Jefferson County District Attorney Kristyna Mills announces re-election bid

WATERTOWN, NY – Jefferson County District Attorney Kristyna Mills announced Thursday, Feb. 28, that she will be seeking re-election. After her announcement, Mills was immediately endorsed by the Jefferson County Republican Committee.

“Four years ago, I promised the people of Jefferson County that as district attorney, I would be tough on crime, but also be fair and compassionate when the situation calls for it. I believe in my first term I have shown that I am that person. I have a great passion for this job and in the coming years I will continue to uphold that promise because that is what Jefferson County deserves,” Mills said.

During her first term as Jefferson County District Attorney, Mills has fought against opioid addiction in our county–prosecuting those who bring these deadly drugs into our communities, while ensuring those battling addiction are able to get the help they need to overcome.

Mills has also worked to decrease violent crimes and put away those who commit them. After securing five convictions in the May 2017 murder of 20-year-old Tyler Johnson in Watertown, Mills will now be moving on to the case against Justin Walters, the Theresa man accused of murdering his wife and New York State Trooper Joel Davis.

“Every single day I see how drugs and violence affect the people of Jefferson County. We have made great strides in cleaning up our streets and giving our residents a real sense of safety. However, more work needs to be done and I am ready to work hard,” Mills said.

“I will continue to hold accountable those who mean to do harm to others. I will continue to ensure my office and law enforcement officials are working together to get drugs out of our communities, bring an end to the violence and no longer allow criminals to damage our families, our friends, our neighbors and our communities.”

Born and raised in New York, Kristyna Mills graduated from the Syracuse University College of Law in 1995. She was first elected Jefferson County District Attorney by an overwhelming margin in 2015. She had previously served in the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office as an Assistant District Attorney and then as Chief Assistant District Attorney. With more than 22 years of prosecutorial experience, Mills has successfully tried cases ranging from traffic violations to drug crimes, child sex abuse crimes and murders.

Mills currently lives in the city of Watertown with her husband and two children.