Correctional officers seize drugs at Gouverneur and Watertown correctional facilities   

Officers Seize Drugs at Gouverneur and Watertown Correctional Facilities   

Drugs Hidden In Inmate Packages      

GOUVERNEUR , NY – Alert staff discovered synthetic marijuana and Suboxone in inmate packages mailed to Gouverneur and Watertown Correctional Facilities this week.

On Saturday, August 1, an officer processing packages at Watertown Correctional Facility noticed five boxes of cigars had been tampered with.  The officer inspected the boxes and found a green leafy substance inside all 25 cigars.  The substance tested positive for synthetic marijuana, commonly known as K2.

The drugs weighed three ounces and were mailed from Brooklyn.

On the same day,  an officer processing boxes of oatmeal pies at Gouverneur Correctional Facility discovered the individual packages inside the boxes had been tampered with.  He opened the packages and discovered 29 cellophane bundles.  In eight bundles there was 27 grams of synthetic marijuana.  In the remaining 21 bundles,   there were 91 orange strips that tested positive for Suboxone.

The drugs were mailed from Long Island.

“As successful as staff has been stopping drugs from getting into the hands of inmates through mailed packages,  drugs are still are making their way inside of state prisons.  On two occasions this week,  officers on routine rounds at Gouverneur discovered inmates with amphetamines and K2.  Despite their best efforts, drugs are still going to get into the hands of inmates until DOCCS changes their policies and implements the Secure Vendor Program. ” – stated Bryan Hluska, NYSCOPBA Central Region Vice President.