22 divorces filed in January

WATERTOWN, NY — Judgments of divorce/annulment filed in January 2020 at the Jefferson County clerk’s office:

  • Ferkai Freeman and Victoria Freeman

  • Mathis F. Wright III and Lacey J. Lang

  • Jeffrey B. LaBrake and Lisa LaBrake

  • Jordan Smith and Cecelia Pitts

  • Massan O. Sabine Konlan and Ayena V. Konlan

  • Julio Israel Fuentes Lopez and Neysa Enid Serrano Soto

  • Gregory T. French and Toni L. French

  • James A. Beller and Kristin D. Beller

  • Matthew A. Adams and Samantha J. Adams

  • Brian R. O’Connor and Ibis G. O’Connor

  • Thomas D. Monroe and Peggy A. Monroe

  • Jason M. Bartlett and Taylor L. Bartlett

  • David A. Cronk and Julia M. Cronk

  • Louis J. Peto and Sherry E. Woollis

  • Travis S. Smithers and Michele L. Smithers

  • Joshua M. Myers and Jamie L. Myers

  • Ronald R. Abbott and Jinyu Abbott

  • Aaron Collins and Olga Collins

  • Gary L. Phelps Jr. and Chantelle E. Phelps

  • Jerrell Blaylock and Paulette B. Blaylock

  • Tony Quan Truong Vu and Nicolette A. Dee

  • Shawn Granger and Tracy Granger

  • Heather N. Stewart Clarke and Elisabeth A. Clarke

  • Lee M. MacKay and Meredith L. MacKay

  • Richard C. Montroy and Nicole A. Montroy

  • Kolby J. Balcom and Emily S. Burris

  • Bradley Cox and Kara Gendron

  • Robert E. Honer and Rebekah Honer

  • Francis D. Stewart Jr. and Amelia L. Stewart


Source: Jefferson County Clerk’s Office

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