Lewis County Humane Society receives two grants

LOWVILLE, NY – The Lewis County Humane Society located on the Pine Grove Road in Glenfield, NY today announced … LCHS received two grant awards for $500.00 each from Petfinder’s Bar Dog Grant & Emergency Medical Grant programs.

Bar Dog Operation Grant:
This grant was offered in partnership with Bar Dog Wine and the Petfinder Foundation. This grant supports No-Kill animal groups and their day-to-day operations. The funds LCHS received will be used to purchase necessary supplies, food, vaccines etc. that are needed to continue caring for all our adoptable pets in our care.

Emergency Medical Grant:
The Petfinder Foundation emergency medical grant program assists Petfinder members in caring for one pet in need of emergency medical care to become adoptable. LCHS applied to the Petfinder Foundation for a feline named Denali. Denali was only 5 weeks old and had upper respiratory infection and was suffering from intussusception. An intussusception is the telescoping of one part of the intestinal tract into an adjoining segment of intestinal tract. It commonly involves the small intestines. Intussusception can cause narrowing or obstruction of the lumen (inside diameter) of the intestines, resulting in an acute emergency.