DBAs filed in December at Jefferson County clerk’s office

Last updated January 10, 2023

WATERTOWN, NY — A list of the DBAs (Doing Business Under an Assumed Name) certificates filed at the Jefferson County clerk’s office in December 2022:

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Thousand Islands Spirits
14363 NYS Route 12E, Dexter
Type of business: athletic club
Filed Dec. 30 by: Nathan C. Johnson, 84 Coolidge Rd., Apt. 2, N. Syracuse

Naklick Properties
5 N. Main St., Adams
Type of business: real estate
Filed Dec. 30 by: Andrew Naklick, 12229 Wright St., Adams Center

Wings Amore
237 E. Main St., Watertown
Type of business: vintage sales online and store
Filed Dec. 29 by: Inga Davey, 237 E. Main St., Watertown

Mint Julep Spa and Salon
165 Mechanic St., Suite C, Watertown
Type of business: spa and salon
Filed Dec. 29 by: Renee Shockley, 165 Mechanic St., Watertown

Custom Ink
12 Main St. Adams
Type of business: tattoo parlor
Filed Dec. 29 by: Aleigha Ely, 1017 CR 1, Oswego

SS Auto and Recreation
13821 House Road, Clayton
Type of business: car dealer
Filed Dec. 23 by: Steve Swan, 245 Cornelia Ave., Clayton

Kiss My Axe
21182 Salmon Run Mall Road, Watertown
Type of business: axe throwing
Filed Dec. 22 by: VR Cafe, LLC, 21182 Salmon Run Mall, Watertown

Rustling Grass Farm
26474 Keyser Road, Evans Mills
Type of business: farm
Filed Dec. 19 by: Jonathan and Mary Smith, 26474 Keyser Road, Evans Mills

Rise and Shine Cleaning
29817 Hickory Lane, Redwood
Type of business: cleaning service
Filed Dec. 19 by: Demi D. Felder, 29817 Hickory Lane, Redwood

TWS Contracting
627 Emerson St., Watertown
Type of business: general contracting
Filed Dec. 19 by: Timothy W. Smith, 627 Emerson St., Watertown

Law Office of Christina E. Stone, Esq.
106 Washington St., Watertown
Type of business: law practice
Filed Dec. 15 by: Christina E. Stone, 20258 County Route 63, Watertown

Chaos Coordinator
18057 North Adams Heights, Adams
Type of business: helping people achieve goals
Filed Dec. 14 by: Rachel Card, 18057 North Adams Heights, Adams

Twin Hammers Apparel
258 Champion St., Apt. 406, Carthage
Type of business: graphic design apparel business
Filed Dec. 14 by: Jamie P. Russell, 258 Champion St., Apt. 406, Carthage

Family and Friends Moving
3528 George St., Parishville
Type of business: moving and hauling
Filed Dec. 13 by: Robert E. Mashaw, 3528 George St., Parishville

DeFranco Enterprises
18303 Bailey St., Adams Center
Type of business: n/a
Filed Dec. 13 by: Nicholas C. DeFranco, 18303 Bailey St., Adams Center

Gardner Construction
17874 Evans Road, Dexter
Type of business: construction and contracting
Filed Dec. 12 by: Kyle D. Gardner, 17874 Evans Road, Dexter

Duty Calls
113 Meadow Ave., Watertown
Type of business: mechanical contractor
Filed Dec. 12 by: Timothy Ackley, 113 Meadow Ave., Watertown

Halfway to Heaven Leathersmith
140 Howe St., Black River
Type of business: leather goods design and crafting
Filed Dec. 12 by: Colleen M. Bowers, 140 Howe St., Black River

JC Services
1372 Sherman St., Watertown
Type of business: contracting / handyman
Filed Dec. 9 by: Joseph J. Caronia, 1372 Sherman St., Watertown

Antoinette Watson
66 Anthony St., Apt. A, Alexandria Bay
Type of business: communications coach
Filed Dec. 9 by: Antoinette V. Watson, 66 Anthony St., Apt. F, Alexandria Bay

Dorene’s Rada Cutlery
92 E. Church St., Apt. 1, Adams
Type of business: retail rada cutlery
Filed Dec. 9 by: Dorene M. Dobbins, 92 E. Church St., Apt. 1, Adams

Dockside Strategies
29771 Burnup Road, Black River
Type of business: public affairs
Filed Dec. 8 by: Logan M. Eddy, 28952 CR 44C, Black River

44North Boutique Catering
27901 Bayview Dr., Chaumont
Type of business: personal chef / catering
Filed Dec. 7 by: Lisa Dietterich, 27901 Bayview Dr., Chaumont

Two Hot Dogs
71 Public Square, Watertown
Type of business: restaurant
Filed Dec. 7 by: Christopher M. Kellogg, 14711 Marie Lane, Watertown

The Rainbow Creatrix
8687 County Route 78, Henderson
Type of business: arts, entertainment
Filed Dec. 7 by: Jessica L. Duger, 8687 CR 78, Henderson

NYP Mobile Unit
568 Burdick St., Watertown
Type of business: food truck
Filed Dec. 6 by: Scott M. Shean, 568 Burdick St., Watertown

Luigi’s Fresh Cuts
26000 US Route 11, Evans Mills
Type of business: self-employed barber
Filed Dec. 6 by: Luis Gerardo Zambrana Gonzalez, Evans Mills

Crooked Birch Wildlife Rehabilitation
22067 Wrape Road, Carthage
Type of business: non-profit wildlife rehab
Filed Dec. 5 by: Tonya McMahon, 22087 Wrape Road, Carthage

DT Painting
540 Cooper St., Watertown
Type of business: painting
Filed Dec. 5 by: Travis Fleming, 540 Cooper St., Watertown

The Collective
920 Holcomb St., Watertown
Type of business: life coaching and home bakery
Filed Dec. 5 by: Jason P. Holstein, 920 Holcomb St., Watertown

Ramsey’s Hogs and Beef
16085 State Route 178, Adams
Type of business: farming
Filed Dec. 2 by: Corey Brimmer, 17693 CR 76, Adams Center

HSF Distributing
28341 Stony Point Road, Cape Vincent
Type of business: agricultural supplies
Filed Dec. 2 by: Bryan Saylor, 28341 Stony Point Road, Cape Vincent

Lavender and Clove Beauty
318 Main St., Theresa
Type of business: beauty, esthetics, appearance enhancement
Filed Dec. 1 by: Rachel B. Blanchard Daley, 27013 Eldon Dr., Evans Mills

Jodi’s Dairy Bar
19274 State Route 12F, Dexter
Type of business: ice cream sales
Filed Dec. 1 by: Ernest J. Clemons, Jr., 19278 SR 12F, Dexter