Photo: Deer of the Day

Alexander Flint. age 14, shot his first deer Oct 18 in the town of Clayton. Joined with his hunting buddies Grampa Dale, Uncle Bob and his Dad.

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New York State has great variety of big game hunting opportunities. Along with this are many regulations and occasional changes that hunters need to be aware of. Hunters can always call their local environmental conservation police officer with questions or call into the Watertown Headquarters Office weekdays at (315) 785-2231.

Many of the basic questions about big game hunting are answered on a DEC web page at called “Deer and Bear Hunting Regulations”.

Codi Carpenter, age 13, harvested her first buck, a spike horn, using her 7mm-08 with her father’s support on her grandfather’s land in Philadelphia, NY.

Photo: Ryan Grossman, 14 years old, New Hartford.
After hunting all weekend for the youth hunt on our property in Sauquoit, NY, with his father Eric, they were almost ready to give up. With 7 mins of legal shooting left on Oct. 10 this big 7 pointer came out of the tall brush and presented a perfect broad side shot at 150 yards. He was using his new Savage 6.5 creedmoor with hand loaded spitzer rounds. Ryan’s family couldn’t be more proud. The smile on Ryan’s face is something we will never forget.

Madison Fargo shot her first ever buck on Jr Weekend. With the help of her big brother, Christopher Shelmidine, she bagged this 9-point, 180-pound beauty!

Wade Sanford, LaFargeville, arrowed this black bear Oct. 13, 2021, in Plessis, NY.

Mark Daye, LaFargeville, bagged this bull moose Saturday, Sept 25. He was hunting at Domaine Du Lac Bryson in Quebec, Canada.  Mark has hunted there for the past 7 years with three of his friends. He shot this the first afternoon of the week long trip.

Reagan Lamoreaux, 16, shot this 4×4 bull elk in Craig, CO, on Nov. 9 on public land about three miles from the nearest road.

Katie Clark shot this 11-point on Nov. 23 in the town of LeRay.

Heather Thornton shot this nice 7-point in Jefferson County on Saturday, Dec.5, with the help of her brothers Mike and Andy.

Steve Proulx shot his first real buck an 8-point on Dec. 3 near his home between Carthage and Croghan, NY, while hunting with his wife. His grandchildren couldn’t be more proud of their Papa!

Tim Greenfield Jr. took this 8-point on Dec. 6 in the town of Lyme.

Jennie Berghorn, Sunday afternoon, Nov, 29, in Tylerville, 11 point

Wynter Turck shot her first bear weighing 120 pounds in the town of Greig in Lewis County.

Chuck and Sandy Florczyk shot these 2 does the morning of November 29, 2020, with rifles, in Brookfield

Chris Dutcher shot a nice 9-point in the town of Cape Vincent.

Ryan Reynolds shot his very first bear weighing 220 pounds in the town of Theresa in  Jefferson County on private land

Kendra Ashley shot her first buck on Thanksgiving with her father Danny Ashley. Nice 8 point.

Nicole Hulbert got her first deer ever with her dad, Leon France. It was a great night!

Spencer Stuckey bagged this beauty right after first light on Saturday, Nov. 28.

Nolan Drake harvested an 8 point buck on Saturday, Nov. 28, in Redwood, NY. Shot only 20 yards away!

Todd Greenman took this nice 8 point on Saturday, Nov. 28, while hunting with his brother Steve and his uncle in Wellsville, NY.

Carolina Burnard harvested her first ever buck on Nov 27, 2020, while hunting with her Mom, Amanda VanTassel Burnard. A beautiful 10-point. One shot through the heart.

Vicky “Victoria” Hull took this beautiful ten point.

Brendan Chrysler, 15, Whitesboro, NY, harvested this nice  8 point on Nov.24 in southern Oneida County. His first deer and first time hunting mentored by his grandfather.

Vincenzo Tufo shot this nice typical 8 point in Jefferson County at 1:12 in the afternoon on November 23

Baily Wilkinson shot this fine 8 Point in Jefferson county on Sunday, Nov 21.

Kimberly Derouin shot this buck in Smithville, NY, while hunting with her husband Rick Derouin, where her father, Al Parks would sit.

Matt Benner shot this 9 point on Nov. 23, 2020, behind his home in Gouverneur.

Tim and Brayden Trayer both shot deer on Nov. 23,2020. Tim’s first deer of the season is an 8-point and Brayden’s second deer is a nice sized doe!

Paul Hilts shot this buck of a lifetime while hunting on Nov. 21, 2020, in the town of Brownville.

Every Dog has his day. Sean “Red Dog” Lyng tracks down another rack buck.

Floyd Farr arrowed this 190lb 9 point on Nov. 20, 2020.

Tyler Meeks took this 8-point on Nov. 22 in Jefferson County.

Tara Cunningham, Oxbow, NY, shot this 8-point buck on Nov. 22, 2020.

Thirteen year old youth hunter Blake Turner took his first deer on Sunday, Nov. 22, 2020, with a bow.

Robert Straw took this 19-point buck on opening day in Southern Tier, Nov. 21.

Kyle Briant shot his first buck near a friend’s house, 10 yards away!

Janeigh Roberts arrowed her first buck on 10/31 and added another doe to the freezer on 11/19. Her 1st deer in her 1st year of hunting, both with a bow.

8-point,175-pound deer taken in Southern Tier 22 November with my son and brother. — Brian Hewitt

Scout Canary, 14. Canton NY. Her first deer with a 300 Win-Mag at 140 yards with her proud father. Scout broke her hand the day before but wouldn’t stay home. 11/19/2020 Saint Lawrence County.

Darien Brock with his son Brantley shot this 9-point buck in Jefferson County.

Lisa Waugh shot her first buck in the town of Rutland on Nov. 20, 2020.  This huge 9 point weighed in at 192 lbs.

Amandalynn Stephenson took her first deer a 10-pointer on Nov. 16, 2020.

Dave Scudder, Clayton, hot this big old 10 pointer on Sunday, Nov 15th. Weighed in at 170 lbs. “I checked his teeth and it appears he’s a 4 1/2 year old deer.”

Garret Zich from Hammond, NY, shot a 8 point on 11/20/2020 on his property. It had perfect antlers.

Kayli Dusharm, Croghan, took her first buck on Oct. 27, a 5-point beauty.

Kyle Parker, along with his son, Kaysen shot this 184 pound, 8 point in Lorraine.

Maria Gibbons shot her first archery buck on Oct. 17 in Carthage. 7 point buck

David Dorchester shot this 10-point on Nov. 14, 2020, in Lewis County.

On November 5th, Kaitlyn Shedrick shot her first deer, an 8 point buck while hunting with her dad in Watertown. On November 10th, Emily Shedrick shot her first deer, an 8 point buck while hunting with her mom in Watertown.

Hannah Morrill, 15, Mannsville, shot a nice doe for her first ever deer.

Hannah Culbertson shot her first buck on Nov. 14 which turned out to be an 8pt.

Heidi Creighton shot this buck in the town of Rutland on Nov. 14, 2020. It was too funky to pass him up.

Lucas Northrup, Watertown, 7 point

Kylee Underwood, shot this nice 10-point in the town of Rutland on Nov. 14, 2020, while hunting with her dad, Jessie.

Laura O’Brien shot her first deer a big doe November 13 on the family farm. Dropped her with one shot at 150 yards

David Cox Jr. shot this nice 8 point on Nov. 16 on private land in Henderson. This will be going on the wall. Thanks to my dad and owners of property that allowed us to be there.

Kaleb Cullen with his little brother Karson. Kaleb had this brute walk in at 25 yards on Veterans Day an hour before sunset. Great day at camp.167 pounds 19 inch spread.

Neil Monaghan shot this 187 pound 8 point buck in Rodman, NY. Friday the 13th wasn’t so unlucky for him!

Mike Kastler shot this 10 point with a 231/2” spread in the town of Sandy Creek on November 14th.

Shawn Chartrand shot this beautiful 10 point bow hunting behind his house in Verona on November 2nd, weighed 180 pounds and scored 158”.

John Astafan III from Carthage shot this nice 8 point November 14th.

Ryan and his son Gavin caught this nice 6 point running off with their 270 lead. They apprehended the perpetrator 20 yards from the scene which had an 18 1/2 inch spread.

Chuck McConnell shot this beautiful 8 point buck this morning 11/12/20.

Brittnee Davis shot her first deer, a spikehorn with her .243 savage in the Town on Rutland on Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020. She dedicated this kill to her grandfather, Kenneth Mallette of Watertown.

Andrew Howard shot this monster buck on Nov. 8 in the town of Rossie.

Hunter Reed, 17, with his 165 lb 8 point. Taken on Nov. 7 in Jefferson County. It’s his biggest so far and also his first buck since being able to hunt alone.

Sydney Sullivan shot her first ever deer a 4-point on Friday, Nov. 6, in Jefferson County. Congratulations Sydney!

Jack Clement, 15, of Cape Vincent shot this awesome buck, with a bow, in southern New York on Nov. 8, 2020.

Kirk Kleiboer shot this 7 point while hunting with his friends in Henderson on November 8.

Chantelle Colburn shot this nice doe on Nov. 7 2020.

Brayden Trayer, 14, of Alexandria Bay, shot his first deer on Nov. 7 on family property.

Dad Altieri helped his son Mike drag this 8-point out of some very thick brush, shot on November 6th.

Shawn Bennet took this 8-point on Nov. 4.

Dale Papin shot this 9 point on his farm in the town of Orleans on October 30.

Kurt Widrick shot this buck on 11/1/20 in Jefferson County.

Hunter Bellinger, Adams, shot a 10-point buck on Nov. 4, 2020, in the Henderson swamps.

Jordan Freeman called in this Election Day 8-point on the Tug Hill deer migration trails in the town of Montague during the early blue moon snow fall. 204lbs 120in rack.

Cheri VanBrocklin, 46, Redwood, NY, shot her first buck, a 6 point while hunting with her husband on Oct. 31 on private land in Redwood.

Dustin Sepko shot this nice 8pt with his mathews helium at 10 yards.

Eric “Matthew” Preston shot this nice 10 point on 11-2-2020 weighed in at 174!

Dale Jones of Watertown took this 8-point, 180-pounds on Saturday, Oct. 31, in the town of Watertown while hunting with good friends.

Jack Thompson shot a 7-point in the fields behind his home in Clayton NY on Monday night, Nov. 2.

Marissa Valvo shot this beautiful, wide 196lb 7 point. It has an inside spread of 20 inches. The smile on her face says it all!

Laney Johnston shot her first buck in the town of Clayton on Halloween. 168 yard shot 7 point buck

Jessica Combs with her first buck on Halloween Day!

Hallie Bain, 17, shot her first deer on 10/30/20 on close family friend land.

Carrie Getman, 16, LaFargeville shot her first buck, an 8 point, on Oct. 30th on the family farm in LaFargeville.

Amelia Hoffman, 17, took this 8 point on October 26 while hunting with her Step-father in Southern Lewis County. It’s safe to say that she hasn’t stopped smiling ever since! Way to go Amelia!!!!

Ryan got his 8 point on opening day weighing in at 174lbs.  Adam got his 11 point on 10/30.  The Lortie Brothers strike again!

Jenna Zimmerman got her first buck, a heavy 8-point on Oct. 25 while hunting with her father and uncle in the town of Watertown.

Taylor Korzuch, 16, shot her first deer in the town of Rutland. Nice spike horn didn’t have a chance with her heart shot, dropped him in his tracks with Mom’s .243 Savage. Proud Mom, Kathi Korzuch, was right at her side to witness this memorable event. Special thanks to Clarence Korzuch for teaching his wife and daughter the enjoyment of hunting!

Grayson Forbes, 15, Watertown went hunting in Weedsport, NY, with his granddad and got his first deer during the youth hunt.

Mark Strife took this 8pt., 205 pounds on the afternoon of Oct. 27, 2020.

Marisa Filiatrault, 14, shot her first deer on opening morning, Oct. 24. Her dad used his grunt call and when the 5 point buck came cruising in, she dropped it with one shot using her brother’s 30-06.

Emily McDonald harvested her first deer, a spikehorn on Oct. 25 at her family’s hunting club, The Spotted Deer Club. “Didn’t go 20!”

Mike Maryhugh harvested this nice 8 point 205# on private land in Lewis County

Greg Mitchell harvested this 10 point 210 lbs buck on 10/24/20. His daughter Sawyer, was able to be there to share this the moment with her dad.

Raychael Bisig shot this 8-point while sitting with her grandma on opening day of 2020 Youth Hunting Weekend with grandma’s Remington 270.

Jonny LaFontaine, 14, shot his first deer at 69 yards on Columbus Day at 5:00 pm, during the 2020 Youth Hunting Weekend. The 5-point buck was harvested with a Remington Model 742 Woodsmaster 30.06. Jonny says, “Thanks Dan!”

Seth White shot this 9-point buck on 10/11/2020 in the town of Rutland. It was a great first buck for the new hunter.

Hunter Vecchio, age 13. His first bow deer ever.

Sophia Shoen age 14 shot her first deer on October 10,2020 Youth Hunting Weekend. 7 point buck on family farm in Theresa, NY

Alenna Murphy, 15, Boonville NY, shot her first ever 8pt buck on Oct. 10, 2020, during Youth Weekend.

Carter Hunt, Brownville, 205 lbs.

Zac Masuicca, Pulaski, NY, shot his first buck in the town of Richland on Oct. 11, 2020.  7 point 178 lbs

Kameron Toland, 14, Hammond, NY, 8 point, 198 lbs, 18 1/2 inch spread. Shot this beauty on October 11 on the family’s land in Hammond during Youth Hunting Weekend. This was his first deer taken with a rifle.

Alexis Kraeger shot her first buck that she took on youth hunt 2020 weekend. She shot a three point at 125 yards on Oct. 11, 2020, with a 7mm mauser.

Noah Comet harvested his second deer in two years during the Youth Hunt this weekend after only 15 minutes afield with his father.

Gavin Place, Rochester, shot his first deer during youth firearms weekend.  The deer, a spikehorn, was taken on Pillar Point, using his grandfather’s Remington .30-06.  This hunt was extra special to all of us as Gavin’s grandfather, Jim, passed away on Sept. 29, 2020. Grandpa had his heart set on the youth hunt this year and although he wasn’t there to enjoy, we all know he was with us. The hunt was bittersweet, and brought some much needed happiness to the family.

Daniel Storey, age 14, shot his first deer, a four-point buck, at 7:30 am on October 10, 2020, during the first day of Youth Weekend.

Kurt Widrick shot this buck on 10/11/20 in Jefferson County on public land. His first deer with a bow.

Wade Sanford, LaFargeville, harvested this 8 point in the town of Alexandria on Oct. 10, 2020, with his Bear Bow.

A nice 9 point taken, on Jefferson County public land, by Ken Reed. Having my son with me on the hunt was a bonus. There’s no one I would rather share this experience with.