35 divorces filed in May


  • Michael and Amber Fulton

  • Michael and Aimee Compo

  • J.B. Goodman and Addie G.A. Vereen

  • Zachary J.A. Cobb and Nicole M. Cobb

  • Gregory M. and Eron M. Lamarche

  • Kevin F. and Analyn T. Brennan

  • John R. McConnell Jr. and Candy L. McConnell

  • Donald W. Sanford and Iesha D. Davis

  • George Zacatelco and Jennifer Villa

  • Joshua A. and Shelby D. Ammon

  • Jacob R. and Melissa Loomis

  • Micheal A. Peppey and Pamela Garcia

  • James R. and Jessica R. Kidney

  • Ryan F. and Jenna M. Mooney

  • Garnett and Shawna Goodenough

  • Dustin and Kimberly Fetterman

  • Anthony and Ariana Johnson

  • Roger W. La Mark Jr. and Cassandra L. La Mark

  • John E. and Tracy D. Evans

  • Christopher W.L. Grant and Marla Mendoza Grant

  • Ryan A. and Janee L. Vann

  • Eric C. and Karin A. Plumpton

  • Cory A. Johnston and Elizabeth A. West

  • Andres Velazquez Jr. and Mandy K. Evans

  • Seth A. and Sarah E. Musikant

  • Jeremy M. Donovan and Theresa M. McCartha

  • Michael Cook and Kortney Cousin

  • Victor C. Velasquez Jr. and Alesha R. Velasquez

  • Michael J. Bowen and Megan S. Monaghan

  • Bradley Dobbs and Danielle Pearson

  • Ricky C. and Linda J. Best

  • William S. and Andrea L. Neill

  • Eric S. and Amber D. Segouin

  • Donald R. Sanford Jr. and Tina J. Sanford

  • Javier and Kathryn Jimenez

Source: Jefferson County Clerk’s Office

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