Kinney Drugs installs acrylic shields to protect employees and customers

GOUVERNEUR, NY –  By day’s end, all Kinney Drugs location will have acrylic shields installed in the pharmacy drop-off and pick-up areas and at the front registers to protect customers and employees and help stop the spread of coronavirus.

“This is a perfect example of how our employee-owners can work together with local partners to make things happen fast,” said Rebecca Bubel, R.Ph., President of Kinney Drugs.

“Just this past Saturday, we put this plan into motion. Here we are, less than one week later, and all 97 stores have them installed. Our construction and merchandising operations teams were nothing short of amazing. They reached out to Small Town Supply ACE Hardware, a long-time neighbor and business partner in Gouverneur. Small Town Supply was able to source all the acrylic from the ACE warehouse in Wilton, NY. Our team jumped in one of our trucks to pick up the raw materials, then brought it all back to the shop to hand-drill each shield. They were installed less than 48 hours later in all stores in New York and Vermont. It’s pretty incredible.”

Clark Porter, owner of Small Town Supply ACE Hardware, said, “We are just trying to fill any void that we can possibly right now during this challenging time. We’ve been working with Kinney for several years, and we are very happy that we could help with this project.”

Bubel added, “It’s times like these that make me so proud both of our truly amazing employees and the fabulous community partnerships we have built. Our store teams and customers are so grateful.”