Gin lovers rejoice: Saint Lawrence Spirits releases new barrel-aged, navy strength gin

CLAYTON, NY – Saint Lawrence Spirits, a premium, small batch distillery located on the Saint Lawrence River in Clayton, NY, released its Navy Strength, Barrel-Aged Downbound Gin on February 1st, 2019.

Saint Lawrence Spirits Award-Winning Downbound Gin, released in September 2016, originally started as one of four varieties of gins that Saint Lawrence Spirits offers.

Now, Distillers at Saint Lawrence Spirits have decided to age the Downbound Gin in used whiskey and bourbon barrels, specifically in Rye Knot Whiskey and Captain’s Flask Bourbon Barrels to give it a beautiful color and incredible flavor. The end result is a beautifully complex gin with hints of toasted pine and honey. The bottle features a parchment label, much different from the rest of Saint Lawrence Spirits labels, to celebrate the uniqueness of the gin.

Jody Garrett, Owner and Distiller, wanted to have a product in the line-up with a Navy Strength proof, due to the appealing sense of history the term offered. “While we knew Navy Strength meant 114 proof, or 57% ABV, we wanted to dig a little deeper about the story behind the term. We learned that in the 18th century, there was a certain quantity of Gin mandated to be on board of every Navy vessel, as it was believed to kill off scurvy and malaria. Royal Navy officers suspected their gin was being diluted by distillers and merchants when their gunpowder wouldn’t ignite after gin was spilled on it. If it still lit, they knew it wasn’t diluted and at least 114 proof.”

A Navy Strength and Barrel-Aged product is a rare offering in the United States. “We want to continue to create a variety of unique spirits, and having a Navy Strength and Barrel Aged product definitely gives us that compelling edge we are looking to develop”, said Head Distiller Bill Garrett.

Barrel-Aged Downbound Gin is available for purchase at the Saint Lawrence Spirits Downtown Tasting Room and liquor stores across New York State! The Saint Lawrence Spirits Chateau has featured the Barrel Aged Downbound Gin in their “French Creek 75”, a twist on the classic French 75, using champagne, lemon juice, and simple syrup.

Saint Lawrence Spirits also produces Vodka, Gin, Moonshine, Absinthe, Bourbon, Whiskey & Cream Whiskey.