Immaculate Heart Central School inducted into National Honor Society

WATERTOWN, NY — Immaculate Heart Central School (IHC) high school students were inducted into the prestigious National Honor Society (NHS) during an evening induction ceremony on March 5, 2019.

John Montondo, the National Honor Society moderator, said “We made a change from having this ceremony during the school day to an evening one to allow for greater attendance by the members’ families.  It was wonderful to see so many family members and family friends, as well as members of the clergy.  The members will be recognized again in front of the entire student body at our 7-12 Catholic Retreat Day on March 27th.”

Mr. Montondo also explained the rigorous selection process.  Students are selected by a 5-member faculty council that uses a rubric based on the 4 pillars of the NHS: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  At Immaculate Heart Central School, students must earn at least a 90% cumulative GPA to even qualify, which is higher than the NHS 85% minimum requirement.

Even after students become members of this carefully chosen group, they are still expected to continue with upper-level courses in their senior year and give back through community service.

On Thursday, February 28, IHC hosted STEM Night for grades 4-6 students and families at the intermediate campus on Massey Street. Each station was guided by a member, or prospective member, of the NHS.

Christine Missert and Katerina Dermody, IHC high and intermediate school science teachers, organized the event.  Mrs. Missert stated that “The NHS students executed their roles very well.  Watching the juniors and seniors lead the younger students through the activities led me to the conclusion that our upper-level students can articulate scientific processes with confidence.  I am grateful that they agreed to volunteer their time when they could have been at home watching TV or texting back and forth with their friends. I appreciate their sacrifice and enthusiasm.”

Many younger students at IHC are becoming more curious about the NHS process.  Some are even inquiring about how to meet the requirements for the Junior National Honor Society.