Goodyear Blimp may land at Watertown Airport

WATERTOWN, NY — Watertown International Airport is preparing for Blimp Mooring Operations by mowing grass areas near the designated location and closing off a taxiway for Goodyear Operations Team vehicles.

The airport is also preparing a Garage area adjacent the general parking lot for the demonstrations by the Sci-Tech Center.

If the weather cooperates, this would be the first time that Wingfoot One has visited Watertown Int’l Airport, last year we hosted Wingfoot Two on its way to the 150th celebration in Canada.

This also, is believed to be is the first time ever that a Blimp has visited our area for Fort Drum/Watertown!

Watertown Int’l Airport is usually a pass through location for events in Canada. The airport team is thrilled to be hosting the Goodyear Operations Team and Wingfoot One as the planned destination.

The airport was informed of a planned arrival late Sunday afternoon, Aug. 19th.

The arrival is highly dependent on weather. There is a possibility that the Blimp will not make the trip at all if weather does not cooperate.