All deployed Jefferson County EMS providers are home safe after service in Westchester County

WATERTOWN, NY — Carthage Area Rescue Squad (CARS) and Thousand
Islands Emergency Rescue Service (TIERS) are happy to report that all five EMS providers that were deployed to Westchester County have returned home safely to the north country and are voluntarily entering into a 72-hour self-isolation to provide additional reassurance to the public.

CARS and TIERS have been in constant contact with state and local health officials since very early in the mobilization to ensure everyone’s safety and are committed to protecting the communities that we serve.

While deployed, crews having contact with known or suspected COVID-19 patients were provided with all appropriate personal protective equipment and remained outside the immediate contact area to keep potential exposure to an absolute minimum.

Should any potential symptoms develop during the isolation period, Jefferson County Public Health will immediately begin testing and take appropriate precautions consistent with CDC Guidelines to ensure that the public remains safe.

We ask that you respect our members and their family’s privacy at this time. It has been a long week for everyone involved with this deployment, and everyone is looking forward to returning to their friends and family.