Fort Drum to assess emergency readiness during full-scale exercise

FORT DRUM, NY – Directorates, organizations and units across Fort Drum will be involved in a full-scale exercise, Aug. 11-12, to assess the installation’s emergency response and recovery capabilities.

During this time, community members may see an increased volume of emergency, fire and police vehicles from Fort Drum, as well as from North Country agencies, as they respond to simulated incidents during the exercise.

“We are fortunate to have such a mutually-supporting environment here in the North Country, where Fort Drum and our surrounding communities work together to ensure our shared emergency preparedness,” said Rich Hughes, Fort Drum emergency manager.

Hughes said that the annual readiness exercise will be based on a downed aircraft scenario.

“This scenario allows us to assess specific response capabilities, as well as ensure we can take care of the Soldiers, family members, civilians and the entire installation community in the aftermath of a disaster,” he said.

“There should be no disruption to installation operations and services during the exercise,” he added.


Fort Drum news release Aug. 10, 2021