Amy Horton announces run for 2-year seat on Watertown City Council

WATERTOWN, NY — Watertown resident Amy Horton is pleased to announce her candidacy for Watertown City Council. Horton will be running to fill the remainder of former Councilman Jesse Roshia’s term.

Born and raised in the City of Watertown, Horton helps local businesses through her work as an account executive at ABC50. In addition, she is a mother and active community volunteer.

“Over the years, I have seen far too many young people—including many of my former classmates and friends—leave our City to pursue lives elsewhere,” said Horton. “This, simply put, is unfortunate. Watertown has a lot to offer and we need to do more to get that message across. As a City Council member, I would dedicate myself to making changes that allow more young people to pursue careers locally and encourage them to remain as members of our community.”

In addition to helping attract more young people to our community, as a Council
Member, Horton will also be focused on fiscal responsibility and spending taxpayer
dollars wisely.

“I know the importance of smart budgeting, as well as understand the immense financial stress many families have had to deal with as a result of the pandemic,” said Horton.

“As a member of City Council, I would do my part to protect taxpayer dollars and fight to keep taxes low for the hardworking people of our City.”

A mother of five, Horton understands it is critical to create a community that is safe
where children can thrive. As a Council Member, she would work to see that there were abundant educational and recreational opportunities for area youths.

“From the splash pad at Thompson Park to innovative programming at our libraries, there are many reasons for parents to raise their children here in the City. As a part of City Council, I would like to be part of the effort to expand these educational and recreational opportunities.”

Horton looks forward to being a voice for many in the community and dedicating herself to the betterment of our City as Council Member.

“Muhammed Ali said it best when he famously stated, ‘Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.’ I believe public service is a responsibility we share and we should all be willing to contribute our time and effort to improve the City we all love,” said Horton.

For more information and campaign updates, visit “Amy Horton for Watertown City
Council” on Facebook.