Griffo: I will not seek Senate minority leader position

UTICA, NY —  New York State Senate Deputy Minority Leader Joseph Griffo, R-I-C-Rome, released the following statement today regarding the New York State Senate’s Minority Leader position:

“I am grateful for those who have approached and encouraged me to consider the Minority Leader position. I understand the importance of the role and believe that I have the skill set necessary and have demonstrated the abilities needed to lead the Senate’s Republican Conference. However, after contemplation and reflection, along with family obligations, I have decided that I shall not seek nor accept this leadership position. It has been a privilege, honor and pleasure to serve as Deputy Minority Leader, and I am appreciative of the Conference for having the confidence in me to serve in this role. I am looking forward to continuing to serve my Conference and the residents of New York.

I thank Senate Minority Leader John Flanagan for honorably serving as the leader of the Republican Conference. During his time as leader and throughout his tenure in the Legislature, Sen. Flanagan has served his constituents and the people of this state with remarkable leadership, dedication, ability, commitment and tenacity. He has been a reliable presence and confidant and, most importantly, a good friend during my time in the Senate, and I appreciate all that he has been able to accomplish.”