Fort Drum phone system down, emergency services numbers are functional

FORT DRUM, NY – On Monday, July 30, the land-line phone system servicing Fort Drum suffered a catastrophic breakdown.  Unfortunately, the parts and engineering support to fix this legacy system are not readily available as the Army is moving to voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phone systems across the force.

Currently all phone systems that support emergency support services are functional on the Fort Drum VOIP system.  Over the coming days, additional functions on post will come back online via VOIP, although some agencies may have a single contact number or a new number.

Of note, currently, Fort Drum Medical Activity is unable to receive calls on its appointment line, pharmacy refill line and many other departmental lines.  Crews are working diligently to ensure the lines are up and running again soon; however, there is still no estimate as to how long it will take to fix the issue.  In the meantime, Fort Drum MEDDAC beneficiaries looking to make, cancel or change an appointment or refill a prescription are asked to use the TRICARE Online portal at Additional options for making appointments include messaging MEDDAC through Relay Health’s Army Medicine Secure Messaging Service by going to  Beneficiaries can also make same day appointments through the TRICARE Nurse Advice Line by calling 1-888-TRICARE (847-2273).

We are currently working to collate functional cellular and VOIP phone numbers.  When a comprehensive phone directory is established it will be posted to the Fort Drum web page  We appreciate your patience in the meantime.