Barclay opposes legislation prohibiting firearm raffles

PULASKI, NY — This week, Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I, Ref—Pulaski) voiced strong opposition to a proposed bill that would prohibit local rod and gun clubs and other organizations from raffling firearms as prizes.  The sponsor of this legislation, in what might be characterized as gigantic leap in logic, claims that raffling firearms causes significant health and safety problems.  Not surprisingly, the sponsor provides no evidence to support her claim.

Gun raffles are subject to the same laws as any firearm sale or transfer.  At the minimum, the winner must pass a National Instant Criminal Background Check before receiving the firearm.  In no event, could a person under the age of 18 participate in the raffle.  Barclay compared the legislation to the ill-conceived legislation that was introduced last session that proposed to ban all shooting sports in schools.

“At best, by introducing this legislation, the sponsor is demonstrating an astonishing lack of knowledge of current gun laws in New York state . . . At worse, the sponsor understands current law but is simply blazing away in incremental steps to ultimately outlaw any public possession of any firearms,” said Barclay.  “If there is a shred of evidence that gun raffles increase gun violence, I urge the sponsor to share the evidence.  My guess is such evidence won’t be forthcoming,” concluded Barclay.