A common sailor’s life during the Civil War

SACKETS HARBOR, NY — Discover typical navy ship life during the Civil War.

Meet John Dellapenna, a US Navy veteran and US Navy Civil War sailor re-enactor, along with other men who portray US soldiers and sailors from that era.

Your opportunity is 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday Aug. 18, at the Sackets Harbor Battlefield State Historic Site.

John says: “I wanted to learn more about our Navy going back to our Civil War, especially ship life of the common sailor.

A sailor’s life was very different from land forces, including uniforms, equipment, daily routine, what they ate and where they slept.”

He joined “Ships Company,” the premier Civil War navy re-enactment group who serve on board the 1855 sloop-of-war USS Constellation in Baltimore.

From spring to autumn their re-enactors gather to present “A Day in the Life of a Sailor.”

As a re-enactor, one event left a lasting impression on John.

In 1995, “Ships Company” served as Naval Honor Guard at Arlington National Cemetery.

The ceremony honored Confederate sailors recovered from the sunken CSS Hunley submarine.

Visit the Sackets Battlefield’s historic Navy Yard.

Tour the Commandant’s House where Commandant Tattnall resigned in 1861 to join the Confederate Navy.

See the remaining two cannon brought here in 1863 to fortify the US northern border from British-governed Canada.

Hear more stories from Civil War re-enactors at the Sackets Battlefield Site in the Memorial Tree Grove, located between West Main and Washington streets.

Learn how the US navy helped the North win the war!