An important message from Watertown Fire Chief Dale C. Herman

WATERTOWN, NY — As the signs of spring are nearing with the change in our clocks this weekend, let us not forget the recent loss of life in our community and make sure that we change the batteries and test our smoke detectors.

For those who have the newer smoke detectors with the 10-year battery, please test your smoke detector this weekend.

A working smoking detector is the single most important safety factor we can have in our homes. These devices never sleep and are intended to alert occupants of any smoke like substance that is in the air in the home.

National statistics shows that having a working smoke detector increases your chances of surviving in a residential fire by 50%. Please take the time to ensure that your home is protected.

The American Red Cross has a free smoke detector program and can schedule an installation appointment to come to your home and also provide some fire safety tips for you and your family.

The Watertown Firefighters Benevolent Association is sponsoring a benefit hockey game on March 16 at the Watertown Ice Arena. They will be giving away free smoke detectors to attendees at the conclusion of the feature game between our own Watertown firefighters versus the Auburn firefighters. Any remaining smoke detectors will be available at the Massey Street Fire Station on March 18.

Best practices recommend a smoke detector in every bedroom, outside of sleeping areas and one on each level of the home. Testing smoke detectors monthly is also recommended to ensure that they are functioning.

City of Watertown Fire Department

Dale C. Herman
Fire Chief, EFO