Jefferson County small business productivity grant

WATERTOWN, NY – Jefferson County Economic Development is offering grants to small businesses within Jefferson County, New York to increase their productivity. The funds for this grant program are provided through an allocation from the Jefferson County Board of Legislators from the American Recovery Act Program. It is the intent of this program to stimulate increased productivity and small business growth to help our local economy bounce back from the effects of the pandemic.

Small Business Productivity Improvement Grant. Given the challenges of recruiting and retaining skilled workers, some businesses have turned to the use of new or updated technologies that allow them to maintain the same level of productivity despite having fewer employees. This may include the use of kiosks for placing orders, automated equipment, and other devices or equipment to help existing employees be more productive. This program will provide locally owned and operated, existing businesses with 25 full time equivalent employees or less with grants of up to $10,000 to purchase devices or equipment designed to improve productivity and/or efficiency at the Jefferson County business site. The business must provide 20% of the funding themselves. Jefferson County Economic Development will provide 80% of the cost, up to a maximum amount of $10,000 per business. A total of $250,000 is available to small businesses through this program.

“We are excited to get this first grant out to small businesses that has been facilitated by American Rescue Plan Act funds” said David Zembiec, CEO of Jefferson County Economic Development. “Thank you to the Jefferson County Board of Legislators for working with us help small businesses maximize the productivity of their workforce” added Zembiec.

Funds may be used for: Equipment, Technologies, and Software to help existing employees be more productive. There may be additionally eligible funding criteria.

Jefferson County Economic Development reserves the right to qualify or disqualify each project’s eligibility.

TO APPLY: Visit www.JCIDA.COM for a link to the short application.