Blankenbush launches re-election bid

CARTHAGE, NY — Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush (R,C,I-Black River) today announced that he’s running for re-election. Blankenbush is seeking his fifth term serving the people of the North Country and the Mohawk Valley.

“This is the best job I’ve ever had because of the people who live and work in the 117th Assembly District,” said Blankenbush. “It’s an honor to serve them, and I want to continue fighting for them in Albany.”

Blankenbush says he’s going to stay focused on creating new economic opportunities for hardworking families in his district.

“I’m running again because I want to continue being a voice for affordability in the Capitol. I want to make it easier for hardworking people to start businesses here in the North Country and in the Mohawk Valley. I want to make it easier for families to pay their bills, put groceries on the table and save for college. I want to make it easier for seniors to stay in the homes they raised their families in. When our kids graduate from one of the many premier colleges and universities in our district, I don’t want them to feel like they need to go elsewhere for opportunity,” said Blankenbush.

This session, Blankenbush worked with his Republican colleagues in the Legislature to beat back over $1 billion in new taxes and fees the governor and New York City Democrats wanted included in the state budget.

“One of our core values in our district is hard work. We play by the rules. I think my constituents see proposals coming from the Democrats in Albany and they just offend their sense of fairness. My neighbors are paying off their student loans, so I’m going to speak out when the Democrats want to give free college to illegals. Many of my neighbors can’t afford new luxury items, so I’m going to speak out when Democrats want to hand out tablet computers to incarcerated felons.  Small firms in my district have to be smart when they bid on projects, so I’m going to speak out when developers who donate to the governor’s campaign get no-bid contracts funded by taxpayers. I’m not afraid to speak out, and I never will be,” said Blankenbush.

Blankenbush is the Ranking Member on the Assembly Committee on Agriculture. He’s fought against the mandates, labor costs, taxes and fees that make it difficult for the agricultural sector to compete against other states and Canada. He wrote the New York State Commissioner of Agriculture, imploring him to work with other state agriculture heads to convince the administration in Washington to raise milk prices and provide relief to struggling dairy farmers.

Blankenbush serves in the Republican leadership as the Secretary of the Conference.

Assemblyman Blankenbush news release May 4, 2018