Indian River Central to resume in-person learning Monday

IRCSD Return to School Updates…

New Year (almost) greetings to all!

First, on behalf of the Board of Education, Leadership Team, Faculty, and Staff, we would like to wish all of you the very best. Whether you are celebrating holidays at this time of year or not, we do hope that you are able to safely and happily enjoy the warmth of family and friends. We wish you all health, good fortune, and bright days ahead as we enter 2022.

With the 24/7 COVID-related media streams, there are as many questions as answers in this complex and rapidly changing world. The media is sometimes out in front of actual decisions (local and state), creating additional challenges for those of us left to implement any shifts in practice. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

In case you are wondering and/or get any inquiries, here is what we know about ‘all things COVID related’ regarding schools (at the moment)…

– With regional COVID numbers still manageable, together with the state-wide emphasis on in-person instruction, we are scheduled to resume school on Monday, Jan 3rd without any significant changes in our 2021-22 operations. Together with our Public Health partners, we continue to monitor the situation carefully. Any changes will always be communicated via official district channels (ParentSquare, website, etc.).

– IRCSD will continue to emphasize maskingdistancingat-home screening for symptoms (“if you are sick, please stay home” principle)good hygiene practices, and more to limit school spread. We will also continue to offer staff and student vaccination/booster clinics for those medically able. Thank you for your continued support!

– At-home COVID test kits for each student will be delivered to IRCSD by BOCES late this week and/or early next week. We will work quickly to distribute the tests for at-home use Monday or Tuesday. The exact timing/details have not yet been shared. (It is also not known if we will be able to provide kits for staff.)

– At-home testing is voluntary and meant to simply add an additional layer of protection in the event symptoms are present. It will NOT be used as a requirement for entry into school. The idea is that with better testing access, individuals will be able to test sooner and potentially minimize chances for COVID spread in the community. Exact mechanisms for voluntary reporting, possible replacement test(s), and more will be determined by Jefferson County Public Health and shared when available. (Sorry…lots of unknowns here, at least at the moment. Please stay tuned!)

– For those instances when symptoms emerge at school, IRCSD now offers highly accurate COVID PCR testing for staff and students. Please click this registration link to pre-register via the ‘Quadrant’ site. (One of our hard-working school nurses will always contact a parent prior to testing, but preregistration helps reduce turnaround time.)

Like before, IRCSD will ride these waves of uncertainty and support our kids, staff, and community…together. Thank you for all you do to help everyone remain safe, healthy, and #WarriorStrong!

Enjoy the remainder of the holiday period with your families, and Happy 2022!

Troy Decker
IRCSD Superintendent of Schools