Councilman Hickey urges supporters to vote for Leonard Spaziani in November

Patrick Hickey

Press Release  9/7/2023

First, I want to thank everyone for supporting and voting for me in the 2021 and 2023 election cycle.  Your support meant keeping Watertown progressing forward.

Watertown certainly has a great number of challenges ahead: clean drinking water, Hydroelectric contracts, reducing and stopping untreated water into the environment.  Protecting our neighborhoods both with a correctly staffed and correctly equipped Police and Fire Department.  The city needs to continue road work with sewer and water projects and find and abate the remaining lead piping the city still has.  The tasks are endless, and that’s only the top few.

There were many candidates running for city offices this year.  Many candidates remain, one candidate in my view stands out.  Leonard Spaziani.  Leonard understands that cooperating with DANC will help our clean water projects.  He also understands that National Grid and Brookfield power both understand electrical power generation and distribution far better than the city and would be a great partner to help the city get into the selling power industry.  His steadfast understanding that people young and old alike need things to do recreationally, in the city.  Leonard knows we need paved, safe roads and intersections, sidewalks that can be travelled safely from one end of town to another.  Leonard understands how city Government works since he recently was a City Councilman.

This election cycle is much more important than most.  New mayors bring along new agendas.  The city has a long way to go to prosperity.  Homelessness, Drug proliferation, the degradation of well-paying jobs into our society, city blight, drugs and violence in our schools, the job ahead is endless.  This Council seat is a full-time job if it’s done right.  Please Support Leonard.  He will not pull any punches. You’ll know exactly what he’s thinking because he’ll tell you clearly. Leonard doesn’t flip-flop on a decision he’s made.  Leonard has my vote.  He should have yours as well.

                                                            Patrick J Hickey