Barclay believes new pro-criminal bill will put public in danger

ALBANY, NY — This week, Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I-Ref-Pulaski) criticized a new piece of legislation (A.3972) that would require employers to make official employment offers to candidates prior to inquiring about any criminal convictions of a prospective employee. Barclay believes this would restrict employers from critical knowledge about candidates and allow dangerous personnel into the workplace. This bill was approved by committee earlier this week, and continues a trend set by downstate Democrats of supporting pro-criminal legislation in 2019.

“It’s truly disappointing that we continue wasting time on issues that affect so few in New York state, placing legislation to benefit our middle-class families on the back burner,” said Barclay. “This bill is more of the same from Assembly Democrats and will yield similar results to the potentially dangerous criminal justice reforms passed earlier this year in the state budget. If we prevent employers from doing background checks on their candidates before making an offer, we’re giving criminals a free pass and allowing them to join the workforce without any regard for what they’ve done. This bill goes too far and would put employees across the state in harm’s way. I oppose this bill and urge my colleagues in the Assembly to do the same.”