31 divorces filed in January

WATERTOWN, NY — Judgments of divorce/annulment filed in January 2019 at the Jefferson County clerk’s office:

  • Jorge and Gina Briones

  • Eric J. and Amanda R. Favret

  • Daryl C. Johnson Jr. and Tanette Farmer Johnson

  • Dylan Mickles and Dakota Miller

  • Sierra Rae Lewis and Shannon Than Phi Nguyen

  • Christopher J. and Shelby C. Lawrence

  • Jason A. and Tanja E. Cole

  • Jason H. and Tina M. Livingston

  • Dakota and Diane Jennings

  • Timothy J. and Tammy K. Clark

  • Trevon Crowe and Deandre J. Williams

  • Jada M. Smith and Kala Vance

  • Tobias Speer and Anne E. Speer

  • Travis and Llesenia Finley

  • Kathryn R. Forte and Shanarica E. Aragon

  • Andrew and Rebecca Fern

  • Felix J. and Hannah C. Aquinodias

  • Alec and Caitlin Marks

  • Sean P. and Jaycee L. Herzberg

  • Matthew A. and Jennifer L. Goettel

  • Jeffrey T. and Angela M. Soules

  • William G. and Michele A. Stevens

  • Efrain Lopez and Sintia Valeria Lopez

  • Paul F. DiFabion III and Amy J.H. DiFabion

  • William D. and Jessica A. Baker

  • Anthony R. and Kristi A. Vogel

  • Nicholas A. and Jullian S. Ornt

  • Matthew R. and Lauri A. Dunn

  • Troy and Tammy Thomas

  • Jacob G. and Cassandra M. Thomas

  • Leeanthony M. Dorsey and Susana Maria Torres Dorsey

  • Tyler J. and Jorden Fuller

  • Michael S. and Sarah K. Maney

  • Jeffrey C. and Shayla D. Tharrett




Source: Jefferson County Clerk’s Office

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