DMV reminds motorcyclists to register by April 30

ALABNY, NY  — The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is reminding motorcycle owners to renew their registrations before they expire April 30. 
“Springtime is a great time to get on your motorcycle and explore destinations throughout New York State,” said Terri Egan, DMV Executive Deputy Commissioner. “We urge all motorcycle owners to register their vehicles on time so they can get ready for wherever their vehicles may take them this season.”
Unlike most other motor vehicles, motorcycles are registered for one year rather than two, and all motorcycle registrations expire on April 30. The initial registration for a motorcycle must be done at a DMV office. Renewals of registration can be done online, by mail or at a DMV office. You can learn more about registering your motorcycle for the first time, as well as renewing your registration, on the DMV website. 
Motorcycles must be inspected at least once every 12 months at a station licensed by the DMV to perform motorcycle safety inspections. The station will display a yellow and black sign reading “Official NYS Motorcycle Inspection Station.” You can look up registered businesses on the DMV website.
Under no circumstances may a motorcycle be operated on public roadways without liability coverage. This also applies to motorcycles registered out-of-state. As with other motor vehicles, motorcycles should have the appropriate insurance liability coverage. Motorcycle owners and operators should know and understand the extent and limitations of their insurance coverage for themselves and their passengers.
To learn more about owning a motorcycle, visit DMV’s motorcycle manual web page: For motorcycle safety information, visit the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee motorcycle web page: