Jenne: State ethics board will not investigate allegations made during campaign

PHILADELPHIA, NY — JCOPE says it will not investigate former New York State Assemblywoman Addie A. E. Jenne based upon allegations of impropriety made by her opponent during this past fall’s campaign.

The decision came during the Jan. 29 meeting of the state’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics Board.

The board, in a letter to Ms. Jenne, said no further action would be taken on the allegations following an initial inquiry consisting of an interview with a relevent party and responses provided by Ms. Jenne.

Cases with circumstances like Ms. Jenne, where allegations do not warrant an investigation, are kept confidential by JCOPE.

However, since her political opponent, current Assemblyman Mark Walczyk, not only publicized that he made allegations to JCOPE regarding Ms. Jenne, but he has continued to incorrectly state publicly that JCOPE is investigating Ms. Jenne, she said she felt it was importnt to make their decision public.

“Mr. Walczyk used lies to create allegations in order to attack my integrity. Many people following his deceptive attacks could see how he created a smear campaign not based on any facts,” Ms. Jenne said.  “JCOPE also could see through his scheme and that there was no basis to investigate me.”

“Mr. Walczyk showed no respect for the truth or the fairness of processes aimed at ensuring fabricated allegations are not used purely for personal gain.  That is precisely what he did, showing a complete lack of integrity,” Ms. Jenne charged.

“I’m proud of the work I did to secure millions of dollars in state funds for projects in the North Country. I worked with communities from one end of the River District to bring state funds back to the North Country for important work.” she added.

As an attorney and officer of the court, Ms. Jenne has always felt the principles of fairness and justice should be paramount. She was instrumental in overhauling policies in the state Assembly and statewide laws to further those ideals.  Her firm commitment to supporting the sanctity of the justice system has been unwavering.

“Throughout my career I have stood up for the basic principal that you are innocent until proven guilty,” she said.  “Mr. Walczyk’s behavior of making up lies, using those lies to make allegations and then suggest guilty are in complete contradiction to the very fabric of our society.

“My commitment to our nation’s founding principles was used against me for naked political gain.  We teach our children about due process in grade school.  Perhaps Mr. Walczyck needs a refresher,” she added.

“Our political system has too many people wielding accusations and stomping all over due process. Both sides of the aisle are guilty of trying to undermine our justice system and thoughtful policies and procedures created to ensure facts are used as the basis for decisions.  This needs to change,” Ms. Jenne said.

News release, 2/11/2019


Statement from Assemblyman Mark Walczyk:

“I’d like to thank Ms. Jenne for her years of work to better the North County.  Holding Albany politicians accountable is very important to me.  I’m happy that JCOPE determined no wrong doing occurred.  However, when there’s any possible appearance of corruption, the public has a right to know.”