60th anniversary: Jim & Kiyoko Nolan

WATERRTOWN, NY — Jim & Kiyoko Nolan celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on July 3, 2018.

Jim was enlisted in the USAF and stationed in Japan where he met Kiyoko. They were married in Wakamatsu City, Japan on July 3, 1958. After the wedding they returned to Watertown, NY.

Jim’s Air Force tour then took them to Biloxi, MS; Banbury Oxford, England; and Cross City, FL. Jim did a tour in Vietnam. Kiyoko and their daughter, Joanne resided in Watertown during that time. After Jim’s return from overseas, they were stationed in Colorado Springs, CO. After 4 years in Colorado, the family was stationed at Lajes AFB, Azores, Portugal where Jim (Jr.) was born. After waiting 15 years, Joanne finally got a brother. On Jim’s last tour, he had a choice and chose to finish his USAF career in Colorado Springs.

Jim and Kiyoko are enjoying retirement and still reside in Colorado. Jim loves to work outside and in the garage rebuilding old trucks and doing household repairs and renovations. Kiyoko loves gardening, sewing, cooking, and researching on her I-Pad.

Jim and Kiyoko still go to upstate NY once a year to spend a few weeks on the lake and they love it there.

They have two children Joanne (Conrad) Galindo (TX), and Jim Nolan (CO).