Indian River Central May 3 UPDATE

April 29, 2022

Parents and Guardians,

As some of you know, IRCSD experienced the sudden and tragic loss of a senior transportation staff member this week.  This loss leaves a void that will take time to fill, both literally and figuratively. Our transportation staff has worked through the grief, delivered kids to and from school, and carried on as best as possible given this tragic loss. (That is exactly what this individual strived to do every single day.)

The related memorial services and remembrance celebrations have been scheduled for mid-day on Tuesday, May 3rd, thereby creating a challenge for those transportation staff members wishing to show their respects. As a result, Indian River Schools will conduct a full-day “Staff Development Day” on May 3rd.

Specific details include:

  • Grades K-12 students will not be in regular attendance on Tuesday, May 3rd.

  • AM and PM High School BOCES runs will arrive and depart as usual from the High School building (students must self transport to/from school).

  • ACES and parochial runs will occur as per the normal daily schedule.

  • Afternoon athletic practices will not be held, though evening games/events will still take place. (Further details will be communicated by advisors/coaches.)

  • All UpK and Headstart programs will run as usual (AM and PM).

We are sorry for any inconvenience this change in program on May 3rd may cause you and your family. While we wish it was not necessary, we must respect the wishes of our hard-working transportation staff and their desire to attend the memorial services.

As we work through yet another difficult time, please know that we can and will persevere. Our IRCSD family has infinite strength, and while we will be at times tested, we will not waiver in our support for our students, staff, and our entire school community. It is in moments like these that we must remain focused on our Warrior family, our Warrior friends, and the value of every one of the people we encounter. Life is too short to do otherwise.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility during this difficult time.

With appreciation,

Troy Decker
IRCSD Superintendent of Schools