Case Middle School in Watertown celebrates PRIDE Month

Case Middle School Celebrates PRIDE Month

June 1st through June 8th, students and staff at Case Middle School will be celebrating PRIDE month. Each day, there will be a new term recognized on the morning announcements. To celebrate and support our Case community, students and staff are welcome to wear the color to represent the term/population for that day. Here is a breakdown of the focus for each date:

Wednesday, 6/1: Pride Day – Wear rainbow colors
Thursday, 6/2: Gay – Wear blue or teal
Friday, 6/3: Lesbian – Wear pink or orange
Monday, 6/6: Bi – Wear pink, purple, or blue
Tuesday, 6/7:  Trans – Wear white
Wednesday, 6/8:  Nonbinary – Wear yellow, purple, or black

*Watertown purple can be worn on any day to support our Case community!