Cuomo comments on hit-and-run paintball incident on bridge crew in WNY

BUFFALO, NY — “This morning, two members of a State Department of Transportation bridge crew in Buffalo were assaulted. While we are fortunate that neither was seriously harmed, I am disgusted by this flagrant show of disrespect toward our workers and disregard for their safety. The men and women of the Department of Transportation work tirelessly every day to keep New Yorkers on the move, and they deserve our admiration and respect. State Police are working with local law enforcement to identify the perpetrators in this incident and take appropriate action.”  — Governor Andrew Cuomo


ALBANY, NY – CSEA President Danny Donohue issued the following statement today:

“CSEA applauds Governor Cuomo’s tough stance on the shameless attacks on DOT Workers just trying to keep our roadways safe by doing their jobs. The Governor recognizes these hard-working New Yorkers are in enough danger every day without having the added threat of getting hit with paintballs by cowards driving past them. Paintball wars are dangerous and have no place on our roadways.

CSEA fully supports Governor Cuomo’s efforts to protect all our public sector workers. It’s important to recognize the vital role they play in our lives and communities every day, and they deserve to do their work as safely as possible.”