florida

Just want to say thank you Newzjunky for the great NNY news you put out.  We are originally from Sackets Harbor and Watertown area. Since my spouse and I retired to North Las Vegas almost 2 years ago, we enjoy keeping up on the latest news.  I worked for the railroad and we did foster care in Jefferson County and read Newzjunky daily. You're far better then the WDT !!!  We still have family and friends there and enjoy staying on top of the current events.  Thanks again for a wonderful job at keeping all of us who have moved away posted. Gotta admit sometimes miss the Watertown area but enjoy the hotter days in VEGAS!!!!  Winters are short here!!!

-Dennis & Della, North Las Vegas, Nevada

Keep up the great work! I have lived in the Baltimore Maryland area now for over 17 years, formerly from the Dexter area and my daughter turned me on to your site recently. I thoroughly enjoy starting my days reading the news from several sites STARTING with Newzjunky, my daily dose of "home".

-Todd Chase, Reisterstown, Maryland

We used to live in Watertown New York for many years, and we now live in Jamestown, Tenn. This site is the best when it comes to finding out information on all sorts of things. Thanks again.

-Keith, Jamestown, Tennessee

I am from LaFargeville, NY.  I live and work in Kingston, Jamaica.  A friend of mine told me about your web site and I have been using it to keep track of what is going on up there ever since.  Just wanted to let you know that you are doing a good job and Thanks for keeping me connected.

-D. Gibson, Jamaica

It is nice to be able to tap into Newzjunky from afar to stay abreast of local news and excerpts from the Hotline while on vacation 4,000 miles away.

-Fred and Betty Bresler in Zurich, Switzerland

Would like to say thank you to Newzjunky....  I have been deployed in Iraq for the past year and I love keeping up with what is going on....  thank you for all your support.....  will be home soon and have you as my home page.

-Greg, Camp Liberty, Iraq

I love Newzjunky. It's a bit of home for me. I grew up in Watertown and graduated from Watertown High Class of '76, but have lived in Boston since 1981. My mom, dad and in-laws all live up north still and it's nice to keep in touch with the local news and events. I love Boston, but my heart will always belong to the north country. Keep up the good work.

-Jeff, Boston, MA

Thanks for a great website.  I visit your website 3-4 times per day from San Antonio, Texas.  I am originally from Chaumont, NY and come back for a visit once a year or so and I appreciate being able to get all the news from around my hometown in "real-time".  Also it is great to get the national news on the same website.  The format is great and easily readable.  Thanks for a great news resource - who needs a newspaper or the TV?  When you are a Newz Junkie, you get it all!

-Ron, San Antonio, Texas  

I was glad when my cousin in Carthage told me about Newzjunky. I grew up in Alex Bay & have lived in Texas for the past 12 years. It’s great that you have the web cams. I checked out the ones on the St. Lawrence. Just nearly made me feel like I was back home again! I come home once a year, but with this web site, I can be “home” any time of the day. I like being able to catch up on the local news. Texas is home for me, but the North Country will always be “HOME”. Thanks.

-Jennifer, Eustace, Texas

THIS SITE IS THE BEST AND LONG OVER DUE. I have friends and family that have moved out of the Watertown area and they now and keep up on the news here in Northern New York. It's GREAT. THANKS SO MUCH for the up to date information all the time and keep up the great work. 100 times better than WDT.

-Nichole, Carthage, NY

I just have to say that NewzJunky is by far the best place for North Country News, and national news for that!  I am originally from Watertown and just recently moved to Raleigh , NC about a year ago.  Whenever I want to find out the latest about my old stomping grounds NewzJunky is definitely the place to go!  Keep up the good work!

- Tara, Raleigh, NC

Just found out about your website from my brother in New Jersey, I come from a family of eleven, we all grew up in West Carthage; many of us have left New York. This has been a real thrill for me, to be able to read about and see what's happening back home, yes, back home even after 25 years in Lincoln, California, Jefferson County is still home. And also, to look at the other comments, and find that there are people from there, that now live within a few miles of where I do now. Thanks for the memories.

- Jim in Lincoln, California

I called my brother Carl in Chaumont, and asked him the best way to stay updated of what goes on in my old hometown, Watertown.  He suggested NewzJunky.  What a great web site.  I now live in Fayetteville NC and really enjoy keeping up to date on NNY's events.  Kudos to all responsible.

- Jim & Alice, Fayetteville, NC

I lived in Watertown last year, I made the short move south to Syracuse and still like to see the news in the area. Great website!  It sure beats the Times ........in my opinion.

-Bryan, Syracuse

I used to live in Felts Mills, NY and I now live in Lawton, Oklahoma and I keep up with the latest NNY news on newzjunky.  Keep up the good work.

-Albert, Lawton, Oklahoma

I am so glad I read your site, you had mentioned my dad Merle Maracle on it. I miss him so much you can never imagine, I live here in Gainesville Florida and I think about him often.  Thanks for remembering my dad.


I really appreciate the newzjunky site.  It is very informative. I check it at least twice a day. Thanks for getting the public square camera back in operation.


I wanted to let you know that I visit Newzjunky every day to catch up on the latest North country news.

I left Watertown in 1972 after college and have only been back a few times in the mid-70's. My dad, Earl Kelly, worked for WWNY for 40+ years and my mom, Marion taught music in the Brownville, Cape Vincent, Chaumont public schools. They left for North Carolina (Hendersonville) after the winter of 77/78. I now live in Raleigh, NC with my wife and 2 sons/1 daughter. I have been a Registered Nurse in cardiac electrophysiology for the last 12 years; first at Duke and now at WakeMed.

I would love to make it up there for the fall colors again; the smell of crisp leaves on the wind and a slight chill in the air.

Also being able to dip my feet in clear stream water and see the rocks on the bottom. The water down here is always murky from red clay.

Anyone who feels like dropping a line feel free to do so. My email is pdkelly3776@gmail.com

-Paul in Raleigh

Thank you so much for the service you are doing for the north country.  This site is the most helpful and informative news source that there is in NNY.  I no longer purchase the Watertown Daily Times, as they have become very expensive as well as less informative over the last few years. Your service is appreciated by us as we are senior citizens and cannot afford another bill every month.  You are doing a great service to the people of the north country as well as people who have moved away from the area and want to stay in touch.

Thank you again for a wonderful news site.   I read your news everyday and find valuable information that is placed on your site free of charge. Keep up the good work!


I never realized until recently, what a wonderful service you are providing to the people of the North Country.  As you know the recent loss of Jay Brown has left a gaping hole in many lives.  You have provided an outlet for people to communicate how important he was to us.  There are many people, no longer in NNY and cannot be here, who were able to express themselves to his family and friends. 

I have a subscription to the Watertown Daily Times online, which I will be canceling.  I tried to print Jays obituary, and couldn't.  I tried to e-mail a link to friends far away, and couldn't.  You need a password that costs money to read it, or you must purchase the article if you don't want a whole subscription.  I remembered Newzjunky, and the information was there, for free, and I got it out.  Thank you.

The WDT has been the only local news paper for a long time.  We have supported it, sometimes because there was no other choice.  When we are in need, they will help, for a price.  Well now there is another choice.  I'm not sure how long Newzjunky has been around.  I've only recently learned of you.  But I will make sure that everyone I know, knows of you.

Thank you for the service you provide to the citizens of NNY and beyond.  Also, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the "guest book".  I don't even have words to describe how helpful that has been to us.  Please continue the work you do.  We appreciate it more than you know.


"I love Newzjunky! Even though I moved to Mesa, Az. over 20 yrs ago, I still like the hometown area news, ex. Lowville's Journal and Republican.

It's great that I also can get online something similar to what I used to remember as Channel 7 News,,, that also had Danny Burgess.

I grew up in Lowville, right between the library and the Drive-Thru Bank, behind IGA, formerly The A&P. The Lowville Fire Dept moved from the East side of the Drive-Thru to the old P&C behind my old backyard.

Yes, you guessed it. My Dad had The Lowville Auto Body Shop. I am Dave Kovach, moved to AZ in Sept 1984. I love getting the local news, and showing the Snow to the AZ Natives I work with."

-Dave Kovach

"I just wanted to tell you my son turned me onto your site. I was skeptical but I love it. News before it is reported plus extras. I Love It!!! Keep up the good work."


"I moved from St. Lawrence County to SC in 1998 and really miss the north country.  It's great to be able to keep up with local news.  I've told many people about your website.  Keep up the good work!"

-Rosemary K. in Batesburg, South Carolina

"I grew up in Watertown and i moved to NC in 1997 and really miss NNY! I found your website and really love it! Now I can keep up with all the news and read it several times a day. Keep up the good work Newzjunky!"

-Jim Premo in North Carolina

"My husband is from Watertown and grew up in Cape Vincent and my in-laws currently live in Chaumont, we both read Newzjunky several times a day. The Air Force stationed my husband in South Carolina 18 years ago and when he got out he decided to make our home here in Irmo, South Carolina. 
Although I'm not from Watertown I love to visit there several times a year and it feels like home, we love to keep up with the happenings back in Watertown. Keep up the good work." 

--Donny and Michelle Knight, Irmo, South Carolina

"My husband and I are both from Great Bend, NY and we have lived in South Carolina for 4 years.  I do get home sick from time to time and Newzjunky takes the edge off.  Keep up the great news reporting and I will continue to view your web site several times a day!  Thanks again!"

-Sherri  in Blythewood, South Carolina

"We were raised in Carthage, NY and now live in the warmer south, but both of us have deep roots in northern NY. We check out Newzjunky almost daily to keep up on current events at "home".  Keep up the good work."

-Dan and Cindy Weir in Six Mile, South Carolina

"I was raised in Watertown and left in 1960.It is appalling the way the great Watertown Daily Times wants to charge for nothing. I check your site daily for the latest news. I now reside in South Carolina but like to see what is happening in the old town GREAT WORK!!"

-Martin in Sumter, South Carolina

"Thank you for Newzjunky.com.  I am away from NNY for three months and read your news each day.  Thank you for having this free service.  It is great reading.  I am in Harlington, Texas... a winter snowbird they call us down here."

-Jean in Texas

"I look forward to reading the news about my hometown. I've been gone since 1970 and the last visit I made was in 1998 when my mother died. She was my last connection with Watertown. I am pleased to see that some of the old buildings are finally being preserved, something that should have been started in the 1960's when urban renewal funds destroyed much of the character of the city. Newzjunky site has provided me with this information and the website of the people helping to preserve Watertown's architectural heritage.  

I enjoy seeing Public Square at each season of the year and other photographs of sites around Watertown. I have learned of the passing of several people I knew as a child from reading the obituaries. Thank you for providing this news service to a former Northern New Yorker who is homesick at times.

-Eric Trahan, Citrus Heights, California

"I am a resident in the city of Watertown and learned about newzjunky a few weeks ago.  Wow, what a site this is. A whole lot more information than the local newspaper. Keep up the great work you guys are great."

-Robin in Watertown

"Newzjunky is the best local news web site. I am able to keep track of the news in Jefferson/Lewis county."

-Nancy in Tennessee

"I just discovered your informative web site.  I spent the first 20 years in Brownville, NY  and moved to Durham, NC in 1976 .  I enjoy living here but have missed getting the news from the Watertown area.  Keep up this great service and thanks again for your efforts."

-Mark Phelps in Durham, North Carolina

"My sister told me about this site.  I moved from Watertown to Arizona in 1968.  Since then it has been hard to know exactly what goes on at home.  With newzjunky I can go home with just a click.  Sensational.  The site is very informative.  More news than I've ever seen on the internet for any particular town.  Keep it up.  You've got my interest. "

-Patricia Adderley MacRae in Arizona

"My husband and I were born and raised in Watertown!  We read Newzjunky several times day.  When my mom lived in Watertown I'd  call her up to ask her about something I read on your site and she wouldn't even know anything about it yet !   Your the best  online news site!  Keep up the great work ! and Thanks for keeping us a lil closer to 'home'."

-Kelly & Tim in Venice, Florida

"Keep up the good work, I check the site for hometown, national and international news at least 10 times per day.  Newzjunky is always on the ball.  Thank you and everyone in the North Country who submit the photos and news tips that keeps us up to date with almost instant updates.  Its good being able to know what is going on in Northern New York while living in our Nation's capitol."

-Jason in Washington D.C.

"No longer living in Watertown where I was born and raised, this is the website I go to several times weekly.  It is a great source for all types of news, and is updated daily.  Thank you, to you and your sponsors, for a great website."

-Chris R. in Syracuse

"Hello from Seattle, WA!  After spending 4 years in the Hudson Valley I have relocated to the Pacific Northwest.  I can't come home as often, but I can go to Newzjunky everyday!!! The Webcams are Great!  Just a quick question... when are you going to put in a classified section?"

-James Kostoroski in Redmond, WA

"I find it very amusing that the Watertown Daily Times said that when people leave Watertown they never come back.  When you look at the places that people live commenting on this website, it is obvious that just because you do not live there, doesn't mean you don't come back.  Maybe not physically, but we all have ties.  I talk to my family on a daily basis and it is a joke amongst us because I know what is going on before they do.  Thanks Newzjunky for making me feel apart of home even though I live 3000 miles away!"

-Diana in California

"I lived in Watertown all my life until 4 years ago. It's hard to shake the old North Country news. My wife and I stay in touch via your website. It's great to know there is an alternative to The Watertown Daily Rag. I have no idea why they feel it necessary to charge such a hefty fee for the news. Most online newspapers are free. Why pay for good news. I'm getting better news for free at NewzJunky. Great work."

-Mark Chauvette in Las Vegas, Nevada

"Newzjunky is the best way to get news from Watertown, NY."

-Darryl in Sarasota, Florida

"I, too, am now a "newzjunky". I moved from Adams Center to the sunny south over 5 years ago, but still have family and many friends in NNY. I probably will not renew my WDT subscription when it expires. I enjoy your up-to-the-minute news, especially those local stories.  I enjoy your site and have it running on my desktop all day at work."

-Howard in Elgin, South Carolina

"I'm a seasonal resident of the North country for 3 to 6 months of the year. While living in Florida I attempted to convince the Watertown Daily Times that it was doing itself a disservice by charging for their web site. I pointed out to them that numerous major news papers and new periodicals can be accessed online free of charge.  Their response was "we believe we offer a unique perspective on news in the North country."  They would continue to charge for their site. When I suggested that it might help their revenues if their advertisers could be accessed online by seasonal residents, thus increasing their advertising base, their response was "When people leave here they don't usually come back."  I stopped attempting to beat a dead horse.
I'm very pleased with Newzjunky.  I check the site frequently each day.  Keep up the great work."  

-Jim Bates, Spring Hill, FL and Point Peninsula

"Ever since the WDT went to a morning paper, by the time I get home in the evening to read it, I already know what is going on via Newzjunky. The Times news is old news, and if not for the local sports coverage, and a few other things, I would cancel. I can't believe the WDT doesn't realize what is happening to their empire. It's to bad, because I am very loyal to that paper, but will NOT pay a subscription fee to view it online.  You guys do a great job! I am so much more informed than ever, thanks to Newzjunky!"

-Dave in Watertown

"I just canceled my online subscription to Watertown Daily Times. I had it for over two years but it is going down hill fast and doesn’t compare to Newzjunky. The news is outdated and the site is very depressing."

-Tony in Florida

"I just wanted to thank you for the website. It is the best!!! I have been away from home for 6 years and I am currently living in Japan. I am also very happy that your site is fast with the news and free. Thanks again for keeping me updated about things around town. I'll definitely spread the word about this site to anyone from Watertown who is currently away. If you ever feel like giving a shout out to the troops, We would love to be a part of it. We miss you Watertown!!!" 

-Leslie & Mark Harrington, United States Air Force, Japan

"I think the Watertown Daily Times is no longer a Monopoly in Watertown for news.  I no longer buy the Times for the simple reason I get the news faster through newzjunky.  The electronic super information highway is here and it is NEWZJUNKY!  Leaving the times in the DUST."

-Todd in Watertown

"After being away from Northern NY for over 35 years, we took a trip back there in 2003 and then again in 2004.  My wife liked it so much on the St. Lawrence that we are making plans to move back there from South Dakota. I was disappointed to see that I would have to pay for the online version of the WDT and an old grade school friend turned me on to Newzjunky.  I now read it at least twice a day. See ya this summer."

-John in South Dakota

"Since the Watertown Daily Times went to the morning issue, I hardly ever read it anymore. It is old news by the time it sits overnight and is delivered to me. And since they seem to be one of the few papers in the nation to require an internet subscription fee, I have no interest. 

It is just a matter of short time before I quit purchasing it altogether. I read internet news every morning, including newzjunky. The internet news services are fresh and diverse, plus I can listen to many of the internet radio news services as I read. I have to believe that the "stale news" Watertown Times and others will soon feel the impact of the internet services. Thank you newzjunky.com!"

-Richard Wiley in Cape Vincent

"I just wanted to say thank you for the great job that you do following local news stories. I now live in Rochester but I am from Watertown .  I check newzjunky.com all the time to keep up on the local news. I appreciate the coverage that you have for our friend Bryan who recently passed on New Years Day. It is a huge tragedy and we feel sorry for the victims and families of those involved. It’s sad when something like this could have been avoided with a little common sense, but this isn’t the time to point fingers, compassion is what is needed. Keep up the great work with newzjunky and we all will keep reading."

-Todd in Rochester

"When I decided to rent my home in Watertown and travel for a few years, I was concerned about keeping up on the local news.  So, I paid the Watertown Daily Times for their Internet service.  As time went on, I realized that most newspapers, even the large ones, provided Internet service for free.  I was perturbed to say the least, but kept subscribing in order to get the news. 

Traveling in my motor home, I often would rise early to leave for a full day of motoring and always checked the Watertown news before I left.  But, sometime in 2004, the Times changed their schedule and didn't have their website ready for the day until later in the morning.  That was too late for me and on top of the frustration of having to pay for the service, I cancelled my subscription and utilized friends to keep me updated. 

A friend then told me of Newzjunky and I find that everything I need to know is there...news headlines, in-depth stories of important happenings, pictures, obituaries, marriages, births, etc., etc.  In fact, the important stories are left on the site for several days, so if I should happen to miss a day or two, they are still there without having to search the "archives" for stories I know nothing about

It's a great service to those of us who aren't in the north country full-time, but still consider it home.  Thank you."

-John Phillips in Punta Gorda, Florida

" I am originally from the area and always felt the Watertown Times thought they owned the news and stopped subscribing to them many many years ago.  It wouldn't bother me if they stopped printing the paper or the whole chain of Park news papers.   I check in with newzjunky every day.  Great site."

-Phil in Ogdensburg

"I couldn't agree more with Mayor Graham's comments regarding the "new media" and Newzjunky in particular. The old line media folks just don't seem to get it. 

Living away from Watertown for all these years made it difficult to get information and news from the area. I never considered the "Watertown Daily Times" a particularly good newspaper when I lived there, so to discover they wanted money to view their "website" was out of the question. The overwhelming majority of their "news" is AP or other wire services and I can get that anywhere! 

With Newzjunky, news is updated immediately. The other cool thing is that almost anyone with a digital camera can participate...It's all good! Keep up the good work and best of luck..."

-Steve in California

"We love this site.  It is so informative.  They know the news long before the Times gets it, plus it is very accurate.  Thank you so much.  We check it out at least three or four times a day.  We use to live in Watertown, but have moved to Florida.  This is such a valuable site for us."

- Bonnie and Bill in Florida

"I was a Times employee way back in the glory days of the  50's.  I remember some years ago telling John B. Johnson about looking forward to reading the paper on-line.  What a disappointment when they finally produced their version.  The Washington Post, NYT, and Boston Globe are a pleasure to read every day, but not the WDT.  Thanks to Newzjunky, at last I can keep up-to-date with the North Country."

-Don in MA and FL

"The Watertown Daily Times filters the truth far too often to represent any decent form of news media.  It is a relic.  I, too, appreciate the Watertown Internet sources and I am impressed by the speed and accuracy of the information.  I noticed that the postings generally clarify the extent of verification when an event is posted.  Anyone with any knowledge of world events wants access to information without the prejudice of an overseer.  Keep up the good work." 

-Paul in Watertown

"I also agree with the mayor. I grew up in Carthage and now live in Clayton, North Carolina. I start everyday with "NEWZJUNKY" to catch up my home town news. I do not agree with The Watertown Daily Times charging people to access their site. Thank you."

-Dan in North Carolina

"Well said by Jeff Graham.  The immediacy of the Newzjunky site is what draws me there.  I have long ago given up on the Watertown Day Late Times as a source of current information."

-Dave in Watertown

"Why waste money subscribing to the Watertown Daily Planet...when you can access a far more informative database for free? Keep up the good work, Newzjunky rocks!"

-Thomas in Watertown

"I thank you so much for this site. I do not spend a lot of time in Watertown NY. I still have an apartment there but reside somewhere else in NY. I accidentally found this site and make it the first thing I do to begin my day and get the news from my home town......thanks for the news..."


"Just a holiday greeting and thanks for this web site.  I live in the Rochester area but still have family and friends around Watertown.  This site is probably one of the best of its type I’ve ever seen.   Thanks for keeping us informed on what’s up in Watertown and vicinity."

-Chuck, Fairport, NY

"I recently moved to South Carolina and really value your website.  It has the most up to date news all of the time, it is nice to know that I can count on it to keep me informed."


"This is late... but I spent Thanksgiving in Maryland with my daughter and family and was able to check NJ every day to see what I might have missed in Carthage. Thanks for your great website and keep up the good work!"


"Long over do and better than the Times."

-Floyd in Utica

"Thanks for a great news site.  I read it first thing every morning.  I have sent it to friends in California so they can keep up with area news.  I get the news on your site for free a day before it comes out in the WDT.  Keep up the good work!."


"Thank you for updating the most informative NNY web site. When I stumbled into this site while searching for news from my hometown I felt like I discovered a goldmine. Keep up the good work."

-Tom L. in Utica

"I love  your website, it is my home page, I read the news here rather than watch it on tv or buy the Watertown Daily Times.  Keep up the good reporting you guys are the best news source in town."

-Sean in Watertown

"I just looked over Watertown Times Online this morning (a waste of $79 per year) and there was no news of the VanWaldick case. NewzJunky has been on top of it minute by minute. This is typical of the change in news reporting that is demanded by the public and is certainly being met by venues like NewzJunky. Keep up the good work! The evening news and the daily paper are almost obsolete...."


"I love keeping up with what's happening up North! I was born in Watertown and lived in surrounding communities for 36 years and most of my family and my husband's are still there.  It is so great to have a web site that keeps us informed of what's happening in NNY.  The obits are a great idea and I love the photos.  Back home now seems a little closer.  Thank you!!!"

-Sheila in Alabama

"Newzjunky ALWAYS has local news an hour before anyone else."


"As a longtime newspaper subscriber, I am insulted the WDT would expect me to pay TWICE to read the exact same information on a computer screen. Every online newspaper I have come across is free or requires a simple registration.  What makes the Times believe they are above the Syracuse Post-Standard, Oswego Palladium, Rochester Democrat-Chronicle, Albany Times Union, and on and on? Keep up the good work NEWZJUNKY!"

-Jeff in Sandy Creek

"You never know what's going to appear....it's always worth checking out! Some of it is hilarious too! I'm always looking for a chuckle. Having grown up in Watertown, I find Newzjunky helps me keep in touch and that I will always be a member of the Watertown Community (I MISS WATERTOWN!!--I'm seriously considering moving back when I retire --NEXT YEAR!)

-Tom in Chateaugay, New York

"We are in Florida for the winter.  We chose not to subscribe to WDT On Line.  We are depending solely on Newzjunky for news from back home - especially the Obits. We truly appreciate Newzjunky - it is a great site.  I am sure that you can understand how important news from home can be when you are away for 6 months."

-Ed in Florida

"We read newzjunky.com at least 3 times a day. Actually it is our "homepage" when logged on. We were recently moved with the Army to Hawaii from Ft. Drum. We consider NNY our home and love keeping up on all of the happenings. We miss the cool Autumn weather and the beautiful change of colors. Keep up the great work of keeping those of us far away, informed."

-Jodi in Oahu, Hawaii (a PROUD ARMY FAMILY)

"Thank you so much for including the obituary section on your site.  As a former subscriber to the Watertown Daily Times, you have filled a crucial need in the Tri-County area."

-Amy in Brownville


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