Conservative Party endorses Sean O’Brien for St. Lawrence County sheriff

News release

CANTON, NY —  The St. Lawrence County Conservative Committee has voted to endorse Sean O’Brien as the party’s nominee for St. Lawrence County Sheriff in the November election.

“St. Lawrence County Undersheriff Sean O’Brien is clearly the most qualified, most capable and most experienced candidate running for St. Lawrence County’s top law enforcement post,” said St. Lawrence County Conservative Party Chair Hank Ford. “Our committee reviewed the qualifications and interviewed the candidates and determined that our Undersheriff is the most capable candidate running for Sheriff.”

“He is the only candidate with real experience overseeing the county’s 88 -person correctional Facility staff, the only candidate with day to day administrative experience running the 130-person Sheriff’s Office and a track record of bringing in multi-million dollar grants to help reduce the cost of the agency to taxpayers,” Ford said. “It’s important for voters of all parties to look at the real qualifications needed to lead our Sheriff’s Office during these difficult times facing law enforcement at all levels.”

“I want to thank the Conservative Party and its Executive Committee for reviewing my qualifications and choosing me as their candidate,” O’Brien said. “When Sheriff Brooks Bigwarfe chose me as his Undersheriff I was proud to become his second in command, overseeing the men and women I have worked alongside for most of my career.”

“Having served as the president of the union representing the deputy sheriff’s road patrol, I understood firsthand the challenges our people are facing during these difficult times when law enforcement is under attack.”

“I am very proud that the Conservative Party interviewed the candidates and has chosen me as its candidate to continue the proud traditions and legacies established by Brooks Bigwarfe, Kevin Wells, Gary Jarvis and Keith Knowlton who made the St. Lawrence County Jail and Sheriff’s Office one of the models for law enforcement agencies across the State of New York,” said O’Brien. “I am also very proud that the Conservative Party recognized my experience and track record fighting to protect the citizens of St. Lawrence County and looking out for our hard-pressed taxpayers.”