DEC: Shots fired, feathers in a pond, and a duck in the road in the town of Rodman

RODMAN, NY — On April 20 at around 10:30 p.m., Environmental Conservation Officer Pete Jackson received a complaint that someone had shot and killed a duck in the town of Rodman. ECO Jackson responded to the scene and found duck feathers floating on the surface of the pond, boot prints in the snow, and tire tracks. The officer interviewed the complainant, who reported hearing a truck with a loud exhaust stop at the pond followed by two rifle shots. ECO Jackson collected feathers and photographed the boot prints and tire tracks. The ECO then came across a dead mallard duck in the middle of the roadway a few miles from where the shooting occurred. The following morning, ECO Jackson located the truck and its owner. The truck matched the complainant’s description and the tire treads matched the tracks found at the scene. A collection of dead animals was spotted in the bed of the pickup, including a Canada Goose, a Wood Duck, a Merganser, a Cottontail rabbit, and a Red Fox—all protected species. ECO Jackson confiscated the animals and the rifle used to kill the fox, and issued tickets for the taking of fox out of season, unlawfully using a semiauto rifle with capacity greater than six rounds to hunt, taking a duck out of season, taking a duck with an illegal implement, and the unlawful taking of wildlife. The case is currently pending in Rodman and Watertown courts.

Department of Environmental Conservation news release May 9, 2018