Jenne secures $75,000 in supplemental state aid for Watertown City School District

WATERTOWN, NY — Assemblywoman Addie A.E. Jenne, D-Theresa, met with the superintendent of the Watertown City School District to discuss the $75,000 in supplemental state aid she has secured for the district.

The assemblywoman has secured $825,000 in supplemental state aid for the Watertown City School District since 2014-15.

“North Country school districts were hit hard during the recession and by our failure to adopt equitable state aid policies for our rural and small city school districts. I’m pleased to be able to bring supplemental state aid to the North Country, helping relieve the burden on local property owners while sustaining and growing valuable programs for our students,” Assemblywoman Jenne said.

Watertown City School Superintendent Patricia LaBarr said the additional funding will be used to address issues on the district’s wish list.

“We will look at our punch list for items that are good for our kids and also something that our community can benefit from. We typically think about areas like music and the arts, STEM activities, guest speakers, something like that,” Ms. LaBarr said.

“We are always beyond grateful for the support we get from Assemblywoman Jenne. It’s like a gift you weren’t expecting. It’s a gift that will impact tons of kids in our district so thank you,” the Watertown school superintendent told Assemblywoman Jenne.

Superintendent LaBarr said the $100,000 that Assemblywoman Jenne secured last year was used to purchase a new pottery wheel for the high school arts department, replace folding chairs that had been used by the district’s music department since the 1960s and buy updated equipment for its high school science laboratories.

Superintendent LaBarr said she was appreciative of the additional funding that allows the district to purchase items on its wish list.

“This supplemental aid is like a gift you weren’t expecting. It’s great to know we have somebody in Albany like Assemblywoman Jenne fighting for our kids,” she added.