23 divorces filed in September

WATERTOWN, NY — Judgments of divorce/annulment filed in September 2019 at the Jefferson County clerk’s office:

  • Jeremiah P. Davis and Jessica N. Davis

  • Jeremiah J. Hunt and Rebecca A. Hunt

  • Dana R. Beach and Sandra C. Beach

  • Paul F. Meyer and Rikki L. Meyer

  • Earl Goodrich and Heather Goodrich

  • Joseph D. Rose and Sierra N. Alford

  • Thomas M. O’Neil and Tess P. O’Neil

  • Jeremy Conley and Mary Conley

  • Lorel L. Holt Simmons and Lautrec J. Simmons

  • Jason P. Kempfer and Melissa A. Kempfer

  • Michael J. Nemier and Lynne M. Nemier

  • Taylor S. Richardson and Nichole J. Richardson

  • Shianna Doris Ortiz and Nicole Erenstine Ortiz

  • Daniel D. Seiwell Yeninas and Nichole M. Seiwell Yeninas

  • Luis M. Hidalgo and Natalie V. Sanmartin

  • Donald H. Holman and Susan R. Holman

  • Christopher Miles and Jaclyn Miles

  • Bryan A. Ransear and Whitney M. Roberts

  • Joshua Leino and Marissa Bozarth

  • James I. Roberts and Tammy Roberts

  • Zachary R. Meitner and Cassandra C. Meitner

  • Rafael Soler Jr. and Rosita Soler

  • Kent A. Frawley and Kristen M. Frawley


Source: Jefferson County Clerk’s Office

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