Development Authority providing assistance to businesses & residents

WATERTOWN, NY —  The Development Authority of the North Country is taking several steps to help ease the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses and residents.

The Authority is providing relief of principal and interest payments for businesses that have existing loans under one of the Authority’s programs for 90 days, upon request of the business.

Businesses interested in pursuing this option should contact Michelle Capone, the Authority’s Director of Regional Development, at for assistance.

Additionally, the Authority’s Telecommunications division is working closely with internet providers to ensure adequate services in light of the many people working from home and the many students working online.

The Authority increased bandwidth for several regional companies that provide a lot of rural home service. To further help with the provision of services to rural residents, the Authority is working to activate some outdoor “hot spots,” which allow people without internet service to go to a certain location to access the internet. The Authority has also increased the bandwidth to some cell towers, which helps improve connectivity for home users who are accessing the internet through their cell phones.

The Authority is also helping to promote the North Country Alliance’s COVID-19 Emergency Business Relief Program, which was created to provide businesses located in the Alliance’s service region with short-term relief and access to working capital during the pandemic. The program is designed to assist both for-profit and not-for-profit businesses with less than 100 employees with loans of up to $25,000. The Authority administers the program for the NCA and those interested in more information or to apply should contact Authority Project Development
Specialist Matt Siver at

The Development Authority is continuing to provide its essential water quality,
telecommunications and solid waste disposal services and all Authority employees are working, although most from home. Authority facilities are closed to visitors for the time being, but employees may be contacted via telephone or email.