32 divorces filed in January

WATERTOWN, NY — Judgments of divorce/annulment filed in December 2020 at the Jefferson County clerk’s office:

  • Jose H. Hernandez and Columba Urbina

  • Dominic R. Thompson and Sierra E. Thompson

  • Carlos Suarez and Nichol Hampton Suarez

  • Riner Concepcion Liria and Jasmin Paredes Ramos

  • Darryl H. Ward and Bentley W. Ward

  • Matthew G. Selsky and Tina Wallach

  • Samuel A. Tuffour and Matilda A. Yeboah

  • Kweku Asante and Kelicia Asante

  • Rex A. Countryman and Mary Ellen Countryman

  • Malek M. Baker and Alexandra A. Guillotte

  • Aaron M. Wildermuth and Kenna L. Wildermuth

  • John Ratzloff and Brittany Ratzloff

  • Michael J. Bacon and Brenda L. Bacon

  • Mayer Sergio Garcia and Cynthia Paniagua

  • John C. O’Connor and Amber M. O’Connor

  • Kiran Ahmad and Ashir Abbas Haidery

  • Jeremiah J. Gainer and Leann Hill Gainer

  • William F. Sheerin and Alicia L. Sheerin

  • Maurice O. Sawyers and Kalia J. Calward

  • Jesse A. Askerneese and Jenny A. Spotts

  • Sean Tunstall and Saelis B. Tunstall

  • Peter Reilly and Katherine J. Reilly

  • Jason C. Chen and Hui Li

  • John R. Fay and Ashley Bryant

  • Patrick Kang and Jein Kim

  • Tyler J. Carman and Amanda M. Carman

  • Jeffrey Gardner and Melody G. Gardner

  • Kaylon Duckworth and Shada Rhone Duckworth

  • Anthony J. Jarvis and Brittany L. Jarvis

  • Kelvin R. Berghorn and Kim M. Berghorn

  • Robert E. Davis Jr. and Katie A. Davis

  • Melvin H. Calhoun and Michelle H. Calhoun



Source: Jefferson County Clerk’s Office

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