City to begin proactive removal of ash trees in Thompson Park

WATERTOWN, NY —  To slow the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) throughout Thompson Park and minimize future risks associated with EAB infested ash trees, Department of Public Works staff will begin the first phase of ash tree
removal in Thompson Park as early as 9/24/2021.

20 ash trees will be removed from various locations of the park, including areas adjacent to the playground, stone bathrooms, pool, Zoo, and Rotary fitness trail.
EAB was discovered in the City of Watertown in October 2019. EAB is an invasive beetle that targets and kills ash trees. As infestation increases within host trees, the movement of water and nutrients becomes restricted, ultimately causing death.

As detailed in the City’s EAB and ash tree management strategy, once ash trees are heavily infested, usually 4-7 years after initial infestation, their wood becomes brittle and unstable, causing increased risk to the public.

Unless proactively removed or chemically treated, all City owned ash trees will become infested and succumb to the damage caused by EAB.

If adequate room for tree planting is available, the City will replace all ash trees removed as part these efforts.

For questions or concerns, please reach out to City of Watertown Planner, Michael J. DeMarco, at (315) 785-7741 or